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2013-01-22 • DNA & More


Start: 12:07:14
End: 12:54:20
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hello vkn. Making lunch brb

vkn: Good Tuesday in for a few secs Nephew Leland is doing te driver bit today te=the Will be Walmarting

Khathu: hello everyone

alt: hello all, Khathu, Seveties & vkn

vkn: Howdy Khathu and alt

Seventies: hi alt, Khathu, and vkn... :)

vkn: Sounds as though you were having Inauguration day fun Khathu

Seventies: How was everyone's weekend?

alt: saw you on FaceBook Khathu, good job with the inauguration ceremonies yesterday

Khathu: It wasn't necessarily fun but i did enjoy myself for the most part

Seventies: that's good Khathu... oops.. he must be on the cell phone. Anyone do anything civic minded on the weekend?

Khathu: No my office computer is having some difficulties this morning Yes, I volunteered

Seventies: lol

alt: just so long as it is your computer having difficulties Khathu LOL

Khathu: I was on my face for over 12 hours in the cold weather

vkn: Alt please write me some input on mail with "Expertise Request" sent yesterday and thanx

Seventies: I know it was cold yesterday...

alt: I'll give it a shot vkn

vkn: Thankee alt

Khathu: My feet did not start hurting until this morning. I guess they were frozen yesterday so I did not feel anything

vkn: Running

alt: had to thaw out to start hurting LOL

Khathu: I can cross attending a presidential inauguration off my bucket list

Seventies: awesome!

Khathu: i have no intentions of attending another one unless i have VIP tickets

alt: man, it is cold here today... 5 degrees this morning when I got the newspaper brrrrr!!!!

Daviss: Hello alt, khathu and seventies

alt: Hello Daviss

Khathu: WHAT!!!! That is insane alt!

Seventies: hi Daviss!

alt: so you know I'm indoors for the day... Anita would have to use a pistol to get me to go outside today LOL

Seventies: yea I have been getting the family reports from MI, IN and IL. lol

Khathu: the best place for watching the inauguration is at home

Seventies: with the wind blowing it feels like -7 according to my MI cousins.

Khathu: I need to make it to the FHC to examine some court records this week.

Seventies: More on your D'Arcy/Dorsey line?

alt: if any of you are interested in the UGRR and i's research a great website with many good links is I posted some info about it on the FPOC Forum.

Daviss: thanks alt

Seventies: hi Selma.

alt: Hello Selma

Daviss: I have been looking around trying to find Ark Agricultural records.. I came to the conclusion they don't have any

Selma: Good tuesday afternoon daviss, alt, Khathu and seventies...Khathu looked like you had a great day yesterday

Daviss: Hello Selma!

Khathu: Hello Selma and Daviss @ Seventies - yes more on the Darsey and other related lines out of Smith County, Texas

Seventies: I transcribed some Plantation records from M1914 in Concordia Parish, LA this weekend..

Selma: I went to Clinton's inauguration as a chaperon with my son's class...great time, but you do have a better view from TV

Khathu: Absolutely Selma

Selma: But its nice to say you went..heard Maya Angelou

Khathu: I worked through half of the swearing in ceremony

alt: but not the excitement of being there "live"

Khathu: I was still passing out American Flags

Selma: your pictures on facebook will be there "forever" khathu..

Khathu: If you want the excitement invite a lot people over to your house.... lol

alt: okay Khathu

Selma: LOL

Khathu: It was a mess trying to leave the National Mall. It took us 90 minutes to get to the metro station and that was after we waited 90 for the crowd to die down.

alt: your being there (excitement) will hit you in the future Khathu ... 50 years later I'm still excited about the '63 March on Washington.

Selma: Yes, my sister was there in 2009 she said it was a nightmare

Khathu: I was more excited about the Million Man March

alt: okay Khathu

Khathu: It definitely wasn't as bad as 2009 I am glad that I did it. It was a great experience I can't wait until tonight. I will eat some gumbo for dinner

alt: Khathu, for your FHC trips, do you check the LDS catalog on FamilySearch to see what they have on your counties of research before going?

Khathu: I ordered the microfilm alt which arrived last week. But the answer to your question is yes.

alt: and/or ask them to get what you might wnat before your next visit.

Khathu: I have about 15 more microfilm that I need to order. I am trying to order 3 per month

alt: ah so, good practice Khathu

Khathu: now that number may change determining on what i locate (or don't locate)

alt: with the 'right' microfilm it's almost like being there in person

Khathu: depending not determining I need to locate a researcher in Smith County, Texas to pull some court records for me.

alt: Yesterday in Piqua, Ohio I met Sharyn Mitchell one of the founders of the AAGGKY which started up a couple of years ago... A very dynamic young lady.

Daviss: So her group is doing good alt?

alt: very good Daviss, they have some wonderful programs, are active on Yahoo, Facebook & also have a public website.

Daviss: thats good...I am not so sure about our group...I am in hopes they will pick up I really don't want to end up leaving for a 2nd time

alt: well, promotion is her job, she is the archivist and public historian for Berea College in KY.

Khathu: have a good day everyone.

Daviss: that sure helps alt

alt: I'm sure it does Daviss

Daviss: Do they have a web page? or a newsletter

alt: yes I believe they have a blog & forums

Daviss: thats what I was wanting to see. I have Ware's from KY but as usual no county

alt: come on Selma & Seventies.. if y'all say sumpin' I'll shut up LOL LOL

Selma: Sorry alt..I was drifting..probably need a nap.. LOL

Daviss: well I am fighting the flu or cold.. Had a scratching throat and now I feel like ^&&%%

alt: DNA... I see where Lisa Lee & Lisa Landrum are matches on 23andme

Selma: Exhaused from the inaugural ball

Daviss: oh really alt....

alt: you danced too much Selma?

Selma: I wish.. Lol

Daviss: Did Lisa just now test?

Selma: I saw that Lisa Lee - Lisa Landrum connection this morning

alt: not sure, but Lisa Lee posted about their match on FaceBook

Daviss: oh ok

Seventies: I saw that too alt. Very nice. they are 4-5th cousin.

alt: and Selma I match with Lisa Landrum at about the 3rd to 5th cousin range on 23andme... she also has matched me on FTDNA & AncestryDNA, so I guess we really do have a common ancestor somehwere in the background

Selma: Wow... Does that mean you connect with Lisa L somwhere down the road?

alt: not sure about Lisa Lee Selma.. we don't show as matches ..... yet LOL

Daviss: when did they load new peeps alt

alt: but we both have ancestors who were in Canada at the same time during the late 1700's, so maybe LOL

Selma: Very, very interesting Folks..have to run

Daviss: I need to go lay down again...I am shivering

Selma: we have chat tonite. Hope I remember

Daviss: I am sure we do I always go in

Selma: ok see you this evening Bye all

alt: I would think Lisa Lee and I do have a connection.... one of my ancestors was 'given' to one of her ancestors in Canada about 1790 by a Matthew Elliott who was a big time British & Indian Agent in Ontario, Canada

Daviss: bye Selma thats something alt

alt: hmmm, looks like Chat is closing down for the day

Daviss: hopefully she will show up I am getting sick with the flu or cold scratchy throat yesterday

alt: Let me get on the DNA response for AfriGeneas Daviss ... you take care of yourself!!!!!!

Daviss: gracias alt

alt: bye for now

Daviss: bye

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