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Start: 12:07:17
End: 13:09:03
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, Selma, Spivey, vicky

3rdthawkins: hello alt

alt: Hello 3rdthawkins, we're early again LOL

3rdthawkins: yeah, thought I'd log in and wait for others to come

alt: okay, any new thoughts for today?

3rdthawkins: probably but I forgot, maybe it will come back to me

alt: you're too young to be forgetting

3rdthawkins: oh, so it doesn't start at 30 lol hello vicky

alt: nope, much later than that 3rdthawkins

vicky: hello 3rd and alt!

3rdthawkins: guess I have a lot on my mind

alt: hello vicky,,, settled in yet and back to the routine of home?

vicky: almost alt! may be my old age, not quite there yet lol

alt: it takes time vicky... at least for us folks over 30 LOL

vicky: I may need a heaping spoon of Geritol

3rdthawkins: if you're anything like me vicky, you're ready to go back out and travel some more When I came back from AZ, I was ready to go right back out of this State my mother was too

alt: What's happening in Missouri?

vicky: I may be going to Dallas soon. I have a brother that is not feeling so good

3rdthawkins: you mean, as my brother would pronounce it, Misery

vicky: I guess every state has its own culture..Things that are exciting lol

alt: LOL... I'm not sure I would find Joplin too exciting as I remember driving thru on my way to Okla city.

3rdthawkins: Just nothing going on here in Joplin, MO, wouldn't mind visiting family again, always nice to get out and get away

vicky: take NO and Atlanta, lots of happenings

3rdthawkins: you wouldn't alt, trust me Yeah vicky, I have brothers living in ATL

vicky: New York is a bustling place

alt: what's the AA population of Joplin 5%, 10%

vicky: How long have you lived there 3rd?

3rdthawkins: not sure alt, but I don't see a lot of AA's, and those I do see are in interracial families

alt: too much for me vicky.. when I visit my son in the NYC metro area .. bout 3 days and I'm outa there!!!!!

3rdthawkins: since April 28, 2009 vicky families slash relationships hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon 3rd, alt, vicky

vicky: lol I think I could take a 3 day'er alt

alt: Hello Selma.. whas up today?

vicky: hello there Sel!

3rdthawkins: the only attraction is Bonny and Clyde's hideout, my mother and I are thinking of going by, but it's $25 to tour only 6 min from where I live

vicky: why did you move to Joplin 3rd? It sounds like dullsville

Selma: Have you recovered from your family adventure vicky?

3rdthawkins: long story vicky, it has to do with my brother and his church, don't feel like getting into it. But I have a brother here with his family and they seem to like it here, but my mother and I are already to leave, we've tried it, tried his church and everything, but it's time to go. It's great to be near family, but doesn't always seem like family here

vicky: lol not yet Selma.. still trying to find my sea legs

Selma: I know exactly how you feel vicky...takes me longer to recover LOL

vicky: Tyler the little one is even dragging lol

alt: oh, you had family travel with you to Atlanta, huh vicky?

vicky: yeah 3rd that happens alot.. Is your bro a preacher

Selma: Alt..have you been keeping up with the articles in the VA Pilot on the Contraband Camp at Ft Monroe

vicky: oh yeah alt! daughter supported one kid and I supported the other lol lol cheaper that way

alt: just glanced at your original post and what it had to say Selma.

Spivey: Good afternoon everyone!

alt: Hello Spivey

vicky: hello Spivey

3rdthawkins: no he attends this "holiness" church and they have a lot of religious dos don'ts cans and can'ts, messages are good sometimes, but it's bondage, then they have a "prophet" that comes and prophesies about things happening in the world and stuff, but he, the "prophet" is the Progenitor of the church and churches like it hello Spivey

vicky: oh ok thx 3rd

Spivey: Who are you talking about 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: vicky was just asking about my moving to Joplin Spivey

Spivey: vicky how was your vacation?

alt: I'm planning out my august Genealogy ventures.... Indiana Midwestern Roots Conf Aug 6-8 & then the OGS chapter management seminar on the 28th of Aug.

3rdthawkins: I have a question............after you locate someone in the census that was informant or listed somewhere on the death certificate, what do you do next?

alt: Shamele Jordan from the Philly area will be presenting 3 sessions at the Indiana Conference.

3rdthawkins: so the fall-winter is your Conference time, alt??

vicky: selma, someone brought a tape of the goings on after my fathers funeral in Denver.. They had all of my aunts and uncles making statements. That was a tearful moment because all of them are now deceased as well

alt: well really from April to Sept 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: oh, ok, thx alt

Selma: I am sure it was emotional, but what a wonderful thing Afternoon Spivey

Spivey: I have been lucky in that the informants were in my tree already 3rdthawkins and the death certificate gave me clues as to where to look for them and what year to look.

alt: sounds like a moving experience vicky

vicky: I just hope whoever had the recording will make copies

Spivey: Hi Selma!

3rdthawkins: Spivey, I guess what I'm asking, is if the informant or person listed is not necessarily apart of the family

AYWalton: Wow I got in!!! Greetings all! hello 3rd, alt, Ms. Selma, Spivey, Ms. Vicky!

Selma: Afternoon AY...having problems getting in?

AYWalton: I didn't expect to get in the room. I am at the Archives and am using one of their computers.

Spivey: The informant's location still may provide clues to where your ancestor lived 3rdthawkins. An examination of the area might turn up something useful.

Selma: The informant doesn't have to be a family member, but usally has some kind of connection

AYWalton: before getting up I decided to see if I could get in and voila! I made it. though briefly.

Selma: Thats great AY...looking up Bushyhead?

AYWalton: so I am just popping in for a few. Yes, Selma, I am after him. Have ordered his file.

3rdthawkins: thy Spivey, I*'m trying to locate my grgrgr gm in census, at least 1930, she died 1931 in Washington, AR I located the Undertaker in 1930 living in Hope, AR

Spivey: Who was the informant 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: I did a google search for him, but not too much came up R. V. (Rufus) Herndon

Selma: I was able to come to the chat the other day from my libraries computer

vicky: How long does it take to get the file AYWalton or do you pre order

AYWalton: no it will be pulled shortly and then the wait is 1 hour usually.

Spivey: Did he live in the same area as your great ancestor?

3rdthawkins: the informant was her son George Isley

AYWalton: I will look at Freedman's Bureau records until then.

Selma: Oh...wonderful AY

3rdthawkins: He lived in Hope as did the Undertaker

Spivey: Oh, okay 3rdthawkins. AYWalton I heard from Ed Adams.

AYWalton: there are TONS of other records part of the Bureau beyond what is mentioned in their booklet. So I am off to explore You did spivey?

Selma: I was looking at the FB records the other day for Fort Monroe..the ration lists

alt: Shamele Jordan will be presenting on FB records in INdy as one of their 3 presentations

AYWalton: what happened? (that will be a good presentation, alt.)

vicky: sounds like a winner AYWalton

Selma: Yes..dig em out and let us know AY

AYWalton: I shall do that.

Spivey: Yes. He provided me with this wonderful website. I am enthralled with it. He is going to participate in the re-enaction of the trial AYWalton.

vicky: Do you and Ed share the same research area?

AYWalton: that sounds interesting, spivey

alt: yes Spivey, ED posted information on that site and the re-enactment that he is participating in this summer.

AYWalton: looks like a good website.

vicky: is he a re-enactor alt?

3rdthawkins: oh yeah, he mentioned before on the boards that he was doing reenactments of history

Spivey: No, we share some of the same surnames vicky: ADAMS and SPIVEY. We always look for a connection.

vicky: OIC

AYWalton: I had better run, folks. Got stuff to look at. have a great day!

Selma: Have a good time

AYWalton: thanks.

alt: not sure about him being a re-enactor vicky, but he is working with them in some capacity

vicky: AYWalton is where I would not mind being lol

Selma: Me too vicky

vicky: they have an archive (new) in Atlanta that I was supposed to go to on Monday but my Nephew was called away

Spivey: There is also information there, including video, from the previous reenactment alt. I never knew anything about Abraham Lincoln outside of him being a President of The United States. This is also the first time I am hearing of this court case.

alt: yes Spivey .. Lincoln is a great study,,,,he had an exciting life before becoming president.

3rdthawkins: And alt, you would be shocked if someone didn't know anything about MLK outside of him being a CR's leader and at the same time

vicky: 3rd I have Mitchell's and Cryers in Hope Ark. Rather they are my daughters line

Spivey: Why would that be shocking 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: I don't know Spivey, it seems people are have a problem with you not know blacks such as MLK, but it's ok not to know much about whites or anyone else such as Abraham Lincoln, at least among black people

alt: yeah 3rdthawkins, one of my bragging moments is that I had met MLK in Montgomery in Jan of 1956 at Dexter Ave. Baptist church before he became famous. I had known Coretta when she was a student here at Antioch Univ, in Yellow springs, OH.

Spivey: Well 3rdthawkins I think the skewed nature of the knowledge has much to do with what is taught us in school, and in information we gather as adults.

3rdthawkins: that's great alt, of course it's not a surprise you know any of them lol......

Spivey: You have all heard of the video 'Bid 'Em In'?

3rdthawkins: I guess so, either way, Spivey

Selma: Gotta run folks..have a great day

alt: at that time bet... that was in the 52-54 timeframe... and we were both single.

3rdthawkins: lol, ok alt lol that's why I wanna hear your family story alt, you have so much to tell and talk about

Spivey: Someone wrote a blog about the reactions of young black people who viewed the video. He said they knew nothing about, nor seemed to care, about the institution of slavery and considered the auctioneer was just selling a hoe.

alt: that's tragic Spivey

vicky: and 3rd you have a story also to tell

Spivey: Yes, it is alt. He said he himself was not a parent but he was horrified at the responses of the kids.

3rdthawkins: that's is sad Spivey, the young black kids don't have respect for anything older you don't know history, you will lose respect for those over you

Spivey: True that, 3rdthawkins.

3rdthawkins: my nephew asked "Why do I Need History" and I couldn't and didn't answer him at the time, I wish I could have said something, but I think now he's having some kind of respect for his family history

vicky: were you learning yourself at that time 3rd?

3rdthawkins: no, I was 20, he was like 13 or 14 and I was talking to him about school, he didn't care for history, of course, as a little immature kid, you feel like "What I need this for?" "What Am I going to use this for", but he seem like he's maturing with age

vicky: Its so many of us (me inc) that wished we had known earlier in life maturing with age is the way its done alt can tell you that we learn everyday always something new

Spivey: Reminds me of the kid on the bus 3rdthawkins who loudly proclaimed for all to hear that he didn't 'do' history because he didn't want to know about any 'dead presidents'.

alt: yep, everyday vicky, everyday

3rdthawkins: but I'm learning about kids myself, sometimes you can't always take everything so seriously, and you have to be patient

vicky: oh Spivey I have heard that said about digging up dead folks info period there are those who really dont care about family long ago and cant understand why we do what we do

Spivey: Sad, isn't it vicky? Like 3rdthawkins just said, without knowing the history of your people, you won't respect them as much as you should. I think genealogy is all about writing a history that may not appear in any texts or elsewhere.

vicky: I don't really know if they look at it in those terms (respect) or just that that the focus for others is not on that arena and I agree about your genealogy comment remember some of those who have lived in horrific times don't want to bring it up either

3rdthawkins: right vicky, if they are not interested in genealogy/history like that, doesn't necessarily mean they don't respect it, they are just not interesting in it and don't understand it.........but the respect/disrespect comes from knowing it

Spivey: I am just glad that I don't mind learning new things, like the Matson Trial. The braveness of those blacks who bucked the white man in that day and age is a story everyone should know.

vicky: so to me I am careful about using the lack of respect idea

3rdthawkins: yeah, Spivey, you're probably not interested in sports and can care less about it and those males around you who enjoy it, but it doesn't mean you don't respect it

vicky: I always loved History in school but have gotten into it much deeper because of my research

Spivey: True 3rdthawkins. I an not Catholic or Jewish, for example, but I have respect for the religions.

3rdthawkins: right

vicky: amen to that spivey well the lawsuits on 1070 are being heard today

Spivey: Well, I better go get my clothes out of the dryer. Since I moved into an apartment, I no longer have the luxury of a dryer a few feet away from my computer. LOL.

vicky: here in AZ. I am anxious to see what will be rendered oh Spivey you don't live in your moms place anymore? Where is you sister?

Spivey: No, vicky. I got my own apartment April last year. I love it! Just me and my computer [and a little other furniture as well of course].

vicky: sounds like a good deal to me :?

Spivey: She is still living in that too big house. Refuses to leave it.

3rdthawkins: I don't blame her :)

Spivey: Well, after my vascular surgery, the three floors in the house became too much for me to handle.

vicky: oh yeah that makes sense Spivey ok go get your laundry and take care

Spivey: This is an elevator building, I live on the 3rd floor, and everything is on one floor. Thanks, vicky.

3rdthawkins: ok Spivey, have a good day

vicky: later

Spivey: Bye for now.

3rdthawkins: either slow day, or time just going by too fast for people

vicky: well its already after 1 oclock for them

3rdthawkins: yep

vicky: 10 for me

3rdthawkins: wow, I'm stuck in the middle at 12

vicky: rather early so I have to scramble to get my work done guess I will go and cruise the boards later 3rd

3rdthawkins: ok then vicky, have a good day

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