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2013-01-18 • Pre Inauguration


Start: 12:03:44
End: 12:56:16
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: hello Seventies heyyy alt!

alt: Howdy ladies, how goes it tiday? Hi Daviss & Seventies

Daviss: shivering a bit today alt but will be better in a couple hours when it warms up lol what about you, did you come back with your 500 plus more yesterday? lol

alt: let's hope so Daviss... what's the temp 80?

Daviss: brrrrrrrr about 50 I think

alt: Unfortunately, no I did not bring it all back with me. LOL

Daviss: awwww I was going to ask for a jog

alt: came back a little lighter in the pockets

Daviss: well I was already tuned in to the national news just in case you had appeared with a big check grinning by the machine :)

Seventies: Hello alt and Daviss

alt: no such luck ... next time maybe>

Seventies: I was just watching the news and what's this with 650 hostages in Algeria??

alt: Hello Seventies, go to 'see' ya.

Daviss: yep next time alt for sure..... Hello Seventies

Seventies: 50... and you're cold?? OMG its like 20s here! I'll take 50's for $500 thank you! lol

Daviss: alt did you and Seventies listen to Blog Radio last night?

Seventies: No... other stuff going on...

alt: I listened to most of it Daviss

Daviss: they had me in tears It was a very good show, glad I got to listen

Seventies: There are all sorts of children out there like that, worldwide..

Daviss: yes of course there are

alt: I missed her age, if she said.... is/was she a child from WW II or at a later period in time?

Daviss: Do you mean Henriette mother or the other ladies mom? Hello there Selma!

alt: remember the writer for Ebony & other magazine "Hans Massaquoi" (sp) he was and did many articles on WW II Brown Babies from Germany.. as he was one of them

Seventies: I remember that.. but his father was from a German African Colony. He was born before WWII

Daviss: Was that the one guy on that video I put up yesterday alt

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and seventies

alt: okay, thanks Seventies ... keep me straight :)

Seventies: lol

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Ebony had a number of articles on this topic if I remember correctly

Seventies: yes they did.

alt: yes they did Selma

Selma: Daviss..I signed in to the talk last night..then after about 5 minutes no sound and couldn't get back

alt: Brown babies were a BIG issue following WW II that's why I was interested in Henriette's time period

Seventies: Also the same issue is with babies born during VietNam

Daviss: wow Selma, that happened to me the first time I listened to blog radio, I had to call Angela to see what to do

alt: yes, for sure Seventies

Selma: A couple of years ago Char Bah did some research for a guy in Germany..think his birth was after WW II...anyway turned out he was related to her. Think she wrote an article in AAHGS newsletter

Seventies: Anyone ever heard of Dr. Tony Martin of Trinidad and Tobago? A historian.

alt: is that right Selma ... Wow!!!! not me Seventies

Seventies: Nice..

Daviss: I think she was a war baby alt or right after not sure

Selma: Haven't heard of him seventies

Daviss: me either seventies

Seventies: Tony Martin was a history professor at Wellsey College. He just passed yesterday after surgery.

Daviss: sorry to hear that

Selma: Me too..what has he written?

Seventies: We gotta know more about our black historians...

alt: I agree Seventies, altho' I'm leary of 'writers' that call themselves historians.

Seventies: alt, no these are people who are professionals... Like Van Sertima, Martin, etc who have extensive research and degrees etc.

alt: okay Seventies

Seventies: Apparently the 1980's was a boon for Africana history... and I missed it! lol Hi HistoryBuff

alt: hello HistroyBuff

Seventies: wb Selma

alt: wb Selma

HistoryBuff: Hey 70s Hey everyone

Selma: Can't click link..knocks me out Afternoon History Buff

HistoryBuff: How goes it?

Daviss: hello HistoryBuff, how are you today?

Seventies: Are you using Internet Explorer, Selma. If so, that's why.

Selma: I am

alt: Oops Selma... you got the email with the interview I was talking about last week?

HistoryBuff: Doing better. How about you?

Selma: was a wonderful article

alt: thank you I've been shamelessly plugging the interview on AfriGeneas & FaceBook but y'all asked me to let you know when it was published LOL

Selma: I noticed alt...but it is a great article

HistoryBuff: Which interview is that,Alt?

alt: for HistroyBuff & Seventies.... not you Selma & Daviss LOL

HistoryBuff: Sorry got logged off my cell.

alt: wb HistoryBuff

Daviss: partner it is a very nice article and I am sure the "rebel" will enjoy it also

Seventies: Who in the world is that guy in the college sweater???

alt: Big alt

Seventies: See now, alt always comes on here and tells us that he's not doing much of oohhh weeee!

HistoryBuff: Thnx on both courts, Alt.

Daviss: You really have a deep, rich history alt

Seventies: Indeed.

HistoryBuff: So do you Daviss.

Daviss: I am sure I do but just dont know it yet HistoryBuff like I would want to Are you all ready for Monday's Inauguration

HistoryBuff: I hear you.

alt: I'll be on a MLK Day program panel in Piqua, Ohio on Monday.

Daviss: I told Angela I will try and find her in the crowd lol

Selma: My sister and family are suppose to be going..they went to the first one

Daviss: Good for you alt.. have fun

Seventies: okay well I have to go... bye.

Daviss: I now hate large crowds but would love to be there for History sake

HistoryBuff: :)

alt: I hear ya Daviss

Daviss: I know when The POTUS came here I could have gone but the long wait would have gotten to me

alt: but Daviss, could ya deal with the weather?

Daviss: and no place to sit either whew lol alt now that is another thing heheheheee

alt: in Washington DC... it's a little colder there than in AZ

Daviss: I have a winter coat but I guess it would seem like a sweater to you all

HistoryBuff: What 34 degrees, Alt?

alt: yeah HistoryBuff, not sure Daviss could outside in 34 degrees for several hours

Daviss: Brrrrrrrr

alt: could handle

HistoryBuff: I wear thermos for 40 degrees and below.

Selma: Love my cuddle duds..

Daviss: they should sell them here l cuddle duds?\ Is that the name Selma

HistoryBuff: Yes Selma!

alt: when it gets below freezing I limit my outside activity to as little as possible

Daviss: I need to get granddaughter something with feet in them to wear at her dorm

HistoryBuff: I can dig that, Alt.

alt: Well ya'll let me skedaddle for the day .. take care & I'll be seeing ya around the campus

Selma: Yes daviss..guess they don't sell Cuddle dudds in Arizona..

Daviss: ok alt later

Selma: Guess time for me to run too daviss.

Daviss: ok selma take care also

Selma: Bye

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