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2013-01-15 • More on DNA


Start: 12:05:03
End: 13:19:01
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vicjorob

alt: hey folks.. Khathu & Seventies

Khathu: hello alt

alt: How are you doing in following up on the Dorsey Will Khathu ..... Do you have any further proceedings?

Khathu: No further proceedings at this point. Currently looking at court minutes

alt: well, you know it was executed, or at least portions, from the land & tax records of his male descendant children. Hello Daviss

Khathu: Hello Daviss

Daviss: hello alt and khathu!

alt: A cosuin went to NC and obtained a copy of the 'full' Will of the Dickens guy that I reference in the abstract of his Will in my TP story.... waiting for her to send me a copy.

Daviss: I think I remember you saying you had a cousin going to NC alt but cant remember the details Is this another one of your lines?

alt: yeah Davis, she relocated from Minn-St. Paul to Boston and I've been giving her a chance to get settled in before I start 'buggin' her for a copy of what she got. LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: yep, this is one of my paternal lines. darn Seventies is taking a long coffe break LOL

Daviss: Isee

Khathu: lol....she is eating her lunch

Daviss: lol mabe she had to go get the beans a

alt: anthing new on the AncestryDNA front DAviss?

Daviss: nothing new alt, no new gains at all

alt: I'm now over 700 cousin matches with them Daviss, still can't find Gerald wilson among them.

Daviss: I see a few Forum msgs when I came in asking about 23&me Well, It could be that adoption thing alt

alt: you have Mr. Wislon as one of your AncestryDNA matches, right Daviss? Wilson

Daviss: yes, remember I told you about him he is in my lowest range as all my AA's lol

alt: yep, I remember.. could you look at his 'tree names' and send me some of the surnames he match with? and their locations if possible.

Daviss: sure, I will

Khathu: I am thinking of purchasing a DNA for my grandmother's bday

Daviss: what caught my eye was the initial name and place he had listed alt

alt: I found out why I couldn't see the list of names on the trees..... I have 2 account names with Ancestry and I was looking at the matches under the wrong account name... when I changed names the tree listings opened up for me..... DUH!!!!

Khathu: She is interested in the AdMixture

Daviss: well one of the names at least

Khathu: do you have any recommendations for a company

Seventies: I have returned! lol Hi alt, Khathu and Daviss!

alt: that would be a wonderful gift Khathu

Daviss: hello Seventies

Seventies: How are you all doing this afternoon/morning??

Khathu: Hello Selma

alt: since you have the Dorsey/D'Arcy thing on your paternal lines in would recommend FTDNA for your Y-DNA and their Family Finder feature Khathu .. and at least the 37 marker Y-DNA test. Hello Selma

Daviss: me, I am well Seventies thanks

Seventies: Hi Selma. good Daviss.

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and seventies

Daviss: hello there Selma I thought he said grandmother alt

Khathu: I did say grandmother

alt: oh, okay Khathu ..... then you want mtDNA & admixture (autosomal) for her.... African Ancestry doesn't do admixture, so I would go with either 23andme or FTDNA for her.

Daviss: 23 has the $99 dollar deal now

Khathu: That's what I am talking about Daviss

alt: if you aren't interested in the "health' aspect of DNA then I would go for FTDNA.

Khathu: thanks alt and Daviss

alt: and if money is the primary consideration I would jump on the 23andme 99.00 deal LOL LOL

Daviss: you dont have to do the health thing with 23 if you dont want to with this new deal

Seventies: lol for most people it will be.

Daviss: At least thats what I am hearing alt

HistoryBuff: Hey all

Seventies: Hey HistoryBuff

Daviss: Khathu the FTDNA family Finder is $289 hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: and what exactly do you get for all of that?

alt: true Daviss on the non-health aspect of 23andme..... my thing towards FTDNA is the possibility of follow-up testing on the original sample, if desired..... 23andme has no follow-up ordeeper testing processes.

Daviss: autosomal

Seventies: I'm on my lunch hour and my co-worker is steady talking to me, as if I'm even listening... smh

vicjorob: Hello all!

Seventies: hi vicjorob! Welcome back!

Daviss: heyyyyy vicjorob

Selma: Hope they can't read your screen seventies

Seventies: who cares.

Selma: Afternoon vicjorob So much for work place harmony

alt: Khathu, I suggest you go to the Home Page for both and read their 'propoganda' LOL LOL

Seventies: She sure breaks her neck trying to... instead of working.

Daviss: I just yesterday entered my brothers y to y-search Khathu tested with 23 already

Seventies: How is your research coming along vicjorob?

HistoryBuff: Hey vic

alt: Hello vicjorob

vicjorob: Talk about serendipity! I was thinking about DNA testing matches and decided to use my lunch hour to check in with ya'll. And you guys are talking about the very thing.

Daviss: I need to enter the X hubby and one other cousin

Khathu: Yes, I did already test with 23andMe

vicjorob: @70s - my research has been eehh until yesterday

Daviss: lol

Seventies: wow. so who did you have tested and which company did you go with vicjorob? lol eeehhh, huh?

alt: may I ask your haplogroups Khathu? .... Y & mtDNA

Daviss: khathu have you been in yet and checked the new setup

vicjorob: I did mtDNA with both FTDNA and 23, and paid to transfer my autosomal over to FTDNA. Still awaiting the FamilyFInder results. FTDNA reran their mtDNA matches and I have exactly one match.

Daviss: yet meaning lately

alt: Hello deannie

Seventies: okay well best of luck in your results.

deannie: Hi everyone....late as always...but that better than not at all

Daviss: vicjorob when are your transfer results do in hi deannie due in

vicjorob: I am L3e4 with a Stewart from VA. This woman is the same and she turns out to be a relative of the daughter in law of my genealogy buddy with whom I have been volunteering nearly every Sat for more thant 16 years.

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie

Khathu: My maternal line is L3e2b

alt: WOW vicjorob

Daviss: thats something vicjorob

Khathu: paternal line is E1b1a7a

vicjorob: @Daviss - I transferred the data on Aug 16 but due to the switch to Build 37, it has been five months instead of the two weeks they advertise.

Daviss: 8a for my brothers Khathu

alt: okay thanks Khathu ...... I'm I1d1 Y-DNA & H3 mtDNA

Daviss: my scheduled date is Feb

Seventies: E1b1a covers almost all African-American men, right?

Khathu: yep

vicjorob: @alt - the funny thing is that I have been helping my friend research her daughter in law's Stewart line. Talk about a Gibbs head slap.

Seventies: what group is the 7a?

Khathu: Technically E1b1a is the most common amongst AA men

Selma: Where is this Stewart line from in VA vicjorob?

alt: Do these Stewart's have NC and/or Ohio links vicjorob?

vicjorob: @Seventies - my father is E1b1a and it at least solved a problem -- my paternal GGrandfather is a mystery. All the other 2g grandparents had white fathers. It would appear that not so with this man. @Selma @alt - My Susan Stewart was alkegedly the daughter of Alexander Stewart and a Liggens woman (according to her M2 certificate). She lived most of her life in Gallipolis OH and some time in Denver.

alt: yeah that would creat a mystery vicjorob

Khathu: alright talk to you later

vicjorob: Fortune Stewart was from VA but lived in what became Grant Co WV

Selma: husband's Stewart line is out of Campbell County

vicjorob: Fortune was married to Rebecca Payne/Paine. He is alleged to have come from the Caribbean.

Seventies: My grandfather's y-dna haplogroup is E1b1a8a and his y-dna african ancestry came back to the NUNA

deannie: what the name of the lady that writes genealogy book with the last name of Palmer

vicjorob: @Selma - where is Campbell County?

Seventies: Dee Woodtor-Palmer

vicjorob: @deannie - Dee passed several years ago.

alt: I have collateral Liggens from VA and then SE Ohio, up thru Gallipolis, Fayette, Greene & Champaign Counties vicjorob

deannie: ok thanks

Selma: Lynchburg, Amherst, Nelson County area

Seventies: She wrote a guide here deannie.

vicjorob: @alt - oh, we have to talk! @Selma - haven't done any research there yet.

deannie: Her name was one of the first that I know when I first started genealogy.. I just could not remember her first name..

alt: okay vicjorob LOL LOL

Selma: Her name is Dee Parmer Woodtor

Seventies: oops my bad... sorry about the mis-info

Daviss: If you want her book deannie, its listed here on the AfriGeneas store

vicjorob: @Selma - I still have her prepublished version of her book that she was selling at an early AAGHS conference

Selma: I think I do too vicjorob...She was a speaker at our Spring Seminar one year

vicjorob: @alt - I will check out your blog/genealogy website. I know I had been there before but armed with new data, here's hoping.

alt: okay vicjorob, the Liggens connections are noted on the TP website.

vicjorob: @alt TP?

Seventies: Okay, all. I need to run. Have a good day!!!

alt: Tribal Pages .....

deannie: While I have run also....have a great day

Daviss: bye deannie

vicjorob: Bye!

Daviss: wb vicjojob

vicjorob: TP, duhh. Where is my brain?

Daviss: lol lol

alt: a Gibbs slap vicjorob LOL LOL LOL

vicjorob: @alt - true!

HistoryBuff: Oops !

Daviss: Selma were the Ligon's huge slave owners in VA? I see so many AA's in Texas with that name

Selma: I haven't studied them Daviss...but I have seen the name

alt: Daviss & y'all a guy won 36,000 at the casino in Columbus, Ohio .. the fool took his money in cash and was robbed on the way home from the casino ... bummer, huh?

Daviss: shessh, he should have not done that alt..

Selma: Somebody was obviously watching

Daviss: they sure do Selma

alt: yep Selma... he won it at the Blackjack table and there are usually folks hanging around those tables watching and this was on a Saturday night when the place is usually packed

Daviss: I would have taken a check...they count the money in your hand if you take the cash here

Selma: He should have known better

alt: yep Davis, that's what happened.. they saw him get all of the Benejamin's LOL LOL

vicjorob: It was a pleasure chatting with you all again. Gotta head to a meeting. Take care! Stay warm or cold depending upon your personal weather.

alt: okay vicjorob , you take care too

Daviss: later vicjorob

alt: may I bore y'all with a DNA question?

HistoryBuff: Next time vicjorob

Daviss: lol go ahead alt

HistoryBuff: Sure alt

alt: when folks say they have matches from country xyz.... do they mean the matches are from folks currently living in country xyz at this moment, or hundreds of years ago?

Selma: Most folks have no idea alt

Daviss: I would assume hundreds

HistoryBuff: I would think that refers to current residence.

Daviss: doesnt Kittles test current folks

alt: I agree Selma.... If I say a new cousin is from Chad, Zimbabwe, or some of those countries in Africa... they didin't exit 50-75 years agao

Selma: They all do Daviss.

Daviss: yes but doesnt he actuall test those in africa for his database

Selma: Yes he does..

Daviss: or do they all have testing facilities in all these countries

alt: Yes, many of his 'base line" samples are from folks currently living in Africa Daviss

Selma: and so he is getting samples of current folks and their locations now..but does not necessarily mean thats where these groups were 500 years ago

alt: as are the samples by other testing companies.

Daviss: ok

alt: exactly Selma, that's what I mean

Selma: But that is for white folk too

alt: like us here in America... we say we and our ancestors are from Ohio, but they came from VA, NC, Ky and other places here AFTER their ancestors arrived from Africa. oh sure it is Selma... white folks too.

Selma: Sorry folks..have to run

alt: and if I have 64 -128- 256 ancestors going back several generations, they ALL can't be from the same place.

Daviss: I would agree alt

alt: okay, thanks question asked & I've properly vented .. so off the soapbox LOL

Daviss: they travelled all over I am satisfied with 23

HistoryBuff: I'm still waiting.

alt: oh, I'm satisfied with all of my testing Daviss... I just get so upset with the commentary form many of those whos speak of their ancestry with so much certainty & authority

HistoryBuff: Okay

alt: and they know very little,iif anything about genetica and heredity, let alone genealogy.

Daviss: you mean the percentages alt

alt: not the %'s so much Daviss, but the specificity of locations for the ancestral "homeland'.

Daviss: isn't that what they cull out oh ok I see

alt: like, I know I'm from Camaroon, but I don't know if my people are from GA, MS, AL, TX, or etc.

Daviss: guess i will head out now take care...

alt: you too bye y'all

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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