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2013-01-14 • The Adams Will


Start: 12:06:56
End: 13:10:32
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, khathu, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Good morning, Daviss!

Daviss: Good Afternoon to you!

Seventies: Come join me for a cup of java. :}

Daviss: I am completely out here :( thinking about warming up some broth

Seventies: sick?

Daviss: I need something lol its cold here

Seventies: oh oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins and cinnamon with hot tea would hit the spot.

Daviss: I love oatmeal and just may take you up on that idea

Seventies: Herbal tea, so you don't get sick. Mint would be good. I know y'all don't have much of a winter out there. So these temps have to be a shock to your system.

Daviss: we start the first day of winter just like you do lol lol lol

Seventies: lol whatever.

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Calendar day only. lol

Daviss: and....

Seventies: Its a fluke that y'all hit a night time low of 28... lol

Daviss: quit peepin

Seventies: lol I didn't have to peep to know that! lol So what's new in genealogy? I was working on re-importing and expanding my tree yesterday. ugh so mad I broke my laptop. This new one is cr@p good morning alt

alt: Hello daviss & Seventies, hope you two are doing well today.

Daviss: well you had to do what you had to do to get another one for the start of school Hello there alt!

Seventies: Yes I did. Can't wait for tax time...

Daviss: So what did you use to transfer from one puter to the other?

Seventies: didn't yet. Need to get my supplies together.

Daviss: what do you mean supplies?

Seventies: I need a special cord to do the transfer.

Daviss: Is it a disc oh ok

Seventies: I am planning a day trip down to D.C. I want to finish getting all 5 microfilms of M1914

Daviss: hmmm so this cord plugs in to each computer?

Seventies: No from a hard drive to a usb outlet... its a special cord Before I take off, I need to make sure I get with my IT folks to get the right equipment.

Daviss: ok one other it easy to do

Seventies: lol it depends. Its been a LONG time since I've done that type of Transfer.

Daviss: alt have you moved info from one puter to another?

alt: once or twice Daviss

Seventies: alt, I saw that you posted your ancestors will on facebook. What sort of new information were you able to get? did you take a second look at the docs you already had?

alt: the Will was all new to me Seventies I didn't know one existed until a couple of months ago.

Seventies: So it didn't fill in any blanks or questions you had about the previous information that you had on this ancestor? Or other ancestors?

Daviss: next stop alt is hopefully for you to get the transcript of the law suit was filed against the theft of the wagon and supplies

alt: oh yes, it gave me new information Seventies on his life style in California.. assets, burial information,etc.

Seventies: Nice

alt: Daviss, not even sure of how to go about finding out how to investigate the disposition (theft) of the assets...

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: hello Selma... hope you're feeling better today. Hi Khathu

Selma: Good Monday afternoon alt, daviss, and seventies.. Yep doing good

Seventies: Hi Khathu...

Selma: Afternoon khathu

Daviss: Hello Selma and Khathu

khathu: Hello everyone I'm chatting from my phone

Daviss: They mentioned something like that in the papers you had did't they alt?

Seventies: I was sharing with my FB friends and family that I was surprised that there is a Confederate/Confederacy holiday celebrated in MS. Children are excused from school and everything is pretty much closed.

alt: oh you guys and your techie 'toys' LOL

Seventies: what just happened?? lol

Daviss: How How's it going Selma?

Selma: Pretty good Daviss..

Seventies: alt, see you could've done this if you kept your IPad...

alt: the papers mentioned that the 'stable owner' had sold William Adams wagon(s) and horses without the permission of the executor of the Will ... and he (exceutor) had his lawyers file a claim against the stable owner for lost property Daviss

Seventies: There should be a courtcase on that...

Selma: I better buy another laptop before they stop making em

Seventies: Selma, I know that's right.

Selma: Or maybe there is something in the newspaper alt

Daviss: lol Selma as fast as things change its possible

Seventies: My brother FINALLY brought my mom her laptop this weekend!

alt: I'm sure there is one Seventies...... just not sure I want to follow up on what might of happened.

Daviss: Do you have the stable owners name alt

Seventies: I saw some laptops now with a Terrabyte. I remember when you could only get that on a server! Times have changed!

alt: yes Daviss, he is named in the papers and the attorneys that were hired are also named.

Seventies: Selma, I am ready to get those Pre-Freedman's Bureau records M1914! I'm planning that as my first official trip of 2013. Awaiting my 64GB flashdrive.

Selma: Great project for 2013 seventies..should keep you might busy

Daviss: then there should be something on file after the date the excutor ordered it

alt: Khathu, do you have the final accounting for the Will and Probate case for your Dorsey ancestor?

Seventies: It will. I'm going donate the records to Ser Boxley or NAPAC. I'll be down in June/July as my brother will be getting married.

Daviss: He is not here alt

Seventies: Khathu got kicked off, i think.

alt: Oops, he was on his phone LOL

Daviss: what is NAPAC

Seventies: Natchez African American preservation ..blah blah blah... lol

Daviss: ok

Seventies: they are asking for donated records. They need additional docs and histories. Many of their docs and photos came from LSU's library

alt: good that you can help them out Seventies every little bit helps

Seventies: Yes, absolutely. They should be the center of AA history for Natchez and for the area... IMO

Daviss: do you have the equiptment to change the microfilm over to paper or are you donating the microfilm

Seventies: That's why I'm going to download onto the flash drive.. it should save as pdf or jpg. I need to verify this... If so, I will buy a cheap pack of flash drives and donate to the organization.

Selma: Thats what I did at the FHC seventies

Seventies: I see the Nat'l Archives has the same thing now. They even sell flash drives at College Park.

Selma: I wasn't doing a whole roll...but quite a number of images

alt: you donated flash drives or microfilm Selma .. or both?

Seventies: Selma, how large was your flash drive? 2gb's are pretty cheap these days.

Selma: I ordered the microfilm at FHC, took my flash drive and saved the images I wanted to the flash drive I had about a 2 or 4 GB

Seventies: okay did you fill it with your images, or had quite a bit of space remaining.

alt: ah so Selma, good thinking ... and you said you weren't techie saavy LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: lol

Selma: The folks at the place told me that this was the best way to do it..they have one set up that allows you to do so They showed me how

alt: ah so Selma....

Seventies: It is the best way, who wants to carry a bunch of papers around... lol

Selma: I wasn't trying to copy the roll seventies..just doing some of this and that as examples..

Seventies: that's what I did with M1914...

Selma: I did half of the Alabama 1865 census...

Seventies: oh really?

Selma: Some bounty claims..for Alabama...FB report for some county in Mississippi

alt: You can get a whole lot of images in 2-4GB...... I mean a WHOLE LOT!!!!

Seventies: right alt. depending on the resolution...

Selma: I am over run by this is probably the way for me to go for somethings

Seventies: Was it Franklin, Amite, Adams or Wilkinson Co. Selma?? :}

Daviss: I wish the center here had that machine.....They have one only so I doubt if a person could consume a lot of time using it to copy a whole reel

Selma: Bolivar I think...

Seventies: Oh.. :(

alt: hello HistoryBuff

Daviss: Hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: Nobody likes Adams Co. MS or Wilkinson Co. MS!

Selma: Afternoon History Buff..

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all What's shaking ?

Seventies: Nothing.

Selma: I thought the report was interesting cause it was talking about folks who had moved to Miss from Arkansas in the 1865-1867 time frame to work

Daviss: nothing here HistoryBuff

Seventies: Next weekend I'll be working with my cousin on her North Carolina family tree and getting her started on some basics.

HistoryBuff: Very nice, 70s.

Seventies: She's been bugging me for about 6 months on this. :)

alt: Roots Magic has a feature "Roots Magi to-go" you can have your entire database on a 4 GB flashdrive and take it with you and load to someone else's computer... fantastic feature... it has the database and all of the 'software' to operate the RM application on the flash drive.

Seventies: now that things are settling in her home, all the kids are off to college, she can dedicate a little more time to doing things like this.

HistoryBuff: That's on my to-do list with my cousin in Virginia.

Seventies: Yep alt, giving her Roots Magic is on my list of to-do's.

alt: that would be a great gift Seventies

Seventies: of course it will be the FREE edition! lol

HistoryBuff: Good looking out, Alt.

alt: oh, well okay!!!! I guess

Selma: Hey the real gift is showing her how to USE it

Seventies: I want to give her the free stuff first. so she won't have any financial loss if she decides she doesn't want to continue on. absolutely Selma. Also that reminds me I need to send her a link to Afrigeneas beginners guide as an assignment to read before I go up this weekend.

alt: dunno Seventies, if you have notes & images the 29.00 investment is the way to go..

Selma: Kids going off to college and you are giving her HOMEWORK

Seventies: Believe it or not alt, there's a lot of functionality in the free edition... I tried to do every feature I could, believe that! lol lol Selma.. she needs some reading, goodness knows she'll be doing a lot of it anyways!

Selma: BRB..son stopped by

alt: tip of the iceberg Seventies, the Free version

Daviss: ok back

Seventies: okay maybe before I hit the road this summer, I'll buy the full copy I am determined to take about 2 1/2 weeks off this summer to dedicate to my research. Holidays and all! lol

Daviss: sounds good seventies

Seventies: I gotta run to take care of som business. Have a good day all!

Daviss: stopped me in my tracks to ask seventies something lol

HistoryBuff: Someone always has something else form me to do. Cya 70s.

Daviss: oops kathu was bumped out now alt Even when you retire HB you will always be asked lol

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..have a nice day

Daviss: ok Selma take care HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Sorry I missed Khathu I see.

Daviss: yes but he was not in long see ya later HistoryBuff take care

HistoryBuff: OK

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