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2013-01-12 • Vashti T Murphy . History


Start: 21:41:12
End: 23:21:32
Chatters: Daviss, HistoryBuff, Khathu

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss. How are you?

Daviss: hello there HistoryBuff! I am good HB, what about you?

HistoryBuff: I am good also, thanks. I was reading an interview transcript for the late Frances Murhpy II, a Murphy legacy publisher of the Afro-Am Newspaper.

Daviss: Ah, sounds like it would be interesting

HistoryBuff: I started out researching Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. history.

Daviss: Is he in your line or justa good read for you?

HistoryBuff: She was not related to me, but she was the granddaughter of the Founding Publisher, John Henry Murphy, a former USCT from Baltimore, MD I am seeking information about her connecction to AME Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie who is a granddaughter of a Delta founder Vashti Turley Murphy.

Daviss: Is there a national registry of who was a Delta

HistoryBuff: Possibly, but I know that all three were Deltas.

Daviss: That would be a good thing to know and to have

HistoryBuff: V.M. McKenzie is still living.

Daviss: Especiaaly regarding those from yesteryear

HistoryBuff: I was reading an extensive interview transcript of Frances Murphy II.

Daviss: ok

HistoryBuff: I realized that Bishop McKenzie's name sounded familiar to me and that Frances Murphy's mother was a Delta founder with a familiar sounding name so I've curious.

Daviss: What about your own research, how is that going???

HistoryBuff: Well I've been on hiatus waiting for the 23andme analysis, plus I need to reorganize my computer space to install the RootsMagic 6 software.

Daviss: lol when is 23 supposed to come in?

HistoryBuff: I expect them in about 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to contact my nearby Jordan-Linton Clan consider to exchange family group history.

Daviss: I see.. Have you asked others to take the dna test

HistoryBuff: I did ask another Hughes Clan Cousin. There are others yet to ask. How about you?

Daviss: I have asked everyone but so far no takers.. kind of irritating but nothing I can do about it It would sure help out if some of those cousins would do it

HistoryBuff: That does remind me to ask a list of cousins to take the DNA tests.

Daviss: Where do your folks come from?

HistoryBuff: On the other hand my curiousity began due to Delta Centinnial(sp)on celebration kick this weekend. Their 100 year founding is tomorrow. My parents are from Arkansas and their parents are from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia.

Daviss: where in Ark I am looking around in Helena for Cryors/Cryers and Mitchell I have Jefferson in Tn but no idea what county

HistoryBuff: Brickeys, Marianna,Fordyce, Magnolia, and Camden. I have a Heyward County, TN. TN on my father's paternal side of the family.

Daviss: lets Lets see i do have a last name Zypher/Zepher in Ms unkn County I wish they would have put in the city or county of their parents in the census lol lol

HistoryBuff: My paternal grandmother was born in Smith or Sunflower County, MS. I know her father was born in Smith County, MS. Yes that would help :) But maybe the address- Rte # is included in the nearest post office location listed somewhere.

Daviss: Lol Smith is rather hard to search like Jones

HistoryBuff: The thing is, I'm working on building up my own confidence in my research skills. There's so much to learn and I running out of time to research.

Daviss: I need to get a windfall.. That would help me to hit every courthouse i could find lol well HB why do you need to build up confidence...You take the bitter with the sweet when you do this

HistoryBuff: I take the land inventories are in the courthouse.

Daviss: Researching is a life long passion Now if you want to go in it for the money and make a living out of it then thats different

HistoryBuff: I'm good with that. I just lack confidence in imparting info to others. I don't consider myself a teacher, but sometimes sharing is teaching.

Daviss: teaching others takes time

HistoryBuff: I eventually want to perform genealogy research for a living.

Daviss: and yes sharing is teaching..and remember their may be others that don't love it the way you do

HistoryBuff: It would make sense to prepare prior to retiring from my current vocation although, the university's massive budget shortfall could lead my dismissal. They are required to cut personnel by 20% in each department.

Daviss: how much time do you have do they cut by senority

HistoryBuff: Sorry about that. Yes they plan to cut by senority and I am the last one hired in my unit.

Daviss: wb

HistoryBuff: thnx

Daviss: mabe they will see if they can cut back by those who want to retire first

HistoryBuff: It looks like folks are trying to hold out a little longer. It would be good if I could get another job. I hate working there any way. There's no future of mobility for me there any way. So I cant shed tears when they cut me.

Daviss: I hear ya HB.. Sometimes the way is brighter than it seems

HistoryBuff: Indeed. So where are you in your research?

Daviss: say your prayers at night, by day do whats right, and you will see the light that is shining bright is what i say

HistoryBuff: Makes sense to me. I'll try the meditation route. Have the films, Lincoln and DJango Unchained, yet?

Daviss: My research is on the standstill

Khathu: Hello everyone

HistoryBuff: Hey Khathu.

Daviss: Hi khathu! Surprised to see you here

Khathu: I saw Django twice and Lincoln at a special screening

Daviss: mabe you are a late bird like us

Khathu: Why are you surprised?

Daviss: late in the night I would say

HistoryBuff: Did you Khathu? What led you to watch DJango Unchained twice. ?

Khathu: I enjoyed it

Daviss: Both I want to see

Khathu: @Daviss, I lost track of time would have logged on sooner

Daviss: I think i would have stayed with you and watched again Khathu

HistoryBuff: What's holding you back, Daviss if I may ask?

Khathu: I spent the day looking at deeds and divorces records

Daviss: We just got a car HistoryBuff so now i am ready to roll again where Khathu

Khathu: And I accidentally located a divorce record for my gg grandmother and one of her husbands

HistoryBuff: Oh Okay. go as soon as you can.

Daviss: thats great Khathu.. were you at the archives

Khathu: I say accidentally because I have not been able to locate a marriage certificate for this marriage And family members questioned if she was actually married to Lucius Potts even though she carried the surname

Daviss: see lol

HistoryBuff: Wow, accidentally and interesting!

Khathu: I was at the Family History Center is Kensington Well she had four children by four different men before actually getting married

Daviss: sign of the times I would venture to say Khathu

Khathu: I guess Mr. Potts tried to make her an "honest woman" before divorcing her.

Daviss: When was she born

Khathu: 1864 in Van Zandt County, Texas

Daviss: ok so I still say sign of the times then

HistoryBuff: So did you find this information in Maryland State records or which jurisdiction?

Khathu: I meant 1872 No I was at the FHL

Daviss: Did the Divorce state when they got married? and where?

HistoryBuff: Hey Khathu, define "honest woman"?

Khathu: It was just the decree now I need to obtain the actual divorce case. a married woman

HistoryBuff: Just curious LOL So was the decree the same as a listing or something different?

Khathu: It is funny because in the 1910 Census she is listed as a widow even though the divorce did not occur until 1911 huh? not clear on your are asking

Daviss: not unusual though khathu married or not when someone is not living in the household

Khathu: I guess out of sight out of mind

HistoryBuff: Okay what is a divorce decree?

Khathu: I also located some decrees for my gg grandparents and some ggg grand uncles

Daviss: even when the man went to another town to work and it was several years before they were able to come back

Khathu: my grandparents were married twice and divorced twice. The first time she divorced him and then he divorced her okay

Daviss: The decree is the final HB When my x and I got divorced it was not legal until a year had passed

HistoryBuff: I'm just trying to understand in what type of document format the 'decree' comes in.

Daviss: then it had to be filed in the courthouse... If not then you were still married

Khathu: it is just a document granting the divorce

HistoryBuff: okay.

Daviss: you really had to be on your toes to file the original after the year was up lol now in these days you don't have to wait the year

HistoryBuff: I understand now. Thank you.

Daviss: yw

Khathu: I have to order some more micro film from Salt Lake I have a lot of research in Georgia these days

HistoryBuff: So Khathu, do you think Spike Lee ought to go see DJango Unchained?

Khathu: I really don't care about whether he sees it or not He is the spoken person or authority for Black people

HistoryBuff: I need to conduct some research for Georgia but I have no idea where in Georgia.

Khathu: I am at the point in my research where it has taken be to Georgia on several lines

HistoryBuff: No he isn't, but I am just curious about your take with Spike Lee's comments on it.

Khathu: Brewsters, Darsey and Hardin/Vickers I have no opinion about Spike Lee's comments because it is a non issue to me

HistoryBuff: Georgia for me involves Cummings, Scotts and Averys. I understand now.

Khathu: Well I am tracking the slave holding families who migrated from Georgia into Texas

Daviss: I have not seen the movie History but as a researcher I have a different view than he (spike) does...Some can't get over slavery and as a researcher we may get p'od about it but we gather all the info we can to find our folks I think that is the difference

Khathu: I am researching Laurens, Coweta, Walton, Fulton, and a few other counties in Georgia

Daviss: are those all slave holding families khathu or all those who migrated in your family to those counties

Khathu: All slave holding families The Darseys moved around a lot during the early 1800s

Daviss: Oh that will be quite the chore.. Are you limiting the amount of slave some families only had from 1 - 3

Khathu: My Brewster ancestor was sold several times within Georgia before moving to Texas

Daviss: Lots of Brewsters in marshall and in longview

Khathu: I am related to some of them especially those in Longview

Daviss: I talked to a Brewster woman last year from Longview..I lost her number. I think then she was in her late 70's or early 80's she was a pleasure to talk with

HistoryBuff: That's good, Daviss

Daviss: In fact this lady went to RedOak Baptist Church and that was my initial need to talk with her

Khathu: I'm not familiar with that church

Daviss: Its a rather large one now Khathu but my Uncle Leslie was one of the ministers years ago

Khathu: Okay I am currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin

Daviss: ah ha!

HistoryBuff: Is this your first time reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, Khathu?

Khathu: I also located a pro-slavery critique of the book published in 1852 Yes

HistoryBuff: Oh okay. Sometimes I get encouraged to re-read some classic literary works. What is your comparison between the two publications so far?

Khathu: i haven't read the critique yet

HistoryBuff: Would you be willing to share the citation for the 1852 critique?

Khathu: The book is at the office but once I get it sure

Daviss: I am stuck on books just about Texas lol

Khathu: I am all over the place :0 :)

HistoryBuff: Thanks. I'm trying to think of the historical 19th newspaper title who published literary criticism of the time.

Daviss: my brain waves say Texas

Khathu: I'm scratter brain

Daviss: lol

HistoryBuff: I'm the scatter brain. I have the most trouble keeping up.

Khathu: so I end up reading five books at once which are not related in any shape form or fashion

HistoryBuff: As I was telling Daviss earlier, I got interested the history of a Delta Sigma Theta founder.

Khathu: ok

Daviss: well I better head out now.. time to hollar at Tyler lol lil boys hate to take a shower

HistoryBuff: I was trying to see if A.M.E Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie is related to the Afro founder. Cya next time Davisss.

Khathu: okay, good night

Daviss: ok HistoryBuff and you too Khathu take care

Khathu: ttyl good night

HistoryBuff: okay

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