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2013-01-06 • Kim shares a VA Ledger


Start: 11:38:56
End: 13:11:57
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, kim, Selma, Seventies

Selma: Good Sunday Morning seventies

Seventies : Hi Selma

Selma: How goes it

Seventies : I had almost given up on anyone coming to chat. Figured the holiday had caught up with them.

alt: good morning Selma & Seventies

Seventies : All is well!!

Selma: Good Sunday mornin alt

alt: hope it is going well with you young ladies today.

Seventies : Hi alt. Doing better.

alt: good Seventies , getting over what evere it was you were coming down with?

Seventies : Trying to.

Selma: Flu and other kind of crud is hitting heavy and fast

alt: I'm excited y'all ... y papers from California came in yesterday's mail. I'm now trying to sort all of this stuff out to see just what I have.

Selma: Oh exciting You mean you didn't stay up all night and sort it out.. LOL

alt: hello kim

Seventies : Very exciting. Anything gleaned yet from the docs?

Selma: Good Sunday morning kim

kim: Good morning

Seventies : hi kim

alt: was too excited after the initial review Selma....

Selma: Yea us old folks can't take too much excitement at one time.. LOL

alt: that's the truth LOL what's up with you these days kim?

Seventies : lol

Selma: (I know seventies you are shaking your head)

kim: Well, I have some great info. that knocked down brick walls

Selma: Wow..great kim..

alt: spill da beans kim LOL

kim: I have Mark Alexanders documentation of all slave births, parents, deaths etc.

Selma: He was the slave owner?

alt: from where & when kim? that sounds wonderful!

kim: his gg-granddaughter got the info for me from an 99 yr. old aunt

Seventies : That is great!!

kim: blew me away

Selma: So who is Mark Alexander?

kim: Congressman Mark Alexander, Mecklenburg County, Va.

Seventies : What is the state and county? what years,?

alt: wonderful kim, how are you connected to Mark Alexander and.or his slaves?

kim: Selma you are familiar with the family. You assisted me along the way

Selma: I did..oh good to know.. LOL

kim: My family were enslaved on his plantation

Selma: Kim you have to give us a context.. What time frame are we talking about?

kim: Alexander, Baskervilles, Eaton, Coleman, McHarg and more are connected.. 1780's to 1865

Selma: Ok So is this info from a bible, or ledger or family papers?

alt: oh wow!!! that's is a nice good long time period, 80+ yeras.

kim: Well prior to 1780's for parents who's children are listed as born in 1780 etc.

alt: that's even better!!!!

kim: I am able to connect six generations I have to tell Denise...where is she these days

alt: I can see that.... so you will be able to connect by name & ages from these papers up to & thru the 1850/1860 slave schedules and then on census records from 1870 forward????

kim: Yes Selma it is from a ledger...the family info. was also kept in this ledger Yes

alt: and outstanding discovery & documentation kim.. congratulations!!!!!!!!

kim: Thank-you

Selma: That is great kim..I know you were excited when you got the info

kim: the papers are so detailed it names parents, dates of sale of slaves, death and illness etc

Selma: Yes well this was a business

alt: are these papers 'family held' or are they in an archive/repository somewhere?

kim: they were in a chest in the attic of is g-granddaughter

alt: oh wow!!! it would be great if they could somehow be shared with the larger genealogy community, perhaps be donated to a library/archive or somewhere that they could be perserved.

kim: the beautiful lady who went to all lengths to get the info. knew that it existed

alt: this is great stuff!!!!!

kim: so she visted the aunt and asked about it...the aunt could not remember who borrowed it to prove a birth It took three years for this ledger to surface...we were hopeful

Selma: Wow...

alt: thank goodness it survived and someone knew about it.

Selma: What is going to happen to the ledger

kim: what transpired...the aunt went into an assisted living facility...the aunts daughter found the ledger

alt: ah, the tresures that only the family jnows about LOL LOL

kim: I want to share the info down the line....don't know where I should

Selma: If they don't want to give the original to a library or archive, maybe they can copy and give copies to Mecklenburg Historical Society if there is one or LVA

alt: that's my thought also Selma

kim: It was suggested that the ledger be donated...not sure if there is any interest there. However, I have copies

Selma: Glad you came to share your "good news" kim

alt: oh, you can believe there would be interest kim.

Selma: Oh long as you have copies.. lOL

kim: was told to donate...just not the family portion because some are still living

alt: just the names & connections from 1780 to 1865 would be an invaluable piece of information.

kim: I've been spending many late is invaluable

alt: possibly donate that part of the 'ledger' in the name of the family

kim: My mom passed away aug 2011....told her to get the info for me was surprised when it happened

alt: codolence to you on your mom, but her legacy and interest in the family history lives on....

kim: That is a great idea! thanks

alt: this is great kim!!!!!

kim: the gg-granddaughter.. that assisted is named after Mark Alexanders wife Sally Turner Alexander Sally Turner Alexander was great at fact when I first started this research it was her diary that helped me big time Sally Turner was the daughter of Gov. Turner of North Carolina

alt: ah so, a political family that crosses the VA/NC borders.

kim: Hi Daviss

alt: Hello Daviss

kim: Yea

Daviss: Good morning alt, kim, Selma and Seventies!!

Selma: Good morning daviss..

Daviss: aka afternoon for you all lol

alt: has Seventies gone to sleep on us????

kim: these families are well documented

alt: it seems so kim

Daviss: lol she may be tippy-toeing through the halls of Afrigeneas

alt: I know she is busy doing sumpin' Daviss LOL LOL

kim: lol

Selma: Did Sally turner bring slaves to the marriage or were they purchased during the marriage or both

Daviss: Hi deannie!

deannie: Morning All

kim: Oh yes, from her mom and dad

alt: Hello deannie

kim: plenty

deannie: Full house

Selma: Mornin deannie

kim: hi deannie

alt: but we saved a seat for ya deannie LOL

Selma: How many slaves did they own at the end of the war kim?

kim: 217...he gave a wonderful slave list to the union army

Daviss: I am reading as far back as I can and it sounds like you have a goldmine there Kim

deannie: Ditto

kim: what a gold mine

Daviss: What state is this

kim: he also had a lsit of slaves he sent to his plantation in Mississippi and the date they returned

alt: Daviss, got my papers from California, they include Will, Estate Inventory, several voucher's, Newsppaer notices, Dr's, funeral & burial papers, a few other paers & a final accounting.... the Estate papers date from Aug 1871 thru Sept 1872.

Daviss: Wow alt, thats wonderful!!

kim: Don't you love estate accts

Selma: He was a large slave owner kim...

kim: yes he was

Daviss: Kim I was wondering what state you researched

Selma: When did he send the slaves to Mississippi and when did they return?

alt: sounds like both families were 'large' slave owning families kim.

kim: Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Granville, Warren, and Halifax Counties North Carolina

Daviss: Thanks much

kim: Monroe County, Mississippi Halifax County, Va. Burke County, NC...thinking as I go some areas were connecting families, slave purchases, slave sales, etc Wills. estate accts, estate distributions etc

Daviss: thats wonderful Kim.. Are they all Turner and Alexander's.. Any Davis in that NC connection?

alt: form the dtaes you've given kim... these families were 'colonial' families, any idea of when they arrived in the america's & from where?

kim: At this moment not remembering Davis

Daviss: lol no problem but I had to ask

kim: Whew! I assuming some of these families were here in the early 1600's According the family births in the ledger...there were some early births

Daviss: alt when did your pkg come in?

kim: August

alt: I was thinking form thes records it might be possible to ascertain your earlist ancestor in America from Africa and their possible country of origin..... I know that is a stretch, but ......... mine came in yesterday's mail Daviss.

Daviss: so you looked through it before or after the game alt LOL LOL

kim: It is a head is everywhere trying to digest and make connections I feel dizzy

Daviss: I bet its a happy dizzy kim

kim: wish I had some of you here

alt: before, during & after Daviss LOL LOL LOL

deannie: Put is a good dizzy for you research... is=it

kim: to help make connections It's a good dizzy but I like to make headway...wanted this a long time

Daviss: I had to not cheer for either team alt, family on each

alt: kim, may I suggest you post your 'news' on an Afirgeneas Forum and let the AfriGeneas community help you to walk thru your goldmine.

Daviss: Understood kim

kim: I've thought about others who have had such info to analyze...what a job Which forum should I post on

Daviss: How long have you been researching Kim?

kim: nine years...wtih breaks here and there

Daviss: ups and downs also but so rewarding

alt: I poste about my search for thses papers I'm speaking of on AfriGeneas and got plenty of help.... My situation is this ancestor died in California in 1871, his family (heirs) were back in Ohio, where I am located and my request was to help find a Will that I only heard about in the last 6 months or so..... The reposonses were quite helpful and I ende up getting this copy of those papers. I would try the Genealoy & History Foum kim... it seems to be the most read

deannie: Where r you Kim

kim: during this research I journed through undergrad & grad school, took the slave list across the stage at graduation. New Jersey

Daviss: I would say post on the Slave Forum would't you alt and Selma?

alt: that would work too Daviss .. the Slave Forum

Selma: I would post on Surnames and Slave forum

kim: sounds good

Daviss: Wow Kim not that would surely make your ancestors proud!! not = now

deannie: Ok....I researching Mississippi my county are Claiborne, Jefferson , Bolivar, or any the goes up 61 North....stoppin in Mount Bayou

Selma: What surname/s did your family take after emancipation?

deannie: I typing faster than I talk....but I do have my glasses lol

Daviss: lol @ deannie

alt: well at least you can the 'see' your mistakes deannie LOL LOL

deannie: Yes

alt: the=then

kim: folks in mississippi were very kind and trusting...they would research for me and I would pay later My family kept the Alexander surname

Selma: I would put Alexander & Mecklenburg Co. VA in the Subject line.. Or alexander, VA & Miss... I tend to read most posts, but some folks only go by Subject line

Daviss: I do too Selma

kim: There was one slave of Mark Alexander that was given to his sister as dowery...whe migrated to Arkansas...the slaves name was James Milo...he had great privilages..his son was the second AA to graduate West Point

alt: I read most postings too Selma,,,, most serious genealogists and 'old folks' like us tend to read them all LOL LOL

Daviss: wow kim!

Selma: You might want to share that Arkansas connection with Angela4

alt: now that is 'good stuff' kim

kim: John Hanks Alexander....handsome young man ok I forgot to add Arkansas to the family arsenal

Daviss: be right back, gotta grab a cup of java

kim: researcher in Arkansas sent me a wonderful writeup on James Milo Alexander family.

alt: with documention of folks going back to the 1780's and earlier kim you're liable to have a connection to almost any State in the Union LOL LOL

kim: You all wait until you see this ledger!

alt: but as Selma says ... It all started in VA LOL LOL

Daviss: ok back

Selma: LOL mentioned that I assisted you..can you tell me how..I am getting older every day

kim: Selma is right...Va. has the best records of all the states

deannie: I have to run have a good week....

kim: Well, Selma I had brain surgery and remember that!

Selma: Oh jeez..I remember

kim: thought that would jog your memory

Selma: Well you obviously came thru the surgery OK

kim: Soloman Alexander was one of my brick walls...Halifax County, North Carolina

alt: and the 'ledger' helped to knock down that wall?

Selma: The ledger sounds like it "kicked" down the wall

kim: married but the parent index was lost, died 1901 no death certificate...I needed to confirm he was the brother of my ggrandfather Frank alexander

alt: yep hehehehehehehe

kim: When I received the ledger I fell out the chair! I was right the whole time...could feel it in my bones

alt: those ancestors were talking to ya and telling ya to keep the faith

kim: Last year at this time I traveled to NC to locate his grave. My cousin could not find it. I went and found it immediately....I said SOLOMAN been looking for you a long time

Daviss: lol thats cute

Selma: Jeez was meant for YOU to do this

alt: and he said, I was right here LOL LOL

kim: Yep This journey is wonderful! thinking about a book and film Soloman gg-grandson said his grandmother told him that soloman said his brother was sold away...according to the ledger it was Richard, Soloman father sold away in 1860

Selma: That ledger is invaluable

kim: I cried...wondered what happened to Richard in 1870 prior to the ledger

alt: for sure Selma... and it seems to be verifying a lot of oral history, at least some facts behind the oral histories.

kim: amazing I could go on and on because I'm so full. We should have a meeting place for us to share our stories. There is nothing like the human voice etc.

Selma: Folks..I have to run..Kim thanks for coming and sharing, nice to hear good news inthe beginning of 2013 Bye

kim: It was great sharing

alt: amzain yep, and for me my next big one os to find the wagon train that got my 2nd get-grandfather from Ohio to California ca 1859-1860..... now that I've got him in CA from 1861 up until his death in 1871.

Daviss: I am right behind you Selma and I ditto Sels words Kim and alt

kim: I have to too. thanks for listening

Daviss: Oh do come back

alt: yw kim bye y'all

Daviss: all so interesting

kim: I will

Daviss: take care

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