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2013-01-09 • When birth dad is White


Start: 12:03:09
End: 13:35:42
Chatters: alt, Daviss, dcooke, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon Daviss.

Daviss: Good morning Seventies :?

Seventies: How are you? And can you pour me a cup of whatever you're drinking this moring? lol

Daviss: yes, I do have more than a few cups of java in the pot

Seventies: I need it.. ugh

Daviss: How are you?

Seventies: I'm fine, but just a little tired.

Daviss: Are you still lingering with the flu

Seventies: No.. its all gone... thank goodness!

Daviss: thats good..

Seventies: So I came across something on TV, and I couldn't believe my eyes! There's a show now about funerals. The Golden Gates Funeral home in Dallas , TX

Daviss: Are you done going through all your papers you got at the archives?

Seventies: Yes... :) I didn't get that many this time.

Daviss: Yeah, I heard about that Seventies..Nothing I want to see I really dont look at reality shows anyway

Seventies: I have some Plantations and 'owners' I'm going to transcribe and post from Concordia Parish. Oh okay. The entire concept I think is brilliant!

Daviss: I am waiting on Thursday night for Scandel Scandal

Seventies: smh Good afternoon alt

alt: hello ladies, Seventies & Daviss... hope you both are doing well today.

Daviss: Its a very good show and Shonda Rhymes is a brilliant writer and producer

Seventies: doing well. How are you alt? Shoot, Daviss, I think I want at Golden Gates 'fun'eral! lol

Daviss: hello there alt, how afre you? afre = are

alt: I'm doing okay, thanks

Seventies: alt, did you hear the documentary Khathu posted here yesterday about this 'black' community in Ohio? Interesting story. brb going to get a drink.

alt: this is the one about Pike county, & Waverly, Ohio?

Daviss: I think she went to get a cup of tea or sumthing alt

Khathu: Hello everyone

Daviss: hello khathu

alt: Hello Khathu, how ya doing? I guess Daviss, I can't keep up with Seventies LOL

Daviss: the rebel

Khathu: Yes, Scandal is my show

Seventies: ok folks back from getting my cold drink. Hey Khathu! yes, Pike County alt.

Khathu: One of the reasons why I still have a television

Seventies: lol

Daviss: The only thing Khathu is I have to get off of facebook when it comes

Khathu: You should be off facebook anyway

alt: yes Seventies, what's interesting to me is that the Pike county story is true for so many areas in Ohio... particularly the south & western portions of the State.

Daviss: before it comes on I will get on, then look at all the millions of comments who see it first lol get off I mean

Seventies: so alt, I suppose that they are part of those Melugeon folks... I wonder how many, like that Harris man, believe that they are paritally Native American and in fact are not.

alt: not really Melugeon .. that term is becoming abused IMHO .... most AA's with pre civil war ties in this part of the country (Ohio) are of AA, white & NA mixture.

Seventies: oh. did anyone watch History Dectectives last night??

Daviss: nope thats for me, I did not

alt: heck, I ain't no Melungeon and I have all three in my ancestry ... and in Ohio before 1800.

Seventies: lol

alt: watched The Abolitionist & the the UGRR story featuring William Still.

Daviss: I watched NCS

Seventies: ok maybe its airing at different times in different parts of the country.

alt: hello vkn

Seventies: hello vkn

vkn: Hello to each and all

Daviss: hi vkn!

vkn: Seventies Khathu Daviss Alt

Daviss: I will watch both of those shows on a later date

Khathu: hello vkn

Seventies: brb

vkn: Fazzini is having a ball lol

Daviss: I see vkn.. wish a little more detail was put into post though

alt: I'm watching The Abolitionist only to see how AA's will get the short end of the stick in the portrayal of that movement.

Daviss: has that happened so far alt Is it a two part show?

vkn: 3 parts

Daviss: oh ok

alt: I think so Daviss.. it started last night when we only heard of Frederick Douglass .... it is a 3 part series Daviss agin on the 15t & then the 22nd my campaign this year for the rest of Jan & for BHM is going to promote the little guy (AA's) and their involvement in both the Abolitionist & UGRR movements as it realtes to what I know of them thru my family's involvment. relates

vkn: How is being played out Alt ?

alt: by posting FPOC tidbits on Facebook & AfriGeneas vkn.

vkn: WONDERFUL alt

alt: vkn, did you watch The Abolitionist last night?

vkn: The boards are busy lately even words from Roma Stewart. I failed to watch alt. Sleep consumed me lol

alt: they kept going on & on about Garrison, Grimke, Stowe & John Brown and only occasionly mentioned in passing that FPOC's were involved, and then only Douglass.

vkn: ahhhhhh

alt: yes, I saw Roma's post.. pleasantly surprised.... finally met her last year in Ft. Wayne.

vkn: Roma is a Fiskite

Seventies: hi dcooke

dcooke: Hey gang!

vkn: howdy dcooke how are research things shaping?

Daviss: Hello dcooke!!

dcooke: I ordered the books you recommended.

Daviss: welcome back

alt: very nice lady.... she really surprised me at one of the brown bag lunches in Ft. Wayne with her dislike of the Colonization, or back to Africa movement. hello dcooke

dcooke: I've also reached out to folks at Wiley College where I know some of my Howard ancestrors went to school. I'm hoping they might have some records, pictures, etc.

alt: she (Roma) really had a great arguement and laid it on the line LOL LOL

Daviss: Wiley does have records dcooke

dcooke: I briefly spoke to the Alumni director. He's supposed to call me back today.

vkn: ok I think she has publshed in that era alt

Daviss: when did your ancestor go to Wiley dcooke

dcooke: I know my grandfather and his sisters went there. That would have been around 1913 or so.

alt: I found that out vkn... she is/was truly inspirational in her approach to the subject.

vkn: and also an attorney alt

alt: found that out too vkn LOL

dcooke: I'm not sure about my grandfather's father. He's listed as a teacher on the census in 1900, but I don't know if he had formal training or not.

alt: he and I had a very long talk.. and a couple of brief one's.... a really remarkable lady.

Daviss: what was their names dcooke

alt: he=she

vkn: Are you learning a lot from the Sacto materials alt

dcooke: @Daviss Joseph Howard was my grandfather's father. My grandfather was William (Willie) Howard

vkn: Seventies you there?

Daviss: I used to skate on the campus when I was a kid at Wiley

Seventies: Yes I'm here. reading the chat. :)

HistoryBuff: Hey all

vkn: Well howdy History so glad to C U

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

alt: yes vkn, getting an appreciation about the fact that altho' in California William Adams kept strong lines of communcation with his family in Ohio... I thought he had basically abandoned his family.... papers are showing that was not the case.

dcooke: My grandfather's sisters were Katie, Estella, Georgia, Corine, Annie May, and there was a brother named Joseph Jr.

Daviss: my aunt lived one block over and she would take me and other kids to scate on the ball court

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

Daviss: skate

dcooke: Daviss My mother took me there one time when I was young.

Seventies: Its already 1245!

dcooke: I grew up in Bowie County.

Daviss: I loved going to Marshall, its such a pretty place

vkn: good yieldings alt

HistoryBuff: Thnx Vkn. Glad I could join you all.

dcooke: So I'm pretty fascinated by this group. Are you all writers? Genealogists? Historians?

vkn: Hope the energy level is increasing and maintaining History

Daviss: lol not me dcooke

alt: none of the above, yet all of the above dcooke LOL LOL

dcooke: :)

vkn: yes a little of each dcooke oops histoeybuff

Seventies: Ok I have to run off. Have a good day.

alt: laters Seventies

HistoryBuff: Sorry about that.

Daviss: Is Bowie County Paris

vkn: It happens historyBuff

dcooke: No. Bowie County is mostly Texarkana and the surrounding small towns.

Daviss: oh yeah thats right Texarkania texas and Ark

HistoryBuff: Was an accident.

vkn: 23&Me offeing something new?

dcooke: I almost ordered their $99 Family Finder dna test. Have you all tried it.

Daviss: some branches of my Burks were from there Oh yes, I have dcooke and am very satisfied

dcooke: I think I remember a dentist named Dr Burks.

vkn: Burks are your maternals daviss?

Daviss: yes vkn my grandfather is a Burks

HistoryBuff: They rec'd the sample. I'm. just waiting for the analysis.

Daviss: Good HistoryBuff!!

dcooke: I'm torn between 23andMe and Family Tree dna. Any opinions?

alt: this is with 23&me or FTDNA HistoryBuff?

Daviss: my grandfather is the brother to the lady that we got in touch with vkn

HistoryBuff: Thnx 2 U Daviss for the heads up.

alt: depends on what you're into dcooke ..... genealogy or DNA

Daviss: you are welcome HB

dcooke: I guess I'm interested in both...

HistoryBuff: This last submission was w/ 23 and me, Alt.

alt: okay HistoryBuff, thanks...

Daviss: I have been trying to get a later picture of her ggrandfather but so far no luck vkn I have not really gotten into Ancestry's like I do 23&Me alt

dcooke: I think I'm going to do the 23andMe FF test and the FTDNA y-test on my dad.

Daviss: I like the new setup they have now alt with 23 and the fact you can download the raw data to Gedmatch

alt: I like the 'trees', or list of names, most folks have on Ancestry.... 23&me folks (AA's) don't seem to have much of their genealogy online Daviss

Daviss: how much is the Y test on FTDNA

dcooke: My dad was adopted as a small child by a non-related family. He knows who his birth mother was, but there is no information about a birth father.

Daviss: ok alt, I had my brother take the autosomal so should i also have him do the Y

dcooke: the y-dna 37 was on sale for $119 over the holidays. not sure if it's still going.

alt: I'm sorta of taking a 'hiatus' from the DNA thing Daviss, just doing an occasionl browsing session to see if I have any 'new' matches that I can relate to in my paper trail.

dcooke: the y-dna 67 was $199. He was always told that his birth father was white, and that's why he was put up for adoption. She had like 12 kids, and he was the only one adopted out of the family.

alt: dcooke, I have done FTDNA up thru Y-DNA 67 marker , mtDNA thru the full sequence and the Family Finder.

dcooke: I think it would answer a lot of questions that we have about my dad's birth parents.

Daviss: brb

vkn: and HistoryBuff have you DNA'd

alt: well Y-DNA will certain confirm the ethnicity of the father dcooke

Daviss: ok back

dcooke: Could it also provide potential surnames? He's from a small area in AR, so if I had possible surnames, I could easily figure out his father's family.

Daviss: Do you have any Morrison's in your line dcooke?

dcooke: No, Daviss. Not that I know of...

alt: yes FTDNA will provide names and contact information on his Y-DNA matches.

HistoryBuff: I'm still trying to make room for my RootsMagic6 upgrade.

Daviss: whoa HB you that loaded on puter lol lol

alt: dcooke, does your father use the surname of his adoptive parents?

dcooke: Yes As do I. He was adopted as a very small child, and his birth mother died a few years after the adoption. The other children were raised by her relatives. He was adopted into a very light skin, well to do family (for the time and area). Probably because he looked the part.

alt: okay dcooke, my Y-DNA shows a 'white' male ancestor and it has the slavery implications, so I'm not sure if the surname is meaningful to me.

vkn: Running good people

Daviss: bye vkn

alt: bye vkn

dcooke: He has an adopted sister who also has very light skin. No one questioned the children because they all looked like a family. Alt, It tells you when the white was integrated into the family?

Daviss: so Cooke is the name

alt: well it might dcooke ...... my grandfather born in slavery (1852) had a white father.

dcooke: Let me rephrase... will I be able to tell whether his father was white vs a white slavemaster a few generations back?

alt: but Y-DNA is passed from father to son, etc. for as far back in time as one can go.. so you can take it from there.

dcooke: Daviss, my father's adopted family were the Cooke's. I've traced their family back to Ellis Cooke and Mattie Sloan Cooke of Clark County, AR.

Daviss: ok thanks dcooke

alt: you did Y-DNA 67 marker & Family Finder, right dcooke?

dcooke: They were both born right at the end of slavery. I think I have found the plantation and white family that owned Mattie Sloan's family.

alt: for your father

dcooke: I haven't done any dna test yet, but I think I'm going to go with FTDNA y-dna for my father. I don't know which company I'll do for hte family finder. I'm thinking about 23andME because it's cheaper...

alt: okay.... my Y-DNA has over 1,000 matches total..... it pares down to only 4 at the 67 marker level.

HistoryBuff: It's cheaper for now dcooke.

Daviss: and you can download your raw data to gedmatch too!!

alt: 23nadme doesn't really give you haplogroup matches only those from the autosomal (relative finder) matches.

Daviss: ok so let me understand... Y-dna only gives you hap matches?

alt: but those RF matches will show what haplogroup(s) the person belongs to.

dcooke: HistoryBuff what does that mean?

alt: from FTDNA yes Daviss.... same with mtDNA matches on FTDNA

dcooke: Is it going up, or are the others coming down?

Daviss: ok alt that MTDNA match does not mean we are related thru dna right

alt: 23andme only give you autosomal matches .. regardless of haplogroup(s).

HistoryBuff: Yes on a limited basis.

Daviss: dcooke 23 used to be hundreds now they are 99 dollars because they were given a huge donation I think it was over 50 mil

alt: well yes Daviss, remember Y & mtDNA matches are only for DIRECT LINE matches father to son, etc, & mother to son/daughter, etc.

HistoryBuff: Cya folks.

alt: bye HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Bye

dcooke: I remember when 23and ME was free for Black Americans. They were trying to increase their Black data. I wish I would have done it then!

Daviss: yes dcooke, that was when I took advantage

dcooke: I wasn't into this yet, and I was concerned about sending my dna to a company that I knew very little about.

alt: that's when I did the 23&me test dcooke, when it was FREE

Daviss: they wanted 10,000

dcooke: If I knew then... Ok guys, black to work... Have a great day!

Daviss: 99 dollars is a very good deal

alt: I hear ya dcooke

Daviss: ok dcooke see ya & be blessed

dcooke: Daviss I'll look for you on

Daviss: ok and dont forget my email addy

dcooke: I sent the invite, so we should be linked.

Daviss: ok have a good day

dcooke: WAIT!!!!!

Daviss: ok lol

dcooke: I think one of my Howard aunts married a Mitchell. Let me go look at the tree.

Daviss: lol that is my married name I think the Mitchells were from Hope Ark

dcooke: My great aunt Katie married a Samual Mitchell in Bowie County.

Daviss: The X was raised by the Mitchells. not adopted though

dcooke: Bowie County is pretty close to Hope, AR. They might have been related... ok. No big discovery there, I guess.

Daviss: Floyd Mitchell is dads name

dcooke: What's your maiden name?

Daviss: mine is Daviss

dcooke: What's your maternal name?

Daviss: Taylors, Burks from Marshall texas

dcooke: oh, ok.

Daviss: chat later my friend

dcooke: Bye!

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