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2013-01-11 • Black & Quaker genealogy


Start: 12:07:10
End: 12:58:59
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Khathu, Seventies

Seventies: Good afternoon deannie! Hi Daviss!

deannie: Hi Seventies and Daviss

Daviss: Hi deannie and Seventies

Seventies: What's good everyone?

Daviss: deannie did you ever get that email I sent you a couple weeks ago How's it going Seventies?

Seventies: I am finding some good stuff with this JSTOR site today. BRB I need a cold drink. Its 80 in this office.

Daviss: I am sure you are you get it free right

deannie: what is JSTOR files

Daviss: its a site that is hooked up with Libraries and Institutions deannie

deannie: No I have seen an email what was it about So how do I get to it

Daviss: I needed an address from you so that I could get the potus signed military papers for my reunion

Seventies: Hi alt

alt: hello ladies, hope you are all doing well today.

Daviss: I wanted to submit my dad and uncles hi alt

deannie: Hi alt

Daviss: How's it going alt

alt: I'm ready for the weekend.

Seventies: Yes Daviss, JSTOR is free for me...

alt: a bad news note; Irita's children lost their father this past week. her ex-husbands' funeral is being held today.

Daviss: oh my alt!

Seventies: unfortunate. Condolences to the family.

deannie: My prayers are with them

Daviss: Give them my condolences alt please

Seventies: JSTOR is free right now

alt: her email address is should you care to send her a message.


Daviss: You saw my Grrrrrr Seventies and I could not get in

Seventies: really? Sorry. thought you were gggrrrr about my frustration.. lol

alt: lots of great references to books and articles to be found on JSTOR.

Daviss: no my frustration was my signing up and trying about 230 times

Seventies: My new laptop came yesterday... relieved.

Daviss: and everytime I put those little codes in I bombed out

alt: wonderful Daviss, yeah that's the bad news part about a new piece of equipment ... all of those da&rn registrations

Seventies: Now I just need to get my $10 MS Office 2010... sometimes I LOVE working for the man! lol

Daviss: I think one more will do it for me

Seventies: darn is blocked? lol apparently not.

Daviss: and that means everything

Seventies: Try again Daviss. :} hellooooooo

alt: Chat has been kind of slow in 2013.. wonder what's up with the regular's? folks seem to be busy with their 'project's.

Daviss: no idea alt

deannie: Everyone is working on the big research plans for the will pick in about a week......

Daviss: that could be true or working

alt: okay deannie

deannie: big plan will be type slower

alt: hehehehehe @deannie

Daviss: mabe its just the start of the new year

alt: I hope that is the problem Daviss I really miss the 'give & take' from some of those who no longer visit the chat room.

Daviss: like Irita, Denise and ET

alt: yep, those and others Daviss

Daviss: Angela working this time of day

Khathu: hello everyoner

Daviss: Hi Khathu

alt: folks now seem to find the Chat.. come in and get what they want and then move on..... Hello Khathu

Daviss: yes I can agree with that alt, and sad that they dont stay and help others

Khathu: ditto

alt: the same is beoming true with the Forums on AfriGeneas ... I think .. get what you want and move on....

Daviss: yes thats true alt

alt: which is okay, but it is kind of distrurbing. what's new with you Khathu?

Khathu: just strategizing on some of my slave era research at the moment I have several lines that have roots in GA

alt: okay Khathu, did you see the segment on History Detectives about the 'Bill of Sale"?

deannie: I have to run chat with you all later....type with you Saturday

alt: wb Seventies

Daviss: later deannie

Khathu: On one line I am trying to confirm some oral history and the other lines trying to located the prior slave holding family

Seventies: Hey Khathu. Thanks alt

alt: laters deannie

Khathu: @alt - no I did not. Hello Seventies

Daviss: wb deannie

Seventies: I'm glad that someone's research is going somewhere... :}

alt: It's on-line Khathu ... I think you would enjoy the research that was done for this story... It parallels a lot of what you're doing.

Khathu: great! i will look for it.

Daviss: I meant wb seventies and later deannie

alt: get your story striaght Daviss LOL LOL

Seventies: Khathu, have you been on JSTOR today? Free access.

Daviss: I know alt

Seventies: lol

Daviss: brb coffee time ok back

Seventies: reading that article on Natchez... and yep a lot of the info in the first few pages is spot on.

alt: The JSTOR collections are 'massive'!!!!!

Seventies: Indeed alt I have been searching on Adams County, Mississippi Natchez and African American... good stuff.

Daviss: oh seventies about your Wall folks Your cousin and I match Walls on 23

alt: I think JSTOR is a product of the Allen county Public Library in Ft. Wayne, IN and has been used by Libraries across the country for years, right?

Seventies: I will be working on that this long weekend... these are my cousin-by marriage folks. This is her mother's family. I think I will eventually be in Virginia based on the information that she gave me.

Daviss: ok

alt: all roads lead to Virginis LOL virginia

Seventies: So I've been looking over the geography, getting a general history of Winston-Salem, NC lol alt.. IKR

Khathu: No I haven't

Seventies: This is completely new territory for me. So I will be talking with her mother too.

Daviss: so she already has a tree

Seventies: ON her maternal grandfather's family. They are the people who came from PA.

alt: I haven't tried the JSTOR link yet Seventies, their search feature must be extensive????

Seventies: I have found several pages on Adams Co. and Natchez. I suspected this would be the case. Daviss, she had a line that came from PA to NC and were Quakers.

Daviss: oic

alt: AA Quakers ?????

Seventies: She has decided to take up her cousins research documents... so she will be doing this full time.. lol I just got kicked out.. ugh

Khathu: okay, i will talk to you all later.

Seventies: White Quakers

alt: Oops, gues we lost Seventies ... Oops she's back

Daviss: happened to me yesterday seventies btw it will be down to 28 tomorrow

Seventies: She comes from a mixed race family, over generations.

Daviss: not sure when I will thaw out

alt: that's intersting Seventies .... Quakers became anti-slavery, but I wasn't aware of the race mixing ..... In the case I find of them in Ohio they were about Freedom for Blacks, but not necesarily equality and the mixing (relations) between Black & white. case= cases

Seventies: I will have to get more information... I do recall Bernice covering this on her show... Her mom and she are from Greensboro, NC

alt: of course that could be just a local thing with the Quakers in this area.

Daviss: time for me to get some breakfast take care alt and seventies

Seventies: already.. lol Its almost endex here... talk to you folks next week.

alt: do you know if her folks are documented in the work of HINSHAW .. his is THE authority on Quaker genealogy

Daviss: bye alt take care

alt: Oops. ran everyone away .. again LOL

Daviss: not me I will get the lights

alt: okay partner, have a good weekend

Daviss: u2

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