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2013-01-10 • SoapBoxing "oaw" parents


Start: 12:09:04
End: 12:56:48
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: Good Afternoon Seventies!

Seventies: Hello Daviss!!

Daviss: How's it going?

Seventies: Pretty good. How y'all doing out West?

Daviss: out west its fine as far as I can see this morning

Seventies: good. Anything new going on with genealogy, history, etc?? Oh.. lol Westboro Baptist Church is coming to protest here. can't wait.

Daviss: not as far as "I" know other than the new African American Institute that is starting

Seventies: Glad they've gotten that off the ground. Very exciting news.

Daviss: you mean all ten of them?? sheesh

alt: hello ladies, Daviss & Seventies

Daviss: Yes its great for us hello alt! how are you this afternoon alt?

Seventies: hi alt lol lol lol Daviss! Yep.

alt: doing well, thanks, hope the same is true for the two of you.

Seventies: I plan on putting their foolery on facebook.

alt: what is the protest about Seventies?

Seventies: Some funeral.. You know Schartwzkopf is being buried here.

alt: this is at West Point? .. the funeral?

Daviss: I am sure they will have a blockaide

Seventies: Same old same old, they are against homosexuality. blah blah blah No they have permission to protest.

alt: hello vkn

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Good after this Noon to all

Daviss: permission does not mean that others cant put a human chain around

alt: .. the connection Schwarzkopf & homosexuality ????

Seventies: Well they have permission and they are confined to a certain place OUTSIDE of WP. There is none alt. They protest because they think God is punishing the U.S. for homosexuality.. that's the bottom line. the=their they only target military funerals

alt: and the protest coincides with the funeral ????

Seventies: Yes..

alt: oh, okay

vkn: My mother Etta Augusta Bell was born this day in 1892 in Choccolocco Alabama the youngest of 14 children to Julia Hendrix and Richard Bell. She was married to Moultrie Benham [1878-1939] and died 7 December 1974 in Anniston, AL

Seventies: They also were going to protest the Newtown, CT funerals... not sure of how they made out with that. happy birthday Ms. Etta

alt: just finished watching the History Detectives segment on the Bill of Sale for "Willowby" (sp) .... good research and they used several AA researcher for the story.

vkn: lol

Seventies: Did you watch online then alt?

alt: yes, Happy Birthday to your mother vkn yes I did Seventies

Seventies: I tried to watch TV last night until 10.. couldn't stay awake past 9:30...smh

vkn: Sleep comes so easily after a long day

alt: Khathu would have enjoyed the research process for the HD episode.

Seventies: Yep. And my nephew was up visiting with us last night... love that kid! lol

alt: how old is he Seventies? and "up" from where?

vkn: How do I access alt the history thing you saw last night

Seventies: From Rockland County, NY and he's just turned 3 in November. He got mad at me for telling him not to run a car on the table. For an entire half an hour.. lol

alt: I got the link from a FaceBook posting vkn .. you might try History Detectives + Bill of Sale episode

vkn: okies thanx

Seventies: True Lewis posted in OBA

alt: try this link vkn

Seventies: hi HistoryBuff

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all.

vkn: thanx a bunch historybuff howdy

alt: I saw AYW's posting on the MAAGI, their page is quite impressive!!!!! wb Daviss

vkn: It is impressive. Turnout should be good

alt: lets hope so vkn

vkn: Lots of stuff going on

alt: I certainly wish them much success in this endeavor.... history making!!!!!

Seventies: I do too. I see they changed the site already.

HistoryBuff: Ditto to all.

alt: my main hope is that they do NOT become the type of institution that some of them have accused the 'larger' genealogical community of being ... selective & cliquish

Seventies: I hope not either alt. It would be a disservice to African American researchers and the community.

Daviss: I hope I can stay in....

alt: my sentiments exactly Seventies

Seventies: I hope so too..

vkn: hold tight daviss

Seventies: ISP acting up again Daviss?

alt: perhaps "we' regulars can hold them to a higher standard and keep them grounded.

Daviss: hello to vkn and HistoryBuff

vkn: u 2 daviss

Daviss: The wind is picking up outside so mabe that has something to do with me getting bumped

Seventies: Could be. Y'all expecting a dust storm or something?

alt: they call the 'wind' Mariah ... is that awful, or what LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: nope but we are expecting believe it or not an Arctic Blast hitting us tomorrow

Seventies: wow! its going to hit what about 80?? LOL LOL

Daviss: its supposed to really drop about 15 or 20 degrees and then be through and out by Mon or Tues nope its colder than that now Seventies lol

Seventies: okay 60... lol

Daviss: I am glad Taylor does not have class on Friday since she bikes or walks to class

alt: from all of the postings I'm seeing on FaceBook & AfriGeneas it appears that 2013 is going to be a "good' year for African American researchers.

Seventies: I think so alt...

Daviss: As just read your "call the wind" comment alt lol lol

Seventies: I've finally caught up with my Washington kin folk... wait isn't Zephyr also a type of wind... lol

alt: wonderful Seventies .. your ever expanding family circle.

Daviss: yes, a gentle breeze

Seventies: Though none carry the surname Washington.. sad.

alt: Washington's 'daughtered out' or they just changed their last name Seventies?

Seventies: none of his sons with his wife had any children. So I guess they 'daughtered out' My great grandfather had 10 children and his brother.. lol still counting... lol okay um ...

alt: I think the day of the large family has gone by the boards.... now it is unusual to see a family of 5-6 children. and most of my friends I grew up with were from family's of 5-6-7 or more children.

Daviss: sheesh,

Seventies: I agree alt. My BFF has 4 and that's considered a lot. I have two and I think that's a lot. lol Its all about economics Got a meeting.... see y'all

HistoryBuff: WB

Daviss: forgive me if I go in and out

alt: I reckon Seventies .. course the African American community is being ravished by men/boys having several children with different women ... or is it women having children by several men... sometimes I can't tell the difference.

HistoryBuff: I understand

Daviss: lol no difference with that sad state alt

alt: what's with ths one celebrity ... 11 children with 10 different women.

Daviss: they think its cute I can see one mistake but over and over and over is too much

alt: I know Daviss and it's a shame. if they were equated to being a 'breeder' in the days of slavery they would be offended by the comparison.

Daviss: yep

alt: of heck, y'all got me up on my soapbox

Daviss: oh alt I agree with you but I doubt if they would care Its like notches on their belt

alt: seems like it Daviss

Daviss: I better head out, still having trouble

alt: okay laters

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