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2013-01-02 • Angela & Bernice +CSpan


Start: 12:03:41
End: 13:20:36
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn, yatah

yatah: HELLO

Daviss: Hello There Yatah, Happy New Year

yatah: it been long time i not online happy new year

Daviss: Yes I know, I sent you a couple emails to tell you we were in Utah Hi alt!

yatah: oh i not relize e mail that why

alt: Hello Daviss & yatah .. happy new year to the two of you.

yatah: thanks

Daviss: Same to you alt!!! I was just telling Yatah I had been in Utah for the Conference I wanted her to come so I could meet her but no such luck How have you been Yatah?

alt: I see, a shame that you all could not connect while you were in Utah Daviss.

Daviss: That was for the big IBGS alt I think next time it will be in Washington

yatah: i am doing fine sorry crazy nov and dec

alt: I kow Daviss, I saw photos and read that you were there enjoying yourself and I'm jealous LOL

Daviss: lol lol alt, I am jealous of all you nothern and southern folks that live in close proximity to those wonderful places I would love to go to Mabe the new year won't be to crazy Yatah

alt: weel you've got sunshine and warm weather.. yo can't have it ALL Daviss LOL

yatah: hope so

Daviss: you know alt, those short states that you can drive through and all those archives etc

Seventies: Good afternoon, alt, Daviss and yatah!

alt: hello Seventies ,, Happy New Year to ya!!!

Seventies: thank you alt!

Daviss: No sunshine here alt, it was a cold 39 this morn

Seventies: Happy New Year to you too!

Daviss: Hello Seventies!!

alt: that is cold for you Daviss ..... brrrrrrr LOL

Seventies: Hello Daviss!! minus 30 degrees from that and you'll have the temp here this AM

Daviss: yep its teeth chattering cold for those whpo have teeth hehehehe

Seventies: lol Okay all, I have some good news...

Daviss: please share Seventies

alt: alright Seventies, spill da beans LOL

Seventies: I finally got a response from the letter I wrote a few months back... Mr. Bowman is still alive and sounds SPRY!

alt: wonderful, this is the guy in Akron????

Seventies: He called me on New Year's Eve. I hadn't had a chance to call him back yet.

Daviss: explain who he is

Seventies: Cleveland area, alt

Daviss: Is he your kin

alt: that's Akron Seventies LOL LOL

Seventies: Welcome Bowman is the son of my great-grandfather's sister Julia Washington-Bowman.

yatah: hey i want know i can do dna testing genealogy myself with brother or family ?

Seventies: I'd written him a while back to see if I could contact him, if he was still living.

alt: yes yatah,,,

Daviss: try 23&me yatah they have a special for $99.00

Seventies: I am planning on interviewing him...

alt: that's wonderful Seventies, wishing you much success with your new contact.

Seventies: thanks alt

Daviss: thats wonderful Seventies..Congrats!!

alt: hey y'all.. I saw Bernice & Angela last night on C-Span3 at a EP viewing program at NARA.

Seventies: Good afternoon, Khathu

Daviss: When are you planning on calling him Seventies?

Seventies: This evening.

Daviss: Hello Khathu!!

Khathu: Good afternoon everyone and Happy New Years!

alt: Hello Khathu, Happy New Year to ya!!

Daviss: Thats great alt!!

yatah: daviss, it will find match for me i do dna myself ?

Daviss: Its autograph time for them now huh

alt: I reckon Daviss

Seventies: Were they being interviewed?

Khathu: @Seventies - I have made some in tracking down the enslaved Africans listed in the probate records after slavery

Daviss: I am sure yatah if someone takes the test that matches you

alt: No, they were in the audience and both we able to ask questions and to get some TV time LOL LOL

Khathu: I was able to reconstructe several families along taking the surname Griffin

Seventies: okay... this was in Texas?

Khathu: Yep...Smith County, Texas

Seventies: The Griffins were in TX as well?

yatah: ok thanks

Daviss: welcome yatah

Khathu: No that was the surname name that the enslaved Africans selected

Seventies: Let me rephrase, these Griffins remained in Smith County? I know of some Griffins in AL related to a family member. I know you mentioned that the family travelled from GA and to other states.

yatah: i i will do dna genealogy this jan

Daviss: Griffins in Mt Enterprise also not sure what county that is right now

Khathu: Yes, they remained in Texas

alt: good luck & best wishes with your DNA testing yatah.

Seventies: Khathu, will you be going to DAR in the near future?

alt: please 'read up' on genetic genealogy to help ypu from being confused about your test results yatah.

Khathu: On Saturday

Seventies: ok I think I'm going to turn my focus on t The Washingtons, Henyards and McFarland families The problem with the Washingtons/Walkers is that pesky name change.

Khathu: The Griffin surname is definitely a clue to where the Darseys acquired their enslaved property

alt: Khathu, I have research work at DAR submitted on a Richard Stanhope/Stanup for the Lagonda Chapter of the DAR.

yatah: i will do that

Seventies: Right Khathu...

Daviss: well as usual I got a "screetching halt" on my Harrison County research

Khathu: And maybe a clue to Ann's surname and family

Seventies: Interested in knowing what you find out about that line.

Daviss: I swear something is going on

Khathu: @alt is that one of your ancestors

alt: no, but a couple of his children married into my Adams family and he was a neighbor of my 3rd great-grandfather in Champaign County, Ohio Khathu

Seventies: afternoon, vkn

vkn: Howdy to all

Daviss: howdy vkn!!!

alt: Happy New year vkn

Daviss: the latest block You do not have sufficient rights to view requested object. "Viewing this object is allowed for a limited number of users at a time within a family search or partner library. Thank you."

vkn: alt Seventies Daviss yatah khathu

Seventies: yep I got the same thing last week Daviss.

Daviss: This is for the fella that I think married one of my peeps

yatah: yes , vkn

Daviss: Then I got a probate number and everthing was listed except for that one

vkn: thanx alt and to all HAPPY NEW YEAR

Khathu: Hello vkn

alt: a plot or a conspiracy against you Daviss LOL

Daviss: well not listed, I mean you could get all the probates images until that one came up

alt: Oops!!!!!

Daviss: I dont know alt but I am tired of it

yatah: how is 1940 come out free ?

alt: it's all Seventies fault Daviss LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol yea, right! lol

Khathu: Daviss try reloading the page

Daviss: Happy Birthday again to you vkn its not there at all khathu

Khathu: that happened to me when i was working on the Darsey probate

vkn: tee hee hee

Khathu: if that doesn't work used the back space button

Daviss: They did not put it up khathu

Seventies: I'm at an approved location so I shouldn't (cross my fingers) have any problems today.

Daviss: what do you mean Seventies

vkn: R U still in NARA Seventies ?

Seventies: I work at a college/university. I can usually get into familysearch, etc. Naw vkn, back at the ranch... lol

alt: oh yes, a belated Happy Birthday to ya too vkn... Happy BIrthday!!!!!!!!

vkn: aaaaadddd @ seventies ahhhhhhhh

Seventies: Where is Selma today???

alt: dunno Seventies

Khathu: wb

Daviss: hmmmm

Seventies: Ma-Rye-UH! lol

Daviss: brb

vkn: bad bad seventies

Seventies: lol

vkn: lol

Seventies: D@mn it if I couldn't find those Henyard's before 1863.... I looked through the Civil War Regimental records and all.

vkn: speak of the imps ohh hi selma lol

alt: here's Selma.. no longer MIA ... Hi Selma, Happy New Year!!!!

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon, alt, daviss, Khathu, seventies, birthday lady vkn and yatah..Happy New Year to anyone I missed earlier

Seventies: Tried to get an idea of where they may have been before 1864... they enlisted in the USCT, BUT were credited to the Natchez Dist... Hey Selma. I talked you up.. lol

vkn: thankee selma happy

alt: does there birth location on the 1870 give you a clue Seventies?

Seventies: Yep... lol Mexico!

vkn: oopsico

yatah: how is 1940 come out ? it good ?

Seventies: exactly vkn

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: The names on the Service Records are not always the same as what they used after on the pension records

alt: born in Mexico? what are their ages in the 1870 Census?

vkn: they missed you at the summit yatah

Daviss: ok back!

Seventies: about 30

Selma: You talked me up where seventies..

Daviss: Hi there Selma!! Happy New Year

Seventies: Before you came in, I asked where is Selma.. :}

alt: so they were born in Mexicao in the 1830's - 1840's?

yatah: oh sorry

Seventies: Yes, three of them Thomas, Edward (Ned) and Millie

Selma: Had to drop the little darlin's at Day Care..then checked out sales on Xmas stuff (nothing left)..then restocked my that good?

Seventies: All of the children were born in MS

vkn: so near yet so faryatah

Seventies: that's awesome Selma!

alt: that's god Selma

vkn: so near yet so far yatah that's good selma

Selma: Now I need a nap.. LOL

Daviss: I picked up the new Time magazine

alt: Seventies, are there Henyard's, or a variation in the U.S. for census records in the pre-1850's?

yatah: oh i see

Selma: Me too daviss

Seventies: I didn't see any, but I did locate some 'Henyards' in Texas, El Paso area.

Daviss: my brother in Moreno Valley went to about 5 stores he said.. He finally found one that was hidden in the back of more magaines

alt: okay Seventies.... west TX just across the border with Mexico.

Daviss: magazines

Seventies: Yep. they were Mexican.

Daviss: yatah in answering your questions, there are many who have been lucky looking at the 1940 census

Seventies: They were in MS in the 1850's as many of their children were born there, alt. Still trying to get more details...

yatah: daviss that great news i hope i can find my

alt: keep working it Seventies, you'll break the puzzle yet.

Seventies: Yes, hopefully.

Daviss: Good luck with it yatah!

Selma: They were "free" or enslaved in Mexico? then moved to Mississippi

Seventies: Not sure Selma.

yatah: yea

Seventies: I will be focusing more attention on this line in the upcoming months though.

alt: with the El Paso thing, that could be similar to the situation in this area with the Canadian border...... folks in northern Ohio and eatern Michigan often traveled back and forth from Ontario into the U.S. matter of fact, don't you have some Canadian Henyard's too?

Seventies: alt that's what I was thinking. a while back jhonora gave me some info about some slaveholders who traveled to MX from MS & LA I haven't found a connect to those Henyard's alt.

alt: oh, okay Seventies

Seventies: There's also a Henyard family in Georgia. No connect there either.

Selma: Anybody written anybooks on the white Henyards?

alt: not the most common surname, so there might well be a connection for all of them furhter back in time.

yatah: i ask you why i cant find luther after 1930

Seventies: Selma, not that I'm aware of. I did look up the etymology of the name though.

Daviss: no idea on that yatah, I have not found some of mine

alt: is that like the 'origin' of the surname Seventies? LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol nope! lol

alt: just pickin' at ya Seventies

yatah: that one i look for that but i have his brothers and sister s record werid

Seventies: I guess I have some preliminary work to do with these folks.

alt: hang in there Seventies

Selma: found the brothers and sisters on the 1940 census..but not luther?

Seventies: thanks alt. After a morning of no network connectivity, I guess I'd better get back to work. Bye y'all!

yatah: selma his brothers and sister died early and my grandpa died 1992 luther still alive 1910 and 1930 after that dont know

alt: where were they in 1930 yatah, including Luther?

Daviss: oh that was quick Seventies

Seventies: Well, I just found a Commodore Hinyard with a parent born in Africa... in Wilkinson Co, MS.

Daviss: vkn is that VSO bottle empty yet lol

Khathu: wow...great find

Daviss: Good for you Seventies

Seventies: After all this time, this is a new record. See what I'm saying about Ancestry.

alt: wow, what year is that Seventies?

Seventies: 1910

yatah: alt 1930 luther on list with his brother clarence and thier mother josephine in south carolina

Khathu: Daviss have you had any luck with the books on family search?

Seventies: I know its mine because there is a Stuart, another family I've been noticing moving around near my family, living in a nearby. Ok gotta go for real... lol

Daviss: nope khathu and just as a mention that one I just told you about was on Family Search

vkn: back

Daviss: Daniel Morse was a minister who lived in the same area as my folks and I believe that the marriage lic I "think " is my Mariah was done by him

vkn: Had a new PRITCHARD and anew GIBSON contact all from the Slater treein one week

Daviss: I wanted to read up on him

Khathu: okay

alt: looks like 2013 is going to be bountiful vkn

vkn: so chickens are roosting lol

Daviss: other than that, nothing else on Family Search books that caught my fancy No new names so I cant really tell anyway Khathu

vkn: let's hope alt Niters all

Daviss: day for me vkn lol

alt: selma, did you see my mention of Bernice & Angela on C-Span3?

Selma: No..don't know what you are talking about..were they on

Khathu: I see Gotta run

Daviss: ok bye

alt: a viewing from NARA for the Emancipation Proclamation ... both got to ask questions

Selma: Oh I missed... When was that? Was it on today?

Daviss: It should show again should it not

yatah: get it i asnwer your question alt ?

alt: I saw it last nite around 8:00 PM yes yatah.... I think you need to work with the family in 1930, their ages at that time, where you found the other's in 1940 and possibly where Luther might have migrated to by 1940.

Daviss: I better go get Mr Tyler a haircut... hugs to Victoria Angela Selma

yatah: maybe solider or whater alt ?

Selma: Ok know my brother in laws name is Tyler

Daviss: glad to see you yatah and happy New Year

yatah: thanks daviss

Daviss: Oh, Selma see good people all around

Selma: LOl

Daviss: lol later folks

Selma: I have to run too folks..have a great dy

yatah: alt,

alt: I dunno yatah, but don't you have them out of SC and into PA and later into OH.

yatah: maybe that check up i mean i know 1900 i find it was match

alt: gotta run yatah, but remember folks aren't always gonna be where you think they are in the census records from year to year so you have to search more than just one State/location.

yatah: true thanks i will keep look

alt: from census year to census year bye

yatah: bye

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