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2012-12-31 • D'Arcy slave births


Start: 12:06:09
End: 13:44:00
Chatters: alt, Chaise, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: Hello there Seventies!!!

alt: Hi Ladies, Happy pre-New Year to ya!! LOL

Daviss: hi there Alt!! Happy New Year to you as well I think our lil rebel is walking around somewhere lol lol

alt: Seventies must be multi-tasking ??? good nickname "lil rebel" LOL i like that.

Daviss: yeah, out in that Washington DC weather lol

alt: Well, I guess your Cards & my Browns can hang up their cleats. LOL

Daviss: How did you like all the outcomes yesterday via football We were thinking the same thing alt lol

alt: I liked most of them .. playoffs are going to be exciting.

Daviss: I told my daughter we need to quit playing and go for all quarterbacks lol during the draft I do have a fear that we will lose some of our good defensive players though

alt: I'm goona bargin for 29 min halves and 59 min games.... the Browns go berserk and give up too many points at the end of the 1st half and then at the end of the ball game.

Daviss: you can't keep losing and losing year after year..

alt: nope

Daviss: I think we went through 5 quarterbacks all losers well all losers when we picked them up Grrrrr

alt: I got 72 new DNA matches from ancestry over this past week and Wilson still isn't one of them.... at least not by his given & surname.

Daviss: wow alt... I wonder why that is I need to look at mine to see if I gained any closer ones

Selma: Happy New Year's Eve alt, daviss and seventies

Daviss: hello Selma... Happy New Year!

Selma: The Redskins won....Yeah Happy New Year to tomorrow daviss... LOL

alt: I'm wondering if he may be adopted ..... there was an adoption by the lady he says is his grandmother.

Daviss: lol my Nephew said the same thing and his daddy is crying lol

alt: oh, oh Selma is rubbing it in on us Daviss LOL

Daviss: I know alt...... That could be a reason alt....especially since he shows up in mine

alt: nevetheless, Happy New Year to ya Selma

Daviss: lol lol lol Where did you see that alt re adoption

Selma: Wow got 72 new DNA matches Where is she in the room?

alt: there was an adoption by the lady listed as his grandmother.... she adopted her sister's stepson at the death of her sister at a very young age, like 23-24 y/o.

Daviss: alt are you on the low end of the scale or in the middle for your matches

alt: On Selma.... you gotta remember their membership and databse for possible kinfolk is HUGE!!!!!!!!!

Daviss: brb

Seventies : Hi all

alt: Daviss, all of my Ancestry DNA matches are in the 5th cousin or greater range. excpt for 1 or 2 in the 3rd cousin range.

Selma: Hi seventies... Are you still in DC?

alt: well hello Seventies , glad you could join us LOL LOL

Seventies : Yes Selma. lol to the person who said they were glad I could join chat. lol

alt: Selma, I think someone is trying to ignore me LOL LOL

Daviss: ok back

Seventies : I am on the kindle one finger

Daviss: hi Seventies!

alt: yeah, excuses, excuses LOL

Seventies : I had an emergency here

Daviss: Are you okay?

alt: yes, are you okay!!!!!

Seventies : yes

alt: okay just checked my online bank statement... the cancelled check from the Sacramento place wasn't listed so I guess I'm still in a holding pattern with them... drats!!!!

Daviss: oh shucks alt!!

Seventies : The boiler has gone out then back on and the place can't decide if they want Me to stay or check out.

alt: yeah Daviss, I gotta be patient.

Selma: Not good cold is it.

Seventies : The banks do this on purpose.

Daviss: my goodness Seventies, it has to be cold

alt: oh my Seventies , hope it isn't too cold there.

Seventies : Not too bad. But the neighbors hadn't been asked to leave. So I am suspicious.

Daviss: alt did you get notices of your new dna hits ? wow Seventies

Seventies : Anyway. . .

alt: on relationships Daviss, the guy on AfriGeneas who was looking for his g-mother's age at the time of her death.... when we found her (& him) on the 1940 census he was listed as a 'great-nephew' rather than a grandson.. so who knows what the relationship was at this late date.

Daviss: no offer of another room seventies or is the boiler connected to every room awwww I see

Seventies : Yes clear across base.

Selma: So seventies any luck at National Archives

alt: yes Davis the 'new' matches came in two (2) emails from Ancestry.

Seventies : I am in LOVE with RG105! Curses Selma!! lol

Selma: I told you seventies.. LOL It is wonderful

Seventies : The microfilm on Mississippi is virtually untouched

Daviss: ok alt so I must not have any

alt: or your DNA matches just aren't members of Ancestry Daviss, or at least didn't take the test with them.

Daviss: ok

Seventies : It is a good aid on finding plantations, alternate census info and social history of the region. The records should be online. What are your thoughts. Selma??

Daviss: That would be nice Seventies

Selma: Oh without a doubt seventies...

alt: Freedman's (FB) records ... that is probably something that needs broader exposure in the AA genealogy community where the FB was operative following the civil war.... as much as other governmental records (county/state) are recognized

Selma: doesn't have em..I don't know why

Seventies : Especially the Pre-Freedman's Bureau records. So that was my exciting find this time around. :}

alt: hmmn, I wonder if Robt. Henry Piles is in the FB records for MS..... He went to MS following the CW and became the 1st AA admitted to practice Law in MS and was also part of the Piney Woods project during reconstruction.

Daviss: what was your new found find regarding plantations Seventies

Selma: There is a Descriptive Pamphlet for it.

alt: were Blacks who went South following the CW and who got into politics considered 'scalawags' (sp) ???

Seventies : Well Daviss I found a freedman's census of blacks working on Beverly plantation/workplace where my mom grew up as a child. That was exciting. No surnames though. This was a list of workers under contract PRE-FB records.

alt: that must have been exciting Seventies .... a personal connection to a place mentioned in the records.

Selma: This area was under Union control...what was the year

alt: being able to place your ancestors at a particular place in a particular time in history is always exciting.

Seventies : 1864

Daviss: I have names on the Grimes County Texas Freedmen's Poll Tax but that darn Harrison County does not have a list :{

Seventies : So now M1914 is my go to record set.

Selma: LOL

alt: Seventies , I wonder if some of those plantations/workplaces in the pre-FB days would be found in the Southern Claims Commission records?

Seventies : Selma the Nat'l Archives page offers add'l records to review which is how I came to look at that set.

Selma: I have the Descriptive Pamphlet

Seventies : Good question alt. Now I am inclined to come again in the near future. lol

Daviss: did you say you were 4 hrs away Seventies

Selma: Is there a FHC near you seventies..or closer than 4 hours.. You can order

Seventies : Yes

Daviss: Do you have all the Pamphlets Seventies and are they listed by states?

Seventies : to both questions

Daviss: oops I mean Selma

alt: that would be great Seventies .. you can become the 'expert' of MS records for the pre & post CW time period via FB record sets.

Selma: Yes...I told you I ordered them when they were first filmed... Now I don't think they print can download online

Seventies : FHC has these on microfilm Selma? I didn't know that.

Selma: Yes...that is how I was able to order a Miss reel

alt: Selma, are you saying that you can order these NARA microfilms thru your local FHC and have them sent to you?

Selma: Sent to the center..not your house

alt: right Selma your FHC, not your home..... who has a microfilm reader in their home other than you and a couple of others? LOL LOL

Seventies : Ok I will have to "catch" them on a day that they are open. lol lol

Selma: LOL

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies : ho Khathu.

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

alt: Hello Khathu , Happy New Year!!!!

Seventies : lol meant Hi!

Selma: BRB

Daviss: Hi Khathu, Happy New Year!

Khathu: alt @ I have been able to identify the mother of Henry, Richard and Texas

alt: WOW!!!!! Wonderful!!!!!

Khathu: @Seventies DAR was closed today She was owned by John R. Dorsey's father Benjamin He willed her and Henry to John in 1857. Henry was only two years old at the time

alt: Is she found on any census records Khathu?

Khathu: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the family in the 1870 Census yet She is listed in the probate records of Benjamin Darsey

alt: ah so, she was with her (husband's) father's family and the father gave ... willed. her and her child to his son, right?

Seventies : Aw about DAR being closed. Is the government shut down in D.C.??

Khathu: Nope, the federal government is still open. they might get an early dismissal around 2 or 3 though

Seventies : I see another good story shaping up Here.

Khathu: @alt correct

Seventies : Yes I think so.

Selma: Wow.. Now that is a great end of year find khathu

alt: this story 'fits' the show Bernice had a few weeks back on some 'slave owner's being compassionate & responsible about their children.

Khathu: Benjamin's father fought in the Revolutionary War Hello Chaise

Chaise: Hi

alt: so, you can then 'connect' with DAR thru this relationship.. similar to what Michael Henderson did.

Khathu: I have also reached out to a white descendant of Benjamin Darsey

alt: Hello Chaise

Khathu: Yes, I can.

Selma: Henry, richard and Texas were Benjamin's children Khathu?

Daviss: Hi there Chaise..Happy New Years !!

Selma: Afternoon Chaise

Seventies : Hi Chaise

alt: Wonderful!!!!!!! Khathu

Khathu: No they were his grandchildren. John was Benjamin's son

Chaise: Hello all.

Daviss: Long Time Chaise!!

Khathu: And John's grandfather Benjamin Darsey fought in the Revolutionary War with his four brothers

alt: this is some GOOD STUFF Khathu.... and with documentation to back it up WOW!!!!

Khathu: I found a book that documents the history of the D'Arcy/Darsey family up to the Benjamin Sr. and his sibling. The book is well source cited

alt: another aspect colonial and pre-CW America.

Khathu: Now I just need to find out when, where and how Benjamin acquired Ann Ann was born around 1840 and was 15 y/o when she gave birth to Henry

alt: ah so.. Dorsey is an anglicized version of D'Arcy?

Khathu: I think so

alt: well, it is at least in this case.

Khathu: The white Darseys have a family reunion every August in Laurens County, GA

Seventies : Were these folks English??

Khathu: I think I will have to pay them a visit.

Seventies : LOL

Khathu: The AA family's will be hosting their reunion in GA 2014

Chaise: LOL, I'm not sure they would like that.

alt: Weren't the D'Arcy lines French and possibly of Hugenot (sp) religious background

Khathu: @Chaise with the direct evidence I have they can not deny the relationship I am not sure

Seventies : Somebody in the family knows about this believe that.

Selma: Ok having a brain freeze here...those 3 children are John's children..B

Khathu: Probably on Benjamin Jr. descendants does but I doubt that his uncles descendants that remained in GA do

alt: might check "Hinshaw" for possible Huegenot connections to D'Arcy surname

Khathu: That is correct Selma I mailed my newly found white cousin a picture of Henry, John's will and a family group sheet of her AA kinfolks. She uploaded the info onto the Darsey family tree on

alt: Wonderful Khathu

Daviss: wb Seventies

Khathu: I like the spelling of D'Arcy anyone else has anything genealogy news to share

Daviss: Not I Khathu

alt: the D'Arcy to Darsey to Dorsey transition sure makes since to me..... and the migration from up south (VA) to GA & eventually TX also makes sense. oh no, we're getting more snow.... and it's a heavy snowfall

Daviss: oh my alt

Khathu: The family started off in Calvert County, MD

alt: guess I won't be going out on the town tonite LOL LOL LOL

Khathu: then migrated to NC, GA, AR and finally TX

alt: okay Khathu MD thanks

Seventies : Wow Oh I have new photos on my Family Griot facebook page. Feel free to browse.

alt: Khathu, this means that you have very strong possibilities of African born ancestors in Colonial America at least by the time of Rev War.

Selma: Is that the area that Agnes researches.. Calvert County MD

Khathu: No quite because I am not sure when they acquired Ann who was born in 1841

Selma: Trying to think of last name.. Angela would know

alt: McCallam, (sp)

Selma: Yes..alt..thank you

Seventies : That will hold the key to finding more info Khathu. Info about Ann.

alt: so an 1841 birth date gets you back to at least the late 1820's for Ann's parent(s).

Selma: They leave MD after the Revolution

alt: and we know (?) most of our ancestors were born here prior to the embargo in 1807/08 so we're geting there Khathu

Khathu: alt on another line I have ancestors born in 1803

alt: there you go Khathu

Khathu: @Selma not before the Revolutionary War

alt: tell us what's been happening with you Chaise.

Daviss: take care folks, Happy New Year!!

alt: my turn .. Happy New Year everyone !!!!!! Later

Chaise: I've made a few connections as of late. The 1940 census has been really helpful filling in some gaps.

alt: okay Chaise, care to share?

Chaise: I found my maternal great-grandmother's family after much searching. paternal

alt: wonderful!!! where were they located Chaise?

Selma: In what state and county?

Seventies : Ok I gotta run too. Have a great day all!

Khathu: that's great same to you

alt: bye Seventies

Chaise: In Louisiana, Bossier Parish.

Selma: that where you expected to find them?

Khathu: I need to run as well. Have a safe and wonderful New Years

Chaise: Yes, since I did have some information about them being in Caddo.

Selma: Well congrats...

Chaise: Thank you.

Selma: Time to for me to go too... Have a great day

alt: yes, congrats Chaise

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