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2012-12-29 • Revolutionary War Ancestor


Start: 21:17:47
End: 21:58:37
Chatters: Daviss, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Seventies

Daviss: Hello there khathu!

Seventies: evenin' all!

Khathu: Hello Daviss

Daviss: Hi Seventies lol

Khathu: and Seventies

Seventies: Hi Khathu and Daviss How did your research go today Khathu?

Khathu: I have hit the genealogy platinum mine today

Daviss: Did you go to the Archives also Khathu\

Khathu: on my D'Arcy or Dorsey line

Daviss: wow! thats great!!

Seventies: ooh a new variation on the surname.. nice!

Khathu: I stayed in and transcribed some probate records and discovered a well source cited book on the Family

Daviss: Platinum is top of the top!

Seventies: Okay Excellent!

Khathu: I discovered the book on my

Daviss: good for you Khathu!!

Khathu: they have books from various repositories that you can download I also discovered the name of Henry, Texas and Richard's mother Ann was her name

Seventies: I will have to check out the website Khathu. Sounds like you have some good information from the DAR. Oh wait... thought you found it at DAR

Khathu: I was telling Seventies yesterday that the Creator and Ancestors have a weird sense of humor. I always wanted to be able to go beyond the 1800s in my research and located a CW ancestor.

Daviss: I am proud of both of you

Khathu: I recently did but the ancestors are white. That wasn't quite what I wanted

Seventies: Yes, a lesson learned. Be SPECIFIC when you ask! lol

Khathu: Seventies I did leave the house. I am still in my pjs

Daviss: hmmmmm

Seventies: Didn't leave the house.. lol

Khathu: Exactly...heck I now have a Revolutionary Wart ancestor meant didn't

Seventies: See and all this time you were talking about our CW ancestors and now you have gone back further than most of us..

Khathu: Daviss - John R. Darsey inherited Ann and her (his) son Henry from his father Benjamin Darsey in 1863 The white line doesn't count

Daviss: ahhhh I see

Seventies: no comment.. lol lol lol Though I agree.

Daviss: How old were they

Seventies: Y'all know my position on this.

Daviss: Ha!

Khathu: When the will was drafted Ann was 16 and Henry was 2 y/o

Daviss: Congrats to you khathu

Khathu: Thanks Daviss

Daviss: I even got chills reading this you are a good researcher

Khathu: I don't think so but thanks

Daviss: well I know so

Khathu: I think I have just been lucky to locate unique records and a few lines but thank you for the compliment

Daviss: well guess I will get back to my research lol

Khathu: wb Seventies

Daviss: aww there she is lol

Seventies: Thanks...

Daviss: Did you get bumped or changed puters lol I am going to boogie you two...I have to try and get my blog finished night night

Khathu: so it is just us two tell me about your findings at NARA

HistoryBuff: Hey Khathu and Seventies.

Khathu: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Congratulations on your Revolutionary War ancestor Khathu.

Khathu: Thanks

HistoryBuff: How did your research go, Seventies?

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff.

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies.

Seventies: Research is going well. I got into some documents that were useful. Sorry adding photos right now.

HistoryBuff: Ah multi-tasking are you?

Seventies: uploading to facebook. yea. At my cousins house in MD.

HistoryBuff: Nice

Khathu: You can add pictures later

Seventies: Actually Khathu.. lol I could not.. I wanted to add and edit them now.

Khathu: Actually you could...... LOL

Seventies: lol I opted not too. so there! lol

Khathu: that's better

HistoryBuff: Less chores to do at home, eh?

Khathu: My friend is going to blog about John R. Darsey's will

Seventies: Who you? :)

Khathu: Reclaiming Kin blogger

Seventies: Okay

Khathu: I just downloaded a 400 pages plus book from Don't sleep on book search

Seventies: what?? what area did you find the book?

Khathu: it is right on the front page after you log in. it is on the right

Seventies: okay Let me get off this chat.. y'all have a good night. I will catch up with you on Monday at Lunch Bunch chat... :)

Khathu: I need to check out as well. Have a good evening

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