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2012-12-28 • Seventies @The Archives


Start: 12:05:44
End: 13:00:01
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Seventies, vkn

alt: hey Daviss, getting ready for the weekend?

Daviss: hello there alt! no where near ready lol what about you?

alt: oops, you'd better hurry it's gonna be here in a few hours LOL

Daviss: lol I guess however I am thinking about slow lol

alt: okay

Daviss: no cooking ideas, no going out on the town ideas, no nada ideas slow and easy for me

alt: that's sounds like a winner to me.... take it as it comes LOL

Daviss: I will more than likely do what I have been doing.....clicking on links lol

alt: me too... traveling the world and searching out my family history via the Internet. what an exciting life I'm living LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: indeed lol you and me mabe you will get lucky and your probate papers will come in before the new year

alt: that would be nice

Daviss: and with as many pages it is, that will really keep you busy

alt: and here she is ...Ms. vkn.. howdy ma'am

vkn: hey hey hey y'all two

Seventies: Good afternoon from the National Archives! alt, Daviss, and vkn

vkn: and seventies

alt: and Seventies is right behind her..... howdy Seventies

Seventies: hey now alt! :}

Daviss: I have been going through a deed where my gggrandfather Charlie Dickerson bought propertyl looking for some type of clues hello vkn and Seventies

Seventies: Glad you are here, alt. Where is Miamiburg, OH?

alt: a suburb of Dayton, bout 25 miles from here.

Seventies: ok hmmmm

alt: what's happening in Miamisburg?

Daviss: did you get your flash drive seventies to grab all the information you need?

Seventies: Someone from Miamisburg, OH came to my website to look for the history of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Sibley, MS from google Nah...

vkn: One of my neighbors/residents spent holidays in your area alt. says itwascoldcold

alt: it sure is vkn.... very cold!!!

Seventies: Daviss, I didn't. But I did see lol that the Archives does sell them.... at their College Park, MD location.

Daviss: ok

Seventies: Did y'all get a lot of snow these past few days alt? Hey HistoryBuff!

Daviss: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: HistoryBuff howdy

Seventies: Are you at work?

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies, Alt, Daviss and Vkn.

alt: is that right Seventies .... OUR folks just starting living in Miamisburg bout 20-25 years ago..... we played them when I was in HS and it was very, very racist and hostile towards Blacks then.

HistoryBuff: At home waiting for my husband to finish his lunch so we can do laundry.

Daviss: Does the archive house probate records?

Seventies: wow... just 25 years ago alt?

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: You're at the National Archives, now 70s?

Seventies: Yes I am. :}

HistoryBuff: Wow. Welcome.

Seventies: Thanks... been running all over D.C. nearly everyday this week.

alt: Seventies, years ago Miamsburg was what was called a "sun down town" for persons of color.

Seventies: wow!

HistoryBuff: That makes sense.

vkn: get down at sundown

alt: well, more like you'd better get out town before sundown

vkn: lol

HistoryBuff: lol

Seventies: That topic came up as a scenario as to how my gg grandfather came to meet Roxie McFarland Earls.. lol

alt: is that right Seventies

Seventies: yes, but you know... that entire discussion was kind of like... eh. You know the two family issue. . .

Daviss: vkn can you tell me the name of a AA cemetery in Calhoun County, namely Anniston

vkn: Edgemont is one there are many

Daviss: thanks

Seventies: Are you looking for folks in AL again, Daviss??

vkn: but Edgemont is city owned

Daviss: not for me but for someone else Seventies

Seventies: lol I'm always saying I'm going to look, but it never happens. lol

alt: could these folks be around Lincoln in Calhoun County, AL Daviss?

Daviss: all I know is Anniston

Seventies: My plans for this afternoon are to look up James Galimore's records in the 5th HA USCT... trying to find that slave owner.

alt: I thinj Anniston is in Talladega county, right vkn?

vkn: and all of the burials are indexed Call Tom or Linda in the Alabama rool at the Anniston Public Library daviss Calhounalt

Seventies: Good luck Daviss!

alt: is that right vkn .. live & learn

vkn: Calhoun Alt

Daviss: so Edgemont is not strickly AA

alt: keep me honest vkn LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: :}

alt: any idea of when these folks died Daviss?

Daviss: Do you already have access to all the files you ordered Seventies

vkn: Daviss The Anniston Starhas a Necrology file on line I think

Daviss: no not yet alt. The person I am helping will get back with me on the information I hope lol

alt: okay Daviss

Seventies: Yes Daviss.

alt: I wonder if Anniston cemteries are listed on Find-A-Grave?

vkn: Alt I saw where some oe queried if you were deceased I went uh oh

Seventies: I will be getting a pull in about an hour and a half for the next records.

Daviss: I have been there already alt

Seventies: uh oh alt...

HistoryBuff: Sounds good

alt: okay Daviss

Daviss: reason why I wanted to know one that was AA

vkn: What is name daviss I have a cousin who is a walking database lol

alt: okay Daviss

Daviss: have you found many goodies in the first pull Seventies Willie Pierce.... May be a cousin to that Surgeon General

alt: Sachter ?????

Daviss: Satcher

vkn: okies lived what street memberwhat church

Seventies: None of what I was looking for. I was trying to locate the last slaveowner for the Henyard Bros. I also saw info for Richard Earles, whom I believe married the sister of my gg grandmother Mary McFarland.

Daviss: no idea vkn

Seventies: No slave owner info though...

vkn: satcher is kin to every body

Daviss: yes alt Satcher

alt: for sure vkn... there are satcher related to some of my ex's Embry family lines.

vkn: I bet alt

Seventies: For those of you who have an ancestor who served in the USCT, please if you can, check out the Regimental records Descriptive Rolls... GREAT information there including the last known slaveholders.

HistoryBuff: Great lead Seventies, thanks.

vkn: Satcher and Bush family lived in Central City or Deprivation ville but turned out many successful peeps

Seventies: Who lived in a city named Deprivationville, AL?? How depressing.

vkn: My name not official but main street was named Thirty Row and Ambulane was called "Thirty Row Taxi"

Seventies: Its getting a little late and I'm getting hungry... you got anything over there alt? lol

HistoryBuff: :)

alt: nothing I can talk about Seventies :|

Seventies: lol

vkn: ooooooo kkkkkkk alt lol

Seventies: I'm going to run over to Starbucks and get one of those overpriced sandwiches and coffee...

alt: like that, hu vkn LOL

vkn: where arethe boys Seventies

Seventies: The archives lady is side-eying me.. I must've exceeded my 30 min time limit. lol

HistoryBuff: There's Subway Sandwich Shop about 4 blocks east of you, Seventies. It's across street from th eCourthouse.

Daviss: alt may have a few tater chips stashed away vkn lol

alt: oh, how did your visit with th =e cousin's go Seventies?

Seventies: They are at the suite

vkn: okies seventies

Daviss: what do you mean 30 min

Seventies: HistoryBuff, is that on Penn Ave?

Daviss: is that for a machine?

HistoryBuff: It's more like two streets norther of Penn Ave.

Seventies: yes oh let me tell you all about my visit before I jet off.

vkn: okies go head

HistoryBuff: Oh the Archives has a cafeteria 2 floors down.

Seventies: All went well. My cousins have lots and I mean LOTS of photos of the other children of Scott Washington from the ground level HistoryBuff?

HistoryBuff: Yes

Seventies: thanks!

HistoryBuff: YW

Seventies: Its cold outside... bbbrrrrr

HistoryBuff: Indeed.

Seventies: I got some of the family trees information about other descendants. I found lots of info on the 'rhyming Gary's' as Daviss calls them.. lol I see where we get our vanity from... lol

Daviss: :?

vkn: hmmmmmm

Seventies: LOL stop looking around Daviss... lol Lots of photos from the early 1900's up through the 1970's 80's

vkn: 'Hit be in da blood"

HistoryBuff: Wonderful treasures for you to see Seventies!

Seventies: I invited them to come to MS for our reunion in July.

vkn: History you working today

alt: so, you have another whole 'set' of relatives to research Seventies?

HistoryBuff: No I'm home

Seventies: Well kind of... I knew about these folks before, but didn't have the descendant information. We connected on Ancestry.

alt: or to connect to Seventies

HistoryBuff: There it is, Alt.'

Seventies: Yep. And very excited alt.

alt: wonderful Seventies!!!!!

Seventies: Its funny a son of the Garys lives up in MD...

HistoryBuff: Gotta run to do laundry. Next time folks.

Seventies: A descendant rather.

alt: tanke care

Seventies: Thanks and bye HistoryBuff!

Daviss: bye HB

Seventies: I'm excited about this new connection. This is one of the elusive lines...

vkn: Looks like good connects going on

Seventies: definitely.

alt: was gonna tell HistoryBuff she could of had the laundry started while hubby was eating lunch.... you women ... can't do anything without our help ........ now I'm ducking for cover LOL LOL

Seventies: lol You had better! lol

Daviss: tsc, tsc lol

alt: truth, truth LOL

vkn: My lips are zipped alt and y'll

Seventies: lol

Daviss: mine should be lol lol so I will take the tsc,tsc back

alt: okay Daviss

vkn: We be giving you a BRAKE alt lol

Seventies: Let me go grab something to eat and drink. Be good y'all! Pray for me to find this last slave holder in the Descriptive Records for the 5th Heavy Artillery USCT.

Daviss: lol lol

alt: good luck Seventies

vkn: Luck be with ya seventies

Daviss: will do Seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt... and for the record, I gave you a break too... lol Thanks vkn and Daviss! Ok talk to y'all later.

alt: okay Seventies, thanks .... i think

Daviss: lol alt I guess i better go myself.. I may try and conjur up a blog

vkn: yall be good

Daviss: u2

alt: okay ... laters y'all

Daviss: bye alt

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