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2012-12-27• "be prepared for what you find, or d


Start: 12:12:18
End: 13:05:41
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, vkn

Daviss: Hello alt!!

alt: hello Ms Daviss, how are you doing today?

Daviss: fair de middlin alt, and you?

alt: just middlin LOL

Daviss: lol lol Do you still have that bad weather

alt: have you seen the movie folks are 'discussing'?

Daviss: which one is that Django?

alt: oh yeah, it's colder than a ........... fill in the blank yeah that one

Daviss: the answer to the movie Q is no, but I do want to

alt: hello Ms vkn, how be's ya?

vkn: Howdy Y'all

Daviss: hello vkn!!

vkn: I be good

alt: good Ms vkn

Daviss: I also want to see Lincolyn Lincoln

vkn: Trying to deal DNA but too much for me

alt: I probably won't see either, not much of a movie goer these days.

vkn: is blocked Movie sounds too bloody for me

alt: me too vkn I think I'm on DNA overload LOL

Daviss: I don't go often either alt but I do want to see those two The last movie I went to see was Ice Age 2 lol

vkn: overload comes easily

alt: I can't even remember the anme of the last movie I saw, it's been that long

Daviss: my thing is that I am to lazy to get up and out

vkn: The last I went to see was South Pacific and that was in Cleveland Ohio

alt: Wow vkn!!!!!!

vkn: lol not a movie fan

Daviss: well to a movie anyway lol I can find all kind of time to go to the casino

alt: now I can do that one Daviss .. the Casino

Daviss: heheheheee

Khathu: good afternoon/morning

Daviss: hello khathu

alt: G'Day Khathu

Daviss: good afternoon to you... nice picture you posted vkn... on FB

alt: yes it/they were vkn.. I enjoyed seeing the photo of Electra & Alonzo.

vkn: Driver on way to get me to store so niters to you good searching fokes Thanx Daviss I wanted it to go in an album. Please send me a tutoring email Thanx alt

alt: be good Miss Daisy LOL

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol have a good day I need a driver also

alt: I see Ancestry is offering up their site for 14 days FREE, or did I misread the advertisement?

Daviss: no idea alt, I have not seen that...even though I went in this morning..

Khathu: i think you are right alt

Daviss: I am trying to figure out why this person has over 6000 peeps on his tree and if its real

Khathu: when i was at the archives i was able to access the TX Voter Registration on but it was the institution edition It is possible Daviss S/he has probably included all of the descendants

Daviss: I was thinking whoever this was just pulled out every black person in that county lol

alt: probably like me Daviss with all of those people, but mine isn't a 'family' tree, it's more of a database with many, many family trees .. more of a community, or research 'tree'.

Daviss: is yours on Ancestry alt or just on TP

alt: mine has a lot of folks who are related to folks who are related to me, but they aren't all related to me. just TP Daviss

Daviss: ok I just don't want to get trapped on Ancestry lol

Khathu: On one line I have close to 3000 names

Daviss: are they all related khathu

alt: now that sounds reasonable to me Khathu, especially if you have all, or most siblings, for each generation and you have several generations

Khathu: There are 11 children, 156 grandchildren, 423 great grandchildren, 847 gg grand children and over 1000 ggg grandchildren and counting

Daviss: I see and is your tree on ancestry khathu?

Khathu: and I haven't even gotten to the gggg grandchildren yet ancestry and tribal pages

Daviss: does everyone in your family help contribute

alt: so if you add a spouse and any collateral family to those numbers just cited by Khathu I can see you easily getting up to 3000 folks.

Daviss: good deal then

Khathu: @Daviss that would have been nice if they did

Daviss: I think I sent a message to this person once before but did not get answer

Khathu: I got most of the info from census records, obituaries, cemetery records, vital records, etc.

Daviss: may send another however there was no info there regarding Mariah

Khathu: hello deannie

Daviss: hi deannie

alt: what's up deannie?

deannie: Hello everyone how was you holiday....mine's was great

Daviss: also only one or two census records khathu

deannie: Khathu, Daviss, alt

Khathu: i had to send a message to an individual who had the slave owner listed as the father of some of my gg grandmother children

Daviss: and I can see the names of some that are spelled wrong just as the census reads and that was what made me leary

Khathu: just because half of the children had Whitaker surname and the other half had Stanley surname Daviss - I am not just using the census record alone and I am cross referencing the census records with the other documents I mentioned above

Daviss: I can understand that khathu

alt: yeah Khathu, folks should be very careful with that 'slave owner is the father' claim.

Khathu: I don't she doesn't have any insight on the subject because I provided her with all of the information on the family I informed her that all of the children went under the surname Whitaker but some decided to change their surname to Stanley as they got older. And one of the children who kept the Whitaker surname claimed that his father was William Stanley. And to honor his father he named his only son William Stanley Whitaker

deannie: hI sELMA

Khathu: Hello Selma

Daviss: Hello Selma!

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon alt, daviss, deannie and Khathu

alt: recently had a discussion with someone (male) that has the slave owners surname as theirs... they took the DNA test and the Y-DNA haplogroup came back as African.... the discussion got heated when I remarked about the Y-DNA not being of Euro origin.

Khathu: I can imagine

alt: Hello Selma

Khathu: if you tell a story long and often enough it becomes fact

alt: for sure Khathu

Khathu: despite the evidence

Selma: Many times folks have a "vested" interest in their oral history..and its hard to give up What was to get heated about alt?

Daviss: lol you saw that when Gates cousin refused to accept the fact that the owner was not his kin

alt: that I had 'insinuated' the slave owner was NOT the father of his maternal ancestor. Selma

Selma: Well if the slave owner was "euro"..then he probably wasn't..that ain't hard and when he told them they weren't Indian either daviss...

Daviss: yep heheheheee

Selma: thats why I say "be prepared for what you find, or don't bother"

Khathu: alright everyone have a fantastic day...i need to run into the office

alt: right on Selma.. not only the ethnicity of our ancestors, but their life styles, they can't all be saints LOL

Daviss: I can agree with that Selma and so should any serious researcher so true alt.. Those leaves should shutter lol

alt: mine are shuttering and fluttering and everything in between saints & sinners alike

Daviss: hahahahaha

Selma: Daviss..was out shopping the "50%" sales for stocking stuffers next year, plus returing one or 2 things Everyone's family is alt..if the truth be told

Daviss: love the sales on Black Santa's after christmas

Selma: Target looked like folks wiped them out of most things yesterday

alt: that's one reason I'm so anxious for those estate papers from California.. I thought the gg grandfather had basically abandoned his Ohio family for the last 10 years of his life... the estate papers may indicate something different.

Daviss: When do you expect them in alt?

Selma: Wow..well I know you will keep us posted

alt: the 1st week in January Daviss

Daviss: ok

Selma: So you are starting the New Year off with a BANG

alt: you know I will Selma.. I'm like an old refrigerator ' I can't keep anything LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol

Selma: LOL

Daviss: I think I will run do some more research take care alt and Selma

Selma: I think I will run and take a NAP Ok Mr. Art..gonna run Have a great day

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