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2012-12-24 • Military Certificates


Start: 12:05:36
End: 13:43:32
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, khathu, lorna, Selma, Seventies , vkn

deannie: Hi Daviss

Daviss: Hello there deannie! Merry Christmas to ya

deannie: Same to you Daviss and Alt

Daviss: Hi alt, Merry Christmas!

alt: Merry Christmas Eve ladies deannie & Daviss

Daviss: How's it going today ? deannie I sent you an email the other day, I hope you got it

alt: cold, wet & slow here in Ohio.. how bout with you two?

deannie: I have been on vacation for the past week and I have not gone to my emails but I will check it now........

Daviss: It is nice and clear.. Real easy for Santa's reindeer to see their way through the night

deannie: Same here.....

Daviss: I saw my nephews fb comment and he said it looked like a Tornado coming through windows shaking

alt: Just finished my Xmas shopping this morning.... went to the bank.... one color satisfies all.. LOL LOL

Daviss: lol you got that right alt

alt: might not be the right #'s, but the color is right LOL

Daviss: you know, that Tag Romney must think we are stupid I hear ya alt lol

alt: what now?

Daviss: He said his daddy did not want to be president lol anything to smooth over his loss lol

alt: oh, so who made him run for the office? his wife?, the devil? ???????

Daviss: lol lol

deannie: I know this is a little early....but were are we going to meet this year...I still work so I have to put my schedule around your's...... Hi Selma

Selma: Merry Christmas eve folks..

Daviss: so alt, did you run your oracle x

Selma: Oops knocked myself oout..

Daviss: oops Selma lol

alt: I still haven't found it in the gedmatch options Daviss

Selma: Be right back gotta bring in groceries.

deannie: Ditto Selma

alt: same to you Selma

Daviss: Happy Holidays to you Selma and Merry Christmas wow alt ADMIXTURE-PROPORTIONS ANALYSIS Click here for Ad-Mix page thats what you click on alt

alt: went to gedmatch and see selection for MDLP/Eurogenes?Decodecad/HarappaWorld & link to Oracle

Daviss: right, pick Decodecad or harappaworld

alt: I did & I don't get those ad-mix portions I'm seeing on the AA DNA tested FB page Daviss.

Daviss: but first hioghlight Admixture Proportions (with link to Oracle) highlight

vkn: Howdy Cmas shoppers

deannie: HI vkn

alt: Hello vkn

Daviss: hi there vkn!!

vkn: deannie daviss alt selma

alt: Daviss, I'll call yo later, if you will have the time for me, okay.... or you can call me when you have the time.

Daviss: then if you use Decoecad under that alt, pick africa 9 when your chart comes up just scroll down and you will see it pick oracle x and option 1 get results and then pick option 2 Oh I have time, Santa doesn't need me and the kids cooked Enchilladas yesterday for todays dinner

vkn: deannie have you done the DNA

alt: ah so, now I got it... thanx ......

Daviss: so you are there alt?

vkn: ahhhhh so alt just left Retardsville

Selma: Ok back

lorna: hello all

deannie: No.....I work in corrections and at the moment I do not know what will happen in the future with dna...My dna is on file with the military...I'm still thinking on my genealogy profile dna

vkn: Welcome Lorna

Daviss: Hello lorna!! Merry Christmas Eve

alt: Hello lorna

lorna: thanks, daviss. hello alt

Selma: Merry Xmas vkn and lorna

lorna: i've watched roots over the weekend and its compelled me to research my ancestry

deannie: Welcome Lorna ....are you new to the site

vkn: oh ok deannie

Daviss: Thats right, I heard it was on lorna

lorna: yes deannie, and thanks

Selma: Roots compelled lots of folks lorna over the years

lorna: i know selma

deannie: I was on tv yesterday...

vkn: lorna what are surnames

Selma: Alt..did I say you went Xmas shopping for greenbacks this AM..I hope mine is in the mail

lorna: jackson, bush, smart and glenn

deannie: What are your county

Selma: What state or states Lorna

vkn: ok lorna and in what states

Daviss: can I give you a link to explore as you begin lorna its

lorna: georgia, and south carolina.

alt: Selma, Oops I ran out of postage stamps LOL LOL

Daviss: lol @alt

Selma: Yea right...some excuse.. LOL

vkn: right ! alt

Selma: Have you had an opportunity to take a look at the census at Ancestry or Heritage Quest yet Lorna?

deannie: Have you started doing any research

lorna: have you guys had any success within this chat room and on that site?

deannie: Have I.....

Selma: You mean ancestry and Heritage Quest?

Daviss: The link I gave you is actually on this site lorna. Its a Beginners Guide

vkn: I have had success lorna

alt: much success!!!!!!!! with chat & the AfriGeneas site

Selma: So have I lorna.. The basics with this kind of research is "start with what you know..and work your way back in time"

vkn: Where are you located Lorna

lorna: i found afrigeneas on alex haleys website. i don't have the money to pay for the research but one day i will. i'm looking into all free avenues

deannie: I have been on this site for over 4 years ...I have learned a lot from the people on this site...and the people I meet at different conference(Ft Wayne Alt) lol

Selma: Depending where you are your local libraries will have free access to Ancestry or Heritage Quest

deannie: FREE

lorna: thats awesome deannie

Daviss: Its more fun when you do the research yourself lorna...At least thats what I have found

alt: If you're just getting started lorna.. a bit of advice as you research .. take your time & be patient, it can't be done in a hurry and it isn't all on the Internet.

Selma: But if you want us to look up something we will be your Xmas gift from us to you

lorna: really selma??? im going to look into that. im in nyc

deannie: yes it is....i have met Daviss and Alt at several conference....and I call them my gen buddy

vkn: ahhhhh Lorna what county in GA

Selma: The 1940 census is the most recent available for you have someone you would like us to look up?

alt: may we ask your age group lorna?

Selma: cooking for Xmas

lorna: ok alt, and thanks for that advice. thats really nice, thanks Selma. from decatur county in ga

Selma: I am trying to get out of my Scrouge persona.. LOL

alt: good luck Selma.

Selma: Shopping does that to you.. LOL

lorna: i'm in the 30-35yrs group

Selma: Alt only asked you that lorna cause it gives us an idea of the time frame we will be looking in

deannie: where r you located lorna...I'm not going to visit....I;m in Chicago

alt: okay lorna thanx. I'm in the senior citizen age group, been researching for 25 years or so, and I'm still learning

Selma: Most of us are AARP members.. lOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

vkn: Lorna I am in Atlanta/Fulton County

deannie: I in the 50-60 age group...still working....searching about 9 years...back to 1795 (still looking for documents on my gggrandmother...

Daviss: wow deannie 1795! Thats wonderful

lorna: wow guys. that is amazing deannie.

alt: yep deannie, that's good stuuff!

vkn: lol @ Selma and AARP

Selma: You know its the truth my magazine every month..

lorna: i live in brooklyn ny, most of my family is from bainbrige ga

Daviss: good stories I might add lol

deannie: My GGGrandmother is on the 1870 U S Census...but I still looking for information on her in Jefferson county, MS................

alt: lorna, so... your grandparents will probably be on the 1940 census, with me LOL LOL

lorna: lol, alt

Daviss: so lorna what names are the Ga ones

vkn: or on the 1930 with me Lorna

deannie: Lorna....I am just a baby to the members of this site.....they are the greatest

Selma: Jeez after that comment deannie..feel like I need to take out the BenGay

deannie: My mother is on the 1940 census as a teenage, she was born in 1924....

alt: yes lorna, that's why I asked for your age group, it gives us an idea of who & what years & the generations your ancestors fit into.

Daviss: I am still looking for mine deannie on the 40

lorna: i love it @deannie. i volunteer with a group of "1940's census" women. they're the best!

deannie: No...I'm stilling learning and I enjoy everything I learn

lorna: oh, i'm 35>

Selma: Daviss...your Mom musta been one they really missed.

Daviss: yep Selma

deannie: Lorna have you joined a Genealogy group

lorna: no not yet

alt: wonderful you're getting started at such a young age lorna... I have grandchildren your age and they couldn't care less about doing any research... they want to know, but researching is another story. LOL

vkn: Good question deannie and good action to take Lorna

deannie: Ok...join one they are great

Selma: There is a AAHGS chapter that meets in Manhattan

vkn: Thus a decline in membership alt

alt: you bet vkn

deannie: Ditto here....for Christmas this year I found some big bible with space for genealogy inforrm....marriage,birth, etc.........I give each of my adult nephews and nieces one......

lorna: go on guys. i''m listening this is such amazing info

deannie: Every year I going to ask for updates

lorna: thats cool deannie

alt: yes, wonderful idea deannie

Daviss: wb Selma!

vkn: deannie what is birthplace for you

deannie: I found the bible on Amazon.....I only buy 1.00 for them

Daviss: wow deannie!

vkn: Great idea deannie

deannie: Born and raise on Chicago South Side.....I grow up across the street from the Ida B Well housing project

alt: lorna, I would also suggest you pursue the 'search' feature from the AfriGeneas Home Page ... any subject, time frame and/or area of research .. believe me there is something of interest there for you ... in all areas.

deannie: buy=paid

Daviss: speaking of a bible I need to get Tyler a Big Boy Bible

Selma: I was about to ask alt..who you gonna sue

vkn: ahhhhh so deannie is that around 39th

deannie: Yes...I lived at 3925 S Vincenees...between the projects and Holy Angels school.......two of the largest black icom in Chicago

Daviss: Hi Khathu

khathu: hello everyone

deannie: All of the large projects in Chicago have been torn down and replaced with town houses and

khathu: gentri

alt: lorna, do you have a genealogy software package for storing and organizing yoru findings?

deannie: Hi Khathu

alt: Hello khathu

khathu: sp gentrification

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Daviss: Any new Texas info Khathu

vkn: Deannie I lived at 44th and south parkway but that was in 1944-1946 during Summer

deannie: god mother lived at 51th near the fountain

vkn: ahhhhhh

khathu: Reviewing the county tax records again (the copy online is very bad) I discovered that John R. Dorsey was in Smith County, Texas in 1854 and by 1857 he was paying taxes on enslaved property

vkn: Howdy Khathu

khathu: He never owned more than 3 individuals, though

Daviss: Thats Tyler right Khathu

khathu: 1857 it was two and by 1864 it was 3, so I am assuming that in 1857 it was the mother and one of the son, most likely my ggg grandfather Henry.

Daviss: Tyler Texas

khathu: And by 1864 it was only the sons assuming that the mother had passed away by then Yes, Tyler< Smith County, Texas

alt: so, were his 'slaves' really his family khathu?

khathu: I can't tell at this point just making an assumption

vkn: Sure sounds like it

lorna: sorry guys had to take a call. i'll look for a geneaolgy storage software.

alt: yes it does vkn, considering the language in the Will .. 'flesh & bones of my body'.

deannie: Are you still there Lorna

khathu: So I need to figure out when and where he acquired his enslaved property

lorna: yes i am

vkn: a beautiful phrase

alt: You'l not be sorry for a good softeware package lorna.. beats loose papers.

vkn: lorna explore Tribal Pages on line

deannie: Lorna lol if you every have a question email me at and I will help you if I can...if not I will call on my Afrigen buddy l

lorna: cool, i'm gonna check for the software, it'll be a christmas present to myself. i'm really excited to do this.

alt: oh BTW khathu, visited your TP site yesterday.. you're doing a great job with it!!!!!!!!

deannie: I have Daviss and Alt of speed dial

lorna: nice! thanks deannie

alt: are you a 'techie' lorna?

lorna: nope alt

alt: okay, just trying to get the 411 on ya LOL LOL

deannie: Lorna did you an genealogy email account...if not you need one because once you start getting email about genealogy they want stop

khathu: Thanks alt

alt: yw khathu

lorna: no i didnt deannie.

khathu: I need to add some more family stories

deannie: that keeps you other email separted from gen inform

lorna: what was the link to the begginers afrigeneas again?

alt: me too khathu, I use the 'stories' feature on my TP site since I don't so 'blogging'.


khathu: Well I just finished cooking Christmas dinner

lorna: oh yeah deannie. i gave an alt email account

Daviss: whats on the menu khathu

lorna: thanks daviss

khathu: Seafood and sausage gumbo

vkn: Are you cooking Selma

khathu: with garlic bread and a salad

Daviss: sounds good

Selma: Yes...I am making Shrimp gumbo..I have had it with Turkey... LOL

vkn: yummy

Selma: I did buy a Spiral Ham.. LOL

khathu: now i need to clean up the kitchen

deannie: Can you frozen my and it ship me some Selma

Selma: If there is any left deannie

lorna: im usually at work during this time, is there an evening chat where i could be in touch?

deannie: We I see me stomach get ahead of typing is off...but I see you get my message

lorna: oh i see the catagories to the right

khathu: Tuesday and Saturday lorna

Selma: The evening ones start at 9PM EST... I will admitt I have fallen asleep by then for the past couple of weeks

lorna: perfect thanks selma

alt: lorna, visit not only the chat's , but take a look at the forums/message boards on AfroGeneas .. plenty of ways to communicate

deannie: Hi Seventies

Selma: Here is another NY person lorna

vkn: Lorna send questions to if you get stuck on the site

lorna: ok alt.

Seventies : Howdy all!

lorna: ok

vkn: Seventies !!!!!

lorna: hi ya seventies

deannie: I like conventions maybe you can come to one in 2013....

Selma: Afternoon sevenites

Daviss: Hi Seventies!!!

alt: Hello Seventies ... meet lorna, a NYer and in your age group

Seventies : I am safe and warm on D.C.

Selma: Wow Going to the ARchives?

lorna: i'll look into the conventions

alt: glad to hear you're safe Seventies

Selma: and warm

lorna: nice. hi, seventies

deannie: I'm to come to D C this year Seventies for about 3 days...I going to work it in my travels

alt: where in the NY area is Jennifer Stokes located?

Seventies : brooklyn

vkn: Not sure alt but I do see her on Facebook from time to time

Daviss: I hope the weather will treat you well Seventies while there

Seventies : sorry maintenance is here.

alt: Jennifer, Seventies & lorna... AfirGeneas can get a a 'young trio' working in the Apple LOL

Daviss: oh yeah alt!

vkn: Y'all be good

Daviss: later vkn wb Seventies!

khathu: Hello Seventies

Seventies : TY

khathu: @alt it is very likely that John owned his family

alt: lorna, an FYI ... vkn is the God mother of the AfriGeneas community.

Seventies : Hi khathu

alt: the records, Will & Census & Tax records all seem to point in that direction khathu

khathu: hopefully if I can find out when, where and how he acquired them then maybe I can finally undercover the name of their mother

alt: that would be wonderful khathu

Daviss: that would really be nice Khathu!

Selma: Folks..have to run..Have a Merry, Merry Christmas Bye

khathu: Merry Christmas

alt: take care Selma

Daviss: ok Selma Merry

lorna: by selma, and thanks for everything

Daviss: lol I could not even get the rest out

khathu: So I just ordered some deed and court records for Smith County

alt: Selma 'be's' fast LOL LOL

Daviss: not like old two fingered typist like me alt lol

Seventies : From the family history vented khathu?

deannie: I just received the Presidential Military Certificate for my father (Navy WWII)..I ordered it over 8 months ago...I guess they were waiting to see who would be president

alt: you're gonn have to get a third finger in the mix Daviss

Daviss: Seventies whats up with you?

Seventies : nothing

Daviss: I know alt lol sheesh Seventies

alt: wonderful deannie... so it has Pres. Obama's signature o it?

Daviss: wonderful deannie!!

deannie: Yes it does...this is my 6th one

Seventies : oh wait. Finally going to meet with the grandchildren of my g grandfather's sister on Thurs.

alt: that's great deannie .. an AA vet, with an AA Presidential signature WOW!!!!!

Daviss: I had one uncle in the Navy, the rest army

deannie: I even have a Civil War Veteran

Seventies : Great deannie! Do share

Daviss: That should be a nice visit Seventies, will that be today?

Seventies : Thursday.

alt: Tha's somethig I can work on deannie.. thes Vet Memorial Certificates are for all wars the U.S. has been in?

Seventies : Going to try for the archives wed.

deannie: My gggrandfather brother was in the 53rd USCS out of Mississippi...I have some of it paperwork but I want his file to see if I can find a slave owner

Daviss: Do you have everthing written down Seventies that you want to look for?

Seventies : Oh you will need to look at the regimental records for the 53rd when you come to D.C. deannie LOL

deannie: long as they a an honorary dischange, I try to get one for my coworker brother with a DD214 but they give me a hard time. yes I will seventies

Daviss: gotta take a call now folks, take care....

deannie: I have some of his papers for fold 3

lorna: bye daviss. thank you

alt: okay deannie.. I wonder if there was a DD214 for WW I veterans.. if so, I can get a certificate for grandfather who was in WW I, as well as my WW II family vetersans.

Seventies : Also deannie be aware that not all docs will be in the pension file of a soldier.

deannie: did you have any other inform...I have requested them with just and Obit or a SSDI inform

alt: my turn to skedaddle, nice meeting you lorna

deannie: Ok

Seventies : bye alt

lorna: you too alt. thanks for the leads

alt: Yes deannie, I have copies of the discharge papers

deannie: That all you need email me if you need any help on military ceritifates...I am a veteran myselt HOORAY

khathu: happy christmas everyone

Seventies : Hey I need to get these lunch dishes washed

deannie: I move out myself...I have doing a little cleaning from tomorrow....MERRY CHRISTMAS with all on Wednesday................

Seventies : bye y'all

lorna: ok, bye folks.

deannie: Come back again Lorna

lorna: will do deannie thanks for the great advice guys happy holidays

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