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2012-12-23 • More DNA


Start: 12:04:06
End: 13:14:04
Chatters: alt, Daviss, vkn

vkn: Good Morning Alt Hope all is going well with thee this day I need an incremental teach from you re family finder and autosomal etc Guess I'd better download a glossary as well as a DNA dictionary Also sent Back to the other machine wdy alt

alt: hi vkn, good morning

vkn: guten assi alt

alt: are ya ready for Santa?

vkn: How you be today Santa ??????? lol lol lol

alt: I'm hanging in there, how bout you?

vkn: hanging

alt: I hear ya LOL

vkn: I have been loading your in box

alt: and I enjoy it... have you checked with any of your Family Finder matches? do any of the surnames 'ring a bell' pun intended LOL LOL

vkn: Do you have a form type letter that you send? pun lol

alt: no, I just mention that we have been found to be matches and then give a little background on the locations for my family lines & time periods.

vkn: What do I say to them and what is the info telling me?

Daviss: hi there alt and vkn!

alt: Daviss, hello been waiting on you ... I have a question.

vkn: howdy Daviss

Daviss: what! !! you have a question for me lol lol

vkn: lol

alt: yep, a DNA question..

Daviss: lol ok

vkn: I am the one with the DNA quest

alt: where do you find the Oracle-X application on the Gedmatch page?

Daviss: shoot I thought it was a hard question!

alt: it is for me.. I can't find the apllication

Daviss: ok scroll down to the admixture porportions

alt: okay

Daviss: on first page

alt: gotcha

Daviss: then select your program and also chose the one that says admixture with oracle oh also choose africa9 and also happlaworld

alt: ad mix w/links to Oracle? I don't get the breakout of sub-saharan african origins that I'm seeing reported by others on the AA DNA Forum Daviss, vkn .. have y'all left me hanging? LOL LOL

vkn: not think so

alt: okay, it got awfully quiet up in here LOL LOL

vkn: no speaka da greek lol daviss may have gotten booted

alt: Oops!!!!!!

Daviss: hold on a min on phone

alt: ah so, okay Daviss

vkn: oh dear

alt: on DNA ..... a 'collateral family relative' found out she is related to Louis Gates, Jr. .. she contacted him in that regard ..... he stated he was happy to hear it, referred her to his 'team' of researchers and said he was too busy to correspond at the moment because he was in the process if filming a documentary.

vkn: Did seventies go on vacation

alt: I think so vkn, probably started on Friday.

vkn: well at least he responded

alt: yes, I thought that was quite nice of him.

vkn: How related is she in terms of cousin #

alt: not sure exactly how close vkn.

vkn: oh ok I gotta learn to speak DNA

alt: probably no closer than 3rd, 4th or 5th cousin you speak it as well as most of us vkn, some of us just 'sound' more knowledge, but we still don't know much about it.

vkn: I see lol

Daviss: on phone with son

vkn: Maybe I will start a discussion on the boards

alt: take your time Daviss our DNA 'regulars' on AfriGeneas seem to of abandoned us for FB and other social media.

vkn: Re the video I sent alt

alt: video???? which one vkn??

vkn: Some good info on how to stop the bleeding of members

alt: ah, that one, haven't read/looked at it yet this morning.

vkn: Teacher says a new person comes for a particular reason gets it and leaves before becoming a regular

alt: now that sounds exactly like what has been happening with our group AAGGMV folks get a little bit of knowledge & help, think they don't need us anymore and are GONE!!!!

vkn: So true with AfriGeneas. Must work on promoting promoting promoting Must do all possible to make the one time hitters become a regular

alt: yep, retention of users and the feeling that AfriGeneas is a community and continuing process ... not a place you visit once or twice and that's it.

Daviss: Sorry back now

alt: welcome back Daviss

Daviss: Whew son in Vegas

vkn: How is it going with son Daviss

Daviss: he is somewhat relieved ggod thing

vkn: oh good

alt: relief is good especially at this time of the year.

Daviss: yes alt, thats for sure let me scroll back on convo and see what I missed lol ok back

vkn: It is called "Decembered Grief" alt

alt: John Legend and his brother, grd-dau's husband .. gave a conert prefromance here in Springfield last night. I was probably the only 'family member' that didn't attend.

Daviss: lol alt did you not feel up to it?

vkn: shame shame alt

alt: too cold and too many folks for me ... I've become a grump and a recluse (sp) LOL LOL

vkn: Me # 1 Recluse

alt: guess I'm #2 then vkn LOL

Daviss: so I have to look forward to both of those things lol do I get to choose lol lol

vkn: lol

alt: naw Daviss... they just jump on ya before you know it LOL

vkn: Well I am not a grump, yet

Daviss: hahahahaha

alt: stay that way vkn.... non-grump ... it becomes you.

vkn: lol

Daviss: whoa, Newsweek is shutting down I guess the internet is the culprit

alt: is that right..... Internet, Blogs & Social Media are killing the old weekly magazines

vkn: really

Daviss: I imagine thats what it is.....I wonder what those who cannot afford to have a computer will do I know more and more they tell you to look on www.

vkn: They will buy guns daviss

Daviss: sheesh

alt: here's one for y'all ... when gas prices for auto's was about to hit $4.00 or more, Obama caught heck, now that prices are down nobaody is gfiving him any credit.

vkn: and he will never get the credit alt

alt: whether he is reponsible or not

Daviss: I know alt, they don't give him credit for anything anything good that is

alt: it things like that that make me a grump vkn ... LOL LOL

vkn: That is why we in the choir must sing his praises and shut the soloist down

alt: you got it vkn...

Daviss: Well I love my Pres.....

alt: another one ... notice how since Dr. Rice has been withdrawn as Sec'y of State .. the culprits in the Libyan affair are coming out of the woodwork.

vkn: yes

Daviss: yes

vkn: and they whoever they is be calling Hilary a fake illness

alt: yep....

vkn: tioning how hard that woman has worked

Daviss: McCain and Graham really think they did something by sticking Rice

vkn: Not mentioning how hard that woman has worked

Daviss: yep vkn tirelessly and the thing about it she was sick even before she fainted

alt: just goes to show.. if anything goes wrong and you can put a black face on it, you've got a chance of convincing the masses that the black person is always the problem.

vkn: yuppers a super chance

Daviss: now they have another puppet going to the Senate

alt: thank God the mass murders of recent weren't black men, or I would be an even more 'endangered' species.

vkn: who daviss the SC guy ?

Daviss: that is exactly what I was telling daughter alt yes vkn

alt: in SC ... a poltical Armstrong Williams.

Daviss: That nut was on tv the other night on Current

vkn: Well I find myself asking "Is he Black?" before I ask about details of the horror

alt: oh yes DAviss, he has been resurrected me too vkn.. same thoughts when JFK was assasinated

Daviss: it is amazing how they think especially when they have utilized the programs in order to get started themselves

alt: well y'all it's time for me to go play some football .... y'all take care

vkn: yes grassy knoll and all alt

Daviss: ok alt take care

vkn: okies' you too take care daviss

Daviss: you too vkn take care bye

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