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2012-12-21 • More on Probate


Start: 12:30:16
End: 13:12:45
Chatters: alt, Khathu, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy Mr Alt

alt: talking with a california cousin

vkn: okies I am in and out of the room

alt: still talking

vkn: Not a prob. Learn all you can from kin

Khathu: hello alt and vkn

alt: hi Khathu hello selma

Selma: Good Friday afternoon alt, Khathu and vk vkn

Khathu: Hello Selma I finished transcribing the probate records for the Estate of John R. Dorsey

alt: is it starting to make sense Khathu?

Khathu: the only activity on the involving the estate is that the will was admitted into probate so I need to find out why no other activity occurred

alt: ok ya, it was probated, now the question is was it executed?

Selma: Would there be info on the status of the will re: probate in Court Minutes Alt..did you go to BBenn talk last night..I tried but fell asleep

vkn: Howdy to all. I am in an out of the room

alt: I just listened this morning.. very interesting

Selma: Will have to go back and listen Did she have a good crowd? Oh you don't know.. lOL

alt: it is/was a great program.

vkn: I too fell asleep and only heard about ten minutes of talk

alt: dunno, I listened this morning

vkn: The counter showed 31 people

Khathu: so how will i determine if the will was executed?

vkn: Did she speak to estates alt? I will listen later

Khathu: court records are a brand new territory for me

Selma: What is the time period Khathu

Khathu: late 1880s

vkn: Sounds like time to do a line by line

Selma: You might want to take a look at the Court Minutes..or whatever they call it in that area

Khathu: I have examined the court minutes up to 1901 and have not located any activity on the case

Selma: Ummm Jeez that sounds like a question to ask the woman who spoke last night on BBenn's show

vkn: Consider writing the court asking for outcome etc

Khathu: I have reached out to the genealogical and historical societies of the county for some answers on probate records

Selma: Was land you found heirs owning property that was in the will

alt: yes she did vkn, it was a far ranging discussion on blacks during the pre-civil war period as relates to property

Khathu: I located the heirs paying taxes on the property after the death of their father

alt: that's a key Khathu, the Will was probated as you know, but was it ever 'executed'?

vkn: Isn't a yearly accounting required by the court

Selma: As it relates to "blacks" being property or owning property

alt: being property and she later got into a discussion of blacks owning property Selma she cited some great examples from the Freedman's bureau

Khathu: @alt that is the question I am trying to answer

vkn: Alt all I heard was the last few minutes and sounded like an apology for slavery. Mind you I was listening out of context

Selma: Apologizing how?

alt: she was 'aplogizing', in general,for her ancestors who were slave owners vkn

Khathu: In Texas all of the probate activitiy are listed in the minutes and since I am unable to locate anything I must assume that it wasn't

vkn: that her ancestors were owners

alt: right some of her ancestors Khathu ....if executed there should be court records as to who received what & when and that information should be a part of the estate papers.

vkn: Final accounting could have been in another state

alt: this is what I'm running into with my recent find.... the 50 pages I referenced are the estate papers and the Will is just one document in those papers.

vkn: alt you have the actual documents already?

alt: no vkn, but this is what the archivist informed me of what was in the 'estate papers' ... it wasn't just the Will.

Khathu: At this point I don't think it was executed, now I need to find out why?

vkn: I see

Selma: The case I referred to yesterday..the family members fought and was taken to a higher court in another county..still have to get those records

vkn: The executor may have failed and another was not appointed

alt: I'm hoping the 'papers' give other clues as to his life style, etc in California during the last 10 years or so of his life (1860-1871)

Khathu: we have early dismissal here, so I will talk to you all later

alt: Selma & vkn .. you will find bbenn's show last nite to be very informative!!!!!!

vkn: I will listen while scanning today

Selma: I will try to listen this evening..been trying to finish up Xmas stuff

alt: I wish I had been there 'live' because I had a couple of questions for her

Selma: I see the NRA is talking about arming the country

vkn: I did see that daviss was in the room

alt: ain't that ridulous!!!!

Selma: It took them a whole WEEK to come up with that

vkn: Selma they the nra is nuts but some of the discussion made sense

alt: let a 'mass' of blacks become NRA members and watch how quickly they back off of 'everyone' being armed LOL LOL

Selma: Didn't hear..been running around LOL

vkn: I worry about the greed based people selling backpacks that are bullet proofed

Selma: Me too vkn..I saw that

alt: I think it is going to become more serious & dangerous before it gets better. re: the gun control argument

Selma: Well folks..on that somber note...let me run

vkn: Seeks a profit in whatever situation

alt: later Selma

vkn: Yrue

alt: that's BIG vkn .. greed & profit

Selma: Bye folks..have a great day, hopefully will talk to you before Xmas

vkn: mail bout family finder alt I sent you a mail

alt: okay vkn.looking forward to it

vkn: okies over and out

alt: bye

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