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2012-12-20 • Finalizing Estates


Start: 12:10:35
End: 13:28:48
Chatters: alt, Daviss, di, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon nsmith322 Welcome to Afrigeneas lunch bunch chat. Is this your first time joining us?

alt: Hello Seventies hello Daviss

Daviss: hello alt and Seventies lol I was sitting in another room I think my noggin needs shaking

alt: what's up y'all?

Daviss: nuttin honey what you up to?

alt: who you callin 'nuttin LOL

Daviss: LOL I have been sitting in the AfriGeneas room for the longest and just realized it was not the Lunch Bunch room sheesh Hi vkn!

vkn: Howdy

Daviss: howdy back

alt: Oops!!!!

Daviss: oops is right!

vkn: Watching a film of nostalgia about the Negro Soldier done about 1944

Daviss: Is that the one on Utube vkn?

vkn: Used as an opiate for Black fokes Humors me in a sad way today Yes

Daviss: Ok I think I have seen that...I think it was narriated by the guy who played Cosby's father wasn't it?

vkn: I will post to military

Seventies: about time! Hey y'all

Daviss: Hi Seventies, how are you?

Seventies: Hi Daviss, alt and vkn

vkn: Not sure Daviss. Have you seen alt

Seventies: Has anyone seen nsmith322??

Daviss: he is in here vkn

Seventies: hi di

Daviss: hello di!!

di: hello all

vkn: Well it does depict the America I grew up in as a girl

Daviss: mabe he is talking to Anita vkn:? I believe that vkn....

vkn: okies thanx daviss It is a fact

Daviss: yes I will revisit when you post. Its been about a year since I looked at it whats up Seventies and di?

Khathu: hello

di: nothing much here

Daviss: hello khathu

Seventies: Nothing much. Trying to get a feel on the U.S. Serial records and where I need to look to find my Adams Co. folk and testimonies.

di: hello Khathu

Seventies: You can tell that its holiday time.. you can hear a pin drop in here.

Daviss: Are they listed by states or names Seventies

Seventies: By years.

Daviss: patience my dear

Seventies: I figured out that I will be looking for congressional testimony

vkn: A Rainy day in Georgia Howdy Khathu

Seventies: This is the record set Tim Pinnick interested me in.

Khathu: there is an interesting post on the surname and family research forum regarding list slave owner onfamily trees

Seventies: A tornado touched down in Mobile, AL this AM

Daviss: I see, so you must have an idea of what year to look then huh?

Seventies: Somewhat. Tim mentioned the 1870's and 1880's

Khathu: how does everyone handle slave owners

vkn: I did not hear about that yet Seventies. Better turn to CNN

Daviss: I have not seen the post

Seventies: One of my co-workers is from Mobile and she was checking on facebook earlier. there is some serious damage.

vkn: I will check out the post Khathu

Daviss: serious damage?

Khathu: I don't add them to the family tree instead I add the slaveholding family to my database.

Seventies: okay That makes sense brb

Khathu: After all you are usually researching an entire family when you are doing slave era research

Daviss: were they added because they were related khathu meaning to the family Tree and known to be related?

di: i start another tree for mine and add a note to each connection

Daviss: you have a slave owner tree di? what about you vkn, what do you do?

vkn: On I list the suspected slaveholder as the "putative parent" and the not so funny is the number of white people who have signed on

Khathu: @Daviss I am not sure

vkn: They are showing their relation to Andrew and Sarah Bell

Khathu: I haven't run across a situation where the slave owner was rumored to be the father yet

Daviss: I see

di: i am kinda weird. i start a new tree for each major branch and i have started trees for each of the slave owners and i start trees for "possible" connection trees---like people living in the house listed as boarders or people who seem like they maybe the relative i am looking for and i am not sure.

Daviss: Have you ever connected a boarder to be a family member?

di: i have a rumored slave owner as being the father of a relative but thanks to my luck---the son and the mother are never found!

Khathu: I have Daviss The boarder was actually the father

Daviss: did they have the same last name khathu?

di: not yet Daviss --on the one i recently started..the reason i did it because once i started this new branch a relative was living with his sister but was listed as a boarder in relation to the head of household which was his brother in law. that got me curious and i have gone back to the few trees where i had a boarder in the house and am starting to dig

Khathu: In this case they had the same last name.

Seventies: Interesting. I've found family boarding in homes nearby. Or a cousin who was listed as a cousin of the HOH

vkn: and so have I Daviss in1930 and in 1940 the roles change. i will post to show the changes and the conflicting information.

di: i always wonder with the boarder situation in the rural south that it was possible that the person did not live in the main house and the "boarder" lived in an attatched dwelling such as the barn? just a random thought

Daviss: Ok because there is a Cuba Hailey living in the household of my Harrison County great grands but the name does not ever appear again

alt: I was catching up on the convo... very interesting trees vs databases

Seventies: Have you tracked Cuba, Daviss?

Khathu: so how do you handle the situation alt - database v. tree

vkn: Khathu I find the John Dorsey will discussed yesterday fascinating

Daviss: The name never appears again Seventies

Seventies: Anywhere on any census?

Daviss: nowhere

Seventies: Maybe he was one of the disappeared.

alt: I just have a database Khathu, the software will form the 'trees' as I make the family connections.

vkn: Was there a contest of the will Khathu

Daviss: I keep telling you about Harrison County Seventies lol

Khathu: Not that I am aware of vkn. I am still looking through the probate minutes.

Seventies: lol Maybe he left Harrison county??

alt: so Khathu as a result I have a datbase with over 23K individuals and they comprise many, many family trees

Daviss: 3 times Seventies the name does not appear anywhere lol

Khathu: The last entry was in 1888 and I am up to 1895, so I am very curious since then has been to final distribution of the estate

Seventies: okay okay! lol

Daviss: lol

di: alt what software are u using for this database?

alt: roots magic di version 5

Khathu: The last entry directed the executor to post notices on four public posts

di: ok.

alt: hello Selma

di: hi selma

Daviss: Hello Selma!

Khathu: and then has been no other action involving the estate

Selma: Afternoon folks...

Khathu: hello Selma is that common

vkn: A similar will was made by TOWNSEND of Madison County Alabama. The Black side of the family went to Ohio alt but never received their designated portion of the estate

Selma: Alt..wanted to make sure I told you congrats re: the will

alt: thank you Selma, as you can tell I'm quite excited

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: is what common Khathu?

vkn: You have every right to be alt

Khathu: for action on estate to be dormat for several years

Selma: Alt..did I read correctly that the Will was 50 pages long?

alt: yes Selma, but the 50 pages contain other estate papers, not just the Will.

Selma: Oh Ok..

vkn: In my research some estates are never finalized in probate

Selma: Khathu was the posting for other folks to "contest"?

alt: and yes Khathu a 'filed' estate can lay dormant for several years.

Khathu: @Selma to give people the opportunity to contest

Selma: Ok thats what I thought

Khathu: would that be the cause for the case being dormant

Daviss: strange happening with my puter right now. I can type but cant get my pointer from off the page

vkn: refresh daviss

Daviss: I did not even mention her so whats up with that how do I refresh?

Selma: (Thats what I was just thinking daviss.. LOL)

Daviss: lol selma is there a key to refresh vkn

alt: Khathu, I have seen where there is to be posted in the newspapers for 4 consecutive weeks a 'notice of filing' when a Will is to be probated when there are know to be heirs residing outside the area where the filing is to take place.

vkn: I use the command key and the R daviss

Seventies: Daviss press the right mouse button get the drop down menu select refresh and log back in

Selma: Oh thank you vkn...didn't know that..learn something everyday

alt: know=known

Daviss: it wont let me

vkn: I use the command key and the R daviss and it gives me a new window

Seventies: okay then let it correct itself.

Daviss: sheesh

Seventies: Or make sure your mouse is connected... lol

Selma: Then there is that seventies.. LOL

Daviss: the mouse is on the board

Seventies: K.I.S.S. lol

Selma: Ok what does that mean?

Khathu: Hopefully if some white heirs come forward it will help in my research of John Dorsey

Daviss: well, I guess I will just have to cut the whole computer off

Selma: Nothing like folks fighting over a get more info

Seventies: Keep it simple silly.. :) lol

Khathu: @alt when I examine the tax records I see that the sons are paying on the property

Selma: Thank you 70's I think I need a cheat sheet on my wall..with all these things listed

Seventies: Yep! That's why I'm so interested in this family who from my understanding is of no relation to me, but their property did end up in the hands of my GG grandfather.

alt: this is after their father died Khathu? .. paying the property taxes

Seventies: lol Selma

Khathu: Yes, alt

Daviss: #$$^)( later you all

Selma: What the heck does that mean daviss?? are you cussing

vkn: oops Octagon soap mouth wash for Daviss

Seventies: Ok wow. I really need to catch up on my own ancestry stuff. I'm looking now over the updates and WOW.

alt: I guess they were 'protecting' their interest in the property Khathu .. they 'knew' they were heirs and did not want to lose the property due to taxes being in arrears.

Khathu: okay

vkn: That may be a good question for the Bernice show tonight

alt: if the Will was not probated over a period of years and the taxes were not kept current then they could possibly lose the assets of the estate due to delinquent taxes.... that's my take on why they might continue to pay the property taxes

Seventies: I will make sure I listen to that show tonight. Gonna be a good one.

Khathu: that makes sense alt

vkn: I think so also seventies

Khathu: the will was probated though

alt: I think the question then is 'is the Will/Estate settled when it is probated'?

vkn: ...probably no final accounting?

alt: at the time of Probate, right vkn?

vkn: right

alt: or filing for probate

Khathu: that is a great question

vkn: That is how so many Black families lost their property in the South

alt: that's why I'm so interested in the Will I recently found.... the deceased was in California and his heirs were in Ohio and the time period was 1870's.

vkn: The United Methodist Church has a project to recover those properties probate was never opened in so many instances

alt: lost thru back taxes vkn?

vkn: Yes alt and no probate filed

Khathu: I am assuming since no one showed up to contest the will then the case must be closed

Daviss: {sigh}

Selma: Welcome back daviss

Daviss: thx sel

vkn: at least there needs to be a letter of administration for every death is my understanding

Selma: Maybe the final distribution is in the court records Khathu?

alt: okay.... our Adams family lost property in Ohio around the time of this ancestors death in 1871.... I think he was paying the taxes, probably from California,

Selma: I meant khathu

Khathu: because the notices were for people interested in contesting the will. They were supposed to show up in court on January 1888 I will call down to the courthouse to see if they have original probate documents i.e. loose papers

Selma: One of the families I research was part of an estate that was contested..slaves were sold, I don't know to who..but the final distribution of cash was listed in the court records

vkn: There must be some data on the number of probates not completed

Selma: They were listed in the inventory in the court records

alt: Selma, I have seen where when there were slaves to be sold the 'profits' were designated to go to the heirs in various amounts depending on what the deceased stated.

Selma: I believe many were sold within the county..I found them in 1870

alt: not sure if the money got to the right people in the right amounts tho'.

vkn: I know of a situation where unrelated fokes are harvesting and re planting timber in an unsettled estate

Daviss: Is there a way to get an immediate posting of a will here

vkn: and owner died about 1910

alt: could that be one of those case where folks owned the land, but not mineral or resource rights to what was on/under the land vkn?

vkn: Not sure alt but young fokes are making an effort to sell the land and there is a lien to be resolved

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day Bye

vkn: Will posted in forum daviss

alt: hmmn, that can be a headache vkn, getting all of the heirs to sign off on the selling of ancestral property.

di: i have not forgotten you daviss. i am still looking and still waiting on my parents answer on the kits they have.

vkn: indeed alt

Khathu: have a good today

Daviss: I have a lady that wants to put more than a few someplace

di: i was unable to take it to my uncle last week so now i am planning on next week, after christmas.

Daviss: sounds good di..I hope he will use it

vkn: Have her send to Allow about 7bdas for posting

alt: i understand this is one of the 'ploys' of land-grabbers is to get family's to squabble over land and to 'buy out' some of the heirs gaining majority rights and then selling the land from under the holdouts

di: yeah i am going to ask and do it right then if he says yes. i am not going to hand it over or wait. kinda a now or never..sad but ..

Daviss: I gather she has many that was collected over the years vkn

alt: well folks I'm outa here.. bye

Daviss: bye alt

vkn: sounds good daviss have her send one to test the working

Daviss: just dont let him eat or drink for 30 minutes di lol

vkn: including the time frame

Daviss: ok I will relay the msg

vkn: okies talk soon

di: well if the visit goes the way i want.. i will have him talking for about an hour! lol gots lots of questions but i will remember

Daviss: lol ok di that sounds like a winner....

di: alright well i better go to...i am looking up a few leads and looking at the forums for the next 28 minutes!

Daviss: ok take care bye

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