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2012-12-18 • "An 'inkling' of Blacks"


Start: 12:05:12
End: 12:57:42
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Khathu: Hello Daviss

Daviss: Hello Khathu! How are you/ ?

Khathu: I'm good and yourself

Daviss: hello alt!

Khathu: hello alt

alt: HI Daviss & Khathu, hope you both are doing well today.

Daviss: I am doing well thanks much

alt: yw partner LOL

Daviss: lol lol I am doubling up on my hello's lol Hows everyones research I have just been reading so nothing to report

Khathu: No new discoveries on John Dorsey

alt: ran into an interesting situation yesterday .. I'm helping a friend clear up a mystery as to the paternity of brothers (?) born between 1852 & 1859.... one brother's family has been 'passing' since the late 1800's and the other family has always self-identified as Black, although they could easily pass should they choose to do so.

Daviss: was this Ohio alt

alt: the question was brought up by some of those relatives who are/were passing and had an 'inkling' of blacks being in their ancestry

Daviss: inkling lol

alt: Yes Daviss. Ohio & Michigan

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss and khathu

Daviss: Selma hi!!

alt: two men... one who is black & the other who is 'white' took DNA tests and match on so many aspects that it is almost ridiculous.

Khathu: Hello Selma

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: So are they all joining hands singing.. Say it Loud I am Black and I'm proud

Daviss: lol

Khathu: @Selma - the will does list the sons as colored in addition, the father states that they were bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh

Selma: Wow...khathu

alt: Daviss, the one guy is 94% 'Euro' & 6% African, the other is 68% Euro & 30% African.

Khathu: have to run off to a meeting

Daviss: bye

alt: ain't that a testimony Selma!!!!

Selma: Jeez Khathu...

Daviss: yep to recognize back in the day

Selma: drop that info and than ran So do these 2 families acknowledge each other alt?

Daviss: He did not have any children by wife did he?

vkn: Good howdy to all

Selma: Afternoon vkn

Seventies: Hey y'all

Daviss: hello vkn and seventies!

Selma: Afternoon seventies

alt: some are accepting the fact of black in their ancestry, others are not so accepting .. the older ones who suspected, had an inkling do, but not the younger ones.

vkn: Alt Daviss Selma

alt: Hello Seventies

Selma: Umm...they have been "outed"

Daviss: strange for the younger ones you would think they would be more open

alt: I reckon Daviss, having black i your ancestry and having it documented/proven can be a major shock to some.

vkn: as in MAJOR

Seventies: Did anyone download the book "Lord God, Here Comes the Devil" Klu Klux Klan American Slave Interviews?

alt: Hello vkn how be's ya? LOL

vkn: bees good alt

alt: not me Seventies

Daviss: I have not Seventies. Never heard of the book

Seventies: BUT we have had to deal with having forced white ancestry as African-Americans.... who cares. It was a free e-book for kindle. Y'all should get the e-reader app so you can read some of these freebies.

vkn: Who is author of book seventies

alt: just having a discussion Seventies. not going to play the 'who cares' game.

Daviss: I don't even have a kindle

Seventies: Its from the WPA narratives Stephen Ashely compiled this book.

Selma: Were these interviews done with Klan members seventies?

Daviss: oh so they pulled out some of the goodies in each state

vkn: Is there a link Seventies

Seventies: No African-Americans who testified about the KKK

Selma: Oh...ok

Seventies: Beverly Harper posted on facebook in a few genealogy groups. let me look and see

Daviss: so alt, is this person you are helping also in your line?

alt: no Daviss, he is a cousin of Anita's.

Seventies: Get the app Daviss... Here is the link. The book is still free on Kindle.

Daviss: plus I am wondering if the guy I turned you on to, did you ever hook up? that was for you alt?

vkn: Are you getting a kindle Daviss

Seventies: Here is the Kindle App for Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems. There are TONS of free books on Amazon.

Daviss: not anytime soon vkn, I have a transmission to worry about now :(

alt: a 2nd cousin of Anita's ... yes Daviss, Mr. Wilson contacted me, but he has been too busy to really follow up with a discussion..... he still doesn't appear on my Ancestry matches by the name you gave me.

Daviss: that sure is strange alt isn't it?

Seventies: Okay wait, its only free for Prime members. But IF you get the app, I can loan it to you.

Selma: Your car troubles..sound like my appliance meltdowns over the past couple of months daviss

alt: sure is....

Daviss: yes Selma, very frustrating to a point

vkn: So now Selma everything is new?

Selma: Nothing new..focused on getting my Xmas gifts in the mail I am doing worse than I did last year..and I promised not to do that again..oh well

alt: you do have my address, right Selma?

Seventies: Well I have a meeting in a few.. so I'll talk to you all later.

Selma: Yes alt..I have your address... you want the Power Ranger or the Singing Barney

Daviss: lol lol

vkn: So now Selma everything is new? With all the reading you do Selma that Kindle Seventies is mentioning oughta be a winner

alt: either one .... Toys for Boys LOL LOL

Selma: I have a Kindle vkn..really can't get into it..I told you I am a paper person But maybe in 2013..I will try again

vkn: Well I do understand that

alt: when do Black males become "men" .. I was reading an article about my g-father's brother who got a commission in WW I at the age of 30 and the home town newspaper kept referring to him as a 'local colored boy'!!!!!

Daviss: Ha!

Selma: Folks..I have to run.. Have a great day

Daviss: ok Sel

vkn: Boys to men seems only in the movies alt

alt: bye Selma

vkn: What was the geo location alt

alt: I guess vkn, but the article was written in 1918 Urbana, Ohio vkn... think I'll post to the Military Forum w/images of the articles.

vkn: Well remember it was 1964 before WE began to grow up

Daviss: good idea alt

vkn: That will be excellent to do alt on forum

alt: this kind of article 'ticks' me off when I hear bout good old days & tradition/values on today's TV and read it in the newspapers.

vkn: Now that is the truth Tradition = "when we had slaves"

alt: yep!!!

Daviss: they have those ways now alt just coded

vkn: or "when colored people stayed in their place"

alt: thoughts on the 'new' Senator from SC?

Daviss: uncle new

vkn: Who is the new senator a Black publican?

Daviss: yep I forget what stupid comment he made

alt: that what I hear Daviss .. Clarence Thomas & Armstrong Williams wrapped in one.

Daviss: yep alt!!

vkn: I will check to see what The Root or The Griot has to say

alt: lets' see if he is elected when he has to run for the office.

vkn: Today I am scanning the children of Santa Barbara to post on Talking and Facebook

alt: in a State wide election great vkn!!!!

Daviss: He is straight tea party

vkn: oh he was appointed?

alt: yes, by the Governor

vkn: oh my

Daviss: just the other day vkn

vkn: I somehow missed that alt I listen less to TV

alt: you've been busy

vkn: bzzzzeeee is right Also going back through saved data for years back good stuff. Will repost some of it

alt: watch the candle vkn.... try burning it from only one end LOL lOL

vkn: lol lol lol it be burning from the middle

Daviss: lol

alt: Oops lol lol

Daviss: middle out

vkn: called equal opportunity lol

alt: I'll pass, that's too much opportunity for me.

vkn: lol lol Y'all be good

Daviss: u2

alt: you too

Daviss: and u3 alt

alt: well partner it's an early exit today, huh?

Daviss: I guess alt you get the chairs and I will get the lights

alt: gotcha

Daviss: take care

alt: bye

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