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2012-12-13 • School Records


Start: 12:14:44
End: 13:07:54
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: hi alt! I know...gotta get car towed sometime today...

alt: course there is never really a good time for bad news.

Daviss: I know

alt: wishing you the best

Daviss: whats up with you

Seventies: Hello Daviss and alt.

Daviss: thx alt hi there Seventies!

alt: not much, things are slow and nothing to be grumpy about Seventies, hello

Daviss: hahahaha thats a good thing alt

Seventies: lol I've been reading Ser Boxleys updates on facebook. Good stuff.

alt: maybe I can get in a good 'discussion' with the young'un LOL

Seventies: Are you going to pick on me today Mr. Thomas? :(

Daviss: any hits alt regarding someone who may look for your will in Sac?

alt: yes Seventies, Ser Boxley's postings are very informative

Khathu: hello

alt: yes I am Seventies, how's the gray hair doing today?

Seventies: Hello Khahtu... Wild! lol

Daviss: hello

alt: Hi Khathu

Seventies: Its like the unruly curl AND its gray.. lol

alt: not yet Daviss, no help in my hunt for the Will

Khathu: Hey Seventies, the lady from AZ sent me several pictures and a funeral program of my great grandfather's first cousin and her family

Seventies: Hey that's great!

Daviss: the only person I know who lives there is E T alt, have you checked with him?

Khathu: Daviss it was Otto Hutchinson's niece who sent me the info

Seventies: Daviss, are any of these folks in your genealogy group?

Daviss: which niece was that khathu?

Khathu: This has been a great week for genealogical research for me

alt: yes I have Daviss,... don't really want to bother a friend

Khathu: Lauren Hutchinson

Daviss: congrats Khathu

Khathu: maybe that is his cousin's daughter

Seventies: And I'm well... lol

Daviss: ok dont know her

alt: yes congrats Khathu

Khathu: I also hit gold at the D.A.R. in locating some family census record for 1890 which listed my gg grandfather Robert Easley.

Daviss: another Congrats khathu!

Khathu: that led me to finally locate his mother in the 1880 Census after looking for over 10 years for her

alt: wow, 1890, that;s a great find Khathu

Daviss: yes it was for 1890 where was this khathu?

Khathu: 1889-1896 to be exact Van zandt County, Texas

alt: 1890 census records are v ery hard and often difficult to locate.

Seventies: I believe that he used a school census alt. Daviss, do any of the counties you research in Texas have school schedules?

alt: okay Seventies, when I hear census I immediately think of federal census records

Daviss: the one in harrison County did not give names

alt: gotta broaden my perspective on census type records

Seventies: ah ok. In Mississippi they are Educable Records. But I thought that MS was the only state that had them.

alt: or at least understand what type of census record the person is talking about

Daviss: counties in Tx are all mixed up..especially mine

Seventies: yes seems as if there isn't much consistency. And records sometimes get destroyed.

alt: kinda like the marrige thing...difference between an application, record, license,

Seventies: right. I used the MS Educable census to help track down descendants. Most of them are still alive today.

alt: really!!!!!!

Seventies: Yes. My mom, my aunts and uncles, a cousin who lives just down the road from us. I'm talking about people who are in their 60's

alt: what years does this record set cover?

Seventies: From the late 1800's to the 1950's

alt: I don't know if Ohio has an equivalent type of record set

Seventies: But the years are sporadic...

alt: wow, that's a great resource.....what types of data are included?

Khathu: i'm back

Daviss: Harrison County has very few records that help me..I have had more success in Grimes Co

alt: welcome

Seventies: Names of parents, where they live, age parent/guardian

alt: that's good stuff Seventies

Seventies: The MS set goes to 1957 alt

Khathu: The school records are called family census which listed all school age children in the household as well as the parents name

Daviss: Do you happen to know what counties have the family census khathu?

alt: okay, I'll check for a cousin whose mother is/was from Rankin Co.

Khathu: they started keeping the records in the late 1850s

Seventies: In Mississippi its called Enumeration of Educable Children Angela mentioned a few years ago here, and I was glad to see that it is an online resource.

Khathu: most of the counties should have them a lot of them are not microfilmed and most counties only have them beginning in the 1920s

alt: I had heard of the record set, but didn't realize it extended into the mid-1900's. lesson learned for today LOL LOL

Seventies: One of the counties I am looking for these school census records is maintained in Louisiana. And family search doesn't have this information online. Hi Selma

Daviss: khathu when you go back can you see if harison county is included

alt: hello grandma ....great photo of you & the lil darlin's

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and seventies Thank you alt..

Daviss: hi Sel

Khathu: check out this site to see which county has them - Daviss, you will probably have to contact the county clerk's office to see where they are located since I do not see them as being microfilmed

alt: I gotta put up a photo of great-grandchild # 10 ... born 8 Dec 2012, a girl

Daviss: thx khathu

Seventies: It really freaks me out that you're a great grandfather, alt. 70's is kind of young. IMO. My dad is your age.

Khathu: the records are also called scholastic census but they were a part of the office of the superintendent of schools

Seventies: And we are LONG way from having any great grands or grands... lol

alt: well, I'm at the long end of the 70's Seventies .....only 1 more year before I hit 80.

Seventies: oh okay My dad will be 78 in about a month. My children are 16 and my niece is 2 and nephew 3... lol

alt: good man, wish him the best from another old-timer LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: I started early in my 20's.. lol My brothers after 30

Selma: Do they have their driver's license yet seventies

Seventies: No working on it though Selma. You missed my comment about my gray hair... lol

alt: my kids range in age from 48-55, grqndkids 23-31 great grands from 1 week to 12 y/o.

Selma: Well yes..that contributed to a number of my grey hairs seventies.. LOL Sounds like a great record set Khathu

alt: my kids range in age from 48-55, grqndkids 23-31 great grands from 1 week to 12 y/o. Oops

Selma: So nice you had to say it twice.. LOL

Seventies: My grandfather who is 93, love him lots, has a few great-great grands.

alt: that's great Seventies,

Seventies: Back to school records. I wonder when our school records will be released?

alt: well, a lot of HS are placing their yearbooks on line

Selma: Hopefully after we are gone..then we don't have to explain stuff to our kids

Seventies: Yes and selling them online too

Selma: Yearbooks are one thing..grades are something else.. LOL

Seventies: lol I plead the fif! lol

alt: for sure Selma

Selma: LOL

Daviss: you can go get your transcripts for a small fee ok talk later

Selma: Thats Ok daviss..I remember what I did..LOL

Khathu: I have a lot of microfilm to order from Salt Lake

alt: can I get a loan ... just sent out over $200.00 worth of genealogy society renewals don't everyone volunteer at once LOL

Selma: are worse than me alt

Seventies: WHEW!!!

Selma: I think I have to pay my AAHGS dues tonite

Seventies: I don't even want to talk about the time I sent $200 to an organization. :{

alt: pay up Selma!!!

Selma: To ONE? Yes I will alt..always do

Seventies: Yes ONE. Lesson learned... lol

alt: wow, most of mine are in the 25.00 range

Seventies: It was a professional organization work related.

Selma: Oh Ok

Khathu: wow,,,,i haven't even thought about the membership fees yet

Seventies: Alright, I have to get back to work. . .

alt: the request for renewal are in the mail Khathu lol

Seventies: and listening to my music....

Selma: National AAHGS is 35.. Think ASALH is due too Well time for me to run Have a great day folks

alt: okay, y'all take care

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