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2012-12-12 • Writing A Query


Start: 12:07:50
End: 13:23:48
Chatters: alt, Daviss, di, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon Daviss.

Daviss: Good afternoon to you also Seventies! You caught me reading your post regarding Ms sorry not you it was L T Hello alt!

Seventies: LOL LT's post makes sense.. the entire thread reads like some new first time researcher. Hi alt!

Daviss: lol @ Seventies

alt: hello ladies Daviss & Seventies

Seventies: Why SEVENTIES stays away from the boards.

Daviss: How are you doing today alt! well Seventies may have a point lol

Seventies: People know so d@mn much, then why post these questions... smh

Daviss: mabe they want vetrification :o verification

alt: old nosy alt wants to know.... what message & which board?

Seventies: FOR???? The question was stupid anyways. Did you pay $200 for your marriage certificate?? Why would the state want to prevent black marriages in 1874 and 1893??? THINK!! On Our Black Ancestry on Facebook alt.

alt: oh, okay .. not one of my 'ususal' reads ... thanks

Khathu: Hello

Seventies: Hi Khathu

alt: Hello Khathu

Daviss: If you think about it Seventies, some folks not aware of Marriage Bonds hello khathu

alt: sounds like they have a marriage bond surety confused

Daviss: and its a shock to them

Seventies: Well then why if someone gives you valid information you scoff? Married people should be aware of the fees associated with getting married!

Daviss: not sure alt, I was just reading it..I think the original post stated $200.00

Khathu: what post are we discussing

Seventies: Moving on....

Daviss: 1871 and 1874 in Mississippi

alt: but you don't pay the 200.00 ..... only if the marriage does NOT take place, right?

Daviss: thats what I assumed alt....

Seventies: So Khathu, how is your research going?? Mine is pretty slow right now. Just prepping for this trip next week.

alt: Seventies, be a little more patient with those of us with lesser knowledge than you

Daviss: I know the bond in Ark was $100.00

Seventies: The rule I go by is, work with what you know. If you're married, you should know.

Khathu: Mine has piqued in the last week

alt: you should know the laws of each County & State for "eternity" (?)))))

Seventies: hi vkn

Daviss: hello vkn!

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: Howdy seventies and all

Khathu: I discovered a few new families, clarified some info and located a probate file on Lorenza Williams

Seventies: Oh you did! What kind of information were you able to learn about Lorenza Williams?

alt: sounds as if you're getting back into the groove Khathu

Khathu: Plan on leaving work a little early today to head over to D.A.R. before my appt at 4pm.

vkn: Howdy to one and each and all

Khathu: Just when he died 28 Apr 1926 and the value of his estate. His wife listed their daughter as the only surviving child of his.

Daviss: alt, I found a Marriage record for daughters paternal line where the father in law put up the bond

Khathu: So my quest to confirm paternity continues

Daviss: then the brother in law put up the bond for the next marriage rather the next marriage for one of the sisters

Seventies: I can see that could be what they thought at the time Khathu.

Khathu: @Seventies, especially since it was from a prior marriage/relationship

alt: Daviss, I'm not really 'up on" how marriage Bonds/Banns & surety works and why one goes thru that process.

Daviss: ok alt

Seventies: right... best of luck on the quest Khathu.

Khathu: which quest? i have tons of them

Seventies: LOL The Lorenza Williams paternity quest!

vkn: Banns to check out possible impediments

Seventies: I know the feeling.

Khathu: I also located a gg grandfather in the 1910 with his 3rd wife was it his 4th wife

alt: I just read an interesting case on heirs and who could inherit when a person had children in different marriages/relationships... some interesting stuff

vkn: Bonds to pay if he/she does not show lol

alt: right vkn, thanks

Daviss: isn't Banns just an announcement or engagement vkn

Seventies: alt one of my favorite shows is The Will: Family Secrets Revealed.

vkn: Not in my church daviss lol

Seventies: When folks have a large estate people come out of the woodworks.

Daviss: ok vkn

Khathu: Seventies the estate file I was looking at yesterday was over 200 pages from Leon County, Florida

Seventies: wow...

alt: One of my best finds was because of the lack of a Will... Estate had to be settled "intestate" and much information came out about family structure.

Khathu: I am so happy it was online and I did not have to pay to have copies sent to me

Seventies: Oh BTW Khathu still looking at MS probate records.. nothing yet.

alt: that was a 'gift' Khathu

Khathu: courtesy of family search

alt: wonderful Khathu !!!!!

Daviss: pretty soon family search will have all their records online good for them

alt: The AfriGeneas Forums have kind of slowed down a bit.... hope it is just for the holidays and not a continuing trend.

vkn: ebb and flow alt. I an glad to see your message

alt: you mention D.A.R. Khathu .... do you have a Rev War connection/possibilty to check out? yw vkn.....

Khathu: Not that I am aware of alt. I go there sometimes and do research

alt: ah so..... okay Khathu, I wasn't aware of the depth of their reources.

Daviss: is it like going to a history center or library?

vkn: I see Francis Stephens is signing in after we are gone

Khathu: is like going to a genealogy or family history library that specializes in both county and state histories

Daviss: what time zone is she in vkn?

vkn: The Tom Jefferson discussion is getting "old" no idea daviss

Khathu: they have acquired books from various genealogical societies at the state and local levels. you can browse their holdings by going to and if you see anything let me know and i can go by there and make copies for you.

Daviss: do they have interlibrary loans khathu? oh ok thanks

alt: yep vkn...... folks fighting over their perspective of TJ as man, politician, slaveholder, etc.

Daviss: How much are the copies Khathu?

vkn: and almost any guess is good it seems

Khathu: 10c or 25c They did not have an inter-library loan

alt: Khathu, have you ever run into Hollis Gentry at the D.A.R. library?

Khathu: I ran into her once a few years back I am just going to make a few copies of the marriage books for Smith and Van Zandt Counties, Texas

alt: is that right.. she seems like a very personable & very helpful lady.

Khathu: There are not a lot of us researching at D.A.R.

Daviss: Khathu do they have a "C" in the books or are they separate

Khathu: Smith and Van Zandt Counties did not separate their marriage records based on race

alt: I can imagine Khathu . we did some work for a local D.A.R. chapter on an AA from Urbana, OH and submitted the papers to the Library.

Khathu: They have other records and resources. I guess most people never think of them as a repository

alt: hello di

Khathu: hello di

di: hi all

Daviss: hi there di!!

alt: I know I didn't Khathu

Daviss: di I sent you message regarding DNA kits

Khathu: I only discovered them through a workshop

Daviss: well thanks for the tip khathu

alt: I figured they just had 'vertical files' on those families who were requesting membership into the D.A.R. yes, thank for the tip Khathu

Daviss: mabe they will have something on the counties I search

alt: how are your workshop plans progressing di?

Khathu: I just purchased The Slave Laws of Texas edited by Randloph Campbell and Bound Away

Daviss: I love Campbell Bound Away?

Khathu: His work is required reading for all Texas researchers I forgets the author's name but it is dealing with the migration into, within and out of Virginia

alt: I didn't realize just how big Texas and the possible expanison of slavery into the southwest & west was until recently watching some programs on the subject on C-Span.

Daviss: I do have his book A Southern Community in Crisis It took me about 5 yrs to get it lol

Khathu: One of my slaveholding family is mentioned and quoted in the book - Bound Away

alt: that's some good primary source documentation Khathu or a good resource to follow up for primary documentation.

Khathu: The documentation (letters in this case) are housed at the Moody Mansion in Galvestion, Texas

Daviss: David Fisher according to Amazon

Khathu: I have to schedule an appointment to conduct research in their archives

alt: is Moody a 'private' library?

di: slowly progressing alt...i made a flyer and i am going to take it to the library later this week since i was unable to speak to him on monday. and i am going to have a copy of the handouts and the presentation and outline to show him as well.

Khathu: W. L. Moody wrote his brother in 1853, encouraging them to come out to Fairfield, Texas due to the quality of land and cheap slaves

di: Daviss i did see the message and am still looking for the other two kits and i just talked to my mom and she said she will let me know by the end of the week if they are goign to use thier two

Khathu: Yes, it is. At the end of slavery, W. L. Moody left the cotton industry and went into the banking industry becoming one of the wealthiest 1% of the Great State of Texas

alt: wonderful di.... you're coming at this person not only with a suggestion, but a plan for implementation of your concept... that's great!!!!!

Daviss: great, di and they also have a sale on now for $99.00

di: still too rich for my blood in december,,,maybe around april. lol but i am going to defiantly send in these kits like i said i have a few floating

Daviss: I did not see when the sale will end Khathu there is a book about Banking in Harrison County but I forgot who wrote it

Khathu: okay, i will look for it

di: alt yes that was my plan, to have him give me a solid yes or no. no in betweens because the flyer is made, the press release is made for the neighborhood papers, and i thought of including the library's website in the workshop and mention of some of the books and have them in the room at the time of the workshop so the library would be tied in!

Daviss: I sure need to find it because it may give me a clue as to who paid for my great grandfathers schooling

vkn: howdy di

alt: Moody sounds like this Filson guy in KY ... In Louisville there is the private Filson Club which is very rich in KY/VA history. you got it 'going on', di LOL

vkn: Daviss would the school records show

di: hi vkn how are you doing this 12-12-12 day

Khathu: Have a great day everyone

Daviss: For some reason vkn the school records for that time are lost

vkn: hmmmmmm AME?

Daviss: no, Baptist

alt: is today (12th) supposed to be the end of the world, or is it the 21st? according to the Mayan's

Daviss: think its the 21st alt

vkn: school name daviss

Daviss: Bishop College vkn

alt: okay, good thing I got a haircut yesterday... I wnt to look nice when the end comes LOL LOL

di: alt---got me i just like that it is a repetitive date!

Daviss: make sure all your bills are paid alt

alt: I'm gonna do the Daviss LOL LOL

Daviss: you don't want to come back as a butterfly and have to wing it lol lol lol

vkn: ahhhhh okies Audrey Battiste has a wealth of books one of her grandfathers was a bishop

di: i have not said it lately but I love the AfriGeneas Family!!!!!!!!!!

Daviss: they are alright in my book also di!!

vkn: and we love you as represented in this room di

alt: I accept the compliment on behalf of the Family di ... LOL LOL LOL and back atcha

di: honestly over the years i jumped in many genealogy chat rooms never stayed or returned but here i always return. i may not be as active as i use to be but i have learned more about the site and searching it and the posts that i find!!!!

Daviss: vkn Paul Quinn (AME) took over Bishop after moving to Dallas but they did not have any records di, home is where the heart is

alt: di, on your qualification question from the other day.... I went to APG website looking for a 'professional' genealogist.... I saw some familiar names on their list that now I really question what a professional genealogist is.

Daviss: gotta run ya'all chat later

di: alt ok i guess that makes me feel better

alt: well, guess it's my time to skedaddle... y'all take care & keep on pushing di.

di: yes Daviss yes it is...and i do consider this room full of "country homebodies" in a good way because i always say this room greets everyone new as if they are in person in the south....who ya people is, where dey from! i love it will do have a good day

vkn: okies

di: have a good day as well vkn. i am out to work on schedules

vkn: okies

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