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2012-12-10 • Race, Color, Culture • Begin


Start: 12:22:48
End: 13:42:35
Chatters: alt, bbenn, di, garland, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon alt and vkn

alt: hope y'all had a good weekend and are ready for a full week of activity.

vkn: It is full already

alt: oh, oh LOL

vkn: Did y'all see the Soledad O'Brien documentary

alt: not yet vkn, is this a 'new' one?

vkn: Yes aired last night "Who is Black In America"

alt: okay, I saw something along this same story line she did last year.

vkn: Talking about the one drop

Seventies: ugh

alt: oh, okay... that's a 'tricky' situation re: one drop

vkn: It was a tear jerker to hear a 6 year old express how badly she wanted to have "light" skin"because its pretty" Howdy Garland

alt: we can remember those 'ad's" quite well vkn for 'bleaching creams" that appeared in AA newspapers in magazines.

garland: Hello

alt: Hello garland, welcome

vkn: garland howdy

Seventies: hi garland. Long time no see.

garland: Hello Alt, Vkn, Seventies

vkn: Yes alt and plenty was sold I think it was Nadinola ?

alt: yep vkn, that and for hair rtraightener's.

garland: hair "conk"

vkn: Garland I have been missing you

alt: you got it garland, I call it that 'patent leather' look LOL

garland: I have been reverse engineeting the SWLA CD expensive CD but the search feature limits the use of the data

vkn: Conk was Lye

garland: I was born during the afro era, missed conking

vkn: reverse engineering?

garland: yeah, i got into the application and transferred the records out of it and saw how it was built

vkn: Super Fly lol

alt: oh how 'we' treated ourselves & our features to be 'pretty'..... what a shame. looking back on those days

garland: plus the application does not use soundex for searching

alt: wow, that sounds technical garland

vkn: The prob is that nothing much has changed alt

alt: good luck and best wishes garland

garland: been thinking about this project for over 5 years, it's coming together

alt: now that's persistence garland, good to hear "you've got it"

vkn: Garland are you familiar with the Horde mail client?

garland: yes having problems?

vkn: Indeed it has changed so much

Seventies: I skipped the who's black in America... I have better things to do than to fret over my own racial identity. That's a done deal.

garland: me too, I'm black and I know it

vkn: Alt and all we need more discussion on the color of skin topic

Seventies: Good luck with your publication Garland.

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

alt: hello bbenn

garland: thanks

Seventies: hi bbenn

vkn: HHowdy bbenn

garland: Hi Bbenn I switched to gmail for all my mail needs, channel all my email addresses to it

vkn: bbenn what did you think of the documentary last night bbenn what did you think of the documentary last night

Seventies: hi di

alt: Seventies, nice that you can so 'causually' cast aside your ethnic composition, many of us can't ... or won't.... yet we still know who & what are historically and culturally.

bbenn: I was not happy to see how some of the individuals spoke of being darker skin as if it was some type of disease. Really hated to see the little girl speak of her blackness as being bad.

alt: hello di, good to 'see' you.

Seventies: alt, I'm not casually casting aside my racial composition. My ethnic group is African-American, as is my culture. I will be the first person to admit that I had one or two non-black ancestors. But how does that shape me when I grew up in a very African based culture??

di: good afternoon all

Seventies: No one will ever confuse me for anything other than African descended. I'm fine with that.

vkn: bbenn yes that wastragic with the child bbenn

alt: it doesn't change you and that is a long dicussion Seventies of who we are IMHO.

Seventies: Its about WHO I AM. Not my ancestors per se.

bbenn: My mixed race grandchild should have been on that show. She is so into her blackness...

Seventies: there are other issues with this as well.

alt: really Seventies, okay then why the quest for family history, genealogy, DNA and the whole bag if it isn't important.... just asking, not arguing.

bbenn: What was the point of the show?

vkn: Culture or Color or both

Seventies: I strongly believe that this has more to do with Soledad O'Brien trying to prove her own 'blackness' and assert herself. That sounds like her own PERSONAL issue. alt, everyone has their own personal journey and family story. Mine happens to be African-American. I started based on wanting to know my family history after researching AA and African world history. My story has to do with wanting to know how history of my own family.

alt: okay Seventies, I see & I have no problem with your approach an quest for YOUR family information

vkn: bbenn focusing on being "OTHER" when one cannot check the white or the black box

garland: lol

Seventies: glad to hear that alt.

alt: you're welcome Seventies and I mean it with all of my heart.

vkn: and as seventies said Soledad sorting out her own identity

Seventies: Believe it or not there are some African folks who have no European ancestry.

alt: oh, I believe it, no doubt!!!

bbenn: My grandmother use to just say that we place too much emphasis on skin color and not enough on the character of the person. Growing up in New Orleans brought a mixed bag of issues regarding race.

garland: that would make sense since the origins of man are in Africa

Seventies: But some things are best left in private and not projected onto the rest of us.

garland: gonna trace my roots back to african lucy lol

vkn: I am sure that NOLA did/does bbenn

di: i have a question of you seasoned and experts here in the room...(all of you) what qualities should a workshop facilitatior have to hold a beginners genealogy workshop

vkn: I grew up as a Negro. Color was no part of my childhood identity

alt: when I research the history of my black & also mixed race ancestors in the period prior to the CW and the things they endured as both enslaved and FPOC I have nothing but pride for all of them ... and I have really done nothing, or at least not much, in the advancement of MY people of color.

bbenn: Workshop facilitator:

vkn: Good question di

Seventies: Are you looking to hold a workshop di?

vkn: 1. Knowledge of the subject

alt: qualities to expertise di?

bbenn: Knowledge of the subject, ability to organize a coherent presentation,

Seventies: I agree with bbenn

bbenn: Ability to communicate and relate to the audience. Have a great day folks, today is my last day working at the FHC and I need to tell everyone farewell.

Seventies: have a good one bbenn

alt: that can be tough di..... in my experience most 'beginner's workshops" quickly become too involved in approaches that are beyond the 'beginner's" concept.... they ten to go too fas too soon..... a 'good' facilitor will be able to somewhat slow the process and cover beginning necessities ... if that makes sense.

di: i was thinking about holding one. but i am just playing around with the idea in my head

garland: you can probably find an outline online

di: i am second guessing myself due to the lack of affiliations. and credentials i have presented workshops on other topics before so i do not believe my ability and preparation will be a problem

alt: IMHO you don't need either, but as bbenn stated organizing skills are most important.

vkn: How many ways can you say start with your self etc. many beginners see to want to start at the end and come forward

alt: and it is often more 'user friendly" when the facilitator appears to be learning with the students as the workshop prgresses.

vkn: ...and remove self doubt and do it di

alt: exactly vkn

di: alt that is kinda why i want to do it.

vkn: Garland I need a Horde walk thru

alt: I say 'go for it' with what you've got di.... garland suggested finding a good beginner's outline found on AfriGeneas ... and go from there.

Seventies: Time for me to get back to work. I'll be heading off on vacation on the 21st. Its only 10 days away! Excited!

vkn: Yeah seventies

alt: take care Seventies

Seventies: thanks! take care all.

di: i have told my story here a million times. i was researching at the wrong level for so many years because the beginning was already done for me all i had were my moms brick walls. i have started any friends of mine who would give me thier grandmothers names tree just so i can learn as a beginner! i am currently working on 6-8 trees right now just to keep learning a new skill and resource.

alt: hehehehehe .. had to get my usual 'jab & tease' in with Seventies .. she's a strong willed young lady, gotta love her.

garland: I use a web program that allows me to separate family trees, plus individual members can login and add data

di: what program is that garland?

garland: phpGedView ( plus it allows multimedia the data can also be transferred back and fourth to any other genealogy program forth that is

vkn: Sounds similar to Tribal Pages garland ?

di: i will look into it. most of the people whos tree i am working on don't care about the day to day....some don't wanna know unless i find something "interesting".

garland: I didn't think tribal pages did different family trees in one website

alt: di, when I did beginner's workshops i really just started with 3 forms ... 1. an individaul summary sheet 2. a family group sheet & 3. a pedigree chart ande just went from there ... on what to search for on each person included in the charts.

vkn: alt is the TP expert

di: that was kinda my idea too. i want to expand a lil into the resources we have available to us right in the neighborhood and city/area.

alt: how long (time) do you anticipate your workshop.. 1 session, 1 day, several days, weeks< etc>????

garland: what State are you Alt? I mean DI

di: 1 session to start but then i thought it would be cool to expand if there was an interest. i want to do it right here at the two libraries in my neighborhood i am in philadelphia pa

alt: there are several online sites that have a 'summary form' on what data to collect and when to look for specific types of data for each person.

garland: most libraries have heritage quest I think, plus i think the 1880 census is good because it's free and it's avail on internet state libraries have county vitals in hardbound from what I've found

alt: If you feel comfortable with sharing your information di, it would be nice to use your FG Sheets & Pedigree charts expalining how, when, why & where you acquired each piece of data for your ancestors.

garland: Dr. James Rose has a good outline in his second book, I particularly like his brief talk about black migrations

di: we have access to heritage quest and all library databases online thru the website (in library or from home), there is a lds center right here nearby this neighborhood, the african american genealogy group meets here in west philly, three universities are here in the neighborhood,

garland: I wish someone would digitize the 1870 census instead of just the index

alt: do you use familysearch and/or Ancestry garland?

di: so what i gather from my virtual genealogy family is go ahead and do it, even if i do not have "credentials" yet--maybe after taxes

garland: i agree

alt: you bet di ... Go for it!!!!!!

garland: Just Do It (Nike, add swosh here)

alt: and best wishes di...

vkn: Ditto GO FOR IT

garland: plus if you stay in a holiday in the night before, it's suppose to help

alt: well, it's skedaddle time for me.. y'all take care.

garland: Have a good day

vkn: bye al

di: well hopefully it will be a good genealogy month for me! I am going to ask my mothers paternal and maternal uncles for a sample for a dna test. and i am working with an after school program to develop a genealogy activity for the kids to do on the internet and computer, and i want to do one of these genealogy workshops at the library before new year (at library now about to talk to the librarian)! thanks

garland: that sounds great DI

vkn: and you can practice your workshop skills on us Have a good rest of it di and take all care

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