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2012-09-30 • Conference Planning


Start: 11:52:30
End: 13:06:22
Chatters: alt, Atlanta, Daviss, keli1, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Howdy alt and how is alt this morning

alt: hi vkn, doing fine, you

vkn: Not too bad The boards have something of an upgrade So you have the option to quote from the message you are responding to

Atlanta: using 2 devices today Update done on including AAH. Quote button is below text area on response forms. To work properly your browser must load new CSS and JavaScript files. If it fails, then hold SHFT key while pressing F5, then hold CTRL key while pressing F5. Either of these should force the browser to flush its cache.

vkn: The above is a note from Rainer on using the upgrade and so is the below

keli1: Good morning to alll!

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyy Keli long time What are you up to these days keli1 Are you presenting at these upcoming conferences?

keli1: Nothing much...same old same old, heehee deep into research

vkn: Alt is on phone

keli1: I just finished at ASALH, that was interesting, but yes will be presenting at AAHGS

vkn: and how is the research coming? Is it family or academic or a bit of both?

keli1: how are you doing?

vkn: Managing but sometimes slow lol What was the crowd like for ASALH nd how was your presentation recd

keli1: As long as you are still moving you are doing well...

Atlanta: Are you pleased with how it went and what was your topic

keli1: Crowd I think was good, but just too many sessions, if you got more than 5-10 people in your session it was rare-I chaired one session and two of the presenters did not show...but all was well received Yes I was pleased with my session and the questions that followed

vkn: LOL making those first unlocking morning moves are difficult but then it all smooths out

keli1: 175 sessions

vkn: wow 175 at your session ?

keli1: my topic was on Dr. Florence Crim Robinson-her life, her accomplishments, etc..

vkn: 00ps Understanding better about 175 ok

keli1: yes 175 different sessions, I don't know how many people attended, but they also had some evening sessions

vkn: I was telling AYW that I thought their marketing was super outstanding

keli1: I attended one evening session and probably had the most people in the audience than any session/15, I was so proud to see a young AA 4th yr student from UVA present her paper on Dessa Rose yes the marketing was good...I would agree...

vkn: Sounds wonderful

alt: whew!!! an old friend from Indianapolis called

keli1: I will attend another one... Hi Art..

alt: hi keli1

vkn: It is just so hard when all of these conferences are scheduled at the same time

Atlanta: Needs some stragecic planning

keli1: yea that is true, sept and oct are tough, I guess cause they don't compete with other conferences, sports, etc.. and off tourist seasons.

Atlanta: Howdy Seventies

Seventies: Hello all! keli1 thank you for the FB reminder!

keli1: hi soulchile

vkn: Howdy seventies

keli1: you are welcome...

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: I am still caught up in trying to finalize music for an African music CD. Lots of work Hi alt, Atlanta, vkn, keli1

keli1: I did not know you were into music, how exciting

vkn: Nothing works without work seventies

keli1: Atlanta, you are correct...

Seventies: Looking for music to play at my Africa table. Yes I've totally claimed responsibilty for it! lol exactly vkn I dug up my artwork. Lots of it it Ethiopian because of my years in Italy.

keli1: @ Atlanta Dr. Florence Robinson was at Clark Atlanta U.. do you need some soulfull hip hop to add?

Seventies: alt just want to let you know you are truly a gentleman... nice response to George Geder's post about Hiram Revels on Facebook. I was hot after reading the first resposne.

vkn: What is the essence of the post seventies or of the initial response

alt: yeah, me too Seventies ..... I know of too many blacks/african americans during slavery who were 'literate' FPOC & slaves.

Seventies: What we discussed last night about the biography of Hiram Revels.

vkn: ohhhhh ok I missed last night

Seventies: Did I ever tell you that my cousins are also Lynches? They look so much like John Lynch. They are related to me on my Thompson/Galmore line.

keli1: I missed that as well..

alt: about literacy being 'illegal' for blacks vkn .... heck it was 'illegal' for blacks to run away from slavery, but that didn't stop them or the workings of the UGRR.

keli1: my folks were free and some were literate

vkn: True

Seventies: right alt. TY.

vkn: and literate has many definitions

Seventies: Bottom line is that it was illegal for the enslaved to learn to read and the environment made it difficult for the 'FREE' to learn to read as well.

alt: listening to Bernice's thurs nite show while chatting.

vkn: Many literate peeps are not grammatically correct

Seventies: I'm listening to music to download. Right now I'm in Chad... :} I've been working on this all weekend! Africa is hugely diverse. even more than I think some of us African descended folks realize.

vkn: Seventies are you listening for music from "The Rain Forest"

Seventies: No, on youtube and soundcloud Listening to random stuff based on country/region

vkn: I see The Baaka people you may consider adding seventies

Seventies: ok Right now listening to something by the Baggara people of Nigeria, Chad and Sudan

alt: hello Daviss

Seventies: Mornin' Daviss

vkn: Good Sunday Daviss and how are you being and doing

Daviss: Good morning alt, Atlanta, Keli1, seventies how's it going

Seventies: good

Daviss: and vkn hi there

vkn: and what is this thing you are doing seventies and when and where will it happen

Seventies: Tuesday night 6 - 8:30 at Eisenhower Hall.

Daviss: alt I gave a new found person the link to your TP

Seventies: My son Nairobi has offered to come and help me. I didn't even ask!

keli1: Hi Vicki!

alt: wondrfulf Daviss & Thank you!!!!!

Daviss: Hi keli1

Atlanta: Sounds great Seventies

Daviss: you and she share

keli1: how is Mariah doing? @Daviss

Seventies: in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lol lol

Atlanta: Seventies talking with a lady from Sampson ? County MS wants to start a Black group there

keli1: Well you know we all have a Mariah in our line! While I was on the train I wrote up a chart on my genealogy challenges, just in case I missed them in a time line

Seventies: Okay. Simpson Co. isn't in my area, but in I believe northern central MS.

keli1: she might of missed my comment

Seventies: lol hey Daviss!

Daviss: just kidding lol

Seventies: Atlanta, does she have a group of interested poeple as of yet?

vkn: I will keep you informed as we proceed Seventies

Seventies: okay

vkn: Yes she does about 6 people

Seventies: oh great! Hopefully she can get something up on facebook after they get started good. I would love to follow

Daviss: Is this a new Ms researcher or a new start-up

vkn: No but she is a retired school teacher

Seventies: I'm really really thinking that there should be an Adams Co. MS AA research group. I don't know why there isn't. There are TONS of people on Afrigeneas alone who are researching the county

keli1: Seventies you can start it up!

vkn: currently she and her group of 6 are documenting Black Cemeteries

Seventies: keli1 I would love to.

Daviss: vkn is she doing that in the Atlanta Area?

Seventies: I will put it on my bucket list. I already keep in touch with all of the folks doing the history of the county and my cousin sits on the NAPAC board as well.

vkn: Seventies there are study groups out of Chicago

Seventies: I'm sure there are. Probably out of TX as well.

alt: and it doesn't have to be anyhting formal Seventies ... why not share contact points, areas of interest and start and informal 'study group' talking about records & resources for the State over various time periods.... with NO particular suranmes.

Daviss: alt, this new found shares dna with you as well as her brother and cousins

vkn: No daviss in Simpson Cnty MS we are using evoice to chat

Daviss: OIC thanks

Seventies: I just wish I could find ONE online lol

vkn: and so we will initiate an AfriGeneas there

alt: please have her contact me Daviss \

Seventies: oh speaking of voice chat, what about the program that you were testing a while ago vkn?

Daviss: she also shares with bearnut

vkn: and so we will initiate an AfriGeneas group there

alt: got me excited Daviss LOL .. I need the who, what, when, where ????? LOL

Daviss: she would be in your larger segment alt lol lol

keli1: me too, it was interesting to have the option of presentations like legacy at our mists with AfriGeneas

vkn: Still trying to get it going seventies will need your help. I think I took too big of a bite so swallowing is difficult

Daviss: uh oh, so you changed from a plate to a platter huh vkn lol

keli1: my son is for hire, if you need love tht plate for platter...

Seventies: If you have a date in mind please let us (Daviss, Seventies, Selma, Sedalia, alt) know. or anyone else who wants to participate. I think we can get it down.

vkn: okies

alt: presentations ... did I see where NGS has extended there CFP thru the end of OCT ?. for the 2013 conference.

keli1: yes I think I saw the same thing Art, I was not selected for 2013, but happy I made it for 2012. vkn, let me know if you need affordable consultation

vkn: thanx

alt: not sure Las vegas is the place for a genealogy conference.. at least for me LOL LOL

Seventies: What do y'all think of this. Skip the ad... lol

vkn: thanx no budget at this point but looking for a sponsor

Daviss: oh alt, what conference will be there Now I would like that lol

vkn: Will call you keli1 and tell me about your son seventies

alt: NGS for 2013 Daviss

Daviss: Is that open for everfyone or do you have to be a member?

vkn: Keli and seventies send vkn a brief proposal VERY brief lol

keli1: lol..sure...

Seventies: lol I thought that you wanted to try to use the software again. I'm offering to help you beta test. :)

keli1: but would need to know the full aspects of what you want to do. good seventies..

vkn: The tab is running but configuration is lousy. What is a good time to call

keli1: it will be awesome when it is up and running!

alt: keli1, do you know Marlene Branson from Pittsburgh? Was she at ASALH?

Daviss: uh oh vkn 779 lol

Atlanta: I agree Keli and we accept seventies

keli1: I think she was, I know she is going to Greensboro I saw a couple familiar faces at ASALH

alt: okay, haven't talked with or seen anything about her in about 1 yr. since she published the Obits from the Courier.

Seventies: Ok I have too much going on right now on this computer. lol Y'all I have got to go so I can complete this playlist and send it to my work e-mail to download. Have a good day.

Daviss: bye seventies

keli1: hmmm..I chatted with Victoria and she mentioned her to me

alt: bye Seventies

keli1: good luck Seventies

vkn: I am hearing that there might be up to 400 at IBGS

alt: Victoria????

keli1: really, wow! that's awesome

alt: that would be a very nice turnout for IBGS.

vkn: Victoria was here with us for a spell alt

keli1: victoria bettsil

Daviss: under vicjorob is that her

vkn: Maybe be a diff victoria

Daviss: oic

alt: ah so, okay.... isn't she, or doesn't she have GANT roots from Zanesville, Ohio?

vkn: vicjorob is Utah victoria

keli1: yes she links to Zanesville she has a different email address we had a chat on Zanesville Betsill

alt: yes, now I remember meeting her in Zanesville at a Lett Settlement Reunion

vkn: Seventies email me a phone number you too keli

keli1: she lives in Pittsburg

vkn: Daviss do you have any time about 9 2nite Eastern

Daviss: as of right now vkn I can say yes

alt: ah so, only about 3 hours from Zanesville

keli1: vkn, you got mail at vkn@afrigeneas

vkn: Thankee daviss and did you see I put up a photo on FB Thankee Keli you will have mail

alt: gone y'all bye, bye

Daviss: not yet vkn I will check it on after chat.

keli1: Art by the way, Jim Isom at NSG presented on Free settlements and used the lett one and talked on Randolph and his slaves, it was interesting

Daviss: lol he is a Browns fan I will be looking for your call vkn

vkn: yassum

keli1: well I have some stuff to do...I need to bid you all a farewell! Enjoy your day

Daviss: you too keli1

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