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2012-12-09 • A Sacto Professional Genealogist


Start: 11:53:08
End: 12:39:21
Chatters: alt, jhonora, keli1, Khathu, Selma, vkn

alt: good morning vkn, how be ya?

vkn: Good Mornong Alt Making agjust

alt: are they working?

vkn: whoo boy

alt: yes, things aren' going according to Plan "A" LOL

vkn: lol Not lol

alt: and plan B hasn't been worked out yet.

vkn: How B U Gonna put my DNA quest on board May generate some discussion

alt: I'm about to consult with some professional genealogist to do some work for me that I can't find the time and/or energy to do, but would like to see completed. that would be nice vkn... the DNA board is probably 'ripe' for some discussions

vkn: With new connects ?

alt: maybe we can direct some of the Facebook DNA discussion back to AfriGeneas.

vkn: What external work will you have done Nice pics you are highlighting on Facebook

alt: I need some help in collecting some documents on a 2nd great-grandfather the spent the last 10 or so years of his life in California ... from like from 1860-1871.

vkn: Hmmm I thought someone was helping you with that Did ET or someone find him in City Directory?

alt: I have some folks helping with Internet searches, but I need someone to get copies of some official documents.

vkn: I see He was a gold miner right? FB makes so many changes iy is hard for me to keep up

jhonora: Hello alt, vkn! Good morning!

alt: right now I'm trying to see if I can find someone who can get me a copy of his will..... no he didn't do 'gold mining' as such, but was a wagon driver/supplier for those who were mining for gold.

vkn: Howdy jhonora

alt: Hello jhonora. good to 'see' ya.

vkn: Hah so my recall is not all bad lol

alt: you'll be on Bernice's show this Thurs, right jhonora? not at all vnk, your recall is excellent.

jhonora: Yes, alt

alt: I'm hoping to hear ya.. if not 'live' I'll certainly listen to the archived version. hello Ms. Selma

jhonora: Thanks, alt. Hi Selma

Selma: Good Sunday morning alt, jhonora and vkn

vkn: There is a Diane Griggs in Sacto who has authored at least two books who might be a resource alt also there is Electra Alt. She is cutting back BUT she is an LDS expert Howdy Selma

Selma: You need someone to do CA research alt..isn't LL out there

alt: thank vkn..... I'm looking for someone who can get me a copy of a Will from either Sacto County, or Yolo County.... I have all of the particulars ... as to executor, date probated, Judge, etc. yes Selam & vkn I know folks in CA, but can/will they take the time to secure a copy of the Will? that's where the professional services comes into play...... often better to get someone not personally known to you for this type of thing .... IMHO LOL LOL

vkn: What is new with you Jhonora

Selma: I agree alt

jhonora: Nothing much, just wrapping up semester and still same work on my book

Selma: Are you having a good semester jhonora

jhonora: Yes, Selma, I'm taking some great classes

vkn: What is publishing date jhonora

jhonora: alt, I find that what genealogists charge compared to abstractors is exorbitant Early part of 2014, vkn.

vkn: ahhhhhh

alt: that's what I was wondering about ... costs jhonora ..... I have most of what is needed to get the Will, not much research to be done, if any

vkn: I do agree re personal vs professional alt

Selma: Not sure what you mean jhonora...abstractors tend to "abstract" what they find interesting or what they think is important..doesn't mean it is what "I" think is important

alt: right Selma.. what is important to one person may not be what another person is looking for.

Selma: Number of overall books of abstractions of wills in a particular county..overall good job..however, the person listed "slaves"..when you look at the will it listed slaves by names

jhonora: I often work alongside the land title abstractors and paralegals when they are doing their research in courthouses, they are digging in the records for business reasons. I've often asked them how much they charge, and usually its about $20-$25 per hour. I inquired with a genealogist in Ala. last week who wanted $50 per hour.

alt: that price range would be great for what I'm looking for jhonora

Selma: Jeez..were you asking them to DIG out a grave.. LOL

jhonora: No, my case was just like alt's, I have all the needed citations We have a few courthouses in La. with a full-time "historical researcher" on staff. They are great to work with

Selma: Know a couple of prof genealogists here..will have to ask them what they charge

vkn: jhonora are you having editing done professionally

keli1: good afternoon to all

alt: I should of had a copy of this Will sometime ago, but have just been putting it off and now I'm getting anxious LOL

jhonora: I plan to send it to one or two historians for content editing, but the publisher has grammar/style editors.

alt: hello keli1

Selma: Afternoon keli

vkn: keli

Selma: Have to run folks...have a great day

jhonora: Hello kel!

alt: what's up keli1?

keli1: nothing much...taking a quick break and then getting back on it...

alt: keli1, is Robert Goings okay? he is another one who has been MIA for sometime.

keli1: hmmm I have not heard from him in a while, wonder when his last post was on afrigenas...

alt: at least 1-2 months keli1

keli1: really, hmmm that is not like him

alt: and nothing on the Goins/Goings website for quite sometime either

keli1: I will email him...and check in

alt: okay keli1

keli1: his email address is not coming up I found it

alt: Oops, try clicking on his profile at the Goins/Goings website..... Oops. Okay well y'all .. I gotta skedaddle outa here..... got some Honey-Do's I'd better get done .. take care.

keli1: me too, back to the grind...ttyl

Khathu: Good morning/afternoon everyone

vkn: morning running

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