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Start: 12:10:08
End: 13:28:49
Chatters: Daviss, di, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: mornin' Daviss

Daviss: afternoon to you!!

Seventies: thank ya! How y'all doing in the AZ?

Daviss: Well as of now, no idea lol. I just rolled out of bed just in time to make coffee

Seventies: Hope that you can make this more of a habit... :)

Daviss: ok go ahead what do you want to say lol I was all set to ask if you got your computer :(

Seventies: wellll..... okay so I'm trying to prep for this trip to Washington, D.C. I already have one record set that I'm going to look at and copy (I still have a few dollars on my NARA card)

Daviss: ok my question....Can you add dollars to your card

Seventies: Yes, I will be adding a few dollars... but I am having a fundraiser if you want to send me some money... lol

Daviss: how much a copy

Seventies: from microfilm 50 cents

Daviss: oh goodie!! what kind of fundraiser....I may take you up on that

Seventies: A fundraisers to put money to put on my Nara card! lol

Daviss: naw naw naw.. You have to run so many miles for so much money, sell tacos , or something like that

Seventies: IT works like this, you send me money and I put it on my NARA card... lol

Daviss: HA! thats not a fundraiser, thats a gimmie

Seventies: Its a way to raise funds, no? lol

Daviss: what will you be looking to copy in the record set may I ask?

Seventies: U.S. Serial Set for interviews from Natchez District

Daviss: any particular people or all interviews

Seventies: Also some docs from M1907 in RG105 Well I plan on reading through to see what would be pertinent to me. I suspect most of it will be.

Daviss: so how many days will you actually be looking

Seventies: 3 days I plan to do some friends and family visiting. :)

Daviss: Wonderful!! Well I hope you will be very successful

Seventies: Me too!

Daviss: so when is your trip and are the boys going?

Seventies: Friday the 21st and yes this is a family vacation. Our bi-annual vacation

Daviss: ok

Seventies: Our next vacay will be in the summer

Daviss: brb gotta grab the last cup

Seventies: okay afternoon vkn

vkn: Howdy

Seventies: How are you faring today?

vkn: Faring and you lol

Seventies: :} just good. Breathing, walking and talking. And somewhat in my right mind.. lol

vkn: grrrrreat

Seventies: Daviss is off drinking her coffee.

Daviss: ok back, lol

vkn: oh i c

Seventies: welcome back Daviss.

Daviss: I hate it when I have to reheat coffee

Seventies: it doesn't taste the same as freshly dripped.

Daviss: Hello there vkn!

Seventies: hello di!

di: hi all

vkn: hello di and daviss

Daviss: its fresh but for some reasons after I drink one cup its not as hot as I like it for the second one

Seventies: You should get a Keurig one cup maker....

Daviss: Thats the reason why I would rather have a Percolator Hello Di!!

vkn: what is the word di

Daviss: If she says Thunderbird I will ROF vkn

vkn: and I would say "not your mail program" lol

Daviss: lol lol lol oops

vkn: oops

Seventies: WB di

Daviss: wb di

di: ok hit that calendar button (that i knew nothing about!) by accident.

Seventies: lol

Daviss: How have you been di?

di: as for "thunderbird" that is so over my head....and nothing much just treading along.i did some research on my moms paternal side and was surprised how far i was able to get in 2 days so now i am just looking for the meat and potatoes and filling in where i can

Seventies: okay

Daviss: lol thunderbird is old time riddle di

di: for the bulk of my years of research i have been focused on Georgia and just knocking down my mothers brick walls so this for me is my contribution to her tree because all she had was her grandparents names

Daviss: good to hear that you are treading right along..thats good

di: trying Daviss

Daviss: so you are knocking down walls and not chipping them, thats even better

di: ok your words sound more accurate!

Seventies: that's great di.

Daviss: what are your GA names?

vkn: Meat and potatoes is good. Best wishes. Save the bones for Henry Jones cause Henry don't eat no meat lol

di: in ga --ååRespess, Alford, Atwater, Worthy, (Rose), (Howell),

Seventies: Y'all I gotta go...

di: lol vkn i did know that one.

vkn: okies

Seventies: Everyone enjoy their weekend, I will! :}

vkn: lol

di: rose and howell are the lines i am treading blindly as they are the names of the slave owners for one of my lines

Daviss: Alford, hmmm I know someone researching Alford

di: what area

Daviss: hold on a min

vkn: I have a worthy married into my King tree

di: cant get far on my worthy name to tell you if we are related.

vkn: and lives in AZ in a nursing home

Khathu: Hello everyone

di: my grandmother is/was an Alford whose mother was an Atwater whose mother was a Respess

vkn: Howdy Khathu

Khathu: Daviss have you heard of Robert D. Ealey

vkn: What counties in GA di

Daviss: I cant tell where di, but do you know Shirley Whitmore

di: my grandmothers father was was the product of an Alford and supposedly a Worthy...oral history and (found so far written docs) don't add up hi Khathu

Daviss: hello khathu!

Khathu: Hello di

Daviss: Shirley has Alfords in her line

di: Sorry Daviss I do not know of her, and my family is in Upson and pike areas of georgia

Daviss: Not sure khathu

Khathu: Well he was a blues singer born in Bowie County, Texas

di: looks like her alfords are in va

Khathu: I just discovered that he was my grandmother's second cousin

di: actually in Louisiana

Daviss: ahhh I see Kathu di I think shirley also has LA roots

Khathu: I will be purchasing some of his music soon. ttyl

Daviss: I love Blues, I have to look in my stash khathu I may even have something where is he from Khathu in Bowie Do you have any Marks in your tree di?

di: nope-not yet

Daviss: ok

di: just to put it out there i am working on a marshall line in martinsberg, berkley county west virginia :) connected lines so far are lee, brown, saunders and blakely/blakey (and kinda a wilson)

Daviss: Any Arizona marshalls di?

vkn: running y'all

Daviss: later

di: not yet, this is my moms fathers maternal line and they pretty much stayed in that one place for years except when she left for a decade --married a man from philadelphia divorced and moved right back to that same town and then remarried until she died in that same town

Daviss: khathu is Ealey a new name for you or did you just get it when you found out about Robert?

di: brb

Daviss: ok

di: back

Daviss: ok I sent Shirley a msg asking about her Alfords...Hoping she will answer soon

di: ok i googled her posts on afrigeneas that is where i saw her pictures and posts

Daviss: ahhhh ok

di: when i first started i followed a whole line of alfords to my dismay after a lot of digging i found there was no relation, and my aunt was sure to tell me that "them ALFORDS down the road" was no kin to us

Daviss: hahahahaha thats what I have been hearing re the Taylors living next door to each other but they sure look alike Go figure I wish I could get one of them to take a dna test lol lol di did you get in on the 23&Me free test

di: nope they did it again?

Daviss: not yet but I am keeping my eyes open they have had a couple of specials though

di: i still have my 5 kits from the last time. i asked my family to do and they said yeah.....but never did it and before i knew it the deadline passed and i didnt even get in mines!

Daviss: whoa, do you have them in your possession?

di: yeah i want to do it with my uncle while he is still around and fully aware so we can talk about the results. i think he would love it yes i have the kits

Daviss: Someone I know recently sent hers in and it was accepted

di: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Daviss: yes!!! i even sent out a call to see if someone wanted to gift theres

di: i am sending mine in this weekend screw my family who did not commit. and i am going to see my uncle on the 11th.. yes sir! we will be sending in those kits! crossing our legs, eyes, fingers and toes!

Daviss: yes!!

di: what do you mean gift it?

Daviss: well some ordered kits and did not use them.. They can give them to someone else who would want them They can contact 23 and have the number changed to them

di: besides this was only for black people. they know we dont be on time! lol. well do you know anyone who is still looking for a kit?

Daviss: oh yes, I do lol I think that the problem was that people who were not supposed to get in on it overwhelmed them and they had to weed them out that took eons of time I dont think that they got the 10,000 AA's they wanted because of this close to 8000 I think

di: i put them up and if i can remember where the other two are I will most certainly gift them. just got excited. just recently i was connected with my grandfathers brother who is in his late 80s (lives 4 blocks from me!) i can get him and me and my moms maternal uncle to do it and that is 3 kits which means i should still have 2 kits left to gift! --and i can see if my mom and dad are going to do theirs (dad was skeptical) they have two with them in sc! ok well me and you have to get in before the other 2000!!!! brb today was report card day at the school. gotta be there at 1:30

Daviss: ok take care and I will chat later happy hunting di

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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