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2012-12-04 • East TX Research


Start: 12:00:49
End: 13:01:44
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Mornand Good Noon Good Morn Vicky and Good Noon everyone else

Daviss: hello there vkn!

vkn: Tukufu Tz Zuberi is a new possible match re DNA fo me. Daviss is on the job hey hey hey mz vicky also vickie

Daviss: LOL vkn I would say so

vkn: Trying to see what would I say in an introductory note to him

Daviss: I just transferred mine over to FTDNA

vkn: and so what does that mean?

Daviss: Hopefully my results will be back within a few weeks

vkn: what new info are you expecting? That gets you the family finder ?

Daviss: I tested at 23&Me and have the opportunity to get the Family Finder at a discounted price

vkn: ok

Daviss: So I ordered it..I am hoping to get new matches

vkn: I also ordered the Family Finder

Daviss: when will your results come back

vkn: It said 6 weeks

Daviss: ok.. Why don't you wait until your FF comes back before you write to Zuberi That will give you the real deal if a dna match

vkn: Good suggestion. I see that he is from Oakland though now in Philly

Daviss: I like reading his page

vkn: BTW do you recall the friend of mine with JONES research in Waco

Daviss: hmmmm not sure. is that the one i helped with?

vkn: She had gotten a tad ticked with me when I gave her a slaveholder scenario. Well she talked with me a few nights ago with all grins of agreement with my suggestions of a year ago lol

Daviss: lol

vkn: es you did help with it

Daviss: was there a wish I had of listened lol Does your friend live in Waco?

vkn: sort of but more of "You were right" lol

Daviss: My great aunt used to be the Dean Of Admissions at Paul Quinn when it was alive and well in Waco

vkn: I recall You found a photo of her rght? No friend lives in Santa Barbara but born Waco

Daviss: I had a photo of her already. i think the one I told you about was the need for a picture of someone who went to Spellman

vkn: Well she worked at Spellman and wrote a piece that was published.

Daviss: yes, a book

vkn: and Del Jupiter found a listing for her. I was trying to get a niece to find the piece

Daviss: yes Was there more than one Mary Potter School

vkn: Howdy Alt

Daviss: Hi alt!!!

alt: Hi Ladies... vkn & Daviss

vkn: Only one Mary Potter to my knowledge why did you find something?

Seventies: Hi alt, Daviss, vkn

vkn: howdy

alt: hi Seventies

Daviss: I was thinking there was one in Nacadotches Tx also

alt: hi Seventies

Seventies: hi alt

vkn: I think not Daviss though anything is possible

Daviss: hello Seventies!

Seventies: Hi Daviss Howdy Selma

alt: reading back and saw a DNA connextion to the fellow on history detectives,,, is that right?

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn

alt: Hi Selma

vkn: Mary Potter was a Freedman Bureau school founded in conjunction with the Presbyterian Synod

Daviss: hello Selma!!

vkn: Howdy Selma

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: Hi Khathu!

vkn: Howdy Khathu

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

alt: hello Khathu

Daviss: Ok Vkn, I just found the Obit.. It was Mary Allen Mary Allen College in Crockett Hi there Khathu

vkn: In relation to who/what daviss, Mary Potter?

Selma: You too getting your "Marys" confused

Daviss: I was thinking the name of the school that my great aunt was affiliated with besides Paul Quinn was Mary Potter but just now read it was Mary Allen instead

Khathu: Researching a group of Brewster youngsters who were sold from the Mohons to the Brewsters and finally to the Hales according to oral history

Seventies: Where was this Khathu?

Khathu: The initial sell occurred in 1850 outside of Atlanta, GA

Daviss: Sorry for the confusion vkn

Khathu: The final sell occurred in 1853 to a Hale who relocated to Rusk County, Texas All of this is from oral history

vkn: Not a prob just one AME and the other PresbyT lol

Seventies: The entire group was sold to the Hales?

alt: do these folks connect to your family lines Khathu

Selma: Were any of these slave owners related either by blood or marriage

Khathu: It was only four people - Bill, Cressie, Jefferson and Sam Jefferson is my ggg grandfather

alt: ah so, okay Khathu

Khathu: Selma - I am not sure yet. I am just retelling the oral history that was given to me. It is very detailed, I just hope it is somewhat accurate

Seventies: I hope that you can connect the dots. Interested in hearing the story and research results.

alt: never neard of the surname Mohon......could that also be a Mahan, I've heard of that one often

Khathu: The Mohon/Mahan are only in two counties in GA for 1850 Cobb and Walton The Brewsters are in nine And only one Hale family relocated to Rusk County, Texas from Georgia

alt: the Mahan's I'm familair with came of of NC and settled in KY in the late 1700's.

Khathu: Well, I am going to work my way back starting with the Hale Family

Seventies: What's the county seat for Rusk?

alt: okay

Seventies: neva mind. Looking it up now.

Khathu: I think Henderson

Seventies: okay... Its East TX. In east texas

Selma: Did the Hale's migrate to Texas in 1853 after the purchase?

Khathu: All of my people settled in East Texas

Seventies: okay.

vkn: Selma sent cup to lady in Richmond Cynthia Wilson on Gladstone Avenue. She is getting for brother as Xmas present

Khathu: Yes, they migrated after 1853

alt: the thread on AfriGeneas by Fazzini & Ed Adams alludes to our discussion the other day ....could a slave owner 'free' his slaves in a non-slave holding state.

vkn: I saw that alt

Selma: I am glad you found a cup vkn...should make her brother's Xmas

vkn: lol

Selma: I love mine.. LOL

alt: the posting references

vkn: Oops Patricia Wilson. The family name is Bournique selma

alt: Gov. Coles of Illinois and in the book linked to the story there is a great explanation in Chapter XVI, pages 199-205,

Selma: Umm interesting surname "Bournique"

vkn: Alt Richard Bailey of Alabama who wrote on Republican Scalawags is the person I was quoting yesterday

alt: was I here yesterday? LOL LOL

Selma: I ask myself that everyday alt.. LOL

vkn: I need to go back and read again my memory is good but my recall is questionable lol

Seventies: I had to cut out, but the school has had some kind of chemical reaction and the building is filled with some sort of chemical smoke. I just found out that some students were taken to hospital. This is a class my son takes. I'll talk to you all later.

alt: Hope all is well with Seventies son

vkn: Similar situation in Atlanta yesterday l filled with Carbon Monoxide

Selma: Hope all goes well I saw on the news vkn..scary

vkn: VERY scary

alt: oh my, that's dangerous vkn

vkn: indeed

Selma: Apparently faulty furnace

alt: wow!!!!!!

vkn: over 50 peeps to hospital

alt: oh my!!!

vkn: Y'all be good. Will read your quest later today Khathu

Khathu: okay

alt: with the internet bad news travels so very fast well, all news I guess

Selma: Yes it does alt..between that and almost don't want to leave your bed On that somber note..have to go..have a great day

Khathu: here is a link to the oral history of the Brewsters

Selma: Bye

alt: bye


alt: thanks Khathu,, got it bookmarked

Khathu: I am not sure if the information has actually been verified

alt: well, you have an outline to work with

Khathu: okay, have a great day

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