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2012-11-29 • Jimi Hendrix Genealogy


Start: 12:05:56
End: 13:13:22
Chatters: alt, Daviss, khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hello vkn, I just got here. how are you doing today?

vkn: Doing well thanx and you? I enjoyed reading about the 18 year old who found pics of her father

alt: okay, I was just reading about some Jimi Hendrix genealogy and his connections to Urbana, Ohio and some of my folks.

Daviss: hi there

Seventies: Good afternoon, alt, Daviss and vkn

alt: Yes, that was exciting vkn.. the looonnngg arm of AfriGeneas :)

Daviss: Good morning from sunny Dubai! lol

vkn: Howdy daviss seventies

alt: Hello Daviss & Seventies

Seventies: lol yeah right.. lol

Daviss: lol

Seventies: You're in Dubai, Arizona?? lol

Daviss: hahahahahaha

Seventies: Hey Daviss, join the rest of us Powerball losers... lol No biggie. :}

vkn: The loooooong arm indeed alt

alt: I didn't win the BIG one .... but..........

Daviss: Tyler picked the 5 and the PB lol

Seventies: alright Tyler boo!

Daviss: four dollars lol

Seventies: alt won the million dollar lotto. lol

alt: I didn't say that either Seventies :p

Daviss: hehehehehehee

Seventies: ;) That was the wildest lotto I've ever seen. Jumped up 125 million in two days. But hey, if they are giving 40 mil, I'll take it:) Ok folks, so I'm looking over the census records trying to establish a death year for Anthony Brown and Frank Brown of Adams Co. MS. Looks like Nancy Miles/Myles was their mother. Still trying to connect Dinah and the two men together as siblings. they always lived in close proximity to each other up to about 1910-1920

Daviss: vkn, did you see the post I answered re muhammed?

alt: I spent $10.00 6.00 on the powerball & 4.00 on Ohio scratch off tickets.... won $50.00 on the scratch off & zip/nada on the powerball.

Seventies: Yeah I can see that happening.

Daviss: good alt, I like those scratchers

Seventies: I'm curious if Frank or Anthony either served in the USCT.

Daviss: the most I have scratched on one ticket was $125.oo

alt: won just enough to take Anita out for a post T-Day & pre-Anniversary snack. LOL

Seventies: Okay I am going to take a TV/lunch break... I'll be back by 1, please don't shut down the chat room... lol

Daviss: friend of mine scratched $7,770

vkn: No but I will look Daviss

alt: Wow Daviss!!!!! have you checked the CWSS database for their names Seventies?

Daviss: I just asked what info he had already ......names, years reply yet

vkn: ahhhhhhhh he not talking lol

Daviss: I know, it does not make sense to not relay what you already have IF you have anything at all

vkn: seventies did you get the notification I sent re the funeral record

Daviss: seventies went to get lunch vkn

vkn: oops ok I am trying to get up to speed on Twitter

Daviss: I was just thinking if you dont say what you have and everyone contributes what they find for you, all the work is done lol makes me wonder..IJS

vkn: daviss did you find Nita suspect or is that just me?

alt: I admire y'all in your reponses to posters who ask for help, but present little information & sketchy query's as to what they are loooking/asking for.

Daviss: :o vkn.....

vkn: and alt some of the real sketchy is apt to be a robot

alt: you guys and AfriGeneas still have that 'personal' touch that most Forums no longer have.

Daviss: alt, some of these folks like the one I just mentioned may even be getting pd. How can you say you are helping all these people at once with no info??

vkn: yes alt you just can't hardly get that any more

alt: I heard a great term for those types of genealogist (?) ... called them 'drive-by' genealogist, they hit & miss, see them once and then they are gone.

Daviss: I have a keen nose sometimes I think

alt: I never thought of that aspect Daviss, hmmmn

Daviss: some I think gear up around reunion time alt

vkn: lol hit and run lol

alt: yep vkn 'hit & run'

vkn: also snatch and grab lol

alt: yep

vkn: BUT the louverture stories are so rewarding that the others matter not

Daviss: they become satisfied with one or two generations and thats it. Usually grandpa

alt: yeah Daviss, you never know how much help you give satisfies their "itch".

Daviss: You have to have something special in you to did further and its not just being nosey either did = dig

alt: my grumpy approach the last year or so has been to refer them to a website or a resource, but not do any 'searching' for them. right Daviss, their query really has to pique my interest to do any digging and then to respond to them. by t hen htat's just grumpy old alt LOL LOL

Daviss: well look at that one post asking if anyone had a number for a cemetery. he had the name and place. Well why did I have to do a google

alt: but then that's just grumpy old alt that's what I'm talking about Daviss

Daviss: He could have done that himself..but one day soon I will start saying, did you google it lol sheesh!

alt: sic'em Daviss, sic'em LOL LOL

Daviss: vkn may spank me if I do alt lol

vkn: lol

alt: yeah, she got on my case several years back and I've cooled my heels ever since then LOL LOL

vkn: Paddle P P P lol

Daviss: lol lol hello Selma!!

alt: she (vkn) knows how to give you a good verbal a&& whupping LOL LOL

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon ...

Daviss: hahahahahahaa

alt: Hello Ms Selma

vkn: heyyyyy Selma we got In Reach from your area

Selma: What is In Reach?

vkn: Lady called three times to order an AfriGeneas mug as a Xmas gift for her brother who lives in NJ

Selma: I was just looking at my mug.. Are we selling the I missing something

vkn: Well I "found" one for her since she was insisting

Daviss: vkn I still have two here. I need a box to send back to you

vkn: Take to UPS and they will box Daviss

Daviss: oh really vkn Ok I will do that this weekend

vkn: Yuppers and AfriGeneas will "tote da note" lol

Seventies: Hey I'm backQ

Daviss: or if I take daughter to work, I will do tomorrow

Seventies: hi Selma and khathu

khathu: Hello

alt: Hello khathu

vkn: Hello Khathu

alt: & wb Seventies

Daviss: this one car crapola works bad for me

vkn: wb seventies

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Daviss: the only thing I hate when I take her to work is that when I drive my car does not know how to come home. It steers its way to the casino :?

Selma: Get you a BICYCLE daviss would be good excercise.. LOL

Daviss: hello khathu!

Seventies: lol Daviss... now you need to quit! lol

Selma: Hey daviss..someone in AZ won the Powerball was it you?

vkn: Put blinders on that car Daviss

Daviss: its da "truff" 7

Seventies: Its not the car, rather its the operator.. lol

Daviss: Selma Selma Selma, If it were me, I would be grinning for the cameras right about now lol

Seventies: instead she's here with us.. makes me feel a lot better... lol

khathu: lol

Selma: No you wouldn' would be looking up Lawyers and financial advisors..and moving out of the house..before folks realize it was you.. LOL

Seventies: Any new genealogy news? Records, gossip, etc?

Selma: Gossip? Do we do that

Seventies: Exactly Selma.. lol And I'd be really claiming her as family.. lol

Selma: LOL

alt: Seventies, a did you know thingee for you ..... Jimi Hendrix grandfather was born in Urbana, Ohio ca 1866 to a white man and his housekeeper .... gfather's name, Bertram Philander Ross Hendricks,,, his father was Bertram Philander Ross. Name was change to Hendrix when he left Urbana, Ohio for Chicago in the 1890;s.

Seventies: Hey thanks for sharing alt, I wanted to see what you had before I left. That's interesting. This is on the father's side. Aren't the Cherokee claiming him as a part of the Tribe?? lol I find that incredibly funny.

Daviss: Hendrix and Joplin put on a good show together back in the day

Seventies: Oh I think my grandparents attended that one... tee hee hee.. :}

alt: Hendrix Cherokee ancestry is supposed to be from his mother's ancestry.. from Georgia.

Seventies: Okay alt. I heart you Daviss. :}

vkn: My maternal great grandfather is a HENDRIX born in 1808 VA

alt: is that right vkn

Daviss: lol thanks much Seventies

Seventies: Is there any information to substantiate that alt that you know of?

alt: Jimi Hendrix family was named Hendricks and they were from KY prior to coming into Ohio ca the 1850-1860's.

vkn: Interesting alt

alt: Here you go Seventies

Seventies: thanks alt

alt: you're welcome ... young lady LOL LOL

vkn: It is also spelled Hendrichs

alt: okay vkn....

Seventies: alt, can't get through all the websites as you pointed out yesterday. Lots of info out there.

alt: I'm trying to keep you busy Seventies LOL LOL

Seventies: lol thanks!

Daviss: I changed my cover pic on FB .. pic of Mary Bethune and other teachers. One being Dr Dogan.. i went to Dogan school in marshall Tx for one year

Seventies: nice!

Daviss: Dogan was the principal at Wiley College

Seventies: principal or president?

alt: Selma,, here's another one of those 6 degrees of separation thingee's... Ross Hendricks was married to an Etta Bray ca 1886 in Urbana, Ohio .. Etta is/was a 2Cx1R of mine.... they were married for only a 'hot' minute and had no children.

Daviss: could be both Seventies

Seventies: wow... alt, you have all the connections... lol I have nothing! lol

Selma: Wow

Seventies: Oh btw, last night Tim sent me an excerpt from the contested election of John Lynch vs James Chalmers. It was testimony to include a list of men who alledge that that they were denied the vote. in Southern Adams Co. No names I recognized were on the list.

alt: yes you do Seventies .. and as you get further into your collateral families these types of connections will start to appear ... belive me!!!

Daviss: Seventies Dogan was born in Ms

Seventies: Do you know where Daviss??

vkn: Very nice daviss. LOL alt my mother was Etta. Her mother was a Julia Hendrix Bell whose father was George Hendrix Y'all good people be good

Seventies: Ok supposedly Levar Burton is related to the Christmases from Adams Co. MS They are attached to Charity Rounds sister Margaret.

Daviss: Pontotoc, not sure what county that is

Seventies: But this is only what I was told.

alt: see there you go Seventies .. follow up on that possible connection.

Seventies: lol I don't like Christmas trees... lol

Daviss: Tree was not the last name lol

Seventies: lol

Selma: LOL

alt: good one Daviss, keep the young'un straight LOL LOL

khathu: have a great day everyone!

Seventies: I am trying to think of all the DC's I can order today... I am trying to get all I can out of MDAH

alt: how much does each DC cost Seventies?

Seventies: 25cents to copy, $3.00 to mail and $27 for the hour of research

Daviss: do they charge for the search seventies dang and how many can you request per search

Seventies: I want to fill their hour up... lol Last time I ordered 5 and they didn't charge me. There is no limit, but I have never ordered more than 5 at a time.

alt: does the $27 include the research for multiple DC's and you 25 cents for each copy and then the 3.00 mailing for all copies/

Seventies: exactly alt.

alt: okay, that's not bad....

Seventies: But the mailing only cost like a buck fifty.

Selma: got those things in a week..some folks wait months

Seventies: I got this last batch free. I was a wonderful courtesy. I did.. it was great service.

alt: wonderful.. don't forget the thank you note to the person/office that sent them to you.

Seventies: Hmm perhaps I should send a thank you card... LOL alt you read my mind.

alt: as young as you are that's a short story Seventies LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

alt: alt is ducking for cover LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol oh you got jokes mr. Thomas.. lol

Daviss: hahahahahaha talk at ya later folks

alt: okay Daviss later

Daviss: take care and enjoy the rest of your day

Selma: Yep..time for me to go too.. Have a great day

alt: bye Selma guess I'd better skedaddle before I get myself into more trouble Seventies you still talking to me Seventies?

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