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2012-11-28 • U.S. Serial Set


Start: 12:10:09
End: 12:55:32
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon alt, how are you?

alt: Hi lady, doing okay, how bout you?

Seventies: Doing great... yesterday Tim Pinnick gave me another set of records to reference while I'm at the Nat'l Archives. Specific to Adams Co. MS

alt: wonderful!! Tim has a great list of resources that many of us aren't aware of.

Seventies: He really does. So I decided I'm going to spend two days at the National Archives. Maybe 3.. but at least two

alt: good luck, not sure I would be up to 2-3 days of research at this stage of the game.

Seventies: I'm glad I found out about the records. Maybe I can find other family members in it...

alt: I can 'browse' all day long, but concentrated research, no way.

Seventies: lol

alt: what resource did Tim recommend?

Seventies: U.S. Serial Set. I'd never even heard of it.

alt: ah so, okay

Seventies: Apparently, it has testimony and depositions in it. He says that Adams Co. has a LOT of the Mississippi state depositions. Needless to say I was excited. Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon Lunch Bunchers..alt and seventies

alt: that's good to hear....I think the U.S. Serial Set was one of the 'biggies' on the Heritage Quest site.

Seventies: okay.

alt: Ms. Selma, how goes it with you?

Seventies: He said that he accesses it from a library

Selma: Limping along here.. LOL

Seventies: Oh no, is rain or snow in the forecast?

alt: Limping? what's up with that?

Seventies: brb y'all.

alt: Selma, the TJ 'controversy'….. shades of the Obama book last year, huh?

Seventies: What TJ controversy?? I have missed all of that. . .

alt: Interesting how historians/biographers seem to adopt the person they are writing about and their view of that person is the only view they will accept. the book by Henry Weincek (sp) "Master of the Mountain" or some simialr title about TJ.

Selma: I haven't read Weincek's book..but the heat that Gordan Reed took in her first book before the DNA was done and the results came out, was substantial..or have folks forgotten

alt: not me

Selma: and I am not talking about the book she wrote that got the pulitzer..I have to find the first one

Daviss: Hi there alt, Selma and Seventies!

Seventies: Hi Daviss.

Selma: Afternoon Daviss..

alt: my recollections of TJ and the projects surrounding him go back to the Getting Word project that Cinder Stanton, Diane Wright (?) and Bev Gray worked on back in the early 1990's. hello Daviss I think they were among the first to take and up close and personal look at the 'slave life' on Monticello (Getting Word)

Selma: I have both of Weinceks other books and they are excellent..the one on The Hairston's and Washington

alt: hello vkn

Seventies: hello vkn! Anyone see this on facebook? :)

vkn: Howdy alt daviss selma seventies

Selma: Yes to Cinder Stanton and Wright..don't know Gray, but they took a lot of flak for their more honest portrayal of Jefferson

alt: not yet Seventies

Daviss: hello there vkn!

vkn: Oops driver is here gotta run

alt: Bev Gray is from Chillicothe, Ohio and is a great researcher on the Hemmings family that migrated to Ohio ... Madison & Eston, along with the Tuckers & Fossett's that came from Monticello.

Selma: The TJ/Hemmings and Grandma was a full blooded Indian, and exactly who one the Ware are 2 or 3 of the topics that here in VA cause the most "Foaming at the mouth, knashing of the Teeth and taking to the Bed" is how I came up with the saying seventies

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Ok now I'm fully back... lol

alt: fully, are you sure Seventies? LOL

Selma: Sorry daviss..will check it out after I put Mizz Vicky/Angela down for a nap

Seventies: lol yes well I'm going to try to be lol

alt: hang in there young'un LOL

Daviss: lol selma ok thats good enough for me

Seventies: Ok how come y'all didn't ever talk to me about the U.S. Serial Set?? 'cept for you alt. lol

alt: we thought you knew Seventies

Selma: It is something I had heard of seventies..but not actually looked at... There is a lot to keep up with

Seventies: Well it was recommended to me so I plan on looking at it in December at the Nat'l Archives.. Selma, don't I know it!

alt: too much to keep up with and more 'stuff' is becoming available everyday.

Selma: Plus a lot of the folks I talk to are looking for leaves...and getting them to expand their search can be excluded

Seventies: well at this point, I know directly who I am looking for. I'm looking more so for the history of my family. Specifically the Rounds. This could lead to something else... About the lives of my ancestors. . . hopefully this will give some stories, insights etc.

alt: I got an email this morning from a young lady (18 y/o) that is the youngest daughter of one of my closet childhood freinds... she found 2 photos of me and her father on AfriGeneas .. from 1944 & 1952.... really made my day ... her father passed away in 1998 when she was 4 y/o.

Selma: How wonderful alt..

Seventies: Whoaaaa 18?? hold on brb.

Daviss: how sweet alt

alt: yes Selma, I'm getting together a package of photos that her father is in to send to her.... The earliest photo I have of him is when he was about 5-6 y/o and was the mascot for a baseball team.

Selma: What a wonderful gift alt...I am sure she and her family will treasure

alt: I hope so Selma.... one of the 'pleasures' of getting old... helping folks relate to their families ... historically

Selma: Does she live in Ohio?

Seventies: don't all type at one time.. lol

alt: no, she is from the Bay area in California, but is now a student at Howard Univ. in DC.

Selma: She must have been shocked when she came upon your site

Daviss: ok back

alt: said she was.... googled his name, Toussaint P. Foston, and up popped his picture on AfriGeneas LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: toussaint is a great name

Seventies: Very good. going to see the film on Toussaint L'Oeuveture this weekend.

Daviss: lol

Seventies: are you laughing at me Daviss??

Daviss: not me :o

alt: yeah Daviss, his father was a minister and a great historian for us youngsters... taught us a lot about AA's in history.

Seventies: lol

Selma: There was a kid in our neighborhood in the Bronx named Toussaint L'Oeuveture Vogelsang of course everyone called him "Juney" or something other silly nickname

Seventies: Juney is not a silly name... I know 4 Juneys.. all in my family... lol

alt: LOL @ Selma... my guy's nickname was Tucson, we couldn't get our arms around Toussaint LOL

Seventies: :)

Selma: I think I was looking at some Civil War site..and there was a USCT who was awarded a medal..with the same name..I have to believe this kid was related.

alt: wow Selma!!!!!

Seventies: Alright I'm going to log out. See y'all on the other side.

Selma: Sorry Seventies...I didn't really mean silly..

alt: be careful young lady

Daviss: I went to school with a guy named Tucson

alt: is that right Daviss, named after the city?????

Daviss: yep in Az lol

alt: is that a surname "Tucson" ????

Daviss: no it was his given name

alt: okay Daviss

Selma: Folks..gotta put little mizz princess down for a she is yawning

Daviss: lol later my friend

alt: okay Mz Selma

Daviss: take care both of you

alt: okay Daviss ... laters

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