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2012-11-25 • Art to Publish ?


Start: 11:52:38
End: 13:12:21
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, jhonora, khathu, ProfDru, Seventies , trisha, vkn

khathu: hello jhonora

jhonora: Hello Khathu How's it going this morning?

khathu: It is going with and with yourself?

jhonora: Going well Bernice Bennett sent me a few pages from my ancestor's homestead file He paid a white man for his land who claimed to be a gov't agent but who was a fraud

alt: hello fellas. how are you doing today?

jhonora: Doing well alt

alt: did he eventually get his land to homestead jhonora?

jhonora: He did get the land after going through the process again, about fifteen years after he thought he had settled everything

khathu: hello alt

alt: wow!! perservance paid off, huh? hi khathu hmmn looks like I just turned 'red" LOL wb jhonora

jhonora: thanks

alt: khathu, did you enjoy the Macy's T-Day parade?

khathu: It was fun but they make it look way more exciting on tv

alt: those 'ballons' are fantastic, huh?

vkn: Good howdy to all

alt: wb vkn

jhonora: Hello vkn!

vkn: How y'all be

alt: I be's fine & how you be's?

vkn: Tried to get in via iPad but could not pull it off I be wonderful on a cold Atlanta day

alt: cold here too, but we do have sunshine.

vkn: The plants do not know if it is Spring or Fall however

khathu: alt i will be uploading pictures onto facebook from the parade later today

alt: okay khathu. I will looking for them, thanks.

vkn: Show us a few here Khathu maybe like one or two then link us to the grouping on FB

alt: jhonora, did the homestaed papers give a good description of the land,,, acres, location, cost, natural resoureces, etc.?

vkn: You had prize seating huh Khathu?

jhonora: Yes, they gave the acres under cultivation, mentioned a house fire, etc. I have many extended cousins who still live on the land

vkn: Is this in Ohio?

Seventies : Hello all

vkn: Howdy Seventies hope you had a "met exoectations" holiday

Seventies : lol I had a good weekend.

alt: Seventies , how you doing

Seventies : good

khathu: Hello Seventies

Seventies : I am on the kindle so I will be slow typing

alt: why???

Seventies : How is everyone doing??

alt: I saw where you & khathu had lunch together Seventies , that is great to see Afrigeneans connecting 'live & in color' LOL LOL and in the 'big apple' no less

khathu: Exactly4

Seventies : Yes we did. Had a nice time running around the city. lol

trisha: morning everyone one

vkn: Morning Trisha

alt: hello trisha

trisha: I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving

alt: I did and hope you did as well trisha

jhonora: brb

trisha: thanks alt it was great

Seventies : Hi trisha, khathu alt jhonora and vkn. Did I miss anyone? We ate and ate and ate

trisha: lol...ummm, yeah same here Seventies ::smile::

alt: ours was very nice & quiet... we took up the Welcome mat & put out an "nobody's home sign' LOL LOL LOL

Seventies : Did anyone get any good family stories this weekend?

khathu: Seventies, I am cooking my post Thanksgiving Sunday dinner as we speak

alt: no stories here Seventies

Seventies : What are you having? we will be eating turkey for another 3days. . .

trisha: Seventies, thats the rule in my house as well :}

alt: vkn, the 'homestead act'..... for Ohio, by 1862 when it was enacted there was no gov't land left to be sold..

vkn: i see

trisha: we didn't do turkey...I revolted...I was done with roasting turkey after 5 years straight of doing the cooking

Seventies : What?? You should have fried.

alt: do you feel guilty trisha? :(

trisha: ummmmm, NO :) fried chicken, rotissere chicken, beef roast...and allllll the side dishes, plus sweet potato pies and chocolate cheese cake...oh my little crew ate and ate GOOD. There were no compliants!

Seventies : Ok folks I am planning my trip to Washington D.C. in December. Should I be looking for any records in particular other than my regular stuff ircensus and CW records??

alt: okay, you still had a big spread, just no roast turkey.

vkn: sounds dee lish

trisha: correct I need to hit the gym big time ::smile::

alt: Seventies , you might see what types of 'unusual' gov't records are availble that you folks may have been recorded on.

trisha: how long are you in DC Seventies? went some years ago, and was overwhelmed. I was there for three days, I think.

Seventies : looking yo be there for the week of Christmas thrum New Years Wed typos. Ugh!! Q See trisha I try to plan ahead to focus in on what exactly I will look for.

trisha: good, that's what you need to do.

Seventies : last year I focused on rg105 and m1907

alt: has anyone requested records from NARA via 'mail' lately?

vkn: Is there something new alt

Seventies : That led me back to freedman's records online to a record I had seen before which was the marriage record of a art of gg grands. No.

alt: not that I know of vkn, I was just wondering if that is still a 'practice'.

trisha: cool Seventies!

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, khathu trisha.

alt: this maariage record was recorded in a FB record set? Was it also recorded at the local county level?

vkn: I read where BerniceB said she spent the entire Black Friday at NARA

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

khathu: Hello AYWalton

trisha: Howdy AYWalton!

AYWalton: howdy Seventies

vkn: AYW!!!!!! hard to catch ya lol

alt: Hello AYWalton, happy post t-day to you.

Seventies : Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: thanks alt, same to you! lol yes, I know vkn! but slowning down finally! I hope everyone had a good holiday.

vkn: Did you NARA all day AYW as usual on after TDay ?

AYWalton: and glad to see that no one is caught in crazy traffic on this Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Seventies : I did indeed.

alt: the MAAGI appears to off to a great start AYWalton. KUDOS to all of the planners!!!!

trisha: indeed Walton, hope your was great as well

AYWalton: I always do research and work on that day. But can't do the two days that I used to do.

vkn: I see

AYWalton: thanks alt we are working hard on it. the website will be redone by December 1st alt, and registration will begin in January. had a good day, trisha, hope you will too.

Seventies : Well I have to get going. I will speak to you all later. Be good all.

alt: I won't be able to attend, but am wishing y'all much success AYWalton

vkn: Sounding good for MAAGI

AYWalton: well you never know alt, we might try at least to tape a session or two so folks can see things "virtually" I am also thinking about for my session to have a live interactive thing, so maybe we can include the AfriGeneas family. I will have a session on using social media an interactive online features.

alt: that would be wonderful.... anything that could be done 'after hours' and online would be very valuable.

AYWalton: will be a great way to feature AfriGeneas. for reference here is the site to MAAGI: ProfDru is in the house!!!

ProfDru: hello gang

alt: hello ProfDru.

AYWalton: I also hope that many in the AfriGeneas family will attend. so pass the word to those you know.

alt: are you still collecting church hat photos ProfDru? if so I have a recent one to send to you.

AYWalton: wassup Prof Dru.

ProfDru: trying to stay warm

vkn: Howdy ProfDru long time

ProfDru: yes alt

alt: okay ProfDru, will send after chat

ProfDru: thanks alt; hoping to do some other things with the hat programs.

AYWalton: ProfDru has been getting a lot of mileage with her hat specialty. And folks are taking notice.

ProfDru: In 2013; I will be taking family history to the stage.

AYWalton: Sounds like you are using your talents well, ProfDru. you have written plays before, right?

ProfDru: Got several things in the works with the James A. Fields story. Hoping to also incorporate hats into the Fields stage production.

AYWalton: Sounds interesting.

alt: 2013 sounds exciting for you ProfDru, best wishes & wishes for much success

ProfDru: yes, I have written plays for church and a college conference. However, I'm moving to the East Side now. LOL

AYWalton: Khathu are you working on interesting projects?

ProfDru: thanks alt

AYWalton: lol moving on up, huh?

khathu: I am just reviewing my research

ProfDru: yep, moving on up, angela.

alt: a year end review is a good thing khathu I'm thinking of writing something on my years of DNA testing ... companies, results, interpretations, etc.

ProfDru: hopefully other genealogists are also moving on up into new arenas in 2013 as well.

AYWalton: that is what makes MAAGI exciting--part of the newer intiatives out there.

alt: 8 years of DNA testing .. since 2004

ProfDru: alt, that sounds like a great topic. khathu, yes a year end review is also good; I'm doing that also.

AYWalton: how many tests have you taken, alt?

alt: I've had Y-DNA, mtDNA, Admixture/Autosomal from 4 different companies AYWalton ..

ProfDru: vicky in da house

Daviss: hello everyone!!

AYWalton: I have taken 4, and I think that is enough. I took the National Genographic, and then upgraded those results to FTDNA since they use the same lab. Then I took African Ancestry, and then 23andMe. greetings, Daviss!

alt: Y-DNA up to 111 markers, mtDNA .. full sequence across 4 regions

Daviss: hey, hey !!

AYWalton: wow alt---which companies were those?

vkn: Howdy Daviss

alt: Ancestryby DNA, FTDNA, 23andme, AncestryDNA oh, and a cousin did African Ancestry

AYWalton: are you pleased with the results that you have received?

alt: I would say yes.. they pretty consistent with their %'s.... other things vary depending on the company's focus and size of the databases.

Daviss: I am going to upgrade FTDNA next month after Billy Payer visits. I think to family Finder

alt: hello Daviss

Daviss: Hello there alt

ProfDru: alt, will this be an article or a book?

alt: oh just a write-up ProfDru, ain't got a book in me LOL LOL

Daviss: lol alt

ProfDru: ok alt

AYWalton: I bet you do have book inside of you, alt! most folks do, I think.

alt: about AfriGeneas & the Forums ... crossed my mind that there are some very good postings from over the years that could be brought forward for 'today's' readers..... I don't think we 'promote' what we have written over the years very well...

trisha: I have been thinking of doing a DNA test...we did have a cousin do the Y-DNA test. The only boy in my dad's sibilings that showed the paternal line of his family. facsinating study....

alt: I read some posting from 5-6-7 years ago that are very timely and cover things we are talking about today

Daviss: The Family Finder is the autosomal isn't it alt?

AYWalton: I wonder if we have enough content for something like "The Best of AfriGeneas".

alt: yes Daviss and then they do the matching cousin thing like 23andme/AncestryDNA

AYWalton: I bet we do.

Daviss: did you see that last posting from someone stating he had NA in his line and Ancestry gave him 100% Euro

AYWalton: I missed that post, Daviss. Which forum was it?

alt: oh yes AYWalton, there is a 'gold mine' in the older content

AYWalton: It could be something publishable I think. (did I spell that right?)

ProfDru: The Best of Afrigeneas sounds like a great topic.

alt: yes DAviss, I think he was talking about AncestryByDNA.. which went out of business several years ago and is now back into testing.. I first tested with them in 2006.

AYWalton: and time to make our presence our there in other platforms as well.


AYWalton: food for thought.

Daviss: I thought mabe he was fibbing alt...

AYWalton: can get that link, Daviss.

Daviss: does that work AYW I found it had to believe that he got a canned msg

alt: DAviss, I do seriously doubt his 100 % Euro statement.... but that does bring to light the fallacy of oral histories if it is true, especailly his 'supposed' NA ancestry.

Daviss: I would agree with that alt

alt: I think I'll repsond to his message later today Daviss and place a photo of my certificate in the reponse.

vkn: lol

AYWalton: Well, we know that NA ancestry is a prevailing myth in many lines. With some it is accurate and so many more it is not quite as they heard it.

alt: oh, oh gotta go play some football first.. bye ya'll LOL

AYWalton: lol

Daviss: yes alt, I would like to see his response..I know I have taslked to Ancestry on several occasions and have rec'd call backs

AYWalton: wnjoy

Daviss: lol bye alt and Go Cards!!

alt: different commpanies Daviss AncestryDNA & AncestryByDNA

AYWalton: I received a message on Facebook from a woman who wanted to enroll in the Seminole tribe of Florida "to honor an ancestor" and she was saying how she had found her folks on just about every roll out there---but funny had no idea how to find her folks on the 1957 Seminole Census---their base roll that they use for membership.

vkn: take all care all y'all

AYWalton: And they also require you to BE Seminole---not just sign up. oh well, it goes on and on.

ProfDru: gotta run

AYWalton: I better run as well. Have a GREAT day everyone.

Daviss: interesting huh

AYWalton: indeed.

Daviss: ok later bye trish, I guess we can go also lol

trisha: ah! k ciao ::smile::

Daviss: lol ok ciao!

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