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2012-11-23 • Research Walls


Start: 11:56:24
End: 13:11:36
Chatters: alt, Daviss, jhonora, Selma, vkn

vkn: Posting on FPOC to pull all together I will work on thattoday so jump in if you dare Hope the meal was as pleasing as the company posted by Vicky

Daviss: good afternoon vkn

vkn: Howdy doody

Daviss: How was your day yesterday?

vkn: Can we work tohether to fix this one "im ralated dawson in richmond virginia name was joseph dawson wife name was anna dawson household name dau addie dawson dau louise dawson son king dawson son joseph dawson joseph dawson birth 1878 son joseph dawson married pricilla dawson in gadsden fla household name was hampton dawson " Day was good and quiet t=day

Daviss: thats the way I like it vkn good and quiet

alt: Happy post-Thanksgiving Day y'all

vkn: Hope you both had a good TDay alt and Daviss

Daviss: Heyyy alt!! I had a nice quiet day alt..I was even mild on my football yells lol

vkn: No yells from me

alt: okay Daviss, gotta watch the blood pressure. is the Dawson post on the Forums vkn?

Daviss: vkn what are they looking for on this Dawson person? Is this a kick starter or what?

vkn: FPOC board Going to take the 4 posts down but need help to edit them into some semse

Daviss: Is that information from the 1880 census

vkn: No idea

Daviss: OIC

vkn: Not able to decipher

alt: so, you want us to take a look at the posting and respond???????

vkn: I will send you the text to edit into sense then I will repost alt and daviss It os too jumbled as is s=is

alt: okay, cause my initial response would be to get some clarity of thought into your query .. names, dates location, etc. and then ask you question.... Also I would ask "what have you looked at beyond what you've posted?"

Daviss: It looks like to me that they were just giving information to the initial poster

vkn: agreed Let us delete it first

alt: Daviss, I heard form the Wilson person on Ancestry... he said he had been out of the country and was just now reading my email to him.

vkn: Could be but to Dawn lol

Daviss: great alt

vkn: alt is connecting ???

Daviss: Dawn answered the initial poster vkn

vkn: yup

jhonora: Hello alt, Daviss, vkn!

vkn: JHonora post thanx greetings long time no type

Daviss: I hope that you and he will be able to tie those loose ends alt

vkn: Good to see you jhonora

jhonora: Thanks vkn, my computer has been acting up lol

Daviss: will he can tie lol hello jhonora!

vkn: Time to trade LOL

alt: hello jhonora, good 'seeing' you.

jhonora: Same here, alt alt, I wonder, does the name George W. B. Conrad from Cinc. mean anything to you?

vkn: koom by ya lol

alt: yeah Daviss... his connection is very strange... he should be my nearest relative on Ancestry.... his gmother is my 1st cousin once removed and yet he isn't on my listiing of matches..... strange!!!!!! not as of the moment jhonora, help me out....

Daviss: oh my alt!!

jhonora: He was an attorney who worked for 52 years for the railroad. Was very active in community, spearheaded preservation of the Harriet B. Stowe House

vkn: floating in and out of the room y'all

alt: okay jhonora...... is he an AA? and when did he live?

jhonora: He was AA, died about 1949. He comes up in some of my research. He was from Xenia, Ohio, and I was curious if he was free or slave born. I can email you what I have.

alt: please do jhonora ..... Xenia is my neighbor.... only 12 miles away and Greene Co., is one of my main areas of research. you're gonna put me to work jhonora LOL LOL

Daviss: alt did the gentleman give you any more info on his line that you did not know?

jhonora: The more I research, the more OH comes up. If there isn't a black history of that state, you should write one

alt: no Daviss, he will be able to help me on his paternal lines and I think I have more information on his Adams family lines than he has, so it will be a mutual collaboration. jhonora, there is a tremendous amount of AA histroy already written..... I've just been able ot get to the tip of the 'iceberg". already written on Ohio. and that tip is just on my family lines and the part of Ohio where they were located. y'all sure are quiet today

Daviss: I am trying hard not to talk football lol

alt: we're getting ready for 'THE GAME!!!!!' here tomorrow ... Ohio State vs MIchigan

Daviss: I did do a little family search last night

alt: and what did you come up with?

Daviss: ASU and UofA big tradition here alt

alt: okay Daviss, is that tomorrow?

Daviss: I came up with zilch again alt. I was going over again still trying to find my mother I looked at every scenerio I could find

alt: have you exhausted alll of the places she may have been located in for 1940?

Daviss: yup and went back again line by line found my great grands and worked backwards from their page to the 1st page then forward from the start of their page then I started at one great aunt who lived in the city and same thing it was only so far I could go that way because of the make up of the town

alt: it might be exhausting by a line by line on the indexes might work..... search for AA female, born +/- 19??, using wild cards for given name spelling for just the States she might have been located in. by=but

Daviss: I have done that also alt Texas and Louisiana

alt: how bout the names of siblings? on indexes, not images helllo Selma

Daviss: they were all living on the property with grands except for that one aunt alt

jhonora: Daviss, I haven't been able to find my grandmother in Louisiana 1940 either Hello Selma!

Selma: Afternoon folks..belated Happy Thanksgiving

Daviss: Hi there Selma!

alt: same to you Selma

Selma: Everyone stuffed themselves yesterday?

Daviss: scratching my head jhonora I kind of held back a tad Selma lol

jhonora: I have been told that many AA families were not enumerated in 1940.

Selma: Yea..I held back a "tad" too... LOL

alt: how old would your mother have been in 1940 Daviss?

Daviss: 15-16 alt

alt: okay.... and you're saying she had to have been in TX or LA in 1940, right?

vkn: nor any other census jhonora

Daviss: I am saying she should have been in Tx.. I searched La because it was the next closest state Grrrrrrrr

alt: did you have relatives in any state other than TX or LA that she could have been living with in 1940?

Selma: or possibly visiting Daviss?

Daviss: none that I know of alt

vkn: i eat little selma

alt: okay, just a thought

Selma: Well we have enough leftovers for at least 2 or 3 days..we will be sick of turkey and ham by then

Daviss: I used her first name in every way and looked at all ways

alt: right Selma, cause as we know the census is just a snapshot with an approximate date range.

Selma: Did she have a "middle" you know 15 - 16 year olds like to get cute, maybe yes another name that she preferred

Daviss: same here Selma.. I talked to my brother last night. They cooked a lot of food and will pack it up and take it down to the homeless..

Selma: Maybe used

Daviss: yes she had a middle name and I used that also as well as initials

alt: and the relationships can be squirrled up.... I'm a nephew and my father is a Lodger in the household of my grandmother's sister home. and there are 3 surnames in that household..... Lee, Yarbrough & Thomas.

vkn: good idea to the homeless

alt: so you might ignore the obivous Daviss and looke for something unusual.

Daviss: he cooked for his kids but they had other plans what could that be alt?

Selma: Oh jeez.. I guess they won't be on his XMAS List.. lOL

Daviss: lol Selma thats what he said

alt: I dunno 8) lol

Selma: Thinks like me.. LOL..or he could freeze and give em the food at Xmas.. LOL

Daviss: see alt, I am clueless too lol lol Selma

alt: are you also saying that you find her siblings, but not her Daviss?

Selma: Folks..gonna run, just wanted to stop by and say Hi..have a great day. Bye

alt: bye

vkn: okies

Daviss: no alt, all her aunts and uncles.. She is an only child Bye Selma have a great day

alt: okay Daviss

Daviss: She had a close cousin but I found him everyone is where they should have been lol

alt: were they all in the same place in 1935 according to the census records?

Daviss: oh yeah alt

jhonora: I'm signing off too y'all. Have a good day! I'll email you alt.

alt: okay, just another thought

Daviss: They all lived off the land. Old Joseph had 300 acres and were farmers or worked for the RR

vkn: y'all be good and keep searching

alt: okay vkn, you too

Daviss: ok vkn Guess we can pack up and leave too alt let me know how Wilson turns out

alt: okay, keep looking Daviss.... could she have been enumerated with another family??????

Daviss: I am not sure how he and I fit in thats why I went line by line alt

alt: okay Daviss, will keep you posted/updated on Wilson

Daviss: ok alt...

alt: excuse the questions Daviss

Daviss: oh no problem alt I like the questions

alt: but inquiring minds want to know LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: one may come up that I had not figures figuered figured lol

alt: okay, lights & chairs ... I got'em

Daviss: ok partner

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