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2012-11-20 • Documenting Birth ?


Start: 12:15:28
End: 13:43:11
Chatters: Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: morning Seventies!

Seventies: Good day Daviss...

Daviss: how are you?

Seventies: Doing good. Just getting my lunch together. How are you?

Daviss: Ah ok, take your time. Its not as if we are taking a lot of questions from people :o

Seventies: lol Hi vkn

vkn: hey hey hey

Daviss: to answer your question, I am fine. I did sleep a tad later than what I wanted but thats alright with me Hi there vkn!

Seventies: I have a question, what would be considered adequate proof of a relationship to establish siblings?

vkn: howdydoody

Seventies: that's good Daviss, get your rest because you will be working it on Thanksgiving!

vkn: birth cert

Daviss: how many pieces of evidence do you have seventies

Seventies: Well I have Tax records, Census Records, family bible record, and death certs.

Daviss: is that the only thing vkn.. long ago no BC's hardly

Seventies: The issue is that the 'children' all had different surnames than the mother with the exception of the girls.

Daviss: family bible is good as well as Census and does the tax frecord say child

vkn: cert of midwife or other witness

Seventies: No, these are people who were born during slavery.

vkn: affidavit

Seventies: Family seems to follow each other around.

Daviss: does the census say son or daughter

Seventies: No the earliest that the family is together is 1870 and no relationships there. Although Jack lives next to Mary in 1880

Daviss: You do have two pieces stating the fact right

Seventies: The sibling fact? No.

Daviss: what do you have?

Seventies: This is what I have Daviss. In 1870 Mary Walker is living with 4 minors: Jack Westrope, Sarah Thomas, Scott Walker, Nellie Walker and Martha Walker. In 1880 Mary is with Martha and John Martin Walker. Jack lives withing 3 households of Mary and a daughter Nellie (Walker) Cason. Scott is not on the Wilkinson Co. census. On two tax records for Wilkinson Co, MS Jack Westrope and Scott Washington are listed on Bunker Hill Plantation in the 1890's. In 1881, Jack signed the marriage bond for Scott Washington. In 1900 and 1910 census records Jack has moved to Adams Co. MS with Scott who had purchased Woodlands Plantation. On Jack's DC in 1938, his mother is listed as Mary Walker, father unknown. From the Washington Family Bible, Mary is also listed at the mother of Scott Washington. I should probably get Jack Westrope's intestate records, if he had one. I do know that he is buried at Mt. Sinai church. So now if I can contact the informant Freddie Dixon, I would get all of the info I need to know. Freddie though related to my grandfather, was the granddaughter of Jack Westrope according to the census. Ms. Dixon has moved to Chicago last I heard.

Daviss: ok so you have identified 2 minors as siblings, what about the other 3 minors sarah, nellie and martha

Seventies: Nellie Cason is the mother of Louey Havana Cason whom I asked about on the boards a while ago... Martha and John Martin I cannot find. Sarah I haven't researched.

Daviss: I would look for the DC's for all of them

Seventies: I see Casons all over Louisiana and southern MS, but can't tie any of them to Nellie or Lewis Cason. I was looking for a marriage records for Martha. No luck on that just yet. John Martin no luck there either. I thought perhaps he was living with Scott on the 1910 census. But the birth year is off a great deal.

Daviss: look for Cason with a K or perhaps Carson

Seventies: I'll try again with the soundex, thanks Daviss.

Daviss: or as my friend Richard Cason answered to Richard Casey

Seventies: okay I'd never considered that before... hhhmmmmm

Daviss: He is the hall of fame R&B writer for Johnny Taylor or was all our lives we called him Richard Casey and we knew his name was Cason lol

Seventies: Ok now onto case #2, Clara Galmore. My grandfather was correct about his grandmother burning up in a fire. On her DC she died of 3rd degree burns. Her father is listed as Perk Bard.. but its actually Boyd and her Mother was Addie Perkins. Which explains why her name on the Marriage Cert was Clara Perkins. This confirmed the info that I was researching before regarding the family. They lived for a time in Louisiana. So I will be working on tracking down her sisters. Though they have some odd names.

Daviss: Odd is good for those one of a kind names

Seventies: Pulling the census record from Family Search so you can see what I'm talkin about. I will be ordering more DCs from MDAH. Still not messing with ADAH.. lol

Daviss: hearing you seventies

Seventies: I am missing my gg grandmother's DC still. Still bringing it up y'all... hold on. This is what happens when your harddrive crashes and all of your data is there. Much of this is dedicated to memory.

Daviss: oh so you are young lol lol

Seventies: lol lol lol Ok I'ma try ancestry OMG it almost 1!!!

Daviss: so that saves you re that memory thingy lol lol

Seventies: lol yep. Oh btw, no place in AZ has the item I'm looking for Daviss!

Daviss: ok Seventies, at least you tried.

Seventies: OMG well I have another friend who is going to MI and said if they have it there she would pick it up and bring it back to NY for me

Daviss: look around before they leave Seventies

Seventies: I will

Daviss: remember its holiday buying

Seventies: I was trying to get it before the release of Windows 8... this would have Windows 7 on the system. When I first found this item, it was a month in advance of the release of Windows 8

Daviss: Do you have to have that brand

Seventies: No, but its the only one at that quality with that price. Now I can't find the Boyds.. you gotta be kidding.

Daviss: was it Acer thats because you want it now Seventies lol

Seventies: Asus was the brand Daviss.

Daviss: Asus?

Seventies: You're right about that... lol

Daviss: Asus or Acer Seventies

Seventies: Asus...

Daviss: hmmm never heard of that one laptop?

Seventies: 10" Netbook.

vkn: nor i

Seventies: Asus is the company behind the Google Nexus 7 tablet. They are a great company

Selma: Afternoon folks..sorry I am late

Daviss: Hi Selma!!

vkn: selma bring a note from home

Seventies: Late?? lol No comment from the peanut gallery.. lol

Selma: Yes late.. Never heard of Asus...but have heard of Acer

Daviss: hello Khathu!

Seventies: Here's another one. Hi Khathu. ;)

Khathu: Hello everyone

vkn: Khathu, howdy

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Daviss: Now all we need is alt

vkn: I had no luck searching the ladies Khayhu but will keep on file

Khathu: thanks vkn. Ms. Williams is one of my brickwalls that makes me batty

Daviss: :o

Selma: Welcome to the club batty

Khathu: Going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Daviss: and some of us don't have any batty left

Selma: LOL.. at Daissv

Khathu: Daviss I have some battiness left

Selma: Daviss...see what I mean

Seventies: You are brave Khathu

Daviss: lol @ Selma

Khathu: I'm not all batted out yet]

vkn: all batted out lol

Daviss: me too lol

Seventies: I have my moments... lol

Khathu: Why did you say brave soul? We have VIP seating

Daviss: good for you khathu and it should be fun

Seventies: oh okay.. you know NYers can be aggressive...

Selma: Oh pleeze seventies, why are you giving NY'ers a bad rap

Khathu: @Seventies that's why I have two elbows

Seventies: I'm not giving Nyers a bad rap. lol

Daviss: lol

Selma: I took my kids to the parade once, when they were younger...I really only watched on TV when I was a kid

Seventies: lol Khathu. I've been told I am aggressive and I'm not even from the City.

Selma: I still watch the parade on TV.. LOL

Seventies: Something else I haven't done in awhile.

Khathu: This will be my first time Looking forward to it

Seventies: Well then have an awesome time!

Selma: Wave to Santa for us

Khathu: I will play tourist any genealogy updates

Daviss: only seventies khathu

Khathu: Spill it Seventies

Seventies: Oh yea, I got some DCs from MS Dept of Archives. Gave insight into some relationships that I'd been wanting to clarify. Namely Scott Washington And Jack Westrope.

Daviss: I am still doing the 1940 census looking for my mama

Selma: Jeez still haven't found your mama How are they related seventies..or not related

Seventies: As I sit there thinking, I should see If I can get Jack's estate records. But he didn't have land he was a renter.. so I may not find anything. But his informant is still living...

Daviss: no...:( :(

Seventies: Selma, looks like they were brothers. I also found out where Jack lived when he moved to Adams Co. Hamilton Plantation. He lived near York Plantation where my Thompsons lived.

Daviss: vkn don't forget to send me that Tucson information

vkn: okies y;all be good

Seventies: Hamilton Plantation is right across the hwy from Woodlands/Ben's Corner Plantation.

Khathu: How are they related Seventies

Seventies: Jack Westrope and Scott Washington are brothers. Same mother Mary Walker

Selma: Ok I was about to ask When were they born?

Seventies: I have been following them in records since I found jack on scott's marriage bond. They were born in Mississippi Wilkinson Co.

Selma: What years

Daviss: Khathu have you heard of any new books regarding Texas

Seventies: Jack in 1852 and Scott in 1858

Khathu: No I haven't. I think they are waiting on us to write it

Seventies: Get to writin'... :)

Khathu: Congratulations Seventies

Daviss: ok thanks

Seventies: Thanks Khathu. I'm excited. This is the line that we don't know much about.

Selma: Any new info on Lorenzo Khathu..don't know why I just thought of him

Khathu: I know you have been working on it for some time now Unfortunately Selma, nothing new has came in. I reordered his pension application in the hopes that additional info might be discovered I feel that some pages/documents are missing from the application I received

Daviss: Oh he was a usct khathu?

Selma: Oh..well I hope you get some new info

Khathu: No, he claimed that he served in a white regiment as a bugler

Daviss: oh yeah thats right, now I remember

Khathu: I have come to the conclusion that he unofficially served so there won't be any "official" record of his service but I am more concerned with trying to link him to Henrietta and Sarah Williams

Selma: The daughters right?

Daviss: Is there another Williams(white) in the regiment that he may have been the servant for

Khathu: It is still unproved Selma Yes, Daviss there is a white Lorenzo Williams

Daviss: mabe that file may give a clue to your AA

Khathu: the white Lorenzo actually served and received a pension

Daviss: Was this a Tn reg

Selma: Were they living in the same place Khathu the 2 Lorenzo's

Khathu: Not after the CW His regiment was Illinois

Daviss: oh ok

Khathu: The white Lorenzo resided in IL and mine in Texas I am unable to locate my Lorenzo in the 1870 census in or outside of Texas

Selma: Can't help you Khathu...but we will be supportive LOL

Khathu: Thanks.... :) I have come to the conclusion that I don't have brick wall mine on lead walls insulated with steel

Daviss: lol lol lol

Selma: I spent some time this AM printing some info for someone from FOLD 3...very similar names, coming from same county..can't tell if they are same person using different names or what I printed out and mailed to was giving me a headache and I have to get ready to cook my turkey

Daviss: lol well happy cooking

Khathu: Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Daviss: Happy Thanksgiving to all as well

Khathu: I need to wrap up some stuff here at the office. Today is my last day until Monday

Selma: Guess..I better run, don't think I will be here tomorrow, gotta pick up the little darlins

Daviss: ok Sel have a good day

Selma: Have a great day

Daviss: see ya Seventies

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