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2012-11-19 • TDay on Monday


Start: 12:09:30
End: 13:22:32
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hello there Alt

alt: morning Daviss, I heard from Mr. Wilson this AM, haven't responded as yet... I just got home from the eye doctor.

Daviss: great alt, at least you have heard

alt: yep now, is he a DNA cousin of yours on Ancestry?

Daviss: did you get a thumbs up on your eyes

alt: yeah, I can see a 'rat licking lard" LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: yes, he is lol lol alt

alt: what's his user name?.. he should be a cousin of mine

Daviss: let me look real quick

alt: okay

Daviss: he is listed as Gerald Wilson

alt: okay, I don't have a Gerald Wilson... hmmn, wonder why?????

Daviss: Bel Air Maryland is where he is from

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: hi there vkn!

vkn: Hello to you alt and to you Daviss and to you Seventies

alt: I called a common cousin of ours in Silver Spring, MD and he isn't aware of him.

Seventies: Hello alt, Daviss and vkn. Happy Monday!

alt: Hello Seventies

Daviss: Hi there Seventies mabe you have to play with that bar to find him Does this cousin have any name that may be different than you that I can look at to see if that name shows up alt

vkn: HELP! Search engine to mail list is working again. Not as pretty as previous but working. Will need to get it posted all around the place so help us get it out there

Daviss: Hows it going Seventies and vkn?

alt: could be Daviss, but with the one lady being a neice of my grandfather he should be like a 2nd/3rd cousin... we'll get it squared away when I connect with him.... Thanks again for the contact information.

Seventies: Pretty good... :)

Daviss: no problem alt

Seventies: Better than Saturday... lol

vkn: It never stops daviss in fact we taught the lil Bunny how to keep on going lol

alt: we'll do the best we can to help circulate the mail list infor vkn.

Daviss: I guess seventies 8)

vkn: aka Ever Ready lol I know you will alt

Daviss: brb

alt: I'm beginning to see some nice photos of Pres Obama with folks here in Springfield on Facebook from his visit here the FRiday before election day.

Daviss: ok back with my fresh cup of java

alt: vkn,there is one photo of him holding a baby that is an Embry descendant... the granddaughter of the lady that introduced him. that one will be a priceless family photo.

vkn: Oh and woe

Daviss: I can imagine the thrill they got

Seventies: alt you know your Springfield community,huh? wow!

Daviss: history has a way of taping in on every generation. Some of us are lucky to get a real first hand glance Its so funny but Taylor and I had a conversation last night

alt: in this case Seventies, my ex-wife's mother was an Embry from Lincoln, AL in Calhoun Co.,

Daviss: The oven went out when we came back from Okla and we really need to get a new stove

alt: very true Daviss, we forget that we are a part of history making times/events.

Daviss: They, meaning her and the kids want to know how we will get thanksgiving dinner donne

alt: oh, oh .. just in time for the holidays .. bummer!!!!

Seventies: You really need to get your bro to hook you up with that military discount Daviss.

Daviss: son Anthony lives in a loft apt and I am not about to walk up all those stairs to cook] but they can go and cook some things

alt: you could use ours' Daviss.. Anita said she ain't doing any cooking this year LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol alt

Daviss: well, since we have an electric roaster I can cook turkey here

vkn: Just recd an interesting welcome phone call from ??? of the ??? website Thanking me for visiting the site and wondered what resource I might be seeking etc etc etc etc. I recently registered there about 2 months ago etc

Daviss: taylor said what about the dressing

alt: my man is thinking LOL lOL

Daviss: I told here that we could do like we used to do and stuff turkey and put dressing along the side

alt: plan B, huh Daviss

Seventies: OK, is it an AA site??

Daviss: They looked at me with strange light bulb eyes lol and said that i was joking no body ever did that

vkn: A continuing discussion re stuffing or dressing. In my part of the South it is dressing

Seventies: South and in southern/north homes its referred to as dressing. What I really love is Creole dressing! Yummy!!

alt: same here "Up South' vkn.

vkn: lol

Seventies: brb

Daviss: I told them that the only reason I started cooking dressing seperately was because there was never enough left over the next day and what is the day after without a dressing sammich lol

alt: you got it Daviss.... Firday's meals the day after Thanksgivng always were/are 'da bomb'.

vkn: Stuffing will make one sick from inside the bird aka as spoilers, ressing could be eaten for days even without refrigeration

Daviss: yummy for dressing

vkn: or just a cut square cut and laced with giblet gravy daviss

alt: i don't know a lick about the cooking, but I'm and expert on the eating LOL LOL

Daviss: Someone was saying that they did not like fruitcake, but I tell ya my aunt made the best ever in life

vkn: lol @ alt and eating

Daviss: I wish I could have learned from all those people. The only thing I think I learned to cook durn near right is seafood gumbo. I watched my grandmother cook that time and time again because i always wanted the first bowl

vkn: I get my fruitcake from a place in TX Have not ordered any in years Cannot remember name of town

Daviss: the test bowl lol

alt: I watched a session of ASALH on C-Span...AA women in the National Parks Service.. very informtative program, well done.

Daviss: yes alt I watched half of it but had to leave

vkn: ASALH has an excellent marketing/outreach approach

Daviss: vkn do you have an email addy for Bernard Wilson in tucson I am hoping they have a genealogy group and that our group could go down for one of their meetings

alt: Is that Alquire's (sp) last name.?

Daviss: yes alt

alt: is that her husband ?

vkn: Yes I do Daviss

Daviss: I think it is alt

alt: okay

Daviss: Someone was saying look for a Gloria Jackson but I have no clue

vkn: Yes bernard does the heavy lifting for Alguirre

Daviss: Do they have a Gen group vkn?

vkn: yuppers I will connect you with him/her

Daviss: thanks I think it would be a good thing

alt: guess I have my 2013 Conference schedule liined up... OGS in April in Cincy and FGS in Aug in Ft. Wayne.

vkn: Worth considering regional groups Isn't that what ypu have alt

Daviss: ohhhh alt, You are gonna head up to FT Wayne thats great what is that drive time?

alt: yes vkn AAGGMV is a 'regional group' we cover about 9-10 counties in west central Ohio.

Seventies: OK I'm back... :}

vkn: and what about MAGGI you two in StLoMo

alt: 1 hr to Cincy & 2 hr to Ft. Wayne.

Daviss: I would love to go vkn but not so sure.. Our family reunion is in July in Atlanta and MAGGI is in June

alt: St Louis and Chicago are a little too far for me vkn... there is a group in Indianapolis and one in Cleveland.

vkn: okies

Seventies: Oh I was talking to my mom last night and she said that my great grandmother used to make sweet potato pie with white potatoes. Anyone ever heard of or had that??

Daviss: now if the karma is right and I hit the lotto its On!!!

Seventies: LOL Daviss, that lotto is MINE! LOL

Daviss: I have had that Seventies

alt: good luck Daviss & Seventies

Daviss: lol thanks I need it, Seventies is in that 1%

Seventies: How in the world does that taste?? Seems like acorn squash would be better in Sweet potato pie...

alt: I see where Tony Burroughs & Debborah Abbott are going to present at a workshop together in Milwaukee.

Daviss: folks back in the day made something out of everything Seventies and it always worked

Seventies: That's what I was thinking Daviss.

Daviss: What conference is that alt I have heard Burroughs but not Abbott

Seventies: I was watching Food Network and someone's grandmother made squash pie with yellow squash.

alt: not a Conference Daviss, but a 1 day workshop.... Deborah Abbott was the co-chair of IBGS and has been on the staff at Samford for several years Daviss.

Daviss: yes alt, I just have never been to one of her sessions... In Ft Wayne was when I took Burroughs class lol It was the tech session which I should not have been in at all. LOL But I wanted to hear him so I sacrificed my bumbling knowledge to hear the man everyone seemed to admire admire lol

Seventies: Hey I understand that Daviss.

alt: She's quite good Daviss, knowledgeable and gives a very personable presentation... she knows how to 'speak to the people'.

Daviss: so that tells me alt that the next time I am at a conference and she is on I will surely sigh up for her class

alt: you won't be disappointed Daviss

Seventies: I am really wishing we could have some additional conferences here on the East Coast in NY...

Daviss: I hear ya Seventies

Seventies: I need to contact AAGHS NY But I know that they are still suffering from Sandy and Athena...

Daviss: oh wow Seventies

alt: how far are you from Buffalo and/or Rochester Seventies .. I think they have groups.

Seventies: Yes POTUS Obama was just here in NY earlier last week. For me alt, that would be like driving to Ohio.. I'm just an hour outside NYC That was the chapter I'm interested in in Harlem. I think I would have something to share with the group.

alt: sounds like a project for you & Jennifer Stokes to get sumpin' started ar fired up with the NYC group Seventies

vkn: and what about the guy at that college with USCT alt

Seventies: Jennifer called me last night... she's so good at following up. And I stink at it lol

vkn: cannot recall his name at the moment

alt: is it Bradshaw, or sumpin like that vkn?

vkn: Yes Matthew

alt: ah so!!!!! maybe you could even get Denise Oliver-Velez invovled Seventies

Seventies: She's about an hour upstate from me alt...

vkn: Alt you are getting the stuff to Debby Cuffey

Seventies: Up at New Paltz.

alt: Debbie Cuffey to or from vkn ?????

vkn: bi directional alt

Seventies: Yea, I could but she won't accept my friend request on Facebook... lol That's the way the cookie crumbles.. lol

alt: Seventies, our group AAGGM encompasses about a 75 mile circle...... up to an hour to an hour & 1/2 drivng time .. it can be done.

vkn: She is not on facebook seventies She is on the Daily Kos

Seventies: oh okay Some things I only read... :}

vkn: Someone else is automating her on facebook

alt: and the AAGGKY group in Kentucky has about 75-100 mile area they cover.

vkn: o she is not getting your friend requests

alt: it would be work Seventies, but it can be done.

Daviss: who is that Denise?

Seventies: lol

vkn: yes daviss

Daviss: she may have so many that she has not looked up at her msgs

Seventies: alt, I'm gonna try the NYC group. No need in reinventing the wheel.. lol I was told that the MS folk could use help

alt: I can understand that Seventies

vkn: we denise and I talk about once monthly

alt: and appreciate it too LOL LOL

vkn: All the goats are gone daviss

Seventies: If they have a Dec meeting I plan on attending. I'll be in NYC anyways

Daviss: lol Charleston is in a happy home I spect

Seventies: or in a pot of curry goat! lol

Daviss: nawwww not the main man lol he is to old

Seventies: oh lawd! Forgive me... lol

Daviss: yeah you need a spankin.. i'am gonna tell Denise

alt: probably has him 'stuffed' or his head mounted on a wall LOL

Seventies: lol run tell dat! lol

vkn: wupps lol

Daviss: gonna tell her on you too alt

alt: Oops LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

alt: Denise, would appreciate those comments, might not like them, but she would appreciate them LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: yep alt shde sure would.. i do miss her shde = sure

alt: all in jest

Daviss: sheesh meaning she

Seventies: Hey y'all I gotta get back to work.. see you on the flipside. FB

Daviss: later and I will head out also

alt: hang tough Seventies

Daviss: see yall later

Seventies: If y'all don't hear from me just know I hit the lotto... lol

alt: lights & chairs... I got'em

Daviss: yeah right!!! ok alt bye and take care

vkn: okies

Daviss: bye vkn

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