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2012-11-16 BTR


Start: 12:08:39
End: 13:19:35
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: Afternoon Selma!

Selma: Mornin Daviss...had your coffee yet Wasn't bbenn's show great last night

Daviss: I am on my 2nd cup as we type Selma. I had to buy a new coffee maker and had to make a concession I wanted another percolator but could not find one at the stores I went to

Selma: What kind of concession? You know one with a timer

Seventies: Good afternoon, Selma and Daviss

Daviss: I had to settle for a Mr Coffee Grrrrrr

Selma: Oh you mean that kind of coffee maker..

Daviss: Yes!!!

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Daviss: Hello seventies

Selma: What kind did you want

Seventies: Sorry about your coffee pot woes Daviss

Selma: Did you try to find one on line? Afternoon alt

Daviss: Oh yes Selma I really enjoyed the radioblog

Seventies: Hi alt

alt: Hi Ladies, Daviss, Selma & Seventies .. hope you are all doing well today.

Daviss: no, I should have looked online first. I think I accidentally threw my basket away and that was all I needed for my old perc

Selma: Well I have been UP for 6 hours..and daviss..for 5 it depends what part of the day your are in alt

Daviss: lol lol hi alt!

alt: right, I'm up since 6:00 AM EST. Daviss, I got the AncestryDNA tree 'thinge'' to work last night.

Daviss: dang folks another oil rig exploded in the Gulf

Seventies: Been up since 5:15 Just read that Daviss.

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: Oh great alt!! what was the problem

alt: dunno Daviss, I was on the laptop when we talked and I had to upload a newer version of IE ... maybe that was it.

Daviss: You guys get up way too early lol lo I hit the floor after 8 AM this morning mabe so alt

alt: hey y'all,,,, Daviss found on ancestry a DNA cousin.... who happens to have some of my folks in their family tree, so I guess we're (Daviss & me) cousins of cousins LOL

Selma: Wow

Daviss: Now I have to send you an 8x10 glossy of me alt to put on your TP

Selma: LOL

alt: And some of the names in this person's tree are like my 2nd cousins..... children of my grandfather's siblings.

Selma: Told you alt was the "six degrees of separation man"

Daviss: Now alt I will send him an email to get in touch with you

alt: Bring it on Daviss.... happy to have you in the 'family" :)

Daviss: lol

alt: Wonderful Daviss, thank you!!!!!!!

Daviss: no problem alt Wonderful blog radio show last night

Selma: Yes it was daviss

vkn: Sounds exciting

alt: I missed it...... bring us up to speed please.

Selma: First author Dr. Powell spoke on his book the Accidental City...talking about New Orleans during the French and Spanish period

vkn: What an expert story teller and genealogist alt She had us hanging on every word

Daviss: Here is the link to Ms Scotts page

Selma: She reminded me of the first time I heard Dr. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall

alt: I'll have to listen to it after chat. thanks for the link Daviss

vkn: and the first time I heard Ed Ball

Daviss: I will buy that book

Selma: Historians..who appreciate the value of the context of historical facts and the story.. She was very excited, about her subject

vkn: Also did an excellent job to show how easy it is to follow the wrong trail and how documenting MUST be a continuing norm

Selma: Yes, yes, yes

Daviss: I think alt Bernice put up a link to listen to the show

vkn: Most passionate

alt: I have a link to her (Bernice's) archived shows Daviss.

vkn: alt you will enjoy it each time you listen

alt: Looking forward to listening vkn

Selma: Either gonna get the book..or get my kids to give for Xmas..depends on whether I can wait

Daviss: Alt you wont regret it lol Selma!

vkn: Alt she must have taken research methods from you lol

alt: Ms Selma, the "book-meister" LOL

Selma: I can't wait to see her footnotes.. LOL Sometimes the best stuff is in the footnotes

alt: Oh, oh vkn vkn 'be's' strokin' somebody ...... watch out!!!!! LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: I am interested in their life in Belgium..and who else migrated..

vkn: ... although end notes are easier for these eyes Selma

Selma: Yes..vkn.. Many authors are doing that now vkn

vkn: I am glad even though I read little

Daviss: I wonder if you could get that book in another format vkn

alt: these are wonderful times with the information that is becoming available in so many different forms & formats.

vkn: Will ask the author Daviss indeed alt Incidentally will each of you look at the Colored Schedule in the BRAND thread and tell me how it reads in the columns across at least consider looking

Daviss: are you wanting us to go to ancestry and get it vkn?

vkn: No it is in the thread enlarging

alt: is there something that tell us what each column represents?

vkn: Yes alt a jpg with the headers

alt: okay vkn thanks

Daviss: it does not say what the numbers mean though vkn on the thread

Selma: What forum vkn?

vkn: Surnames


vkn: Talked with the researcher yesterday who is toting a boatload of shame that 1829 born grand parent may have had children without wedlock

Selma: Oh for heavens sakes

vkn: right

alt: ain't that the truth Selma & vkn ... folks have to learn they cannot apply today's standards to the slavery period.

vkn: and youngest uses surname of BRAND but his death c says daddy is named Holifield

alt: or even be judgemental about the actions of family even today.

Daviss: wb seventies

Seventies: thanks Daviss

alt: wb seventies

Seventies: thanks alt

vkn: True alt we need threads to say that. So many want a pristine history at the family reunion

Selma: Obviously this person doesn't understand what "slavery" meant

alt: Father could have been a Holifield slave & mother a Brand slave and they lived on two separate farms/plantations

Selma: Spoke on the phone with a researcher whose ancestors fought in USCT..

vkn: lol or what being female meant slavery not withstanding

Selma: He enlisted in Norfolk...I said he probably ran to Union lines..she said Oh No I think his master let him volunteer

alt: kinda like the Isaac Hall/Hull situation hub Selma

vkn: Selma had a phone call from a lady named Wilson in Richmond seeking an AfriGeneas coffee mug of which we have none

Selma: Did we ever have a coffee mug?

Daviss: vkn I will send you the info via email for Lany

Selma: The area in which this ancestor lived..folks weren't letting folks volunteer

alt: Genealogy & DNA makes one have a constant headache Selma LOL

vkn: okies Daviss

alt: there is always.. my story, your story & the true story and they ain't always the same LOL

vkn: not letting volunteer lol I say there is A story not THE story

Seventies: okay now, did anyone read the long post in DNA Traced on FB today?

alt: okay vkn, I'll buy that.

Seventies: DNA Tested African Descendants, rather?

alt: if from Al Colbert, yes

Seventies: yes and WOW But it does bring up a good question. if you have an enslaved ancestor how can you prove relations minus the paperwork as this individual who was contacting al colber requested.

vkn: Freedom of speech is a bad boy,huh?

alt: Seventies, I think the writer doesn't understand that there can be a difference .... holes.... between evidence & documentation that can't always be connected.

Seventies: well I've experienced something similar... and well its annoying

alt: vital records weren't always available nor deeds & wills

Seventies: But it seems as if Mr. Colbert has really done his due diligence in the research.

vkn: The speaker last night pointed that out so vividly in my view

Daviss: I can attest to the DC portion on not being avail even though they were supposed to be 13 years earlier than when my folks died

alt: he has done a good job of documenting his genealogy and perhaps this woman has done the same with hers ..... she just doesn't want to accept the possibility of there being an 'overlap' which might connect them.

Selma: I haven't read the post..

vkn: The speaker last night pointed that out so vividly in my view about cant always be connected

Seventies: And that wouldn't surprise me at all alt.

Selma: What is the question alt? I think we have to be prepared to accept that not everything we want or need is available

alt: I haven't heard back from the lady who asked me about the Wilson/Studebaker connection in her family lines.... Wilson is Black ..Studebaker is white..... there was a marriage and children, but they don't connect us as relatives to each other, just that we have relatives in common.

vkn: True but hard to let some notions go Selma

alt: I think many folk don't take the time to look at when a relationship occurred and to whom it occurred in determine if a person is a relative, or just a relative of relative.

vkn: as in "we kin but not sure how"

Daviss: vkn you should have your information via email now

alt: example some of my great-grandchildren are directly related to John Legend.... I'm not and some of my other great-grandchildren are not related to him either.

Seventies: Wouldn't that be considered in a round about way collateral families?

Daviss: also did you see the dig "mo" in her letter back to Al

vkn: Thankee Daviss BTW what ever happened to Cynthia ? No words from her in a spell

Seventies: Cynthia, the MS researcher?

Daviss: Something about her computer vkn. She showed up on FB today

alt: I might ask the lady to "not confuse my ignorance with her intelligence, or vice versa" LOL

vkn: Gonna use your visa versa example alt too funny but often on point.

alt: have at it vkn

Seventies: Yeah Al's critic has been researching sinc 1994! lol

Daviss: yes but has she been researching them thar coloreds lol

alt: and in a 'blinders on, single-minded perspective" 3 guesses Daviss

Daviss: lol lol

vkn: Time to bring out "The children of Sanchez" book

alt: speaking of time .. I gotta skedaddle outs here, times up .... y'all take care.

Seventies: Take care alt

vkn: y'all be good

Seventies: take care vkn Daviss, I'ma call you later this evening... :)

Daviss: ok thanks

Seventies: Don't sound so enthusiastic.. lol

Daviss: lol lol lol I am enthusiastic

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