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2012-11-15 • Demystyfying DNA


Start: 12:02:52
End: 13:01:32
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vicjorob, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt

alt: hi seventies , what's up?

Seventies: oh nothing... How are you doing?

alt: able to sit up and take nourishment,,,, as the old folk used to say & you?

Seventies: I'm doing well... Still anxiously awaiting my DCs....

alt: like the check, they're in the mail

Seventies: ready to move on to some other research in the family tree. Don't you mean like the bills? lol

alt: there's always something LOL

Seventies: exactly!

alt: okay, the bills

Seventies: I am really ready to put this Jack Westrope/Westhrope issue to rest. Yes, I've been looking at the same docs since last year. :}

alt: that's good tho; ,, to have enough going for you that you're not stuck on one person, family, surname, etc. hello Daviss

Daviss: hello alt and seventies!

Seventies: yes, I could've done it a while ago but well you know how that goes. Hi Daviss? How are you!

alt: yep, live & learn

Daviss: I am well thank you

Seventies: what is going on with your research Daviss? are you all caught up?

Daviss: How are you two doing?

Seventies: Ready to go back to Africa?

Daviss: yep seventies I am caught up

alt: I'm fine Daviss, thanks for asking

Seventies: I'm doing well.

Daviss: hello vkn!

Seventies: hello vkn

alt: lo vkn... you ;be;s' okay?

vkn: howdy good peeps

Seventies: Ruby Davis turned 90 this week! Well Ruby Dee as she is known by her stage name

alt: go back to Africa...... I've never been there before Seventies

Daviss: How did you all like the webnar last night

vkn: bees good alt

Seventies: I'm talking about Missed it Kindle wasn't compatible

vkn: daviss seventies

alt: I missed it Daviss, is it in an archive?

Daviss: once the kinks were out it was rather nice

Seventies: Please share Daviss

Daviss: The sound kept fading in and out not sure about archive alt, you may have to be a member of the Cali society to hear it

alt: just too much going on for me .... can't keep up with all of the programming

Daviss: However Nicka Smith is very good

vkn: nice advance for bbenn with btr and for AYW with Samford

Daviss: I heard about AY presenting..Is Bernice also vkn?

vkn: she is being given prime host spot by btr

Daviss: ? btr

alt: nice to see bbenn & ayw entering the 'main stream' in the world of genealogy

Seventies: Yes if I'm not mistaken you can feature yourself... unless something has changed.

vkn: blog talk radio btr

Daviss: not understanding Seventies, are you saying you can feature yourself on someone else's show?

Seventies: No. There was the ability to make your show a featured show on BTR. This was in the early days.

Daviss: OIC

vkn: Seventies BB is being spotlighted by btr quite an honor

Seventies: ok Daviss, what did you learn from the webinar that you can share with us here today?

alt: is this because she is getting great listener responses vkn?

vkn: what webinar was that It seems so alt plus the number of participants

alt: okay vkn, I meant "numbers"

Daviss: There was a webnar presented by the Cali group that featured 23&Me and how it works

vkn: quality and quantity alt

alt: yep vkn...can't beat that combination

Daviss: They had a few slides that I wish I had that gave a breakdown of cousins etc

vkn: lol

Daviss: I don't know if they answered the question on giving out more free kits that was what I wanted to know lol

Seventies: lol Maybe they will again.. lol

alt: hello bbenn

Daviss: hi bbenn

Seventies: hi bbenn

vkn: please read the log of tues night chat Quite a good discussion on tracing kin who pass for white Debbie is going to write a paper

bbenn: Hello vkn, alt, Daviss, Seventies

Seventies: interesting.

vkn: congrats again bbenn

alt: debbie??????

bbenn: I really want to read that paper! Thank you!

Daviss: bbenn you were in the webnar last night, did they say if they were going to give any more free kits out?

vkn: debbie cuffey

alt: okay, thanks vkn

bbenn: They said something about a holiday promotion but nothing about a free kit.

vkn: debbie cuffey SC expert

Daviss: ok thanks bbenn

bbenn: Is Debbie planning on publishing her research?

alt: "passing' has so many different aspects/reasons and I'm sure it could be a difficult paper to write.

bbenn: I wonder if she is using a case study format for her white paper

vkn: yes bbenn she is preparing a survey to do on AfriGeneas

bbenn: Yes, it does have several very complex reasons why passing occurred...

alt: I'm having a tendency to 'shy' away from papers that deal with 'personal aspects' they seem to be too narrow.

Seventies: Is it going to be a study or a research guide?

vkn: yes bbenn her own family research

bbenn: ok I remember sharing the 1920 US Census with my mother and she pointed out to me the folks who were passing...

vkn: Well alt she has the passion and her head is on tight

alt: I/we all seem to have those experiences in our family histories and they don't make for good general guides IMHO LOL LOL

Seventies: bbl

bbenn: 8)

alt: not knockign it/her vkn..... just a conclusion I'm coming to about the 'rash' of papers coming out on specific situations.

Daviss: as of yet, no proof on maternal side. On paternal side it would be a miracle lol

vkn: i see

bbenn: Well, some of your DNA cousins are probably trying to figure out how they are 5% African.

vkn: lol

Daviss: I am sure that is the case bbenn I wish they would answer me to find that out lol

alt: could be bbenn

bbenn: Well, if we can have a % European - it should go both ways. But, of course we know about the 1 drop.

Daviss: I am wondering if i should take my ic down on 23&me ic = picture

bbenn: I never put my ic up I have had great conversations with some of my European matches and we cannot figure out the common ancestor.

Daviss: so when do you spring the real deal on them bbenn?

bbenn: About the third conversation when we share our genomes.

Daviss: ok, thats not that long

alt: talking about that this AM with a cousin that has close kin folk who are passing.

Daviss: hi there vicjorob

bbenn: I believe in full disclosure...

Daviss: and have you lost any after the 3rd convo I do too bbenn but have not been able to get that far

vkn: bbenn in historical context so do i

bbenn: No, they are still hanging in there.

alt: I have documentation of white direct ancestors, but very little info on their ancestors or siblings

Daviss: thats good bbenn

vicjorob: Hello all. Was busy reading this interesting conversation

bbenn: We are working together to make the connections by comparing surnames, and locations.

vicjorob: Glad to see that debbie cuffey is still out and about.

alt: and that seems to be where the autosomal cousins come into play.... the siblings of white ancestry, not so much the direct connections

bbenn: Hello vicjorob!

alt: hello vicjorob

vicjorob: Hi bbenn alt vkn which chat was debbie in last night?

vkn: yes vicjorob debbie is determining that the line she thought passed from black to white actually died out Tuesday night vic

vicjorob: vkn - interesting! vkn - I'll check the archives then.

vkn: I will send you the link

bbenn: Hi Selma

vicjorob: howdy selma!

Selma: Afternoon everyone...

Daviss: wb alt Hi Selma!

alt: thanks & hello Ms Selma

bbenn: Nice chatting! I have to log off. Bye!

Daviss: durn it, was tying a q for her lol typing

vkn: selma howdy DRCuffey says she will engage you on the work she is doing on "Passing" etc

vicjorob: Daviss we knew what you meant:p

Selma: Oh we are talking about that Debbie.. LOL

vicjorob: Selma Is she still down your way?

Selma: Yep..

vicjorob: Great. I'll try to reach her and see if we can meet up when I come down that way to do some research and take a child on a college visit to ChrisNewport

Daviss: oops gotta run folks ttyl

Selma: CNU...has become the hot school

vkn: y'all be good

Selma: Really grown since I moved here

vicjorob: Cool name, cool location. And not too far from home but not too close either

Selma: They did take over a black neighborhood..kinda like eminent domain Ummm

vicjorob: Selma - I'm not always happy about how that occurs. Hopefully they did some recompense and not eminent domain. Selma - so when does your AAGHS group meet?

Selma: There is an article that was written appeared in the VHS Journal will get you the issue and year.. Starting in Jan 2013..we will be meeting on Saturday's from 10 to Noon We have one more meeting in Dec on Thursday at 7 PM.. Folks don't want to drive at night anymore ... including me

vicjorob: Selma - great. BTW, do any of your folks do research in the Westmoreland et al peninsula counties? Selma - Now a Saturday meeting can be doable. Certainly can never make a mid-week one. Any good speakers scheduled?

Selma: Can't remember..we meet here but not all folks are from here..or research other states Hoping to get the schedule together in the next month or so

vicjorob: Looking forward to it. do you have a website?

Selma: Not really...we (or I) am in a slump.. We need younger members..I am tired... LOL

vicjorob: Understood So alt, how is your research going? Selma :} :} :}

Selma: Folks..gotta run have a great day Bye

vicjorob: You too

alt: not doing much 'new' stuff, in a period of reviewing what I have

vicjorob: Good thing to do. So much can be rediscovered

alt: you bet!!!! LOL

vicjorob: I often give myself a dope slap for overlooking such obvious things.

alt: again, you bet

vicjorob: I understand you've done your DNA testing. What are your yDNA and mtDNA haplogroups?

alt: the more you learn the more you see what you overlooked years ago

vicjorob: alt lol lol lol

alt: y-dna=I1d1 mtDNA=H3b both euro haplogroups, had to do autosomal DNA to find African roots

vicjorob: Interesting! my maternal grandfather is i1. my maternal grandmother is L3e4. My paternal father is Eib1a. Still waiting on my paternal grandmother My atDNA is varied, as is yours I assume. I'm just now getting into gedmatch. Any other sites you use?

alt: okay, I wish I had siblings & or parents to have tested

vicjorob: I tested my father, me, and my mother's half-brother.

alt: not really, I've given up on researching DNA for myself.

vicjorob: my parents are the last of their siblings I can understand. The stuff that is out there is either extremely complicated to understand or just plain misleading.

alt: I put mu contact information out there and let my 'cousins' find me if they are interested

vicjorob: Agree. The real work is actually doing the genealogy research.

alt: DNA misleading and mis interpreted

vicjorob: I'm only using the testing to help point me in a direction.

alt: exactly

vicjorob: So true!

alt: and I was a Biology major in college.

vicjorob: lol Well, gotta run to a meeting. Seems that's all I do. Take care and have a great day.

alt: so I gave up trying to be technical with my matches and fellow genealogists bye

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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