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2012-11-13 • AAGHSC 30th AnnivBook


Start: 12:08:28
End: 13:16:39
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hello vkn brb

vkn: Happy Tuesday

Selma: Good afternoon sevenies and vkn

vkn: howdy

Selma: TV is still OFF

Seventies: hey Selma. Still prepping my lunch.. give me a second..

Selma: OK...

Daviss: hello Selma Seventies and vkn!

Selma: Afternoon Daviss

Daviss: Afternoon to you Sel lol I am still brewing my breakfast coffee

Selma: Afternoon deannie

Daviss: hi there deannie!

Seventies: Ok I'm here! Hi Selma, vkn, deannie and Daviss! Had a pretty busy morning.

Selma: Finished my 2nd cup 6 hours ago daviss.. LOL

deannie: afternoon Lunch Burch....Selma Seventies, Daviss......

vkn: on phone

Daviss: 6 hrs ago I was counting sheep lol

Seventies: Six hours ago I was trying to get the knots out of my head.. lol I really need a good detangler!

Daviss: I finally slept straight through the night

Seventies: I plead the fifth on what I did last night.. I woke up and my night gown was balled up in my bed! Don't remember a thing!

Daviss: detangler for your head or your hair seventies lol lol

Seventies: ha ha ha ms funny lady!

Daviss: hey lol you said it not me

Seventies: It must've been one good fight dream.. lol

Daviss: mabe so seventies what's up deannie?

deannie: The AAGHSC 30th Anniversary Book has been scanned by Family Search and is on line for all to see.

Seventies: So what's good in the world of Mississippi genealogy? :}

deannie: Nothing an this moment....I'm on vacation this week and I hope to get some scanning in

Daviss: Is it some good stuff in there deannie?

Seventies: oh good! This past month has been a technology disaster for me.

deannie: Yes it is I have been reading it myself and I have learned of two members who are of interest to me already What gives Seventies...

Daviss: hey, hey alt!

alt: Hello all, the bad penny is here. LOL

Seventies: My printer is gone, my laptop hard drive crashed, my kindle fire.. who knows what happened to it... sigh

Daviss: uh huh lol

alt: Hi Daviss, deannie, Selma, Seventies & vkn

Seventies: I am getting a new computer on Thursday. Hopefully nothing will go wrong with that...

deannie: Hi aLT

Seventies: hey alt!

Daviss: how's it going alt?

deannie: For me tech has get to me....for every 2 steps i go forward....5 steps back....I am going to start me a tech class in my kitchen LOL....that's the only way I think I can learn

Seventies: lol

Daviss: whatever works deannie lol

alt: pretty good Daviss, went to the 'new' Casino in Columbus, OH on Sunday ... and it was worth the trip ;)

Selma: Afternoon alt..

Daviss: well very good alt!!!

Seventies: in Columbus?? get out!

alt: howdy Ms Selma

Seventies: Do they have the free play, free buffet, etc?

Selma: microwave died, my dryer died and my furnace stopped working before I left town last week..

Daviss: what is it with these appliances, here its the stove

Seventies: omg your furnace?? Will you be able to get it fixed?

Selma: Got furnace FIXED yesterday..thank goodness..didn't have to replace

alt: oh my Selma... well they say things happen in 3's.. so you might be safe for awhile.

Selma: It was some kind of relay switch ... my house was 54 degrees when I returned on Sunday

Seventies: I know Selma. I was just going to ask about it.. it happened to my aunt and uncle earlier this year. It cost a pretty penny to get it replaced in such a short notice.

deannie: I just learned to use my hand Christmas is around the corner and I want a Dragon....I think i've talked about it before.....any now software for gen geek

vkn: congrats seventies hello alt daviss deannie selma

alt: hello vkn, you 'be's' okay?

deannie: Hi vkn I did not see you come in

vkn: doing ok was on the telly phone

Seventies: In other news, I have ordered my death certificates from MDAH (MS archives). Excited to hopefully verify the mother of Dinah Brown-Rounds

vkn: Morehouse has a new president

Seventies: Maybe I'll get this Goins thing resolved after all.

alt: for those interested in DNA testing.... FTDNA is running a holiday special... pretty good prices.... check out their homepage

Seventies: oh yea? My cousin was up here this weekend and they went to the Albany State v. Valley State game a couple weeks ago... they said it was packed.

deannie: Seventies what year was the death cert for.

Seventies: deannie dc is for 1937 Who exactly are the people putting up these petitions to secede from the U.S.??? I can almost guarantee that its not black people.

deannie: Ok...their a lady in Mississippi that does look ups for $5.00...thru pen pal her name is Linda Rudd...she has several sites on genealogy thing...and I have used her.

Seventies: Thanks deannie. The number of forms I requested would've come out to be about the same cost... but I will keep Linda in mind for the onesies twosies.

deannie: OK....

Selma: A number of folks use her deannie..I have seen her name mentioned before

Seventies: ok now for my lunchtime dessert... Selma will love this.. lol I'm having a Ghirardelli chocolate bon bon! lol

alt: isn't/wasn't she a regular poster on AfriGeneas?

Selma: Actually never had that seventies..will have to try When all else Chocolate.. LOL

vkn: linda rudd is alt

Seventies: My co-worker actually brought them back from San Francisco.

alt: I thought so vkn..

vkn: y'all be good.

Seventies: bye vkn how and why about the chocolate alt? or something else?

alt: Daviss, has gone quiet on us.... what's up with that?

Seventies: Coffee time..

alt: chocolate Seventies

Daviss: listening alt lol

alt: I need to try that Daviss LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: OH he went recruiting in the area and I asked that he bring some back. He was finally able to come back today...

Daviss: lol you are guilty every now and then alt

Seventies: The weather still has a lot of public transportation in a mess on the east coast.

alt: I 'resemble' that statement Daviss LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: lol I am really trying to figure out what my next step will be regarding genealogy not sure what route to take

alt: saw an interesting posting ny Dear Myrt.. about Blacks and the Marine's & 1942.

Seventies: Well, Daviss... what about looking at entire record sets...

Daviss: like what seventies?

Seventies: I know I usually find some good stuff in the marriage records. Even if its someone I'm not necessarily looking for.

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: Hi Khathu.

Daviss: you mean records from Adams County?

deannie: hi Khathu

alt: for some reason she read a USA Today and got the impression blacks didin't serve in the military until an executive order signed in 1942 ..... Hello Khathu

Seventies: Yes. Like the man who had to prove who he was to collect SSN. His marriage certificate was amended. Now if his family was looking for him, they wouldn't know who he was based on a name change he explained in the amendment attached to the record. That was interesting to me. And this was in the 1940's

Daviss: alt, surely you jest about Mert lol lol

Seventies: alt, you are kidding me... lol

Daviss: oopps myrt

Seventies: Well this is to be expected.

Daviss: Hi Khathu

Seventies: If its not their history, it isn't worth bothering with.

Selma: Did Dear Myrtle reply alt

Daviss: That would not be bad if the area I want listed their marriage records Seventies

alt: nope!!!! I saw the post on FaceBook and mentioned to her that I had AA ancestors in the War of 1812, the CW, WW I & WW II prior to the exec order for the marines in 1942.

Daviss: sheesh alt, I need to read her reply

Seventies: Well Daviss.. just trying to give you some ideas. :}

Daviss: just saying seventies!

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Seventies: Even if you can't help yourself, maybe you can help someone else ;}

Daviss: thanks for your ideas though lol lol been doing that since 92 Seventies

Khathu: Good afternoon Selma

Seventies: Okay well, don't know what to say Daviss. Maybe its time to sit down and write a book on what you know...

Daviss: I don't know nothin seventies

Selma: How is your project going Seventies?

Seventies: Slow.. lol

alt: on Dear Myrt... I think she just 'mis-read' the statement on the Marines & 1942.

Seventies: Actually now that my computer crashed, its at a stop..

Daviss: ahhh I see alt

Seventies: Hoping the techs at Best Buy can retrieve my data. If I had the XP boot disk I could do it myself....

Selma: I hope so too seventies..they did for me a couple of years ago, when I had that problem

deannie: Christmas give Idea

alt: all the reasons for external storage, flash drives, cloud, websites, etc. Seventies

Seventies: Yeah, I'm going to work on mirroring my new hard drive with an external hard drive. Going to ask my tech folks here how they do that.

Daviss: on sale now at Best Buy and on QVC the external hard drives that is

Seventies: Yea I'll be checking on that after our chat today. Thanks Daviss. In the meantime, I'm trying to plan out my holiday trip to Washington D.C.

Daviss: QVC has a 1T for $114.00 at 5 easy pay lol

deannie: I Have to run....have a great day

alt: later deannie

Seventies: Oh I don't do easy pay... I do pay up front... lol

Daviss: nothing wrong with that lol

Seventies: Well I gotta run... have a good day all.

alt: later Seventies

Seventies: See you all tomorrow.

Daviss: u2 seventies

alt: must be 'skedaddling time' folks be's leaving

Daviss: yep alt

Selma: Yep..I gotta run too Have a great day

Daviss: take care

alt: who's gonna get the lights & the chairs?

Daviss: I will alt

alt: okay, bye y'all LOL

Daviss: khathu may want to help me bye alt lol

Khathu: With what?

Daviss: we are talking about cutting out the lights in this room cant run up the bill you know I will ask you a question though khathu did you link Lorenza to you I think the last name was Williams

Khathu: Not yet The only thing I have to go on is the name listed on the sister's death certificate who died 40 years apart

Daviss: but the sister is yours isn't she

Khathu: gg grandmother and her sister Henrietta and Sarah Williams

Daviss: was that in Hallsville? anyone (women) in that line that who you could get to do a dna test I have Williams. One Williams line married another Williams line. One of those lines came to Tx via Va and the other via TN.. both ended up in San Jacinto County and Liberty County have you researched those counties khathu?

Khathu: No they lived in Tyler, Smith County, Texas I haven't been able to locate any of Henrietta's descendants

Daviss: ok let me ask my sis in law who is also in a Williams line and who also is from Tyler they are also from around Mt Pleasant talk later khathu I will ask this afternoon and if I hear anything I will shoot you an email

Khathu: Have a good one

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