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2012-11-12 • Gumbo recipie


Start: 12:08:55
End: 13:08:18
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, garland, Selma, Seventies , vkn

vkn: Good afternoon to all Where are the troops

bbenn: Hello vkn

vkn: Howdy Glad to see you

bbenn: I finally have little time to chat. Thanks for sharing the chat results following the Fathers of Conscience show.

vkn: oh ok That makes a complete circle as we discussed originally

bbenn: Did you attend the expos on Saturday?

vkn: No I did not Sorry I missed Prof Dru More and more I stay close to home

bbenn: Understand Maybe the other chatters are celebrating Veterans day today.

vkn: Perhaps there are parades

Seventies : Good afternoon all

bbenn: Hello Seventies Happy Veterans Day!

Seventies : Hi bbenn vkn

vkn: Howdy seventies are you celebrating

Seventies : This doesn't allow me to see everybody so please forgive if I missed saying hello to anyone.

vkn: I see you are on a mobile device seventies

Seventies : Went to a local celebration as my son played in the band for the ceremony

vkn: bbenn what kind of time do you have around 5pm today

bbenn: Today is the 30th Anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial.

Seventies : Yes my handy dandy kindle fire

bbenn: I am home at that time.

Seventies : I didn't know that.

vkn: oh good I will compose a mail and send

Seventies : Bbenn I loved the show. Sorry I missed

bbenn: Thanks Seventies:}

Seventies : Where are the other regulars?

bbenn: This Thursday is going to be really good - Freedom Papers is a fascinating story and the Accidental City has some interesting findings to share about New Orleans.

vkn: Not sure no words from Daviss of course Apple has mail probs so I may have missed

Seventies : Is this in reference to the project o Lol the PRE-U.S. project we are all having trouble today I see lol I am glad that this will be a short week.

bbenn: Thanksgiving is coming too soon for me.

vkn: and xmas too

Seventies : Are you doing all the cooking bbenn??

bbenn: I usually have a house full of people and gumbo is my specialty.

vkn: Who is the presenter this week bbenn

Seventies : I plan on being in D.C. as I have been doing for the past couple of years sounds good bbenn

bbenn: Lawrence Powell author of the Accidental City and Rebecca Scott - author of Freedom Papers - An Atlantic Odyssey in the Age of Emancipation.

vkn: ahhhh gumbo share the recipe bbenn

Seventies : Ok

bbenn: Seventies - if you can, give me a call when you come to town.

vkn: howdy selma

Seventies : Ok to both things bbenn Selma Hi

Selma: Good Veterens Day to you all

Seventies : thank you Selma

bbenn: Sure, very easy - you must know how to prepare a good roux - after that - put in all of the ingredients (shrimp, oysters, chicken, sausage, ham, chicken broth, season to taste and remember to add file'). I never add okra because folks don't seem to like it.

Selma: Thats right are a veteran Thank you for your service

bbenn: Hi Selma

Selma: I love okra

Seventies : I love okra too Gotta keep my blood pressure down

Selma: We can come to your house bbenn..and you can add.. LOL

bbenn: I also love okra! Ok, you can appreciate a good pot of okra gumbo.

Seventies : Absolutely! and good pot of butter beans too

Selma: I am glad you are having authors bbenn..there are so many great books out there

bbenn: Well, I love a good pot of red beans with smoked sausage.

Seventies : Just throwing some ideas out there lol

Selma: Hint, hint... LOL

bbenn: You should see my book case and I read every single book.

Seventies : that's great

bbenn: Please recommend others who have written good books and I will invite them to be on the show.

Seventies : do you download them to an e-reader?

Selma: We are paper people seventies.. LOL Or speaking for myself

bbenn: No, I prepare the read the old fashion hard copy.

Seventies : Barbara Howell if she's still living Sorry her name is Barbara Thompson-Howell.

bbenn: I will see what I can find and give her a call.

vkn: Howdy Garland hope we can talk soon

bbenn: Hello garland

Selma: Good afternoon garland

garland: Greetings...traveling in Louisiana this week

Seventies : Hi garland and alt

Selma: Afternoon alt

alt: hello folks, bbenn, garland, Selma, Seventies & vkn

vkn: oh well meet bbenn from louisiana garland

garland: Hi bbeen, Selma, VKN, Seventies I am currently in Shreveport

vkn: howdy alt

bbenn: Hi garland, native of New Orleans and went to GSU.

vkn: bbenn garland is building a louisiana database

garland: Great bbenn

bbenn: Hi Alt

Selma: There was a FB Office in Shreveport.. LOL

bbenn: What kind of louisiana database?

garland: south west lousiana records

vkn: ouchies seventies

Seventies : I am okay for now. :)

garland: vital records

bbenn: What Parishes?

garland: all

Seventies : Are you going to be selling access to this database?

alt: have you thought of having Bennie McRae as a guest speaking on the CW & USCT bbenn?

vkn: garland is king of search bbenn

garland: i am doing a conversion, but don't have official permission yet

Seventies : ok

bbenn: Will this include the Florida parishes?

garland: no

bbenn: Yes, I invited him and he was completing a project and would get back to me for 2013.

garland: it will cover Louisiana 1750-1905

alt: okay bbenn thanks for thinking of Bennie

bbenn: King of Research - WOW!:}

Selma: You should invite Barnetta White

alt: 2013 would be a great time for Bennie as it is the 150th anniversary for the founding of the USCT (1863).

bbenn: Sent her an invitation.

Selma: Oh are right alt re: Bennie and 2013

bbenn: Yes, Bennie will be perfect in 2013.

alt: the Freedom Paper topic sound interesting bbenn .. lots of regional variations.

bbenn: do any of you know the guy who is posting the USCT tombstones on Facebook?

alt: not sure bbenn, what's his name?

bbenn: I think John Hall...

Selma: Folks I have to run...have a great day Bye

alt: okay, from somewhere in the VA?MD area

bbenn: Have to run - great chatting with everyone. bye!

alt: If it is the same person, I think he has worked with Bennie on USCT gravsites in those areas VA/MD.

Daviss: hello garland and vkn! How are you two? it looks like I overslept and then got a phone call I had to take hi Seventies!!

vkn: heyyy daviss

Daviss: Hi there vkn!!

Seventies : Hi Davids!

vkn: bumpy ride today

Seventies : Hi Daviss

Daviss: uh oh, seventies is trying something new

Seventies : Yes very

vkn: garland can you call me now

Daviss: I see alt may have gotten bumped

Seventies : ok what is going on out in the West?

Daviss: How are you Seventies

Seventies : Doing ok

Daviss: Its cold and that is what I know lol

Seventies : lol yes its a little chilly

Daviss: vkn have you talked to Sadonya

Seventies : sweater and boot weather

Daviss: yes thats for sure seventies

vkn: not in a few daviss

Seventies : I see she tested with Ancestry and 23andme. And wasn't too pleased with the results

Daviss: ok, I sent her a msg but have not gotten a reply yet. perhaps I need to ring her

vkn: results are expensive

Daviss: where did you see that Seventies?

Seventies : Wait oops wrong person

Daviss: lol ok

Seventies : I was thinking of Sharon These aliases sigh lol

Daviss: did she get answer to question seventies I have not eaten yet nor had my coffee

vkn: whoa daviss

Seventies : I think that is answer is that Ancestry stinks

vkn: whew stinky they are all stinky to moi

Daviss: oh, I saw that but that did not answer her question :o

Seventies : Hey I am so sorry for those who don't have enough African Dna to test with African Ancestry

vkn: see the 33 legislators from ga

Daviss: that or money seventies lol

Seventies : All of these other companies are attempting to use us to build up their databases By the tome you get done testing with the other folks you could've just had the one test

Daviss: I think FTDNA had many of us way before 23 and ancestry yes but you just said the magic word not enough African DNA so those of us who would dare to know from where we came have to have an option lol just saying

Seventies : yes so sorry 'bout that my Nuns cousin :) Ok so I am looking over a death cert from NC

Daviss: or just the 1st level

Seventies : someone who is a formerly unknown cousin

Daviss: I only did the mtdna at FTDNA which only gave me my haplogroup I am going to save for the FF

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