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2012-11-09 Post BBenn Radio • AYW is back


Start: 12:09:29
End: 13:03:25
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: Hey ladies, how you 'be's' today?

Seventies: hi alt and Daviss. How are my two favorite seniors? :)

Daviss: Hello alt and Seventies!! Cough Cough

alt: don't be strokin' me Seventies

Seventies: oh I meant senior genealogists.. lol

Daviss: lol alt

Seventies: lol

Daviss: I am feeling good for an old senior Seventies

alt: did the snow storm have any affect on you Seventies?

Seventies: nah we're good.

alt: well, not ant, but much of an affect.

Daviss: hahahah

Seventies: glad to see y'all still have that quick wit.. :}

alt: y'all listen to Bernice last nite?

Seventies: I didn't get to listen to Bernice's show last night, but was an interesting topic. Wish I could've listened and called in.

Daviss: we were just wondering if you rode around in the snow on your trike

alt: and made 'snow angels' LOL LOL

Daviss: llol lol

Seventies: ha ha ha ha Daviss

Daviss: seasoned minds want to know

Seventies: hi vkn...

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: Speaking of the show last night, I was about 10 minutes late but enjoyed the listen

Seventies: Of course, I had a story to tell, but missed the show.

alt: Bernice's guest presented some interesting case studies last nite and I was amazed at how many times Ohio was mentioned.

Daviss: Hi there vkn!! BTW I sent you the photo of Pearl Westmoreland

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Seventies: hi Selma and AYWalton

vkn: Howdy Selma & AYW

alt: hello Selma & AYWalton, good 'seeing' you ladies

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Daviss, Mizz Selma, Seenties. Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daviss: Hi Selma and AYWalton!

Selma: Afternoon alt, AY, daviss, seventies and vkn

vkn: Back atcha AYW Where you been ? lol

AYWalton: whew!!! busy!!!

Daviss: You should have it in your next go round vkn

AYWalton: but finally slowing down! Khathu!!!!!!!!!

Khathu: hello everyone

Selma: Afternoon khathu

AYWalton: been meaning to call vkn, but have not done so yet.

Daviss: Hello Khathu!!

Seventies: hi Khathu...looks like the gang's all here!

AYWalton: dialing up in my head, though. lol

alt: I too had a story for last night, but I posted it on the AfriGeneas Forum in reply to Bernice's notice for the show.

AYWalton: khathu, how are you?

Selma: Khathu is the Federal government closed Monday for Vet's Day?

Daviss: lol @ AYWalton

alt: Hello Khathu

Khathu: Yes, they are closed

vkn: Yes I recd Daviss but not totally comfortable with the photo move

Selma: Thanks

AYWalton: how are you khathu???? been ages!!!!!

Daviss: ok vkn

Khathu: I'm good, thanks for asking

AYWalton: you missed a good conference in Salt Lake City, Khathu. We all missed you, and wanted you to be there. Hopefully next time.

vkn: Will let it stand BUT how does Rankin identify the unknown as her Pearl

AYWalton: folks all rested up now since Tuesday night?

Selma: Almost..

Daviss: its her grandmother

AYWalton: I am getting there. glad it's all over.

Seventies: AYWalton, I can't wait to get in my bed tonight, I"m pooped. Been up since 4 am

Selma: I agree

AYWalton: oh gracious, why so early, SoulChile?

Seventies: This week has been well trying.

AYWalton: quite true. emotionally draining as well.

Selma: Forget the fiscal cliff...who is singing at the inauguration.. LOL

Seventies: When I get anxious, I get up early.

AYWalton: I am occasionally taking in a little of the post election spin and watching how folks are reacting, but not much---just glad to get back to doing regular things.

Selma: Thank good ness the ads and phone calls have stopped

AYWalton: exactly.

Seventies: When is the inauguration set for?

alt: you bet Selma

AYWalton: January 21. Same official day as MLK Day in 2013.

alt: what a coincidence!!!!

Daviss: interesting AYWalton

Khathu: He will be sworn in on the January 20, 2013 but the public ceremony will be on 21

Seventies: okay... It would be great to take my young-ins... I'm always up for a trip to D.C. :}

vkn: an emotional film for you guys and gals might also enjoy

AYWalton: so wait---the capitol hill part is on a Sunday and what happens then on Monday?

alt: I was gonna say inauguration is usually on the 20th of Jan

Khathu: Based on the Constitution the President must be sworn in by January 20. The public ceremony will be the following day

Daviss: uh oh she must have clicked on link

Seventies: probably.

AYWalton: back!

Selma: Welcome back

Daviss: wb AYWalton


vkn: WB AYW

AYWalton: I clicked on the link and only got sound and then could not turn off the sound. The video never showed up.

alt: next probable move of right-wing nuts is to say why have an inaugural event .. too expensive for a sitting/re-elected POTUS.

Seventies: The question goes out again, did anyone listen to the show Fathers of Conscience last night with bbenn?

vkn: Oh great Khathu

Khathu: it should be toned down this time around

AYWalton: yes,l I head it, and thought it was a good show!

alt: I did Seventies

AYWalton: link not working for me, khathu.

vkn: The discussion was interesting Seventies

AYWalton: can you send it via email?

Khathu: there really is no justification for going all out this time....

Seventies: It was good. and alt regarding that Ohio thing, recall I asked you about this with my Manumitted family in Alabama.

Khathu: Sure

Seventies: You said something about it being like a clause in these types of wills manumitting the enslaved.

AYWalton: khathu what is the primary source for the link?

alt: not sure what you're saying I said Seventies (???)

Daviss: I will send link to you AYWalton

AYWalton: ok thanks, Daviss!

Selma: I heard some of the show...kept losing the sound..

Seventies: My Alabama ancestors who were Manumitted by their master Baxter Smith had a clause in his will stating that if they could not be freed in Alabama that he wished them to go to Ohio or some other free state.

Khathu: The Presidential Inaugural Conference Committee

Seventies: You said at the time that many wills were like that.... remember?


alt: Seventies, in the cases of the Randolph & Gist slaves... they were 'freed' by a clause in the Will of John Randolph & Samuel Gist.

AYWalton: ahhh ok, thanks, khathu.

Daviss: you should have link now AYWalton

AYWalton: yes I have it now, thanks.

Seventies: About what year was this alt? The will by my supposed ancestor Baxter Smith was in 1827 and executed in 1829

AYWalton: construction has already begun on the platform.

alt: Seventies, and by the laws of VA and some other States they had to leave the slave state in which they were being freed within a specified lenght of time..... or be returned into slavery.

Seventies: We still believe that he was the father of my direct ancestor Harriet Smith as well as her brothers William and Theodrick.

alt: Gist was like around 1817 Randolph ca 1846.

Selma: Wills and deeds were the most common...although by Wills it is supposed the the heirs will honor the wishes and they didn't

Seventies: All three, Harriet, William and Theodrick are listed as mulattoes in the execution of the will.

alt: very true Selma .. Randolph died in 1833, the Will was contested and not settled until 1846.

Selma: Right alt

Daviss: alt, are you related by chance to AME minister Richard Allen?

Seventies: The executor of the estate was a Lewis Tyus whom I presume also owned my cousins father's family at one time. They are also Tyus in surname.

AYWalton: I better run, folks. Got my podcast done, now have a writing project to finish as well. Will call over the weekend, vkn!

alt: I doubt it Daviss. Especially not THE Richard Allen of Bethel AME of Philadelphia.

Seventies: bye AYWalton have a good one!

vkn: okies

AYWalton: you too!

Daviss: ok thanks alt The R Allen was the one I was meaning

alt: okay Daviss, nope .. not related good to 'see' AYWalton.

Daviss: One of his owners is the several greats of a friend

alt: is that right Daviss

vkn: Horace King was emancipated by owner in Alabama and in Ohio. Ohio was done as assurance Some Alabama jurists ruled that Citizens could not overrule State law and emancipate.

alt: vkn, the 'usual' practice was for a person to be freed/manumited in the slave state with the proper papers being filed .... And then when they entered a 'free' state they usually had to file papers (freedom registration papers) stating they were freed in/from the slave state and citing where the manumission papers in the slave state are/were filed.

Seventies: vkn, similar rules were passed in MS according to Bernice's guest last night. And don't forget they had to have a white sponsor as well.

Khathu: this is all new territory for me i haven't come across an ancestor freed before 1865 yet direct ancestors or otherwise

alt: my 3rd great-grandfather's manumission papers were filed in Shelby County, KY (1813) ... his freedom registration papers filed in Ohio (1816) state .. where and when he was freed.

Seventies: Keep looking Khathu... keep looking.

Daviss: :?

Khathu: looking for what?

Seventies: Your free peoples... :}

Khathu: i found them after 1865.... :)

alt: Yes Seventies & vkn .. a slave owner could not just arbitrarily free any slaves.... they had to provide proof of 'support' for such an act by other free white persons in their community. of course this varied state by state.

Seventies: And as the years went forward, again it seemed as if the laws became stricter and stricter.

Khathu: I would love to exchange brick walls with someone

Daviss: ha!

Seventies: Ok.. whatcha got Khathu...???

Khathu: i think a different set of eyes might do the trick

alt: you got your misery and I've got mine Khathu ... no thank you LOL LOL

Seventies: I'll make sure Daviss gets right on it.. lol

Khathu: I think switching would provide some insights and lead to some cracks

Daviss: get on your trike Seventies lol

Khathu: If anyone is interested let me know

Seventies: Honestly, I don't have any true brick walls as of yet. Just stuff I need to further research and hadn't. I did request some D.C.s from MS earlier this week. I am ready to delve into the Brown family... I already have some good leads.

alt: the recent Isaac Hull posting on AfriGeneas is an interesting case.... the slave owner of Isaac freed him from slavery in MD in 1864 so Isaac could enlist in the USCT. and the slave owner received financial compensation for that freeing act.

Khathu: I need to order some microfilms from the Family History Center

Seventies: Don't say that too loud alt, Ron Paul may hear you.. lol

Selma: There is a list in MD RG 105 of owners receiving compensation for the same

Khathu: MD has great records pertaining to that alt

Selma: Hiatt gave a presenation on that at was interesting, most did not get the compensation

alt: right Selma.. these guys knew they were probably gonna lose their slaves as contraband or whatever so they freed them and made money in the process... the wonders of Capitalism LOL LOL this happened in other border slave states, Kentucky also being an example.

Seventies: Selma, do you think that would be in M1907 for MS?

Selma: Yes, these were the slave states that stayed in the Union

Seventies: Oh well that answered my question.


Selma: No...because Miss...seceded

vkn: daviss

Daviss: yessssss thankeee mam

Seventies: I wonder though if the slave states slaveowners still tried to apply for compensation.. I believe they did.

Selma: Knowing them they probably did..LOL..I find it best not to rule out anything

vkn: Photo continues in original location daviss since it is part of a Collection

Selma: So you spend a little bit of time looking... figure it is worth the effort

Daviss: oh

Seventies: Okay I am pooped still and Need to take a quick walk before I get back to work.. Be good y'all. Especially alt and Daviss. lol

alt: Isn't that the 'basis' of the Southern Claims Commission? compensating the Confederates for their losses incurred as a result of the CW.

Selma: Not slaves.. Not compensating them for slaves..

vkn: That is my understanding alt

Khathu: Alright everyone, have a great weekend

vkn: Losses

Selma: I have the title of the record group at home...not at my home computer

alt: I thought loss of property included slaves Selma...

Selma: I have to run to you later

alt: I be could wrong...

Daviss: oh oh

alt: It's been know to occur once or twice before LOL LOL

vkn: good discussion today

Daviss: oh well, I guess i better run also later folks

vkn: c ya alt

alt: me too y'all I'll get the chairs & lights vkn

vkn: k

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