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Start: 11:44:12
End: 13:01:43
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, Selma, trisha, vkn

Selma: Good Sunday Morning alt What are you doing alt? Watching the British Open

alt: Hi lady, no I was looking at familysearch DC for Ohio

Selma: LOL

alt: working on those AME roots... just found the DC for Bishop Benjamin F. Lee... born sep 1841 in Gouldtown NJ

Selma: I am typing in names in a database for folks who died in N News in have anyone who was here during that time frame?

alt: DC says his parents were born the also... mother's maiden name is GOULD, Hmmmm LOL

Selma: Ummm

AYWalton: Good morning folks! Howdy Alt, Ms. Selma!!! see you both are early today!

Selma: Good morning AY

alt: not that I know of Selma

Selma: We have not lives AY..

AYWalton: lol I hear ya!

Selma: and since you are here..neither do you

alt: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: anything new with you both?

Selma: See how looking at one thing takes you off somewhere else the book I read last week

alt: I'm newly fascinated with the folks at wilberforce in 1900..

AYWalton: which book did you read? that is great, alt. Let the document take you where you need to go.

Selma: All is Well With My of a 106 year old woman.. It was published this year...born in 1904..she attended Obama's inauguration

AYWalton: oh the lady who just died?

Selma: With my SOUL..not south

AYWalton: I have forgotten her name. that is great!

alt: between "Sons of Allen" Massie Creek Cemetery @ Wilberforce and the Ohio DC' on familysearch I'm having a field day connecting thes folks.

AYWalton: I love it, alt!

Selma: No I think this was another woman..let me find it

AYWalton: Alt did the South African students return to So. Africa from what you can tell? perhaps they became movers and shakers in the AME church there. There is a large contingency there, I know. Don't forget that is where Vashti went when she became bishop.

alt: I haven't followed up on any of the students yet AYWalton, but I owuld imagine they were @ the Payne Theological Seminary as students.. gotta check'em out

AYWalton: I won't be surpised if they did become movers and shakers there, as well.

alt: me neither.

AYWalton: Selma are any of the folks in your area planning to catch the African Ancestry road tour when it comes to Richmond? They will be in Richmond on August 8.

Selma: I didn't know they were coming..when are they coming?

AYWalton: Don't know where, though.

alt: Wm Scarborough, former pres of Wilberforce...his bio says his father was freed in 1842, but he remained in Ga as a slave because his wife was not a free woman.

AYWalton: VCU is a co-sponsor. and so is the Black History Museum.

Selma: Is it on the Black Hisotry Musuem website? or VCU

AYWalton: ok I have a link for you, hold on.

alt: and Scarborough was therefore born a slave ... his mother born in 1832 in GA is living with him in 1900.

AYWalton: Looke like they were already in Hampton, Selma.

Selma: Yes, they spoke at the Hampton event a a couple of weeks ago...

AYWalton: ok........

Selma: Gina was there..I saw her. I only stayed to hear Drusilla speak..I had company

AYWalton: ahhhh ok. Glad Dru got to speak. Has she done a DNA test?

Selma: Oh yes...she has..with African Ancestry a couple of years ago..and an admixture test

AYWalton: oh great!!1 I have to ask her about it one of these days.

alt: what's my man charles Howard up to? haven't heard a beep from him since he became the AAHGS Pres. y'all multitasking ,or what?

Selma: Yes... lOL

alt: which one? Lol lol lol

AYWalton: I have no idea. My membership has lapsed. I get updates from folks like Selma. so Selma---what is the latest?

Selma: You let your membership lapse...shame, shame

AYWalton: All I know is a Call for Papers went out, and that is all. Oh gracious Selma that has been about 2-3 years!

Selma: Well MORE shame

AYWalton: But I always make it to the National conference just to hang out, and I got to all of the local meetings in Baltimore and Central MD. lol and the sad part is that I have not missed a journal yet. Considering that they are woefully out of date and behind.

Selma: Call for papers was last big thing I heard...but I haven't been keeping up the past couple of weeks

AYWalton: the group needs a shot in the arm and a major overhaul.

alt: AAHGS doesn't seem to care bout us folks out here in the 'boonies'... you have to be East Coast, West Coast and maybe Chicago to get anything from them.

Selma: Oh they care..they would probably love to have you under their umbrella

AYWalton: but I am also glad that there are folks who are active in other groups as well. the major Chicago group is non-AAHGS.

alt: they sure don't do a very good job of 'out reach' Selma

AYWalton: there is an AAHGS chapter, and many of the other group also belong to that one.

alt: Is that right AYWalton?

AYWalton: yes there is the AAGHSC which is not AAHGS. The one founded by Tony Burroughs and others about 25 years ago. Then there is the Patricia Lidell group---the AAHGS group. Many belong to both groups.

alt: Ijust ran across a newsletter 'Ebony Lines' from the Indiana AAHGS when Coy Robbins was still alive and active... Now there was a recruiter, deluxe.

AYWalton: like Nettie, Lettie & Betty. great guy. is the Indiana group an AAHGS group? there is a Philadelphia group---also non-AAHGS.

alt: it was when until Coy passed away, then they went independent

AYWalton: and the southern California group--CAAGS is non-AAHGS. Ahh....I see. Did not know that. Is that the Indianapolis group? with Charles Baker.

alt: Philly... that's jtlogan & shamele's group right?

AYWalton: Barker perhaps so. I know JtLogan is in it, but did not realize that Shamele was. there was a man I met at Samford also from Philadelphia.

alt: Yes AYWalton , IAAGS is Charles' group.

AYWalton: and Donna Stokes Lucas, I think. hello trisha.

alt: hellotrisha

trisha: good morning all

Selma: Good Sunday mornin/afternoon trisha

trisha: Hey there, Walton, Alt, Selma!:} :}

alt: Donna has become more involved with the NPS and their UGRR program and has backed off from her genealogy work.

AYWalton: how are things with you, trisha? NPS?

alt: National Park Service

AYWalton: I saw her at Ft. Wayne, I think.

trisha: all is well...quiet... that's a good thing

AYWalton: does she work for them? I was not aware of that! I can never understand when I hear folks backing off form genealogy. Considering that I am hopelessly addicted to it.

trisha: just had relatives in for 2 weeks...attended a nice litte community reunion....was nice, community my dad grew up in

alt: Yeah, at least she is not involved with the iAAGS group any longer.

AYWalton: but she is still within an historical world with NPS, though. where was that, trisha?

Selma: Sounds like fun trisha

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon vkn

vkn: Good morning to all

alt: those can be more fum than a 'family' reunion trisha, when the whole community is involved.. like an AA homecoming

AYWalton: hope you are well this Sunday afternoon!

trisha: it's actually like a neighborhood in our area, we live in Tuscaloosa, AL the community was call CapeTown...mostly black community

alt: hi vkn

AYWalton: oh wow Tuscaloosa.

trisha: a nice crowd showed up, they were so excited to see each other, those that could make it

vkn: ALT

alt: vkn

AYWalton: trisha, there was a small school in Oklahoma--a black school about 100 years ago, called TushkaLusa---which means "Black Warrior" in the Choctaw Language.

trisha: greetings vkn

AYWalton: I have the records from that school that I intend one day to pull out and write about. what county is Tuscaloosa in trish?

trisha: indeed, walton, our river is called the Black Warrior River. This is where Chief Tuskalusa (sp?) actually lived

AYWalton: very interesting!

Selma: Vkn...have you heard from vicky?

trisha: Tusclaoosa, is the county as well, city and county :)

vkn: Oops made font too huge gotta shut down and comeback

trisha: ::smile:: so how is everyone today?

AYWalton: doing well, and hope you are as well. so are you researching the community of Cape Town, trisha? I love community histories, which is why I ask. Just googled it to see where in AL the town is. on what would be the eastern part of the old Choctaw Nation. they were mostly a Mississippi tribe, but included the western part of AL as well. what happened to vkn?

alt: For Selam, the map lover.. have you used this site...

AYWalton: thought she was coming back.

Selma: Jeez bumped too

alt: it does a great job of showing county boundry changes for every State in the Union from their origins

AYWalton: oops! slipped down the chute! hello 3rd!

alt: Oops Selma,

3rdthawkins: hello alt AY Selma and Trisha

Selma: Think I might have been there alt...need to save..think there was a new site I heard of this week..let me see if I can find.

alt: Hi 3rdthawkins

AYWalton: I use other maps on Ancestry that somebody sent a link to. all of the counties on every state! I copied several so when I need a map for a PowerPoint or video I will have them. quick question----where are the logs of the chat?

alt: check the link I just posted AYWalton .. for MSate maps and county boundry changes it is 'unbeatable'

AYWalton: that was me that time! I was trying to find the log spot and clicked on the wrong thing. alt or Selma do you know where the old chats are?

alt: nope, not I

AYWalton: there was a place for them, but I just can't find it.

alt: trisha, wha kind of a crowd did your community event draw? and what was the age groups... old, young, mixed?

AYWalton: she might be multi-tasking. or stepped away from the machine.

Selma: I was looking for the site...Newberry's Historical County Maps..something like that

trisha: back!

Selma: Hi 3rd

3rdthawkins: AYWalton at top of the screen on the navigation bar, click Chat, then on the drop down menu there's Chat Log (current) and Chat Log (old)

trisha: sorry, scrolling back to catch up

3rdthawkins: you can scroll back trisha?........for some reason I can't

AYWalton: Hmm...........don't see it 3rd. which navigation bar? Looks like we are all bouncing around. something is not visible to the eye.

trisha: the majority of the attendees were older, but they did have children, other extended family there. My cousin actually had it had her home, which was her mother's home...I estimate there were between 40-50 folks to show up

3rdthawkins: AYWalton, I don't think you can do it from the the chat window, you will have to do it from a Afrigeneas page, such as the main page or one of the forums

Selma: BRB

alt: I did myself in looking for the navigation bar.. it's when you first click on chat from the AfriGeneas Home page, right 3rd?

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

3rdthawkins: yes alt

AYWalton: thanks.

3rdthawkins: yw

trisha: she served breakfast for the group (= me running round like an idiot trying to get the food ready) funny how that happens :p

AYWalton: You know----maybe we need some new color or new design.

alt: nice turnout trisha

trisha: then there was a Tuscaloosa Reunion group, which actually has locations in many states...the group then went to the McDonald Huges Community Center for lunch ( Dr. Hughes was principal of the High School for many years...

alt: IMHO, I like the 'frehness' of the clear, clean background LOL

trisha: Hey Hawk!

alt: freshness

AYWalton: so is someone documenting the history of the community itself, trisha? I forgot the name that you mentioned and can't scroll back to see. (been knocked out too many times!)

trisha: not that I am aware of...I need to inquire with my cousin, she grew up there, as did my father and his family...

3rdthawkins: hello Trisha

trisha: I guess I think I have been so consumed with trying to get any info on mylines...I haven't thought about the "larger" picture

AYWalton: is the surname database function working? I am supposed to give a presentation on AfriGeneas for our genealogy group and am looking at the main features--but can't make that feature work. have any of you used it in a while?

trisha: the name of the community was Cape Town

alt: it was this morning AYWalton

AYWalton: it was just now, alt. Not even 1 minute ago. I think many of us need to start documenting communities. stepping outside of our immediate families---it does open other doors.

trisha: that's is a great thought

AYWalton: document the families, the schools, the churches, and the cemeteries. If there is a community history book, get a copy and then apply the community's history to the local black history.

alt: not only that AYWalton, but we need to search our communites for previous attempts at documenting them.. I'm finding all kinds of good stuff on AA settlements in Ohio that were written 75-100 years ago.

trisha: hmmmmm... interesting

AYWalton: really alt!

trisha: wow

alt: you bet...

AYWalton: where are you finding those old documents and how? I tend to collect old church histories when I can.

alt: In the local libraries and hist gen societies and on the net.

AYWalton: do you simply google the name of an old church?

alt: as an example

Selma: sorry it is out of context..another Map Project

alt: Bev's site anothe example

trisha: nice...

AYWalton: that's a great site, alt!

alt: yep, google St. Paul A.M.E. Urbana, ohio

AYWalton: ahh one of Bennie's incredible pages!

Selma: Sounds like a great project for you trisha...telling history of Cape Town..we are always trying to give folks projects

trisha:, gee thanks

AYWalton: but it would be worthwhile.

alt: yes, Bennie has/had linked into many sites where local AA history has been documented

Selma: and I bet you would enjoy it more then you thinl

AYWalton: Shamele gave a great presentation on her work with Lawside New Jersey.

trisha: I actually might try and make some headway with this

Selma: Is the area still known as Cape Town?

AYWalton: that is fantastic!

trisha: no....I don't think so

AYWalton: I hope you are successful, trisha.

alt: look at Carolyn Smith's book on Lincoln Heights, Ohio .. great story

Selma: We have faith in you trisha.. LOL

AYWalton: is there an historic cemetery affiliated with that community, trisha?

Selma: Where did the name Cape Town come from? (see you thought you were just coming to chit chat ... LOL)

trisha: yeah, there are a couple

AYWalton: they will have to be documented. Stone by stone. but that's fun.

trisha: mmmmhmmmm Selma, I see how this works ;) oh seee.....c'mon folks

AYWalton: lol

trisha: i take it you all will be traversing to Alabama the Beautiful to assist with this increasingly large but fun project....????

Selma: Jeez didn't have to start off with "stone by stone" right away

AYWalton: oh but of course!

trisha: lol

AYWalton: now----if you plan a big cemetery documenting event---and invite folks-----with food----hey lots of folks will come.

trisha: did I mention I have a momma and a high maintenance puppy???

Selma: Start with a general map of the area...

AYWalton: lol

Selma: Really you know how the area got its name.. Cape Town?

trisha: i do not...i recall asking my dad, but i don't think he knew...he was born in 1910

AYWalton: something to research.

Selma: Are there any early histories of the the county written...some may contain info about the "colored sections" of town

trisha: yep, yep

alt: except for the River ar ey'all near a larger body of water?

trisha: I will ask the genealogical society if they have heard of this. I belong to the local group.

Selma: What is the oldest black church in that community?

3rdthawkins: ok, I am going, will be here for lunchbunch

trisha: mmmmm,Ithink it might be First African Baptist, but I would have to verify this

alt: laters 3rdthawkins

Selma: You said your Dad was born in 1910..was the family always in that area, or did they migrate there from somewhere else

trisha: My dad's maternal family was here documented from 1870 before that I think it goes through NC

alt: gotta run y'all have a great rest of the day.

Selma: See you alt

AYWalton: I guess I had better run, also, folk. have a great day everyone.

trisha: k....have a great day all

AYWalton: bye

Selma: See you Guess..time to go trisha..think about it.. LOL

trisha: guess this is the transition time, huh? take care all

Selma: Yep..looks like it..have a wonderful day Bye

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