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2012-11-02 Cousin Maude's First Vote


Start: 12:03:43
End: 12:52:02
Chatters: alt, Atlanta, Daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

deannie: Hi Good afternoon Hi Daviss

Daviss: hellooooo deannie!! How are you doing?

deannie: how r u doing....

Daviss: I am ok for an old lady

deannie: that's good

Daviss: Are you skipping work today?

deannie: No...I have found a way to get on at work shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Daviss: lol lol I hear you were able to find a few things in Utah congrats to you

deannie: Hold on

alt: what's up Daviss & deannie?

Daviss: hi alt, how are you? Nothing much up with me alt What about you?

alt: we're excited here in Springfield.... Pres. Obama is in town and will be speaking at the High School later this afternoon.

Daviss: oh ok, are you going to try and go?

alt: nope, I'll watch on TV.. too much of a crowd for me.

deannie: HI alt I missed you in Utah

alt: plus I don't have a ticket Hi deannie, I would have loved to have been there.

Daviss: I durn near hate watching Romney anymore. I am so tired of his tales

deannie: Ditto

alt: me too .. I'll be happy when the election process is over this year.

deannie: Hi Seventies

Seventies: hello alt, deannie and Daviss

Daviss: And to mess everything around again, I see in yesterdays mail they changed my polling place about 3 miles away Grrrrrr

alt: oh, oh here's 'trouble' aka Seventies LOL

Seventies: ha ha ha lol

Daviss: hello Seventies!

alt: is that right Daviss,

deannie: Oh no :{ anything to keep you from voting

Seventies: I want y'all to watch this Celebrity Ghost Stories with Orlando Jones. I think you would find it to be interesting. :} Can't get it to clip though.

Daviss: tees me off to no end. The old place is a half block away

Seventies: Daviss smh..

alt: any reason given for the change and such a late notice of the change?

Daviss: nope, just a red sticker saying disregard old polling place and bring ID :{

alt: wow!!!! and it is an "official" notice?

Seventies: You should call your local representatives... Or your town hall.

Daviss: I looked for the date that they had in Spanish but its not on this card

Seventies: Sounds suspect to me Daviss

alt: hello Selma. how you doing today?

Daviss: The last time in Eng they had Nov 6th and in Spanish Nov 7

Seventies: Hi Selma.

Daviss: hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, deannie and seventies

Seventies: Check out the last story in the episode. Genealogy related.. :}

Selma: I would check with someone your polling place

Daviss: How's it going Selma?

deannie: Hi Selma

Selma: can you check on line

Daviss: Yep, I am going to call today

Seventies: Make sure that you use your angry voice.. :}

Selma: Irate citizen

Seventies: Don't watch this episode until we get off chat... :)

Daviss: Did you all listen to BBennet last night

Selma: Yes..I did

alt: I didn't....

Seventies: I didn't... how was the show?

deannie: I have a short story I must tell....yesterday I talked to my great cousin Maude who is 98 yrs young...she informed me that her city Greenville, Ms came to house for her to vote...I said that's great...she inform me that it was her first time every vote....

Selma: Wow

Daviss: Wow Deannie

Seventies: that's great deannie! Would be a great story to share and preserve for later generations.

Daviss: I wonder if that is the lady I saw in the news This lady was in the paper just yesterday and I think she was up there in age

Seventies: I know that was someone who was reported to be 106 who voted for the first time.

deannie: I was so proud of her...her god daughter made it all possible...did i forget to tell you she has been blind for over 50 yrs...she is my genealogy whiz...if I have a question I call her

alt: wonderful deannie

Daviss: Thats amazing deannie, what a lucky person you are

deannie: I have send the information to my society AAGHSC for their newsletter, and it will be in my family newsletter that I send out...I was going to inform the newspaper in her town. But I do not want a lot of people knowing she blind....crime is high

Daviss: good thinking deannie

deannie: I talk to her every week and I alway learn something from here...I went to see in April

Daviss: Hopefully though people in her area protect her

deannie: Her grandson is there but sometime he must leave...i ask her who's with her she says me and Jesus

alt: that must give you a good feeling deannie

Seventies: Speaking of our sometimes beloved Mississippi, I was watching Life After last night on TV One and come to find out Judge Mablean Ephraim was from Hazelhurst, MS! I had no idea! Hello vkn

Daviss: hello there Atlanta!

Seventies: oops I mean Atlanta! lol

Daviss: ;)

deannie: It does...I call my Maude she means the would to me...I wish I care for her....on Sunday morning she gets up but on her wig and jewelry by herself and listen to church on the tv

alt: hello Atlanta....

Atlanta: howdy seventies daviss deannie alt selma and all

deannie: Hi Atlanta...........

Selma: Afternoon Atlanta

Daviss: Deannie you should take a recorder the next time you go and interview her

Atlanta: hope weather has settled

alt: that's priceless deannie, she has to look good as she listens to church services on TV.

deannie: Ditto I are alway forget when I visit

alt: Slema, just talked with my son in NJ..... his power came back on this morning.

Selma: Good to hear alt..

deannie: she does and she good to me

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: Hello Khathu...

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

Daviss: Hi Khathu!

alt: hello Khathu, Happy belated birthday!!!!!

Atlanta: howdy Khathu

Khathu: Thanks alt

Atlanta: happy born day Khathu though a tad late

alt: Pres Obama should be on TV within the next 1/2 hour speaking from Springfield, Ohio.

Selma: You mean you are not there front and center alt?

alt: not exactly Selma LOL

Daviss: I just saw him speaking in Hilliard

Selma: Michele is speaking at Hampton Unversity now..

Daviss: How far is that from your area alt?

alt: okay Daviss, Hillard is about 35 miles away on I-70

Seventies: Does anyone know if I can upload a pdf file onto Afrigeneas message boards?

alt: there are over 3,000 people waiting for him in the Springfield HS gymnasium. yes, you can upload a pdf file on the forums

Atlanta: yes seventies you can .pdf

Seventies: ok great. I'm going to upload these syllabus outlines from last week..

Atlanta: how big is file seventies

Seventies: I hadn't scanned it yet ATL, not sure What's the limit?

alt: speak to us Khathu, tell us what's up in your world.

Khathu: Work at the moment

alt: oh, oh .. one of those 4 letter words LOL

Khathu: also i have been trying to connect with relative on ancestry

Atlanta: lol

Seventies: lol I'm multitasking too..

alt: connecting.. got an email from a relative in Piqua, Ohio,,, she has connected with Nicka Sewell Smith in California as a relative of hers... so far, it appears Nicka is her relative, not one of mine.

Daviss: Was this through 23 alt

alt: not surehow they made the connection Daviss

Seventies: Bernice just posted this.

Daviss: alt must have tried to click on link and deannie

Atlanta: oopsie

Seventies: perhaps.. but she just posted it on facebook... so check it out there.

Daviss: I saw it yesterday last night rather

Atlanta: me too last night

Seventies: ok

Daviss: I have to take off now, lady coming to take me to the store have fun the rest of the day

Selma: I have to run too folks... have a great day

Seventies: bye y'all.

Selma: Bye

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