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Start: 12:14:44
End: 13:08:07
Chatters: alt, Atlanta, Daviss, Seventies

Daviss: hello seventies! I got hung up on making scrampled eggs

alt: Hello Daviss & Seventies, what's up with you ladies today?

Seventies: Hi Daviss and alt..

Daviss: Hi there alt!! how are you? not that much up with me alt

alt: doing well Daviss, sun is shining and it is a little warmer today, how you doing?

Seventies: alt, its probably like 85 degrees out where Daviss is... lol

Daviss: Good for the sun and the warmth lol @ seventies

alt: watched ASU lose a tough one last night to UCLA.

Seventies: We have the final home football game this weekend... army v air force.. lol I know who's going to win that game... lol

Daviss: I did not see it alt, I was still trying to get my below sea level legs going lol

alt: I know Seventies, but Daviss doens't have the "fun' of dealing with extreme weather changes and seasons like we do.

Seventies: Yes, she needs to come out here (east) sometime.

alt: SLC, the altitude and all of your travels are catching up with you grandma LOL lOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: not as many changes for sure alt but that blistering sun and those dust storms can be horrendous

Seventies: yes, I wouldn't trade that for east coast living... that's for sure Daviss.

alt: I'll take the seasonal changes, even the snow

Seventies: Snow days = stay at home.. lol

Daviss: I have been through those in Okla and in texas plus the tornados in OK

alt: you had better get yo behind out there and go to work Seventies!!!!

Seventies: Oklahoma gets bitter cold. brrrr went to Lawton, OK one year for thanksgiving and I was like 'd@mn'. That wind was bitterly cold. lol I don't make that determination alt... but I certainly encourage the leadership to close the post... lol

alt: yep, that wind in Okla is sumpin' else!!!!

Daviss: went through several Typhoons in Okinawa alt that was no joy

alt: oh, I remember 'snow delay's' Seventies

Atlanta: howdy all y'all

Daviss: a couple earthquakes in Cali

Seventies: me too. now the kids have no school if a half inch comes...

Daviss: hi Atlanta!

alt: now that is wind in capitals WIND, Daviss LOL

Daviss: yep alt lol

alt: Hello Atlanta, how be's ya?

Seventies: ATL.. how's it going?

Atlanta: Bees good alt

alt: wunnerful Atlanta

Atlanta: It is going thanx goodness Seventies

Seventies: :)

Atlanta: backatcha daviss

alt: we're getting geared up for the President's visit here tomorrow.... hopefully he can still make it.

Daviss: Were there Goblins swirling all around last night Atlanta

Atlanta: NO goblins here lol

alt: anything y'all want me to tell him? LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol

Seventies: My cousin in Akron says she has tickets to see Clinton tomorrow...

Atlanta: NO goblins here lol only if there was a picture of Pumpkin on Apt door

alt: great Seventies

Daviss: yes alt, tell him he has everyones vote in my house

alt: okay Daviss , I can do that.

Seventies: lol

alt: even Tyler's vote LOL

Seventies: lol Daviss, you've been a traveling somebody this year.

Daviss: you bet and at school he is the person in charge at the school voting booth

Seventies: :}

alt: go on wid yo bad self Tyler LOL

Daviss: knowing the area the school is located I bet Obama wins by a landslide lol

Seventies: Well yesterday I actually wrote and mailed a letter to Mr. W. Bowman... hope I get a favorable response.

Atlanta: Just had the nicest IT fellow here all morning from Staples and he happens to be a classical guitarist. Gonna help him search his ROWAN s from Rosedale MS Will you help Seventies

Seventies: My very first genealogy letter. :)

Daviss: yes on the traveling seventies some good some not so good

alt: who is Mr. Bowman?

Seventies: Sure.. let me write it down.

Atlanta: Congratulations on first letter. In the olden days that is all we did huh alt lol

Seventies: Welcome Bowman from Ohio. nephew of my great grandfather, Will He's still living... hopefully. didn't find any obits on him

alt: you bet Atlanta letters and land lines aka telephones for you Seventies LOL

Daviss: Atlanta please give me a couple more days to get items in mail, especially those cards

Seventies: I included some information about my research and a photo of grandfather Scott Washington.

alt: good touch Seventies

Atlanta: I even remember when Electra and vkn bought columnar pads by the dozens to record census data from the Polk directories and send to people

Seventies: Hopefully, I will get a favorable response.

Atlanta: It is a good touch seventies

Seventies: SMH I think I read about that in Computer History. Sheesh... let me guess it had vacuum tubes running it? lol Technology has leaped forward so much!

alt: the "old ways" worked Atlanta, folks weren't too busy to respond and were happy to receive information in the mail.

Seventies: Wrote it down ATL, any specific Rowan I would be looking for?

Atlanta: So seventies and Daviss remember the quest alt put yesterday bout asking the oldest family member? lol well we be da oldest lol

alt: Yep Seventies, I programmed the Univac 1107 by Sperry-Rand and it was 'vacum tubes' (sp)

Seventies: lol and here you are online.. lol

Daviss: yep Atlanta

Atlanta: I will post to surnames seventies under the name of Jeramy Rowan

Daviss: by the way I have yet to hear from the Burks person again. smh

Seventies: See its going to become a lost art. And I didn't even really need to read the guide, because when I was going to school they taught us and we are probably the last generation to actually have to write letters.

Atlanta: and the internet was crawling via nasa through the back alley of libraries there was no GUI lol

alt: Seventies, when I retired (1987) CRT's & personal terminals were just becoming the thing with AFLC.

Seventies: Arpanet and darpanet ok

Atlanta: My goodness Daviss we opened up a keg of pain

Seventies: Well Daviss you know how that goes.

Daviss: not really sure of that Atlanta. Youngsters have a tendency to be more open

Seventies: I feel guilty that I hadn't called my cousin in a couple of months...

Atlanta: Also Daviss in the olden days we [not sure about alt] would count by county the number of surnames in a state from the Polk and then mark the numbers on the map

Daviss: I know that some things can be kept from the elders but I would want to know and have a more compassionate view and also Atlanta the reach out was done to get more info

Atlanta: Daviss remember we are talking about the father of her grandmother who left the family without a word when grandmother was under age 10

Daviss: that I did

alt: with all of the technology changes it is still the same Input/Output ... Arithmetic & Logic with a storage unit.. the techology is in the microchip(s) everything else is the same IMHO LOL

Seventies: I agree with that alt.

Atlanta: Well then another new alt is the HP ePrint

Seventies: Is that a wireless or remote print system Atlanta?

Daviss: spanking my hand Atlanta

Atlanta: Still a scary place Daviss to the third generation . We know not what stories granma may have invented to fill in the gaps

Seventies: true

Atlanta: Yes Seventies both

Seventies: okay

Atlanta: ar only from a mobile print from anywhere to home printer

alt: Atlanta ... Buck Rogers & Flash Gordon are here today ... alive & well LOL LOL LOL

Atlanta: Absolutely alt when only in the comic books way back when

Seventies: Hey Star Trek had holograms and today what do we have? holograms and hologram keypads and boards. amazing!

Daviss: I sit silently

Atlanta: and new to me doing scans to and from a flash drive no computer needed

Seventies: Well the NEW star trek.. lol

Atlanta: join us Daviss lol

Daviss: nope :o

Seventies: lol

Atlanta: Ya gotta after all yo podnuh be Alt daviss so c'mon

Daviss: quit laughing seventies

Seventies: Pretty much Atlanta...

alt: Yep, there is 'stuff' being used today that even most folks aren't even aware of in the technologies of today.

Daviss: brb gonna go get a cup of scalding hot coffee

Seventies: Unless you watch videos at They talk about a lot of the new technologies.

alt: I saw a photo of Ms Vicky at the IBGS siting behind her laptop looking all comfortable and showing off her tech capabilities for the folks at the Summit LOL

Atlanta: BTW daviss that La Fonda turned out to be for real. Agreed seventies. TED is a must for fokes who want to be academic and on earth at the same time

Seventies: Were her 'eyes' on alt? lol

Atlanta: bbenn has her anniversary show on 2nite

alt: technology wise I'm a Neanderthal.... my cell phone doesn't even take pictures LOL LOL

Seventies: Do you have one of those $10 phones lol

Daviss: ok back

alt: don't know.. it's a samsung I've had for about 4-5 years.

Atlanta: ahem alt shame shame get with it. On the other hand you beat me cause you got FB down pat and I just don't get it

Seventies: In tech time, that's EONS...

Atlanta: Be respectful to yo elders seventies

alt: so Seventies, I said I was a Neandrethal LOL

Seventies: lol

Atlanta: Well alt you would not be able to handle Siri and the iphone

Daviss: did you all read my blog I put up 'yesdity"

Seventies: You should've kept your IPad.. :( disappointed that you didn't. You would've been able to download an app to call and text on VOIP

alt: and this PC is 8 years old, so there Ms smarty Seventies :p

Seventies: lol

Atlanta: lol

Seventies: Or alt, you could've at least sent it to me.. lol

Atlanta: Daviss can you link from writers forum

alt: Atlanta, is there a 'new' precious photos? or is the current one being updated?

Atlanta: or link to writers so it is on my beaten path It is called PreciousPhoto II alt

alt: is there a link on the AfriGeneas Home Page Atlanta?

Daviss: is there an emotion of a hand over the mouth

Atlanta: and will have public access in a couple of days X lol

alt: thanks Atlanta

Seventies: Did my picture come through? Goliah Rounds>

Atlanta: I saw an image from you seventies but not remembering details

Seventies: okay.. I didn't get confirmation of the upload.

alt: is there a limit to the number of photos a pseron can have in the 'personal gallery' linked to the Forums?

Atlanta: well when public you will be able to controi your own gallery seventies edits etc

Seventies: okay

Atlanta: alt the current limit is 5000 pics per user

Seventies: That's a lot!

alt: I was looking for the Embry photo that Dorothy Tuck posted to see if it was the same photo that is of the Embry family on Precious Photos. 5,000 photos WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlanta: yuppers and that is controlled by Christine our host so I say there is no limit

Seventies: Ok ladies and alt gonna get out of here.Y'all be good, especially alt and Daviss! lol

Daviss: :)

Atlanta: heyyyyy seventies I got a life lol

alt: can I just be careful Seventies, why do I have to be good LOL

Daviss: Tell L.T. hello

Seventies: lol Bye y'all. See you on the boards!

Atlanta: lol Now daviss bout yo blogging and linking we need yo link

Daviss: Atlanta you are late. Mr Bill Payer must have your attention Its on Writers

alt: well, let me get outa here for today ... y'all take care

Atlanta: BTW AAH is extended through the 10th of Nov ahhhhh sooooo

Daviss: thats good . I hope its been fruitful for some

alt: I'm gonna do some E-bill paying myself

Daviss: take care alt very good

Atlanta: also very very good

Daviss: wish the Libraries would pick it up

Atlanta: C ya and talk soon Daviss

Daviss: bye

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