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2012-10-31 BBenn the Pro • Water or Not


Start: 12:10:09
End: 13:11:13
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: Hi Selma!!

Selma: Hi sitting here by your lonesome

Daviss: lol yes until a few seconds ago How's it going?

Selma: I was paying bills..thats always depressing.. LOL

Daviss: Tell me about it

Seventies: Hello my lunch bunch ladies Daviss and Selma

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Daviss: Hi there Seventies!

Seventies: Things are getting somewhat back to normal. thank goodness.

Daviss: I was just getting ready to ask that

Seventies: Nothing will be right until I get my money and this week is over.. lol

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: I'm just being honest.

Daviss: I need the money myself seventies. the stove went out yesterday

Seventies: yea and I need a new laptop, sporting goods, etc. etc.

alt: Hello All, hope everyone is doing well.

Daviss: its always a lil something that is unexpected

Seventies: good afternoon alt. How are you doing?

Selma: Jeez we are in the season of appliances going kaput

Daviss: hi alt!!!

Seventies: yes mercury retrograde Selma. lol And full moon... lol

Selma: Afternoon alt..

alt: I need MONEY too... the new Casino opend in Columbus, OH 3,000 slots, over 100 table games and a Poker section ...... Nice restaurants, I wanna be a playa!!!!! LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

Daviss: lol lol lol

Selma: Somehow that sounds like a Middle Class problem

Daviss: so is that playa different than being a playa playa alt lol

Seventies: Sure does. lol\ Are we going to have to scr@p this chat as well?? :}

Daviss: lol

alt: I think so Daviss, but with my country self I don't know the difference.

Seventies: Goodness! lol

alt: a little levity Seventies, we ALL have other problems. sorry if I offended you

Seventies: alt do you or have you in the past coordinated with the YMCA in your local area for different programs? Oh not offended. everyone has their own issues. Everyone is having the financial flow issue right now.. lol

Selma: You know my dryer and microwave went out within one week...

alt: yes, many times for many different programs over the past 50-60 years, even when the YMCA was 'segregated' here in Springfield oh, my Selma

Selma: I said more than "oh " alt.. LOL

Seventies: I meant recently, since your children became adults?

Daviss: George Gervin, "the ice man" opened up a Charter school here

alt: I can believe that Selma words like %^&$#@ LOL

Selma: Yes..but vkn won't let us cuss in the chat

Seventies: oh yeah? Interesting. How much money does he stand to make...

Daviss: :o no idea seventies

alt: not in the last 10 years or so Seventies ... last was when I taught genealogy classes at the YMCA.

Seventies: lol lol I can't even type c-rap in any word. I know real cussing ain't allowed. lol

Daviss: hi jhonora

alt: hello jhonora, how are things in NO

Daviss: Ohio trip cancelled alt. My pres is headed to NJ

Seventies: okay I wonder if you knew or met with my cousin Terry who was the coordinator in the Miami Valley YMCA up until about a year or two ago. Hi jhonora. Nice to see you. How's it going?

alt: he has been rescheduled for Friday here in Spfld according to this mornings paper Daviss

Daviss: ok alt

alt: I have not Seventies, what is Terry's last name, or fulll name. might have read about him/her.

Seventies: jhonora are you working on the digitation project in New Orleans of colonial Spanish and French records?? Scherrer Terrence. If he knew that his nickname got out, he'd be upset.. lol

alt: not familiar with that name Seventies .. do you know the town/city ...are they in Dayton, OH.

Seventies: He was the regional coordinator for Miami Valley YMCA and now is in Cincinnati (sp?) Let me pull his online info.. I'm sure its out there.

alt: okay Seventies, I will be on the lookout for that name. I occasionally read the Cincinnati Enquirer. darn I can't spell worth a lick LOL

Seventies: Looks like he was exec dir out of Middletown, OH

alt: okay, that's just about 30 miles down the road, just south of Dayton.

Seventies: Here's Terry.

Daviss: jhonora like the in and out burger

Seventies: lol can you open the link without getting kicked off?

Daviss: well it looks like he is using Terry lol

Seventies: Anyway, his mother is my first cousin. Yea Daviss.. that's what we know him as. :} My grandmother's eldest grandchild. Paternal grandmother... His mother migrated from Dallas Co. to Cincinnati, OH His mom grew up with my aunts and dad... they were about the same age.

Daviss: alt did you look at NCS last night? You know who was on

Seventies: I missed all my daggone shows AGAIN. lol Time Warner can't decide if they want to turn the cable on or off.. :{

Daviss: was it because of the storm Seventies

Seventies: Who knows... I suppose so.

Daviss: I was tinkering with the 40 again and still can't find my mama

Seventies: Did you see the posting about how to search on the 1940 census? This was addressed in the misspelling track that I skipped out on, but got the syllabus for. lol Posting on Facebook.

Daviss: naw did not see it Seventies

alt: I read the article Seventies .. wish 'Terry' the best.

Seventies: It was on FB while you were out of town Daviss. Thanks alt. Me too.

Daviss: I see Seventies...I left puter at home

Seventies: Just sitting here, that's something that I could write about in a book. I'm just not well researched on the Callins tho' and really I have no excuse not to be.

Selma: I saw it Daviss

alt: may not be your problem Daviss, but I find searching the census, 1940 & others, is best when I difficulty with the names is to search the area for blacks in certain age groups & gender ... this is using ancestry and the search filters they have

Seventies: All my family is here and its the family that I originally started off with the family genealogy. See I thought Daviss had done that already.

Daviss: I use that also alt and still came up empty. I gave her 2-4 yrs age difference

alt: that;s how I foind Anita in the 1940 census .. her family is listed as Howey rather tahn Harvey in the index.

Selma: Folks..gotta run Have a great day

Seventies: bye Selma

alt: perhaps she was in a different area than you believe she was in for the 1940 census Daviss

Daviss: I used all name spellings first and last that I could think of I searched all and then narrowed it down to Harrison County and then Harris County I am dumb founded

alt: how about wild cards for all females named Zep***** or any combinations.

Daviss: yeppers done that too and also used her middle name

alt: okay, just keep on plugging.

Daviss: I know Well she is the ggranddaughter of you know who oh alt did you get your ancestry results back yet?

alt: just got a call from son in NJ..... he is in Union, near Hoboken. Jersey City, etc. no power, gas stations closed and grocery stores are low or out of stock on eeverything. Yesl I did Daviss.

Seventies: Yes NJ got hit hard, as was to be expected...

Daviss: Bless his heart alt. I wish him well

alt: right Seventies, expected and 'in it' are two different things.

Daviss: I think daughters brother may be stuck in Ok la for a long while

alt: is that because of the flights and bad weather Daviss?

Daviss: At least his mother lives there and he will be ok in that realm He lives in NJ and went to Okla for the funeral

alt: okay hello bbenn

Seventies: All flights are cancelled from the east coast. We have one of our office workers whose car was parked at JFK, which is completely flooded.

bbenn: Hello Alt, Daviss and Seventies!

Seventies: hi bbenn

Daviss: he more than likely will be one of the last to get a flight out because he was on standby

bbenn: How are all of you doing?

Daviss: Hello bbenn!

Seventies: Doing well. How are you all down there?

alt: we're hanging in there, how bout you bbenn?

bbenn: Doing well. I just need to get a tree man to cut down the two trees that fell into my neighbors year.

alt: at least speaking for myself, I'm hanging in there LOL

Daviss: I am well bbenn

bbenn: typo - yard

Daviss: I image they are quite busy bbenn

bbenn: Busy and very expensive

alt: oh my, we went thru that earlies this year, tree and wind damage... had to have a new roof put on the house. earlier

Daviss: btw speaking of expensive bbenn. were you able to make a deal with the Mac folks?

bbenn: I cut a few trees a week before the Hurricane and that saved my roof.

Seventies: Best of luck.. remember these contractors are going to be gauging bbenn

bbenn: I went to a Mac dealer and paid $689.00 to restore my computer to new.

Daviss: Whew!!

alt: double whew!!!!!

Seventies: What tha What?? OMG you could've gotten a new computer!!!

Daviss: still expensive but at least it was worth saving

alt: are y'all ready for Windows*

bbenn: A glass of water spilled on my computer a minute before my presentation in Salt Lake City. The show had to go on with a room full of people - no slides but, at least I can talk.:}

alt: Windows8

Seventies: yes as its going to drive down the price of computers with Windows 7... lol

Daviss: What about your info bbenn was it saved also

Seventies: I heard Daviss told us. She said you did a great job!

bbenn: I love my MacBook Pro - paid over $2,000 for that computer.

Daviss: and may I say bbenn I was very pleased with your presentation

Seventies: whew!

bbenn: Everything was saved and the computer is like new. I could have kissed the technician...

alt: then 689 ain't bad for a restoration project.

bbenn: Thanks Daviss - I enjoyed doing it. Sometimes, slides get in the way...

Seventies: how much water spilled. Sometimes those things can be done by air drying your keyboard.. speaking as a former tech

Daviss: Ha lol thats another story huh bbenn

bbenn: A glass of water. I used the hair dryer and my key melted.

alt: and example of how it pays off 'when you know your material' bbenn ... wonderful you were able for the show to go on.

Seventies: oh that's what caused the problem.. lol

bbenn: The tech said that I had heat damage! Logicboard was fine...

Seventies: ah huh... air dry... Daviss, how far are you all from Chandler?

Daviss: depends on what part....

Seventies: Center of Chandler You must be pretty close then.

Daviss: probably about a 30 min drive via freeway.

Seventies: ok that's not bad..

Daviss: Chandler is the site of the old Williams AFB My bro the one that passed was born there

Seventies: okay

Daviss: It is now the site of an airport

alt: that's right, forgot you were an AF 'brat' Daviss LOL

Daviss: and proud of it alt lol

Seventies: that's right Daviss! lol

alt: I have 3 grandchildren who are AF brats..... one born in Okinawa & one born in Boise, ID.

Seventies: That's right your daughter was in the AF, right alt? Multi taksing here... trying to get some info from my cousin Daviss.. :}

alt: and these are the children of my older son who was also in the AF Seventies

bbenn: Chat with all of you later - have a great day.

Seventies: Oh, the one who attended Columbia?

alt: no, that's the 'baby boy' he was never in the military

Seventies: okay How old is your baby boy? lol

alt: he's a draft dodger LOL LOL ...... baby boy is now 48 y/o born in 1964.

Daviss: hmmmmm

Seventies: lol okay 2 out of 3 is enough.. lol

Daviss: I better run. I have a blog to finish bye u2

Seventies: yay about time.. lol

alt: take care looking forward to your blog Daviss

Seventies: She missed my comment.. lol

alt: OOps. folks be too fast LOL

Seventies: yes considerint that she only uses 2 fingers.. lol

alt: hey Seventies, I'm outa here

Seventies: Be safe, hope all the snow passes quickly. See you tomorrow

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