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2012-10-27 • Conferences • MAGGI


Start: 21:14:43
End: 22:30:19
Chatters: deannie, Seventies Soulchild, Spivey, vkn

vkn: howdy to all

deannie: Hi vkn

vkn: Howdy deannie

deannie: How are you this evening

vkn: Are you getting bad weather ? Doing well and you

deannie: No we having great weather about 50 todayare what's your weather like

vkn: It was about 75 tosay

deannie: That's a great day

vkn: Been on phone most of the day

deannie: Getting info for your tree?

vkn: no just catching up and keeping up with family doings

deannie: Sounds good...I need to do the same My niece has to cheer tomorrow, so while at the game I will make a few calls

vkn: Peeps call on weekends any research this week past

deannie: I just returned from I rested up this wee Hi Spivey

Spivey: Hi, Deannie and VKN!

vkn: howdy spivey

Spivey: Thanks for explaining what the BGMI [?] is, VKN.

vkn: lots of interesting news clippings on the boards

Spivey: Like what, vkn?

vkn: yes it is a good resource spivey Someone is uploading clippings from a folder from a home in TN

Spivey: I suppose I'll have to try to access it, vkn. All I want for my records is the person's actual date of death.

vkn: What year do you think they died and I will take a look if you would like spivey

Spivey: Interesting clippings, vkn? I'll have to take a look. I promised myself tonight I would open only ONE window. :)

vkn: lol

Spivey: I know the year and month, vkn. Sigh. I suppose you want me to open another window and look for it? :(

vkn: oh so what info are you missing deannie did you have success in SLC

Spivey: Name: Everett Newton Kelsey. Date of death: September 1968. The actual day is what I'm missing, vkn. Everywhere I try to find it, I have to pay.

vkn: ahhhhh i see

deannie: Just a little, but I meet a lot of new people and reunited with old one.......

Spivey: Ooo, what is SLC?

vkn: good deannie salt lake city

Spivey: Oh, I almost knew that! 8) Wow, did you enjoy the trip, deannie?

vkn: deannie went to the conference I tried to encourage Yatah to go since she lives 40 miles away but no show

deannie: They have a lot of records...but I think they had so members helping but they did not know much about black they were a little funny trying to help

Spivey: Oh, how is Yatah doing, vkn? Her children are still young yet?

vkn: Not seeing yatah in past 6 weeks or so

Spivey: Oh. I hope I can catch up with her. When does she usually come into chat, vkn?

vkn: not as regular as once upon a time.

Spivey: Well, I can't comment on that. However, if you notice, I do try to make it every Saturday night. I think about you and say I'm going to chat with vkn!

vkn: lol and that is good lol

Spivey: I make my cup of tea, and I'm ready to go. :) deannie, did you attend alone from AfriGeneas or were others there? Was that the conference Vicky was preparing for?

vkn: on phone

deannie: Yes we were together a lot we had breakfast one morning...she had two cousin with her they were from Houston, TX and she worked with one of my cousin in the school systerm (Sports) Small world

Spivey: Oh, that's good, deannie. At least you felt comfortable being among people you know.

vkn: small world

deannie: I like to go.....

Spivey: Yep. I always think that when I get to the end of my research, I'm going to be related to everyone I met on the journey! lol

vkn: There is an Institute in St Louis in July Put on by Black genealogists

deannie: did....just like Kyra Seywick.....she 16 genation related to her husband Kevin Bacon LOL

Spivey: That is an organized group, vkn? See, what did I just say, deannie? lol

deannie: I heard about it at the conference....have they posted the cost yet

vkn: yes called maggi

Spivey: Maggi?

deannie: That why when I was going up I always asked her their family and where did they come from.....

vkn: I think so deannie not sure

Spivey: Shucks, I'm sweating out just trying to come up with the funds to go to New York City for Thanksgiving! :(

vkn: not remembering what maggi stands for at the moment but i think it is a week long event and they have a fb page

Spivey: Interesting, vkn. I've mever heard of the group. I must look it up. Later. No more windows tonight. :)

vkn: lol it is just being born

Spivey: Then even better to lend support if they are a serious organization.

vkn: deannie you are close by do you plan to attend

deannie: St Louis

vkn: yes stlo

deannie: If I have the money I will, I saving as we chat lol

Spivey: Is the membership country wide vkn?

deannie: I do not know

Spivey: Oh, let me in on that secret, deannie!

vkn: Well dear friends gotta sign off for now. See ya next time. Yes the intent is to be worldwide eventually

deannie: The secret of saving

Spivey: Okay. Thanks and goodnight vkn. Yes, deanniem saving while you're chatting!

deannie: One I have no spend week...., and stay out of the mall...just to name a few lol

Spivey: ROTFL. I need to re-learn that trick.

deannie: I work some times....but I become those boots I saw

Spivey: I didn't realize how tight my money was until this month. I woke up at the beginning of the month broke. LOL. Actually, someone charged almost $3000 to my debit card. It took almost the whole month for the bank to return the funds to my account.

deannie: been there...but it was not for that much.....I work in corrections and when a criminal happen to me or any one I know it make me mad

Spivey: I was devastated, deannie. My social security and pension checks had just been deposited. The purchases were all made in England, Italy and another foreign country. Imagine, ver $500 worth of shoes, and a tailor for over $400. I want the bank to track down who it was. I don't like to harm people, but that was just mean and I don't feel inclined to forgive. Of course, I am not using my debit card at any more little stores. I will use cash like I used to.

deannie: I know your pain....they were right here in the United State online I watchning one on best movie....Devil in the Blue Dress with Denzel Washington

Spivey: I never saw that movie.

Seventies Soulchild: Hi all

deannie: Hi Seventies

Spivey: Hi, Seventies Soulchild! I love Denzel Washington. First saw him in Glory.

Seventies Soulchild: Hi Spivey and deannie

Spivey: Hi, Seventies Soulchild. What's new?

Seventies Soulchild: What a busy day. Attended my first genealogy conference

Spivey: Your first? What was it like?

deannie: It good...I like Denzel and Don Cheetah

Seventies Soulchild: It was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan

deannie: Where Where Where lol

Spivey: lol

Seventies Soulchild: Vendors and various tracks on genealogy.

deannie: That great...which conference was it

Seventies Soulchild: It was called "The Genealogy Event" and was sponsored by Ancestry and Family Tree Magazine

Spivey: Oh, that sounds impressive, Seventies Soulchild.

deannie: Sounds great

Seventies Soulchild: It was morsel of an event rather than a conferende

Spivey: Were there any sessions with speakers?

Seventies Soulchild: I do not like auto text!

Spivey: What in the world is auto text? Can you use it here in this room?

Seventies Soulchild: Yes they opted to go with tracks vs sessions

Spivey: What is a track? Sorry for so many questions, but this event sounds interesting.

Seventies Soulchild: Autotext is when the computer tells you what you type before you finish typing. LOL

Spivey: Oh, you can turn that on here?

Seventies Soulchild: just a fancy word for lecture session lol

Spivey: Hmmm. Now, their whole presenttion seems to have been interesting!

Seventies Soulchild: My computer is broken. I am on the kindle Each presentation was 30 mins

Spivey: Oh, Kindle. I have the read only one. Enough with all this technology. I swear, people will end up carrying their house, car, etc., around in the palm of their hands. lol

Seventies Soulchild: Yes I will be getting a new laptop in a couple of days

Spivey: That sounds good to me for a first time conference. Short and sweet.

deannie: Ditto lol I was talking about that to Angela....she said when I go to St Louis I send got the the tech classes

Seventies Soulchild: There was plenty of tracks to sit in on. My favorite was the book writing with Biff and Nancy Barnes

Spivey: Of Barnes & Noble fame?

Seventies Soulchild: I learned a great deal. I don't think so Lol

Spivey: That is always good, learning. If only I listened better. :( I would love to go to a conference presented by It sounds like they know how to present a conference. The speakers, of course, are under the gun to present within half an hour. Makes them pare down some of the rhetoric..

Seventies Soulchild: Well I best get going. I am tired from my day of genealogy and shopping in NYC. Have a good night ladies. More details tomorrow. Bye

Spivey: Goodnight, Seventies Soulchild. Have a good evening. deannie, are you there? It's the witching hour. Time to say goodnight.

deannie: I guess we can call it a nite also Spivey....

Spivey: Yes, deannie. Thanks for an enjoyable chat. Goodnight.

deannie: Nite you too

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