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2012-10-26 • Inclement Weather


Start: 12:07:21
End: 12:59:46
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies

karoshi8: Hello alt! How's it going?

Seventies: hi where is everyone? Hi Selma Hi alt

Selma: Good afternoon alt and seventies

alt: hello ladies, Selma & Seventies Hoep y'all are doing okay and ready for a big weekend

Seventies: Yes.. I am

Selma: Where is everyone?...getting my hurricaine/forecaster supplies seventies Folks were all over Walmart

Seventies: lol I'm worried about getting my hair supplies this weekend... lol

alt: praying for the east coast.

Seventies: Got to be vain about something...

Selma: You better get em early

Seventies: I'll be going to that genealogy event on Saturday morning. I am not going to miss that. Sandy or no Sandy.

Selma: You should be sage with that...if it comes here first probably won't get here until Sunday..then work their way up

alt: an you've got to have your 'do looking good, huh?

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Seventies: yes indeed!

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Mizz Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Hi AYWalton. How's it going?\

Selma: Well, well, Mizz Angela..good to see you

AYWalton: Hope you are all well. finally getting rest.

alt: Hello AYWalton, good to 'see' ya

AYWalton: I have been ripping and running over the last few weeks. Good to slow down.

Selma: You mean you have the Day off.. LOL

AYWalton: lol

Seventies: I see you've been all over the place!

AYWalton: this time last week I was in Salt Lake City and presenting and researching and doing as much as I could.

alt: do it while you can AYWalton, once you slow down it's rough to get the engine re-started.

AYWalton: lol I will take that advice, alt. :) had a good time in Salt Lake, I must admit.

Selma: I am glad..

Seventies: I heard about some partying going on down there... lol

AYWalton: And I met some new folks and enjoyed seeing some of the old folks, too. partying?

alt: photos indicate a good time was had by those in attendence.

Seventies: yep.. lol

AYWalton: Oh you mean our gene-pj party? lol

Selma: Looked like a number of the "old" folks were there

AYWalton: we did that in Ft. Wayne and so we did it again in Salt Lake City!

Selma: Were Lettie and Nettie there

AYWalton: that town will never be the same! Nettie came. Lettie stayed behind, but I saw both Nettie & Lettie the week before in Chicago.

alt: vicky posted a photo of a couple she met in Ft. Wayne.

Seventies: lol

Selma: Wow...not both I saw them both in NC

AYWalton: I think that Lettie had something going on in Chi-town.

Selma: I always kinda felt like the conference had begun when I saw the two of them and Lucius

AYWalton: was that the folks from Michigan? we met them in Ft. Wayne last year, I think the couple that Shelly Murphy found the man's folks and he started crying. They remembered all of us.

alt: yes, they were from Mich AYWalton

AYWalton: Yes, that was Dr. Betty and her husband. Nice folks.

alt: very nice folks

Selma: Baltimore to Chicago back to Baltimore then Baltimore to SLC and must be exhausted

alt: so where is the NYC event being held Seventies?

AYWalton: Yes, and two weeks earlier it was Baltimore to NYC, then Chicago, then SLC, and yes, I'se tide!

Seventies: In Manhattan.

AYWalton: And----the next IBGS Summit will come to Washington DC. I think they are working on collaborating with AAHGS.

Seventies: Looks like its going to be indoors.

Selma: I am hoping so AY..

AYWalton: That will be in 2015, I think.

alt: where in Manhattan.. up in Harlem?

AYWalton: So when and where will the NYC event be? and who is sponsoring it?

Seventies: Family Tree magazine and Ancestry.

AYWalton: and what is the date?

Seventies: Today and Tomorrow

AYWalton: ahhh this weekend.

Seventies: yes.

AYWalton: that must have been the event that I saw Thomas Macentee say that he was not going to attend because of the weather. where in NYC?

alt: oh, okay, so it is not an special AA event?

Seventies: No its not, though they have an AA track which is not full.

AYWalton: I have not seen too many folks mentioning it on Twitter. but of course many whom I follow on Twitter live in other parts of the country.

Seventies: Well most of the other tracks are full

AYWalton: do you have a link to it, Soulchile?

Seventies: thegenealogy

AYWalton: I just saw it.

Seventies: okay

AYWalton: not much mention of it online at all. hmm...... wonder why.

Seventies: Don't know... but its being sponsored by two big genea-companies

AYWalton: but there has not been much mention of it, either.

alt: wb Selma

AYWalton: Wonder what's up with that? marketing is critical.

Seventies: I read about it on facebook awhile ago.

AYWalton: interesting. oh well------I am editing my podcast and hope to have it up shortly. So I better run. Have a good day, folks.

Seventies: At that time, I suspect that they were trying to flesh out their agenda.

alt: the heavy promotion was probably to/thru Family Tree Magazine subscribers.

Seventies: probably.. I don't know. I haven't seen any ads on Ancestry about it.

Selma: Names mispelled, misunderstood, etc..sounds interesting

alt: "WE" aren't big subscribers to either Family Tree Magazine or

Seventies: True. I signed up for that track Selma There is walk-ins for some of the other tracks such as writing your family history I've been running into the mispelling/alternate name thing and really want to understand the issue better. The questions they asked upon registration lets me know that they are trying this out as a money making venture. they outright asked how much money I planned on spending. I entered $0 to $10... lol

alt: I wonder if the mis-spellings is going to center around "different' spellings... who is to say which version of their surname is the 'correct and only" way for a surname to be spelled.

Seventies: I will let you know.

Selma: There can be issues beyond that..

Seventies: Exactly.

alt: oh, I'm sure Selma

Selma: For folks coming into Ellis Island...names were changed or simplified..

alt: right Selma and even after that some names are/were anglicized (sp)

Selma: For black folks in the period immediately after the war with no literacy..names spelled how they sounded or spelt the way the person who was writing them heard it, or families changing on a name after emancipation White folks spelling of their surnames differ also..

Seventies: I doubt that they will cover that because this event is mostly centered around Europeans, with the exception of the one AA track.

alt: exactly Selma, so I'm saying 'different' and not necessarily mis-spelled

Seventies: here is the AA track speaker

alt: we all have those cases in our family lines

Seventies: y'all know this guy Dean Henry?

alt: I don't, or don't think I've heard the name

Seventies: okay

Selma: Remember the show on PBS...the family name was "Bucket"..but the wife pronounced it Boquet... Me either seventies

Seventies: his blog:

alt: yep Selma

Seventies: lol reminds me of a british comedy where the family did the same in an attempt to fit into the upper class.. lol

alt: I think my Reno was once Reyno and Reneau before that.

Seventies: Plausible. I remember trying to figure out that Canada/Candy/Cannady name of my g-g grandfather.

alt: because they were french-canadians before coming into the US

Selma: So lots of things go into the "name" thing

Seventies: aaahhhh

Selma: We have Canaday/Cannady here..they guy who cuts my grass..spells with one N..Family from NC

alt: and Seventies, I've seen examples of Cannady, or some form of it was corrupted into Kennedy by a family.

Seventies: yes, this is what happened to my gg grandfather. He's listed as Kendy, Kennnedy, Candy on censuses. On his father's pension file he's listed as Canada... The same thing that Alta probably went through...

alt: and Irita

Seventies: Oh she's got Canada's too??

Selma: How is Irita?

Seventies: And not to mention his last name, Galmore... changed from Galimore to Galmore etc. I don't think she likes us no mo'... lol

alt: and Irita also goes thru the Goings, Goins, Goens bit as well

Selma: Then Shavers, Chavis, Chavers...on and on

alt: Irita is very busy with her Mom and she manages several websites and a couple of family reunions.

Seventies: Yes.. oh speaking of Goins, Donald Goins murder is going to be featured this season on TVOne's "Celebrity Crime"

alt: here you go Selma

Seventies: Well tell her that Afrigeneas misses her!

alt: here=there

Seventies: And her expertise!

alt: I still call her the "rookie" and tease her about her 'expertise" LOL lOL

Selma: LOL

Seventies: lol lol

alt: speaking of 'old timers' y'all see where Spivey is posting to AfriGeneas again

Seventies: I heard she was back...

Selma: Yes

Seventies: I hadn't seen her postings though. Well my laptop has crashed and I'm going to be spending next week trying to recover my data and get it fixed. I'm awaiting the replacement. So I won't be posting myself too much... Not that I do a lot of posting now.. lol

alt: you did have your 'stuff' backed up, or at least some of it?

Seventies: Some of its online, BUT the harddrive isn't that far gone. So I'm confident that Best Buy will be able to pull my data and I can get much of my stuff from the cloud.

Selma: Folks..I have to run have a great day Bye

Seventies: I will definitely be purchasing a back up hard drive. Bye Selma

alt: okay, that's what I was thinking.. cloud, websites, off-line storage, etc.

Seventies: I didn't have a back up of my Trees though... some data, but need to get the lionshare off my harddrive. I'm going to ask the fellas at work how to mirror my harddrive so I don't have this problem again.

alt: good luck!!!!!

Seventies: Thanks... I need to get going. You have a great weekend. Pray that this tropical storm doesn't hit here too badly.

alt: you have a great weekend too...

Seventies: But I have a feeling that we're going to have some crazy weather. Pray for Vicky and 'em

alt: don't let a little weather stop ya

Seventies: Oh never... I'll be at home when it hits anyways.. lol

alt: okat, laters

Seventies: byeeee

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