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2012-10-25 • Race & Life in Small towns


Start: 12:15:58
End: 13:44:18
Chatters: alt, karoshi8, Seventies, vkn

alt: just checking for today's chatters.

vkn: Lonely Alt Great DNA accounting from Lisa L A number of good connects recently

alt: Hi vkn.. yep I was getting lonely, how ya doing today?

vkn: Doing well thanx nd you all done with treatments alt Vicky is certainly on a difficult row

alt: I see where Colin Powell endorses Pres. Obama ... as he did in 2008..... guess that means he is thru with politics as GOP spokesperson

vkn: and that is a good thing

alt: Yes, with Vicky..... she has suffered some very close family losses in the last 6 months or so.

vkn: after all Cheney left Colin hanging in the win

alt: and the sad part is the Condelsa (sp) Rice is still allowing herselft to be used, or she is truly a GOP'er at heart and will go along to get along.

Seventies: Good afternoon alt and vkn. How are you both doing today?

alt: Hello Seventies, this Taurean says hi LOL LOL

vkn: Condi has a bright mind but a warped vision

Seventies: lol lol lol

vkn: Howdy Seventies

Seventies: Either of you have a Kindle or Amazon account?

alt: I don't have a Kindle, but do have an Amazon account.

Seventies: Here is a free book.. I've already downloaded it and will be reading it sometime this weekend.

vkn: Thanx for the book link

alt: scared to click the link.. what's the title of the book?

Seventies: What the World should know about black history in the USA By Walter 'Buzz' Luttrell

alt: okay thanks

vkn: So who is Luttrell and his claim to fame

Seventies: I don't know, just another book for me to review for free thanks to Amazon! lol

vkn: ahhhhh

Seventies: But this one actually interests me.

alt: books .. is it the same today as 10-15-20 years ago in so far as it being an 'accomplishment', or is it just a matter of more avenues of publishing?

Seventies: Honestly some of the books that are e-published need a good proofreading.

alt: seems as if anyone (?) can write a book and get it published in some form.

Seventies: But self-publishing is now on fire... a great avenue to get yourself out there instead of waiting on some corporate machine. I think its a good thing alt Hi karoshi8

karoshi8: Hello everyone!

alt: flip side is I think it is a reason for so much mis-information being spread.

karoshi8: How's it going?

alt: Hello karoshi8

vkn: Howdy Karoshi8

Seventies: yes that's true... but I think its a great tool... one of the many

alt: but Seventies, who cares what a old grumoy guy like me thinks?

Seventies: lol

karoshi8: What's everyone up to today? Fun stuff?

alt: grumpy

Seventies: well last night, I went to go see a debate between the two lawyers who presented the Fisher v. UT case...

vkn: karoshi8 how goes it with you

alt: I'm trying to pick a fight with Seventies LOL LOL

karoshi8: Can't complain vkn!

Seventies: The case is still being reviewed by the Supreme Court... alt... lol

karoshi8: Fight! Fight!

vkn: oops

Seventies: shame on you! lol

karoshi8: Lol!

alt: VP Joe Biden spent the night in a motel less than a mile from my house and didn't invite me to stop by LOL LOL

karoshi8: Shame on him alt!

Seventies: lol IKR... a couple weeks ago he was up here and didn't invite me to fly on AF2...

vkn: Good DNA findings from Bear nut

karoshi8: The campaign in Florida is awful this year.

alt: yes, I liked her story and how she went about connecting the DNA & paper trail dots vkn.

karoshi8: They aren't organized at all.

Seventies: No one cares about Fisher V. UofT??

karoshi8: What's the case about Seventies?

alt: I'm not astute enough to make heads or tail of the polls and what they are supposed to be saying .... which one's to bleieve, or not believe.

Seventies: Abagail Fisher who was not admitted to her first choice Her first choice of college and she believes that it was because Race was a factor.

alt: indrectly Seventies, is it any different the the Michigan case(s)?

karoshi8: What's the evidence that race was a factor?

Seventies: I don't think it is, but her lawyer is saying that its unconstitutional to consider race in the Admissions process. That they don't want to overrepresent minorities, specifically in TX

vkn: BRB gotta get coffee

alt: or the cases in California that Ward Connerly (sp) was involved with ... remember him?

Seventies: I think that's a crock of cr@p So its like more racism....

alt: I see, again ... above my pay grade Race & Admissions.... to me it's one and the same.

karoshi8: I think that would be hard to prove.

Seventies: Black people can't ever get the advantage... if it even looks like we might be getting ahead, they will sue, re-write or interpret the law to their benefit.

alt: sounds like a re-warmed version of Bakke.

Seventies: Yes with a young crybaby white girl. I have ZERO sympathy for her.

karoshi8: Ohhhh! She is white!

Seventies: Girl yeah!

karoshi8: Wow. She is a brave stupid one.

Seventies: So if race is removed, then gender should also be removed. Logically speaking... when it comes to Admissions.

karoshi8: Wow. That is all I can say.

Seventies: We all know what this is about... I needn't say anything else.

karoshi8: I'm assuming her parents have some money.

Seventies: Yes they do.

karoshi8: So she has special snowflake disease as well.

Seventies: Yes she does. . .

karoshi8: She need to go on with that mess.

Seventies: I have been trying NOT to go there on my facebook page, but she is getting raked over the coals on this one online. They should've done this with the two Michigan cases.

alt: the resolutions to these case by the supreme court seem to be just a matter of sematics and wordsmenship..... they never get to the bottom of the issue of discrimmination of a whole class of people... just a specific case (individual).

Seventies: What makes her case so special because she didn't get in that she has merit to go to the U.S. Supreme court?? That's what I want to know. There are more pressing cases that should go to the Supreme Court other than "I didn't get into the college of my first choice." Abby is pulling.

alt: merit is in the 'language' of the Texas law for college admissions.

karoshi8: White people live by different rules.

alt: that's whay I made my earlier statement

Seventies: Basically 75% of the students who are in the top 10% of their hs grad classes get automatic admission to UofT... everyone is has to compete.

alt: they (courts) are going to argue over the language and never get to the bottom line of discrimmination IMHO LOL

Seventies: Abby was willing to use her parents Alum status to get in... that's not merit. Right and waste the courts time and my tax money. We don't always get what we want in life... but we deal with it. Like adults. Time for the Fishers to move on...

alt: and the arguement that the top 10% of a class in a poor minority school is not the same as the top 10% in a class at at weel financed "majority" school.

Seventies: brb

vkn: the fight goes on

karoshi8: Alt, I'm still having difficulty understanding society in Southeastern Ohio. :(

alt: and it will continue vkn how is that karoshi8?

karoshi8: Just not getting how it worked in little towns. I have a lot of info on Cinci and Columbus. I know there was a benevelent society in Chillicothe, and for a time there were the "Chillicothe blue bloods" that went to the espiscopal church.

alt: in my small town of Piqua, Ohio racism in disguise may have been worse than anywhere in the depp south.. we just didin't have "open" forms of segregation.

karoshi8: I have a hard time believing that everyone was on equal footing. And everyone socialized with everyone.

vkn: columbus is not all bad karoshi8

karoshi8: That is how Logan, Ohio is too.

alt: Piqua, Chillicothe and other small towns in Ohio.... we (people of color) were NOT on equal footing and did NOT associate in an open society with white folks.

karoshi8: Columbus isn't bad. But it's more of a big city than where my folks lived. No, I realize that Alt. I'm wondering about within the group.

alt: and Bellefontaine in Logan Co., Ohio

karoshi8: From what I've been reading, money wasn't a indicator of your social status. Family history and education where. *were

alt: in many small towns a black families influence often depended on hwo wealthy & established was the 'white' family that they worked for in that town.

karoshi8: Ok, that helps. Most of mine are in some kind of industry.

alt: often promenien white families bought properties next to them for their black domestics so they could be living nearby, in the same neighborhoods.

karoshi8: That is interesting!

vkn: Interesting point Alt. Guess it has ever been so, everywhere

alt: I never saw in Piqua, OH a black doctor, lawyer, school teacher, bank employee, clerk in a department store, policeman, fireman, etc. NO black held public office.

karoshi8: Where most farmers? *were, I can't type today :)

alt: no they worked in small businesses, not in the most skilled of positions. my town about 20,000 folks had many small business concerns and we worked mostly as unskilled labor, never managemnt. It was a wonderful town to grow up in .. great schools & prgrams... we were "almost' equal in every way while in school, but it all changed as soon as you became a part of the workforce and competed with whites for the better jobs. it is very difficult to expalin.

karoshi8: :) I understand alt.

vkn: That is because it is difficult!

karoshi8: Quite racism can be scarier than in your face racism sometimes.

alt: for a better life I left when I went to college and never returned for any length of time time, even during summer vacations from college. In high school we could play ... and be the stars.. on the sports teams, but never a lead role in a school play, choir, or other social type activities. and heaven forbid any type of close socal interactions between the genders (boy & girl) of different races.

karoshi8: How many black families were in Piqua?

vkn: I hear that Alt

alt: looking back on those days.. it seems as if we (black kids) knew 'our place". out of a population of 20,000 there were probably 1.500 or so black folks... foughly the same percentages as Chillicothe, Bellefontaine and most of the smaller to mid-size towns & cities in Ohio.

karoshi8: I kinda wished I lived in one of those towns.

vkn: at the same time Ohio wore a big liberal stamp

karoshi8: Logan only had a handful of black families and most we were related to in some way or another.

alt: of course there were larger concentration of blacks in the larger cities but the % of population still remained in the 10-15 % range seldom as high as 25%.

karoshi8: Whenever a new family would move in everyone would get real suspicious.

Seventies: ok back... lol I got sucked into buying some jewelry

alt: Yes karoshi8, you will find the same fammly connection in Logan, Shelby, Champain, Miami counties ... Piqua, Troy, Sidney, Bellefontaine, Urbana,

karoshi8: I have a lot in Urbana, Troy, North Lewisburg, and Champaign.

Seventies: just reading back... interesting info alt.

alt: So we no doubt have cousins who are married to each others cousins karoshi8, my folks are found in those very same places dating back to the early 1800's, like 1820-1850.

vkn: indeed seventies

karoshi8: Probably so. I know mine came up from Chillicothe, Gallia county area and moved up there. I think I have Steven's, Winbun's, and Calloways up there.

Seventies: You know speaking on Ohio, I'm curious of how my gg aunt from MS met and married her hubby from Ohio. I am considering contacting their son who is still living. I think.

karoshi8: Where was he from in Ohio Seventies?

alt: that was a farily common route of migration from southeastern ohio to central and the west central Ohio.

Seventies: These are the Bowman's from WVa, Va to OH I would tell you more but my netbook crashed this week...

alt: moving from the more rural southeastern ohio to the small industries found in west central ohio

vkn: ouchies

Seventies: The family ended up in Oberlin...

karoshi8: That's what I thought, they were moving for jobs.

alt: really Seventies, Oberlin

Seventies: Yes they did. He was a janitor at the HS. Tragic story, both died in the mid-40's. Julia (my blood relative) died of a stroke and her husband Welcome, died of TB

alt: even tho Oberlin is more famous for the College there it is in a big steel industry area of Lorain county, near Cleveland in northeastern Ohio.

Seventies: They have Welcome's christening/baptism on file, birth record, death record, WW I & II draft card all online. I love the records in Ohio. Their son lives in Hamilton Heights.

karoshi8: Me too Seventies!

Seventies: No DC on him, so I suspect he's still living. Really??

karoshi8: Do you have his number?

Seventies: No, not on hand.

alt: Hamilton Heights is near (??????)

Seventies: Cleveland...

alt: okay thanks

karoshi8: I mean are you able to get it?

Seventies: Well, I guess I can I'm not sure how accurate this information is on people finders. But it does give me an address and phone #

karoshi8: You want me to see if I can find him? I have beenverified

Seventies: That would be awesome..

karoshi8: What's his name and age?

alt: karoshi8, do you study the census records for Logan county? if so what are the years & locations you are primarily interested in?

karoshi8: No, alt. I'm from Hocking county, Logan. Sorry for the confusion.

alt: ah so, okay when you say Logan you're speaking of the town and not the county .

karoshi8: Yes, Sorry.

alt: no problem, that's my wife's territory, Logan, Athens & Washington countyies.

karoshi8: Yes.

vkn: Good conversing y'all

alt: you probably in some way connect to the Male/Mayle, Barnett, Dalton familie sof those areas karoshi8 Norris, Tabler, etc. and of course Goins, Goens Goings

karoshi8: Yes.

alt: to all of the above LOL LOL LOL

karoshi8: They all married each other! It is madness!

alt: yep!!!!!!!

Seventies: Well welcome to country living ... lol

karoshi8: My grandmothers Aunt on her dad's side married her uncle on her mom's side. Sometimes it gets so confusing. And they're all so light skinned. Phew!

alt: only difference from the south Seventies is our folks were on what was called a farm(s) and not a plantation. LOL

Seventies: LOL apparently so

karoshi8: Then they're all from the same places Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

alt: and observation, not very scientific, but it seems that in those days of the 1800's girls would marry fellas of all hues from light to dark, but fellas had a tendency to marry lighter complexioned girls.

karoshi8: Yes, I think so.

Seventies: Tragic.

karoshi8: My main question was how everyone knew who was black and who wasn't.

alt: well, my time is up ... had a great time in the chat room today.. thanks for listening to an old guy 'ramble"..... laters

karoshi8: Have a good day!

alt: not sure karoshi8,

karoshi8: Have a good day Seventies! I'm going to do some actual work for a change. :)

Seventies: lol yea me too have a good one!

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