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2012-10-23 Catching up


Start: 20:46:11
End: 22:01:29
Chatters: Daviss, sadonya, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy all Me too late 2 nite. Had to install java ow just cleared history ow means now orn bread is in the kitchen with dinah as in cornbread not sure why front letters are clipped oops too early lol so not late after all uploading albany pics

sadonya: good evening hello

Daviss: hello there sadonya and vkn! How's it going?

vkn: HowdyHowdy

Daviss: two howdy's must be a good sign vkn lol Hi Selma!

sadonya: hello Selma

Daviss: Family Search has been down for two days, I wonder whats up

Selma: good Tuesday evening daviss, sadonya and vkn

Daviss: Thanks Selma I was just saying that Family Search has been down. Any idea why selma/ that should be a question mark lol

Selma: No idea Daviss..maybe service? I think I was on it Sunday night to was OK

Daviss: ok, lol I was thinking all those knee grows in Utah may have crashed it down lol

Selma: What do you all think of Ancestry being bought by an Equity firm

Daviss: That was a shock to me for sure.

sadonya: I dreaded hearing that ancestry was bought out.. what does that mean for us propably go up on the price

Daviss: I wonder myself sadonya..Were they in that much trouble?

Selma: I am not sure..but probably not good

Daviss: Well Family Search is really loading their records online for free mabe they knew that was in the making Isn't that company based overseas?

Selma: Family search said last year that they would be doing that Think Ancestry wanted to take maximum profits

sadonya: England

Daviss: I did hear that they would be allowing you to download your dna results in 2013 though Sadonya yo!!!

Selma: Oops falling asleep.. LOL

Daviss: lol

Selma: Spent 3 hours in a cemetery this AM.. We are trying to finish up sections 1 & 2 that we started in the spring..

Daviss: What Cemetery is that Selma!

Selma: Pleasant Shade in Hampton, VA black folks from the area were buried there starting in 1894...records are gone

Daviss: oh my!

vkn: back

Daviss: ok wb vkn How many sections are there Selma

Selma: We have arbitrarily divided it up into 13 sections..

Daviss: I hope they are all readable

Selma: So far most are.. We are going to be calling on more volunteers, but we wanted to figure out the best way to do it..and how we wanted it first

Daviss: I would love to tackle the one in Grimes County that my gg grandmother is buried. Someone said though that most are broken and not readable.. Its supposed to be an old slave cemetery I wanted to go back there the first time I went but the snakes were out and about lol

sadonya: lol

Selma: We stopped in got too HOT

Daviss: I can imagine Selma.. We went in the 3rd week of July Then what after that Selma, will the results go online or in a book

Selma: Probably both Folks I gott go

Daviss: nite nite

Selma: Have a good evening

Daviss: u2 btw Sadonya did you check me with your m number on the x chromosome Gedmatch?

sadonya: not sure which it was But i did check your M number against mine

Daviss: do you have your number handy

sadonya: yes

Daviss: sorry I want to check the x You can only check the female

sadonya: M202116

Daviss: ok ooooh good number Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs X 87,596,228 90,428,516 3.6 246 X 140,199,160 141,167,205 4.7 270 actual 8.3 cm's is a good match Sadonya

sadonya: lol so way back yonder we conect

Daviss: I am hoping I can find out more about this x chromosome

sadonya: all I know the mother has 2 Xs and the father has one which is why we get one x from mother and one from father

Daviss: so its throu a female somewhere through

sadonya: not necessarily I am still trying to get a good undestanding

Daviss: yes but that x from the father comes thru his female line

sadonya: I got the DVD but have not been able to make it work no

Daviss: hmmm

sadonya: every man has his own X and Y X he got from MOM and Y he got from Dad women get a X from Dad and a X from Mom

Daviss: right but doesnt that dads x come from his mother lol

sadonya: so we can connect from my Dad's Mom's Mom which could come from my great grand Moms dad's Mom

vkn: study ladies study

Daviss: lol lol vkn vkn said study lol i need real slow language

sadonya: I need to get my CD to work I was promised that with it I could teach DNA

Daviss: ask them to replace it

sadonya: its not the disk it has the info I can see it

Daviss: aww

sadonya: just need the correct program to run it in

Daviss: oic can you take it somewhere and have it put on another program that you can run

sadonya: I will figure it out it runs in quick time

Daviss: ok. I wish I were tech savy

sadonya: just have not got the sound working I am

Daviss: I know and I think its wonderful

sadonya: the trys to run in flash but does not work lol

Daviss: well I guess i better run.. I need to have a mother daughter talk

sadonya: okay see ya later

Daviss: bye sadonya

sadonya: night

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