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2012-10-23 Williams in TX Smith Cnty


Start: 12:05:31
End: 13:07:19
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hello Seventies!

Seventies: Hi Daviss! didn't think you'd be in chat today.

Daviss: yeah, needed another diversion

Seventies: okay.

Daviss: I will be in for awhile, daughter went to pick up grand from school

Seventies: I am thinking about writing a piece on genealogy and DNA and how its affected my personal views.

Daviss: Her next class is not until 1:0'clock so she will spend time here for awhile

Seventies: okay...

Daviss: That sounds like a winner Seventies. I will be anxious to read it

Seventies: Been mulling over the topic for a few months now.

Daviss: Will you be writing it before the Webinar in November?

Seventies: Perhaps. My view probably won't surprise you though.. lol

Daviss: Any close matches to your grand on African Ancestry or do they match I meant to say do they send you matches

Seventies: no they do not. They destroy the DNA right away after the testing. 23andme does though.

Daviss: yes as well as Ancestry

Seventies: I'm not messing with Ancestry DNA... lol

Daviss: and also FTDNA sends matches

Seventies: I'm not messing with them either.. lol

Daviss: lol you messed with who you wanted to mess with

Seventies: yep.. lol

Daviss: One of these days I will do a autosomal at FTDNA

Seventies: sounds like money. lol

Daviss: it is always money lol so I will save bit by bit

Seventies: lol I hear ya! So I wrote a note to my family today on our family group. Hopefully it will inspire them to give up that dollar. Hi alt

alt: what's up, ladies?

Daviss: Be sure and give me 2nd dibs on when you do your article. I know you will probably give Theodore 1st dibs :o

Seventies: lol

Daviss: Hi there alt!!

alt: hello Daviss & Seventies

Daviss: How's it going alt? did you get booted out of chat yesterday alt?

Seventies: dang my hand is itching.. lol

alt: Yep, sure did Daviss

Seventies: And yes they are clean.. lol

Daviss: uh oh Seventies

Seventies: Hey Khathu!

alt: Hello Khathu

Daviss: Regina had a post answered yesterday after 8 yrs hello Khathu!!

Khathu: Hello alt, Daviss and Seventies

Daviss: Are you ditching work today Khathu? lol

alt: yep, demonstrates the need for patience and also to 'review' the archives on websites.

Khathu: No, I have a new job

Daviss: indeed alt...

Seventies: In African traditional spirituality one of the ways to honor our ancestors is to maintain their land, graves and cemeteries. This year Gwendolyn has asked all of the family members to make a donation for the maintenance of the Rounds Cemetery on the Rounds Plantation. As you all may know, our ancestors Charles and Charity Rounds are buried next to the home as well as several of their descendants and our loved ones. The cemetery is also being actively used with the most recent burial taking place in June of this year. Please continue to honor our ancestors and make a donation to support the Rounds Family Cemetery. To make a donation contact Gwen. How does this read?

Daviss: Oh really Khathu! Congrats

Khathu: Thanks!

Seventies: Khathu is always on the move...

Khathu: lol

Daviss: reads nice Seventies

alt: yes Khathu, congrats & wishing you much success with your new job.

Khathu: Thanks alt

Seventies: Thanks Daviss

alt: reads well to me Seventies

Khathu: ditto

Daviss: is this job in the same vein Khathu?

Khathu: I'm back in education working with school boards

Daviss: Ahhhh education, thats good

Khathu: resource specialist focusing on issues of race, equity, achievement gap, governance and educational policies

Daviss: ok

Seventies: Okay so now y'all know Khathu is a total brainac.. lol

Daviss: lol lol Seventies brainac is good

Seventies: Very Khathu, how did your Civil War soldier research go? or is going?

Daviss: lots of good pictures coming out of IBGS on FB

Seventies: I saw that, very good. I'm going to go back and look through the album later this week.

alt: yes there are some very good pictures on FaceBook

Khathu: I have re-ordered the pension. I felt that the file sent to me was not completed Hopefully, by re-ordering it, I will discover some new info

Seventies: I certainly hope so.

Daviss: I know one thing, that Isabelle Wilkerson's talk was very moving

Khathu: Seventies, I have came to the conclusion that Lorenzo Williams probably never served officially in the CW

Seventies: It would be nice for you to be able to link the families. Oh okay. Well that sounds like a story in the making Khathu.

Daviss: Did you connect him to you Khathu

Khathu: My attempt at examining his file is to try and establish a direct connection to my gg grandmother and her sister I am in the process of trying to establish that Daviss The only information I have comes from their death certificates which list their father as Lorenzo Williams. They died 40 years apart, 1925 and 1965

alt: and at least you will find out some things you weren't aware of Khathu .... knowing what you don't know is often as important as knowing what you do know ... confusing statement, huh? LOL

Khathu: A research of the census records has narrowed my focus to Lorenzo Williams of Anderson County, Texas I agree alt I meant a search not research

Seventies: hello vkn

Daviss: I think Terrence researches Anderson County

Khathu: Hello vkn

Daviss: hello vkn!

alt: Daviss, do you know Lisa L's "file name' on AncestryDNA?

vkn: Good afternoon to each and all

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: it should be bearnut alt I would think

alt: okay Daviss, thanks

Daviss: welcome alt

Seventies: Terrence does some good work..

Daviss: oh yes, seventies he sure does

Seventies: Having family in Natchez is easy, but hard at the same time. Lots of influx of people.

Khathu: It would greatly help if I was unable to locate my gg grandmother and her sister in the 1880 Census or any record prior to 1890

Seventies: Ah the census... :|

vkn: FYI Log of yesterday is on line with feedback from IBGS

Seventies: I hate it when you KNOW people should be there and aren't.

Khathu: I don't know where they are

Seventies: But I guess that's how our population has remained at a constant 12%

Khathu: According to oral they were raised by white people.

Daviss: no comment lol

alt: we often have them in the wrong place Seventies

Khathu: And their father Lorenzo Williams looked white

vkn: Give us a try at it Khathu with names locations and dates if you would like. 8 pair of eyes are gooder than 2 lol

Seventies: Yeah. that's why I really like the CW USCT records. You can learn a lot. Especially from pension files, but not all info about a soldier even if pensioned is in that file.

Daviss: that would be 7 vkn

vkn: uh ok

Seventies: You're missing an eye Daviss?? LOL

Daviss: yep lol

Khathu: Okay here it goes: Sarah Ann Williams born 1876 and Henretta Williams born 1873. I think they were born in Smith County, Texas Henrietta nickname was Roxie and Sarah went by Ann

Seventies: My motto: don't mess with Texas... I am not even going to attempt it...

vkn: Got it

alt: so we're looking for two AA females born in TX, possibly Smith County, in the same household under the name Williams in the 1880 census.

Khathu: The first records I locate them in are marriage certificates dated 1894 and 1896 for Smith County, Texas

Daviss: WILLIAMS HENRIETTA 25 F B GA TX SMITH GARDEN VALLEY 1870 Add to My Notebook < Back to Search Results

Khathu: Since they were raised by white people, I am not sure if they would be under Williams

Daviss: strike that no Sarah in house

Seventies: Ok folks, I have to run out.. but I have got to run. Need to touch base with my family online. see y'all tomorrow.

alt: would search in the 1880 census for black females in Smith County, between the ages 4 & 7 narrow down the possiblities. at least under the age of 10.

Selma: Good Afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and vkn

Khathu: I have expanded my search to the surrounding counties, since I had no success looking in Smith County

Daviss: There is a 4 yr old in Anderson County (Henrietta) but no Sarah

alt: hello Selma

Khathu: Hello Selma

Daviss: Hello Selma!!

vkn: Selma howdy

alt: would Lorenzo be in the same household with both girls in 1870? Oops 1880 if raised by white folks, is the surname other than Williams? and, if so, do we know what that surname would be?

Selma: and the room went silent.. LOL

Khathu: No I do not alt

alt: folks must be searching

Daviss: I was lol

Khathu: alt - Lorenzo is in Anderson County, Texas by 1880 I was also searching

alt: okay Khathu

Khathu: i have always looked for an household to two girls name Sarah(Ann) and Henrietta (Roxie)

alt: have you looked at ALL black families in in Anderson County in 1880, or would that number be too large?

Selma: Just a question..but any orphanages around

Khathu: I did a line by line search of both Anderson, Rusk and Smith Counties There might be some orphanages around

alt: okay

Selma: Have to run folks..see you all this evening. Bye

Daviss: I will plug in later Khathu, gotta run take care folks

Khathu: Okay, thanks

alt: Anderson county search for blacks in 1880 shows 7,000+ on Ancestry in Alpha order

Khathu: I need to run as well

alt: try a search of those listed

Khathu: okay, maybe i should do that for all of the surrounding counties as opposed to the name search

alt: yep, that often works for me

Khathu: okay

alt: good luck

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