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2012-10-22 Daviss IBGS feedback ~DNA


Start: 12:08:10
End: 13:17:16
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: what's up ladies? Selma & Seventies

Selma: Afternoon seventies and alt.. Hoping Daviss comes today to give us an update on her SLC trip

alt: I was hoping the same thing Selma, she's probably 'whupped' from all of the excitement.

Selma: LOL Yea..she made it..Morning Daviss

alt: she has posted several nice photos on Facebook...

Daviss: Hello alt, Selma and Seventies!

alt: speaking of someone near & dear to us ... here she is ... HI Daviss !!!!!

Selma: We are anxiously waiting for the report... daviss

Daviss: whupped is right alt, that air in Utah was so thin it whupped the heck out of me so now I have to be a nice girl

Selma: Well you have to be nice cause vkn Posts the logs of the chat.. LOL

Daviss: I can tell you that I could listen to Isabelle Wilkerson for hours and hours. She was excellent

Seventies: Hi alt, Daviss and Selma

Daviss: lol @ Selma

Selma: Yes..I have seen her on Book TV and the History Channel

Seventies: How was the IGBS conference Daviss??

alt: yep, as I remember it was usually a 'bumpy, rough landing coming into the airport in SLC ... that alley between the mountains.

Daviss: I suspect that there were about 400 or so attendees

Seventies: that's great!

alt: WOW!!!! a very nice sized crowd of y'all LOL

Seventies: And no one called the police? lol lol lol

Daviss: that is in my eyes though and will be anxious to see the official number alt, I ran into the Jones and they asked about you!

alt: I saw the picture Daviss, Jones from Midland, MI .. very nice couple

Daviss: Lots of pretty African garb

Selma: Did you make it to the Research Library daviss?

Seventies: I loved that blue and yellow dress you were wearing Daviss okay Daviss, you should be typing with 3 fingers.. lol I thought you'd be more excited to share your adventures at SLC..

Daviss: I went once Selma and could hear the song "Hit The Road Jack" sung by the LDS volunteers after they tried to help me find You Know Who....

Seventies: lol lol lol

Daviss: I did not find anything for myself, but found a marriage lic for someone else Angela hit a goldmine but will be posting I am sure

Seventies: what types of records do they have there?

alt: Lisa Lee said she thought the presentations that she attended were excellent & well researched.... Was that also your impression?

Seventies: I assume that they have everything and then some.

Daviss: That they do Seventies and according to the feedback I got I believe it

Seventies: How far is the library from the airport?

Selma: Isn't it in a mountain daviss?

alt: AYW must have found a record set new to her?

Seventies: I'm really ready to read some of the blog posts about this event from the African American genealogist... Including Daviss. :} hello vkn

Selma: Afternoon vkn

Daviss: Bernice Bennett was remarkable with her presentation..She had an accident where water was spilled on her computer and lost all

Selma: Oh jeez

Daviss: She did not skip a beat and hit it out the park.. I was very impressed as for the other presentations I can not tell you but I feel sure they went very well

vkn: Welcome back Daviss and hello alt selma seventies

Daviss: hi there vkn! thanks for the welcome The feedback has been great though

Seventies: So this will be a continuing thing?

Daviss: You have to give it to Bernice. If she had not researched properly and knew her stuff it would have been a disaster

Seventies: annual or bi-annual

Daviss: Seventies the International is every 3 yrs

Seventies: okay

Daviss: the next one will be in DC

Seventies: OOH get out!

Daviss: no, I want to get in :?

Seventies: lol

Daviss: Oh and Shelley met a cousin for the first time who came down to see her on Sat

Seventies: nice!

Daviss: all in all I would say it was a success

Seventies: that's awesome Daviss

Daviss: Seventies did you go to something yourself or is that this week end

Seventies: yes I did, went to the Fall Foliage festival, got some jewelry and a bag...

Daviss: oops did alt get booted

Selma: Think so daviss

Seventies: Next weekend I"ll be in NYC at a genealogy conference. Excited.

Daviss: thats the one I am thinking about then, the genealogy conference

Seventies: yes The Genealogy Event. Its a good one for a first genealogy event I think.

Daviss: Selma and all, I think its great to see all the different faces of our folks in one setting

Selma: was exciting for me in Fort Wayne to meet folks face to face, who I had talked to online for years.. LOL

Daviss: agreed!

Selma: Did they have a lot or any vendors daviss?

alt: rough ride today .... hello vkn

Selma: I usually look for the book vendors

Daviss: They had a few Selma, RootsMagic was one, a fella selling jewelry, a tee shirt vendor and a few more

Selma: No books?

Daviss: that I did not see Selma

Seventies: Speaking of books, I see Sharon Morgan made Melissa Harris-Perry....

Selma: Umm

Daviss: she was a guest speaker I think I love MH Perry I watch her on the weekend morning show on MSNBC

Selma: Folks gotta run..get my car inspected Glad you made it home safe and sound Daviss..

Daviss: take care Selma

alt: take care Selma

Selma: Talk to you all later

Daviss: thanks

Seventies: She and her co-author Tom DeWolf were on Sunday. Bye Selma

Daviss: I missed it Seventies, that was flight time for me lol

Seventies: oh okay

Daviss: How was it

Seventies: It was good. Let me get the links for you.

Daviss: as usual alt deannie asked about you

Seventies: me?

alt: that's my girl deannie

Daviss: One of the folks in her group told me that she had been looking for her peeps in the 1900 census for years and that was her brick wall. I found the whole family in about 3 mins

alt: deannie is so 'enthusiastic'!!!!

Seventies: wow!

alt: is that right!!!!!!

Seventies: See I should've been there...

Daviss: She took off running to tell the group lol

Seventies: Maybe I'll hit the lotto... lol

alt: Daviss had her 'search skills' on display LOL LOL

Daviss: Angela hit the lottery and then some her Uncle Cephus


Daviss: you have heard her mention him on several occasions

alt: yes, I'm anixious to read about AYW's findings on her blog or podcast.

Seventies: Me too alt and Daviss' too...

Daviss: I am anxious to read her blog also

Seventies: I do know I want to buy the book by Salamishah Tillet....

alt: it is amazing when you find new stuff on folks that you have a good amount of material on..... there's always room for more information.

Daviss: For sure alt

Seventies: Absolutely. Anyone been on Proquest over the weekend?

Daviss: The question is Seventies, have you?

alt: I 'browsed' the AAH portion for a quick minute Seventies

Seventies: Yes I have!! lol Looking for Lemons, Casons, and other families

Daviss: good!! lol

Seventies: From the Hinyard lines...

Daviss: new names, Lemon and Casons oh ok any luck?

Seventies: Nothing from what I already have.

Daviss: ok

Seventies: I did track down an entire family once.. weren't related to me tho'.

Daviss: hopefully you will find something new

Seventies: Some clues. Plus... I still need a bunch of DC's from MS. I am just not up for paying all that money...

Daviss: Family Search has much to be done.. need more volunteers

Seventies: but I'm going to have to come up off it eventually... may as well go ahead and do it.

alt: not related.... at least not known to be in the records you were reviewing, if in the same areas for any length of time don't overlook the possibilities fro collateral connections.

Daviss: good point alt Did Lisa post any pictures alt?

alt: I know I'm finding connections to families I've known for years to be connected in some way 2-3 even 4 generations back in time.

Seventies: Okay will do that alt I suspect that I'm just about related to everyone who is doing research in southern Adams Co. MS. Including Ed Adams... lol Almost everyone I have come across online is either related to me OR I know of their families.

alt: Daviss, got results back from AncestryDNA this AM.... a quick review of matches states that I'm related to Beverly Gray from AfriGeneas.... that is an example Seventies, I've known Bev for 15-20 year and always wondered if we had a Chillicothe, OH connection ... seems we do about 3 generations back.

Seventies: wow! That's great. Do you know the connection?

Daviss: thats wonderful alt!!!

Seventies: The person?

Daviss: have you talked to her yet?

alt: I think it is thru her/our Williams/Allen lines dating back to about 1840-1850 Seventies .. No, haven't talked with her yet Daviss

Seventies: okay

vkn: great news alt

Daviss: what were your percentages alt, did they line up with 23

vkn: Y'all be good

Seventies: Did y'all see the post on Heritage Traced DNA about how an half siblings and a niece tested. The results were that they were 2nd cousins or something like that?

alt: pretty close Daviss ... 47 -47 & 6 % unknown on Ancestry

Seventies: Wait no, uncle and nephew, though they had the same mother....

Daviss: thats good and mabe we can ask the lady in Nov about that 6 percent unk.It may be Native

Seventies: Makes me wonder about the people who have much closer matches.... hhhhmmmm

Daviss: I did not see that seventies

Seventies: It was on the facebook page Daviss.

Daviss: I have not been on that page either that the title

Seventies: I can't keep up.. lol I belong to two DNA pages and a TON of other African oriented pages...

alt: Seventies, I think those comparisons were to the length of cm's on matching chromosmes which I know almost nothing about.

Daviss: I will check it out

Seventies: ah, I do know it was with 23andme.

Daviss: I have enough with only about 5 pages lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: I am trying to learn now about the x chromosome

alt: which makes me wonder..... wouldn't there be the same matches on the same chromsomes with FTDNA, Ancestry and any other company that does 'autosomal testing'?

Daviss: does Ancestry show chromes alt

alt: not that I know of Daviss, I just got the report this AM and haven't really looked very closely at what they report, except to say that they have BETA stamped all over their results.

Daviss: Getmatch should be able to tell you alt check your 23 and me with someone that did both and compare 23 and ftdna I mean alt bearnut may be a good one she did both and so did you

Seventies: sigh... well I gotta go y'all. See you on the other side. Facebook that is.. lol

Daviss: whew!

alt: I did notice that have have a breakout of those who match your result and have African and/or European ancestry and the %'s of each.

Seventies: Later

Daviss: thanks for that explanation 7 right alt! I am glad I took it and as soon as I get more money I will do the FTDNA auto

alt: well Daviss, gonna let you catch your breath, talk to you later

Daviss: ok alt

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