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2012-10-19 HINSHAW Quaker Record Sets


Start: 12:11:08
End: 13:07:45
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: give a holla when you come into the chatroom. hi Selma

Selma: Hi Seventies..had a hard time coming into the room

Seventies: uh oh..

Selma: That very rarely happens

Seventies: Some of us get it more than others.. :) like me. How are you doing this afternoon?

Selma: Cleaning off my kitchen table..which I piled with papers to sort thru.. LOL

Seventies: genealogy papers? lol

Selma: can see I am distracted..that you said "what" are you doing..

Seventies: lol Join the club.

Selma: Some of those yes notes I took when I was scrolling thru RG 105, all these catalogs coming in in droves

Seventies: okay. how do you store those docs?

Selma: Mostly I transcribe the ones I am interested in..put the roll I found it on, plus the image number as recorded by family search (which is different if you are looking at the microfilm)

Seventies: okay You put your catalogs on a bookshelf? hi alt. How are you doing today?

alt: well hello ladies Selma & Seventies.. what's up?

Selma: Afternoon alt..

Seventies: enduring this rain...

Selma: Oh you mean the descriptive pamphlets?

Seventies: yes. Or do you just print them from the website?

Selma: No, when they were first microfilmed, NARA offered the free booklets..I ordered a bunch for all the states that had them, I kept a complete set, took others to folks in my group and gave a set to 2 libraries

Seventies: okay

Selma: I suspect I am the only one who actually READ them.. LOL

Seventies: lol hey now, I read the MS one you sent me.

Selma: Well there you and you.. LOL

Seventies: Super super helpful!

Selma: BBenn has them too... I make notes in them

alt: Selma, BTW thanks for the handouts you included witht the flash drive......

Selma: They are not all that detailed but they are really, realy helpful..I am glad you found them helpful too You are welcome..if I had used a bigger envelope I would have sent more.. LOL

Seventies: Selma, I ended up using the guide to find those docs on my family. Which led me back to the Freedman's Marriage Records finding my Galmores (James & Phoebe).

Selma: It takes patience..and it is all in the details, but some folks don't want to work that hard

Seventies: yes and I find that records that lead to other records... always ends up that way for me. well mostly.

alt: Wonderful Seventies, it is very nice to hear of folks having personal success stories with the Freedman's records.

Seventies: Indeed it is... I am hoping that Vicky finds Mariah...

Selma: Alt don't you have NC folks? I am hoping that they are indexed and available soon, someone said they were working on it had your flu shot yet?

Seventies: My cousin is asking me to help her with her family history out of NC. good to know Selma

Selma: Thinking of going this afternoon

Seventies: to the archives?

Selma: The link that vkn posted on Afrigeneas to Proquest..they have "some" of the NC cohbitation records there

alt: Yes, I do have NC folks ,but have not found them in Freedman's records ... as yet.

Selma: Think the link is good till 31st There is a drop down list to the counties that are included I haven't compared their list to Barnetta's book

alt: I've found cohabitation information in Barnetta's books

Selma: I tell you that anyone who picks up her book should say "thank you" at least 3 was a work of love and perserverance

alt: and there should be information on some of the family connections in NC following the CW as some were into Politics.

Selma: What were their names alt and what counties?

alt: in the NC State legislature and also the 1 guy who wound up in the US House of Representives from 1898-190??

Seventies: LOL Listening to Paul Mooney... he said that white people like to look at their family tree, just look at it because if he shakes it black folk will fall out! lol lol lol Just had to share that little jokey joke!

Selma: LOL Alt..have you voted already?

alt: names.. mostly Cherry, Dickens, Lawrence ...... counties, primarily Edgecombe, Bertie & Nash Yep, voted on Tuesday .... how bout y'all?

Selma: Think I am going today...have to head that way anyway

alt: these are folks who stayed in NC Selma.. the FPOC's left NC in the 1820's-1830's.

Seventies: I was wondering about that alt. So part of your NC family remained in the state? Were these the collateral families?

alt: some nice photos from IBGS are being posted on FaceBook

Seventies: Very.

alt: I'm quite proud of Sonia ... wearing her Obama '12 T-shirt in SLC Wow, speak about a 'together and self-confident person'.

Seventies: I don't think I saw that pic.

Selma: Think she was standing next to AY

alt: Seventies, the family that was NC up thru slavery was from my paternal lines... FPOC's are from my maternal lines.

Seventies: okay

alt: there is a photo of Sonia in the Library with her Obama T-shirt-shirt.

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day Bye

alt: go vote!!!! LOL

Seventies: dang she's quick! lol

alt: faster than a heart-beat LOL football friday Seventies?????

Seventies: yes playoffs.

alt: ah so, okay

Seventies: alt, I'm going to be worn down tonight. I was worn down last night too... sigh

alt: that's what kids do to parents LOL LOL

Seventies: I'm too young for this. lol

alt: oh no, enjoy every minute of it......

Seventies: I'm enjoying it!

alt: good!!!!!

Seventies: Now your NC folks were enslaved up through the Civil War?

alt: the bous will appreciate you even more in their later years for your involvoement in their lives today.

Seventies: What kind of records were you able to find unique to that state? I certainly hope so. :)

alt: my father's parents were born in slavery in NC.

Seventies: okay

alt: records found .. of course slave schedule census records, a couple of wills & the cohabitation records for pre CW

Seventies: okay

alt: lots of post CW records prior to the migration to Indiana in the late 1880's, early 1890's. well, not lots, but some records

Seventies: okay. The reason I asked is because from what I understand from my NC cousin, some of her family migrated to NC from PA (caucasians) were Quakers. Just want to see what records I can give her to help in the research.

alt: that was farily common for Quakers to migrate to NC in the very early 1800's from PA.

Seventies: okay. I had no idea.

alt: If there is a Quaker connection look at the "HINSHAW Quaker Record Sets"

Seventies: writing it down..

alt: Hinshaw is the bible for Quaker records

Seventies: okay. She has a cousin who has done quite a bit of this research, but because her mother had a unique family situation she's asking for my help to fill in the blanks. Thing is her grandparents were was married twice and there are about 3 sets of children.

alt: most of my FPOC from NC had some connections to the Quaker's who stopped the practice of chattel slavery... many of the Quakers themselves left NC for OH and places where slavery was prohibitied

Seventies: okay I will have to bring that up to her mom...

alt: contrary to popular belief not ALL Quakers were anti-slavery.

Seventies: She may have more info. But because her mom was the last of the bunch of children and most of her siblings were adults when she came of age she knew of them, but not knew them intimately. well alt, there's always some in the bunch

alt: and while most were about 'freedom' they weren't all that fired up about equality of the races.

Seventies: right.

alt: there were pro-slavery Quakers right here in my part of Ohio.

Seventies: okay Well whoever this Quaker was, he sure loved to be in the 'quarters' and there came a line of aa's. lol you know what I'm talking about.

alt: oh yes. I know

Seventies: And they also say they have NativeAmerican blood, but no one has been DNA tested to my knowledge. I leave that alone..

alt: and what is 'rare' are the surviving stories where the relationship was "white woman/black man"......

Seventies: right like the Delaney folks Sadie and Bessie. Mother was 3/4 white...

alt: same with the NA thing, seldom is it the NA woman and man of color.

Seventies: I also have to be honest with you that I think a lot of the east coast NA tribes are very mixed with black/white mixed race people.

alt: I can believe that

Seventies: Okay alt, I have got to run. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! and don't give Ms. Anita any grief today... lol Or I'm coming out to OH with a wet noodle and Vicky! lol

alt: okay, I'll try to 'behave' LOL take care!!!

Seventies: lol take care.

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