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2012-10-11 BURKS in TX


Start: 12:08:37
End: 13:24:30
Chatters: alt, Daviss,, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: I beat DAVISS into chat today? wow!! Two days in a row! lol hi Selma and karoshi8 Hello everyone!

Selma: Afternoon karoshi8 and Seventies. Is this your first time to the chat karoshi..if so Welcome I've been a few times Selma. But thank you!

Seventies: Well lunchbunchers, what's new on the genealogical horizon?

Selma: We have our first fall meeting tonight..gonna give folks an update on National Conference

Seventies: Daviss.. lol .... read the message at the top.

Daviss: hello karoahi8, Selma and seventies!

Selma: She was talking about you Daviss

Seventies: Good Selma Hello Daviss

Daviss: hmmmmm uh Seventies lol

Selma: What state and counties are you researching karoshi Ohio, Kentucky, some Virginia and North Carolina. My main is Kentucky and Ohio.

Selma: Well Alt who is not here the Ohio man Yes, he helped me a lot.

Selma: What counties in Virginia are you researching? Daviss..mailed your "package" yesterday

Daviss: Ok thank you Selma.. I will be on the look out

Selma: karoshi what Virginia counties are you researching?

Daviss: Any virginia ham in there lol lol

Selma: Ham and No peanuts.. LOL

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: howdy alt!

Daviss: hello there alt!

Seventies: just now lol at Daviss...

alt: Hifolks, how is everyone today? Daviss, karoshi@gmail, Selma & Seventies

Seventies: Doing well. Hello Alt

Seventies: everything going good for you alt?

Daviss: did you hear your name called alt

Selma: Alt..I forwarded your TJ event in charlottesville to my folks..and they want to know who are the leading historians.. LOL

alt: yep, only here for a couple of minutes.... my last physical therapy session is today @ 2:00 PM.

Seventies: aren't you happy about that? :}

Daviss: That work -out should be the best one alt

alt: Selma, google "Freedom Watch" blog, the TJ heritage association has a big write-up on the event to be held on the 27th, with a CV on each of the 13 'experts.

Selma: Thats Ok...I think I will pass alt..

Seventies: Oh hey continuing on good news. My aunt who was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's and was wheelchair bound just in July has now moved back home, gotten out of the wheelchair and is walking around cleaning, washing and cooking!!

Selma: Good for your Aunt...

alt: WOW, that's amazing Seventies

Seventies: It is! Less than a year ago she was bedridden Selma, I have I think Northhampton That is great Seventies!

Selma: Have they re evaluated her Alzheimer's diagnosis? I don't work too much on my Virginia Stephens/Stevens. It gets too complicated.

Seventies: I believe they have. My cousin, her daughter, didn't tell me if they did. brb

Selma: That's the Eastern Shore karoshi8?

alt: gotta go, y'all take care.. good seeing you again You too alt.

Selma: Jeez 1/2 the room is on the phone.. LOL I'm not sure Selma. I know it is close to North Carolina. I think...:)

Daviss: ok back

Selma: You mean Northampton County VA? If you do its the Eastern Shore Yes, that's it! From what I am finding most of mine are Indian from that area.

Selma: Were they free or enslaved?

Daviss: was that Irita's neck of the woods Selma?

Selma: I don't remember Daviss?

Daviss: ok, I think she sent me some info many years ago, but puter crashed Ohio-FPC since 1848, Kentucky-1797, Virginia-? North Carolina-1848 At least that is what I can find.

vkn: Howdy all Hello vkn!

Selma: Afternoon vkn

Daviss: I think I was looking at Norris and she had some in her line

vkn: Selma Daviss Seventies Howdy and Karoshia ??? Welcome

Daviss: However that was also when I was going willy nilly all over the place and knew less than a warts legs Good thing I kept coming to chat lol

Selma: Yes it is a good thing..or you would still be floundering.. LOL

Daviss: yep thats for sure It has helped me a lot!

Selma: find the family in VA or you found them in Ohio and they give their POB as Virginia

vkn: Well we all begin willy Nilly its when we remain Willy Never that probs appear lol

Daviss: lol lol@vkn

Selma: Totally agree vkn.. LOL In Ohio with birthplace being VA When I start tracking back to VA it gets murky.

Selma: karohi8..what is the surname or surnames? Calloway/Calaway/Stevens/Stephens

vkn: Daviss I am so fascinated with your new found kin that I have swiped words from Selma and now say It All Started with AfriGeneas lol lol

Seventies: okay back.. hi vkn

Daviss: I sent email but no reply yet vkn

vkn: Howdy seventies

Daviss: yes and so true vkn

vkn: Well Daviss I think the new family is overwhelmed with the connect

Seventies: I do too vkn.

Daviss: you have a way vkn

vkn: That is a big time leap from age 9 to now at age 70. Did you note the first question raised by grandma is "Which one is ..."

Daviss: yes I did vkn

Seventies: I want to know if Grandaddy or Grandmama Burks are also in the photo, Daviss

Daviss: the grandmother is in the first row middle

vkn: Maybe we could extract and enlarge a jpg of her kin?

Seventies: YOUR direct Burks ancestor?

Daviss: my greats arejust in back of her Albert and Sallie yes seventies

Seventies: okay... I thought that they were the folks seated on the lower right hand corner.

vkn: Also Daviss Keshia does not have a bubbling personality. Low key to the max at this point

Daviss: why lol

Seventies: lol you know why.

Daviss: that why was to you theodore

Selma: Although folks come and ask for can be disconcerting to some when "strangers" know alot

Seventies: lol Because they are babies... so I thought your granny would may have been in the photo.

Daviss: my granddad was born in 07 I've experienced a lot of that Selma.

Daviss: picture was 04 I call everyone that I can that are still alive in my tree.

Seventies: okay Oh these are you grandfather's people. okay

Selma: karoshi..are they helpful?

vkn: So very true Selma and I guess we need to give them space for it all to sink in capture the memories a nd forgive the memories. That is a lot to ask in 2 days Yes, very much so. I love talking to the 80 and 90 year olds.

Seventies: I agree vkn. They need time to absorb the new information.

Daviss: yes, Seventies, the Taylors married into the Burks It is just hard sometimes to gain their trust. Which I understand. But I always have them pulled up in my tree so I can give them specific info.

vkn: and work through a history of family lore seventies

Seventies: right especially since they knew hardly anything about the Burks.

Daviss: well, I can understanding wanting to know where you come from and I guess we absorb info in different ways

Seventies: Now I'm going to tell y'all to watch Iyanla Fix my life on Saturday. lol

Selma: Should I ask..who is Iyania Fix?

vkn: Absolutely Daviss individually

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Iyanla Van Zant's show called 'Iyanla Fix My Life'.

Daviss: I can probably see anger and jealousy, and happy all at the same time'

Seventies: Indeed But its really going to be harder on her mother than her.

Daviss: I think its her grandmother

Selma: I always should be prepared for what you find..or don't go looking

Seventies: Amen Selma!

vkn: Correct Daviss we have here a 70 year old zapped back to age 9 and so we will need to get to know the 9 year old. her earlier 8 years of experience etc etc etc

Daviss: no matter what it is, I say I'm lost in this conversation. :)

Daviss: There is a post on the forum karoshi8 where someone was looking for her family a wealth of info was given along with a picture\ And something unwanted was found?

Seventies: Yes and no.. talking about how people do or don't deal with family abandonment issues or bad info when researching genealogy. Or undesirable information. Oh. I get that.

Daviss: here is the picture

vkn: sorry I am operating a day behind. Anyway zipping into to the present...... So glad you are here. I am in Atlanta searching a whole string of fokes mostly BENHAM BELL KING Where are you

Seventies: We all have something or someone in our tree that will make us feel uncomfortable or embarassed.

Selma: There is a reason why folks say "let sleeping dogs lie"..which is what an elderly relative said to me one time.. LOL

Seventies: lol :)

Daviss: or " let well enough alone" is another I understand. I had someone tell me the same thing. He said I don't know why you are even interested in this, it won't change anything.

Seventies: I hope that we aren't stepping on your toes here Daviss. Tried to tell him I wasn't trying to change anything, that I was just interested in the family in general.

Daviss: no stepping on toes here Seventies lol

Selma: I find researching interesting but Some things can be very painful for folks...I try to keep that in mind

Seventies: For example, my great-grandfather and his brother were the product of an outside relationship. I suppose so Seventies.

Daviss: You will hear me shout from the heat of AZ to the shores of NY if I find mariah, no matter what she did

Selma: We will be screaming too Daviss..since we have all adopted her as our own

Daviss: thankee mam

Seventies: Their father was murdered by his son-in-law, etc. etc. So you have to have a tough skin and a realistic outlook on life. We all aren't perfect and neither are our families lol Daviss I try to put people at ease when I speak to them. I'm not trying to judge anyone. I'm just curious.

Seventies: We all are... lol

Selma: Well you are in a room with other "curious" folks..some folks would say "nosey" I'm trying to write a book and I feel the more info I have on how these people lived the better off I am for it.

Daviss: lol lol

vkn: 1Z8V433A0477885396

Seventies: huh???

Daviss: mailman

Selma: Was that a code of some kind

Daviss: lol cracked see how smart I am

Seventies: Ok I have to run... gonna watch Iylana, Fix My Life online! bbbyyyyeeeee y'all! Bye Seventies.

Daviss: lol karoshi8 I just search Texas so far

Selma: Folks..time for me to run Have a great day..

Daviss: ok Sel, have a good one Bye Selma

Daviss: oh Sel dont forget the debate lol have a bon bon The debate is in the same place where most of my Kentucky research is.

vkn: Copy/paste got stuck Selma I was just there in June. Very very small little town.

Daviss: oh really, did you get to the courthouse?

vkn: Florida is a key research state for moi No, but I did get to the historical society. They had most of the info. Oh ok vkn. I just read a book about Florida being a very violent place for black people.

vkn: I have two grandchildren in Ocala and of course they have parents one is a son to me lol Lol

vkn: America is a violent place for Black people lol

Daviss: what was the title of book True true!

Daviss: true vkn and raising uglier everyday I'll have to look Daviss, one sec. I have about 4 books going.

vkn: BUT I'd rather be here than in Africa so there is that lol

Daviss: yes me too vkn...

vkn: Been to parts of Africa and was as happy to leave as I was to arrive

Daviss: Its sad though that you have so many narrow minded people who prefer going backwards and stop in the time warp of stupid It's called The Warmth of Other Suns: The epic story of America's great migration.

Daviss: Oh ok I have read that book

vkn: We all love that book

Daviss: and will soon see her in Utah Yes, I like it. Much easier to read than African Americans and the Color Line in Ohio, which I am laboring through.

vkn: Daviss will dine with Wilkerson at the IBGS :)

Daviss: I am anxious to hear her

vkn: Try the Invisible Line

Daviss: I have not read that one vkn is that centered in Fla? Thanks! I will have to check it out.

vkn: Nationwide about five families who became white including the family of Langston Hughes

Daviss: oh ok thanks That would be a great one for me. I have a ton of family that were passing at one time or another.

vkn: Now I am reading "Slaves in the white house" though I follow BookTV Is that by Edward Ball?

vkn: No a female who studied the Madisons

Daviss: vkn, did you tell me you had patillo's in Alabama

vkn: I do more listening than reading. Mostly read reviews Yes I do Daviss they are a surname married to BELL

Daviss: Do you know if the White patillo's were wealthy slaveowners Have a good day guys! I'm going to put in some calls and see if I can find some more info.

vkn: Corene Bell Patillo married to James. One of the first families to adopt a "brown" baby from Germany

Daviss: ok karoshi, come back soon ah ok

vkn: Do you need info on them

Daviss: baby from the aa servicemen

vkn: Both are looooooong since deceased

Daviss: I see

vkn: They Would have been born about 1916 Corene wrote colored fokes news for The Anniston Star but all came from Choccolocco

Daviss: what county is that

vkn: Calhoun

Daviss: oh yeah, thats right I sent you email regarding Pkg

vkn: Five counties huddled together Daviss

Daviss: is Autauga in that cluster

vkn: Talledega, Clay, Calhoun, Randolph and Etowah some of the towns occupy two counties Russell for instances has 2 courthouses

Daviss: I think thats the way San Jacinto and liberty county texas share a town sheesh

vkn: Then there is Phenix which is in GA and in AL Muscogee GA and Russell AL

Daviss: interesting vkn

vkn: Only it is called Phenix City and was notorious for sin connected with Ft Benning

Daviss: I better scramble.. grandson getting home early today and tomorrow.. gotta look in ole lady Hubbards cupboard

vkn: HIGH HIGH Crime back in the day kies

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